15 Reasons Women Should Always Make The First Move

To all the girls out there: our time has finally arrived. We would like to say that it’s always been our time, but that’s just not true. Thankfully, though, the world is changing and now it’s time for us to step up and start taking charge of our own lives. What better way to do that than by starting with our love lives? We no longer have to sit around for days and even weeks waiting on a guy to pick up a hint and ask us out. In some cases, we’ve even let perfectly great guys pass us by just because we didn’t have the guts to ask them out. Well girls, no more. What would happen if you were the one to make the first move when you meet a guy you think is great? How do you think your life could change if you took the reigns for once and took action? You'll be glad you started making the first move. Here are 15 reasons women should always make the first move.

15 Guys Can’t Take A Hint

This is a pretty straightforward reason to start making the first move: some guys just can't take a hint. They can't read your mind and they just won't be able to figure it out. If you waited on every single guy to pick up a hint before asking you out, you would definitely be letting more than half your potential suitors go. The truth is that some guys just can’t read hints to save their lives and so they never take a chance and ask you out. If you’re going to be the type of girl to sit there and wait for a guy to pick up a hint, you’ll never date. Instead, you start making the first move! That way you’ll never have to worry about trying to get the point across to a guy that’s never going to pick it up. Taking charge and asking a guy out yourself will ensure that at least you had a chance. Waiting on a guy to read your hints will do nothing in your quest to find someone to spend the rest of your life with.

14 Some Guys Are Too Shy

Imagine a world where every single guy was far too shy to ask a girl out. Wouldn’t that be enough to make you start asking out every guy you think you might have a chance with? The trouble with this is that most girls don’t think about whether a guy is shy or not. Some of us are just convinced that no matter what, they’ll ask you out if they really like you. The problem with this mentality is that sometimes shyness can be crippling to a guy. Maybe they really like you but for the life of them can’t get up the courage to just go for it. You’ll never know if a guy you like is just too shy to ask you out so instead, you have to be willing to get the nerve to ask him out. Make the first move because there are some guys far too shy to do it. Don’t let someone that could be great for you go just because they’re shy.

13 You’ll Set A Positive Example

Do you have any little sisters, cousins, nieces, or young girls in your life that look up to you? Chances are, you totally do. Do you really want them growing up believing that they must wait for a guy to ask them out before they can even think about being in a relationship? What kind of message does that send? Women should make the first move because you're going to set a super positive and awesome example for young women everywhere. Hell, it’s even a positive example to your shy or insecure friends. By grabbing life by the balls and taking charge of your own love life instead of biding your time until a guy feels like asking you out, you’re showing them that they can really do anything they want. You’re proving that they have the power to be in charge of their life just as much as a guy can. So make the first move and make little girls everywhere know their worth!

12 It’s Hot

Well, you can’t really argue with this... and most guys out there won't, either. To be totally honest, many guys will straight up tell you that a girl making the first move is downright attractive in so many ways. Seeing a girl go for what she wants without fear of rejection is something that’s not only rare but extraordinary. Guys all want to feel like they have a woman that’s special and unique and by being the one to make the first move, they’ll have just that. It’ll increase your attractiveness by a lot and most guys won’t be able to resist that kind of hotness. Why? Because it has nothing to do with your appearance and everything to do with your attitude. If you want to be a woman who always gets what she wants and has a real go-getter kind of vibe, then you need to start asking guys out and soon.

11 It Shows You're Confident

How many times in your life have you been told just how amazing and attractive confidence is? Probably a lot. You should probably start listening right about now because confidence is a really awesome quality to have. When you walk up to a guy and make the first move, you’re showing him that you know how great you are and you’re proving to him the very same. Even if you're a bit insecure in some ways, doing this will help you fake some confidence or actually make you confident because you will be proud that you made the first move. We probably don’t have to tell you just how much a guy loves a girl with amazing confidence, do we? Women who know their worth and are willing to show it by making the first move are women that all men covet. So don’t just sit there and wait for a guy to see what you’re worth, walk up to him and shove it in his face by making the first move.

10 Guys Need A Break

We kind of feel bad that a lot of guys feel a ton of pressure to ask girls out. That can definitely get on their nerves. If all girls just sit and wait for them to make the first move, they have to be doing it all the time. And truth be told, it’s probably a lot harder for a guy to make the first move than it is for a girl because let’s face it, girls are picky. That being said, women should always make the first move because guys just need a break sometimes! Just imagine how grateful they would be if they’ve spent the night getting rejected only to have you waltz up and ask them to go out on a date sometime. They’re always the ones to put in the effort and make the moves and they deserve a break every now and then. So go ahead and give them one by making the first move yourself. They’ll be sure to thank you for it.

9 It’ll Empower You

If you’ve never felt the power of walking up to a guy and asking him out instead of waiting for him to do it, you’re definitely missing out. This is a reason in and of itself for making the first move. You will feel empowered, confident, and like the most bada$$ woman on the planet if you just buckle down and make that first move. You won’t have to complain to your friends about him taking too long to do it and you can earn the satisfaction of instead telling them just how you did it yourself. You will honestly feed off of this confidence for so long. If you can manage to build a relationship from the ground up from this moment, you will definitely not get it.  So, if someone asks why on Earth the woman should make the first move when it comes to love, let them watch you do it and they’ll be able to see and feel why.

8 You’ll Almost Always Get A Yes

Okay, so we say this with caution because you never know. You could get rejected. But we can say from personal experience that most of the time, guys will honestly and truly say yes when you ask them out. Because, again, it's super hot when a girl makes the first move. Guys will not only be super surprised, but they're going to want to know more about the girl that asked them out and had the guts to do that. Out of that curiosity alone, they’ll almost always say yes. This is an obvious reason for women to always make the first move. Since more often than not, girls don’t make the first move for fear of rejection, this reason to make the first move eliminates that almost completely. Just keep in mind that some guys may have a girlfriend... or will be way too nervous and flustered to answer in a coherent way.

7 You’ll Thank Yourself Later

How many times have you gone home after a night out with your friends and cursed yourself for not talking to that cute guy? Probably more than a few times. We can all relate, though. You see a guy and are immediately interested, but you just contemplate whether or not to talk to him or whether you should wait for him to talk to you first. Ultimately, you decide to let him come to you only to end up leaving without even getting a word to him. The solution? Making the first move, of course. Your future self will thank you time and time again for going out of your comfort zone and making something happen. You never know what or who you might miss if you’re too busy waiting instead of making the first move and finding out what that person has to offer. So the next time you find yourself contemplating this, stop and go talk to him first.

6 You're Equal

Since making the first move has traditionally been what guys do, that is reason alone for women to start doing this. Seriously. We need to be equal and that means that it's on us to stop letting men dominate every aspect of our lives. This doesn't mean that you have to make the first move all the time. It just means that you have to become more comfortable with doing this on a regular basis... you know, the way that a guy would. By having the courage to go for something that you want, you're helping the world become more equal and fair, and that's really something to be proud of. Doing this won't only help you with your dating life, either. Equality will change your entire life. Sounds pretty awesome, right? We know. So that's why we totally think that you need to start making the first move today.

5 You Won’t Have To Wait

Let's be real here, some girls have tons of patience. They can have a crush on a guy forever and wait patiently for him to ask them out. The rest of us? Yeah, we're not one of those girls. We're frustrated when we have to wait for a guy to ask us out, go in for that special first kiss, or say that they love us. This waiting game tests our patience every single day. If you have feelings for a guy in your life, tell him. If you want to kiss a guy, do it. If you want to go on a date with him, then ask him yourself! You don't need to get frustrated and annoyed by waiting around for something that might not happen for whatever reason. By making the first move, you’re eliminating this and you can go about your day without having to worry about it at all. Sure, we could all have our patience tested every now and then just to improve it, but not when it comes to our dating lives.

4 You Won't Be Anxious

Raise your hand if you’re a nervous wreck after giving a guy your number and waiting hours and even days to get that text because you just don’t want to be the first person to text? Of course, you know that anxiety is not great for you or your health in the long or the short term, but here's a short list: it’ll make you irritable, nervous, and have you questioning your self-worth time and time again. We have a solution for you, ladies. Make the first move. By doing this you’re getting rid of that one thing that’s making you nervous. If you take hold of the situation, your anxiety will pretty much disappear into thin air and you’ll actually feel amazing about yourself. Chances are, he may be waiting for you to make the first move. He could be shy, as we already established, or even just waiting for the perfect moment. He will be so glad that you asked him out instead.

3 You’re In Charge

Here's the cool thing: if you always make the first move, you are always in charge of your dating life. Sure, you can let him pick the place and even pay for the meal if you want, but by making that first move, you are ultimately in charge of how everything goes. You can get his number, you can text him first, you can tell him when and where the date will be. I don’t know about you, but this is such a big bonus to making the first move that it’s a wonder women everywhere don’t do this every time they want to go out with a guy. When you’re in charge of all of these things, you can basically just relax and rest easy because you don’t have to sit and wait for him to plan things out. There’s also nothing hotter than a woman in charge and by always making the first move, you are that woman. Pretty awesome, right?

2 You Will Have Bragging Rights

How often do you get to go up to all of your friends and tell them you just made the first move with a guy? Not very often, we would say. When you do this, you’ll see just how great it is to brag about making the first move. You will be a rare gem of a woman who can ask a guy out, that's for sure. You have no idea just how many other women are going to want to know just how you did it, what made you want to do it, and how he reacted. You’ll look like a hot shot and you’ll get some bragging rights, too. Not only that but if you end up being in a relationship with this person, you will be able to brag for a long time that you were the first person to make a move. And look where you ended up: totally and completely in love. This will be a story that you will dine out on for a super long time, that's for sure, and you will always be super proud of yourself.

1 Because You Can

Need we say more? Ladies, the reason you should always make the first move is simply because you actually can. You have the right to walk up to any guy you find attractive and ask him for his phone number or to go out with you sometime. There are women in certain cultures that don’t have this right at all. They can’t even talk to a male without the permission of that male themselves or their fathers. To be quite frank, I’m not sure why more women aren’t taking advantage of this. You have the power, confidence, and the ability to walk up to any guy you want and make it known that you’re totally into him. So why don’t you? All women should always make the first move simply because they can. They don’t even need any more reason than that. This is the most important thing to remember if you ever feel wary about making the first move.

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