15 Reasons Why You Can't Get Over The Bad Boy

He is unpredictable, he is hot, he is fun and he has stolen your heart. Your friends told you to stay away. They told you they had heard about him and his games. You knew you were playing with fire from the very first day you spoke. His light eyes and those rebel tattoos hypnotized you to the point of no return.

You know a bad boy when you see him. He's the one with all of the girls drooling over him and he says all the right things to make you melt. He showers you with compliments and makes you feel like the only girl in the world. He's so good that he makes you feel lucky to be with him. A day with him is always the perfect day, you are definitely on cloud nine and you are not coming down.

All of a sudden things start to change. He doesn't reply to your messages anymore, he's always busy and Instagram is flooded with photos of him and his friends out partying. What happened? What went wrong? Was it you? Did you do something to push him away? Nope, sorry girl, you have just fallen for a bad boy and here are 15 reasons why you can't get over him.

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15 His Eyes


Those deep green, blue, brown, hazel or whatever magical color eyes that hypnotized you so seductively into deceit. You fell for him the very first time you laid eyes on him. You said to yourself, "Yes! Finally a guy that's actually my type." The physical attraction came first and you knew you would do anything to have him. Of course, he didn't make it hard for you as he was into you from the beginning as well.

"I must have done something right," you thought to yourself, it was as if you created him into existence. Perfect eyes, perfect smile and his body...can we not go there? The way he held you, the way wooed you, the way he touched you. It all started to with his eyes, look away girl, look away! Now you wish you never saw his magical eyes, heck you even wish he was wearing sunglasses at the time, then you wouldn't have seen his damn mystical eyes.

14 The Sweet Little Lies

You knew that he couldn't possibly have that many female cousins. You always felt as if he had secrets, things he was hiding from you. Ladies, our instincts are never wrong, if you think he is telling you half truths, is because he definitely is. Bad boys are good at what they do, so manipulating you is second nature to them, and we fall for it.

But when you're in that deep, you want the lies to save you from the truth! You don't want to loose him, so you continue to pretend you believe all of his stories that are starting to become really elaborate. How many times can his phone possibly die? It doesn't seem to ever die when he's with you. His Instagram page is down again? And how many times has he been really late for dinner? Once he never even showed up and made up some excuse the next day. Sounds like you caught a bad case of the lying boyfriend. Shake it off, because the truth always comes to the light whether you're ready to see it or not.

13 The Games


It's almost as if we're addicted to the rush. How can a person just spread feelings around and not be invested in one person more than the other? Well, that's what makes your bad boy, a bad boy. The strategy behind the games. Don't try to understand it, just try to run away. C'mon who are we kidding...you're staying right under that sculpted body.

We talk to our girlfriends about it all the time. "Game recognizes game," we say, but when the game looks that good, isn't it easier to just ignore what you recognize? It's human nature to want what is not good for you and we know when we are guilty of it. Same reason why I just can't quit you In-n-Out burger (crying emoji). His games are what keeps you engaged, and knowing that is his power over you. Do what you need and get rid of him for good, you are the prize, not him.

12 His Charm


That beautiful smile, those pearly whites and those perfect lips should be a sin and how it all comes together when he smiles. Ahh when he smiles. Why does one man have to have all of these godly features. To make it even worse, he has that sexy deep voice and that little New York accent that drives you insane. He always says the right thing and his jokes make you laugh so hard that your mascara leaks from the tears running down your face. Yup, he is prince  ****ing charming.

Your girlfriends can't help but to fantasize about the two of you together. Yes, that's how good he looks on you. Not only is he drop dead delicious, he also has a shining personality. Why? Oh why? Why is he the best? If only he was all yours right? Well, at least when he's around you, you can pretend Mr. popular belongs to you and you only.

11 The Man They All Want


He's the talk of the town. All the girls want him and he unfortunately knows it. One of the worst qualities a man can have is to know how attractive he is and act that way. It seems as if men can't handle such power and women can't resist them. It's tough to date the man everyone wants because as women we aggressively stop at nothing until we have what we so desire. In this case, it's your man.

Yes it may suck to always be on the look out for the next girl to fight off, but man it feels good to know that you are the one who has him. That feeling can also be entitling and loosing him can make you feel like a failure. Next thing you know, you are the one desperately trying to keep him happy and by your side. You are the envy of them all and in your mind you must keep him by you, no matter how many times he drifts away.

10 Knows How To Make You Feel Wanted


Not only does he toss you around in bed, he also knows how to make you feel wanted. When a man is just the right amount of jealous and his tone is firm and direct, you develop respect for him. Respect is not only necessary, it's oh so sexy. It is a turn on to find a man who knows how to tame you. Your bad boy knew just how to do that and more (smirk face emoji).

He knew how to put you in your place and that is something you don't often find. You hated the exes that were push overs and immensely detest the ones who dared to cross the line with you. But your James Dean was just the right amount of right, within all that wrong. He always knew when and how to make you feel wanted. He knew exactly what you liked in the bedroom. But also what you didn't like and how to steer clear of that.

9 The Life of the Party


He's the center of attention and everybody wants to be his friend and or girlfriend. When he enters a room you can see the people around light up. He brings the fun wherever he goes and isn't afraid to make fun of himself a little for the sake of laughs. Even your friends love having him around, most often because they know of the fun he will bring. He's not your usual shy and kept to himself boyfriend, he always knows what to say and how to interact with all types of personalities.

You're addicted to being known as his girlfriend. "Oh you're dating him? He's so funny!" When you thought about leaving him, you would think about loosing the "popular guy." Just the thought of separating from the "cool guy" would have a major affect on your own social life. You still struggle with finding an upgrade, although he broke your heart.

8 The Time You Invested


You don't realize how precious time is until you've wasted it. It's so hard to get over the infinite amounts of text messages, the countless hours of hair and make up and the time and re-takes it took to send him the perfect pictures. You can't get that back and now you don't have him either. How it bothers you that he pushed you to leave him, how it hurts to count the time you spent devoting yourself to a jerk.

In that span of time that you dated him, you must have turned down at least five or six great guys, who were definitely more worth your time. You didn't care because you wanted to give it your all this time. You wanted to see this through no matter how many red flags would constantly pop up. You didn't listen to your friend or your intuition. Those signs from God, were actually just the though of his lips on yours. All that time, he wasn't right, yet now time is gone and you're left with nothing.

7 The Perception of Him


You lived in a fantasy world when you with him. You created your own perception of who he was and after a while you started believing it. He could do no wrong as he was your perfect man. Every word was true and every sentiment was real. He touched you in the most sincere way and he could never tell a lie. What was an obvious trap in the eyes of everyone else was just an impossible truth in your land of perfection.

He was your fairytale and your happily ever after. You put him on a pedestal only to watch him tear you apart on the way down. That's why they say love is blind, because you are the one who puts the scarf over your own eyes. You want your image of him to be real so bad that you pretend not to see him. Too bad that he couldn't prove you right. If only he would have really turned into your perfect guy (sigh).

6 You Love His Family


Why is it that every bad guy has the most amazing family in the world. You became friends with his sister and now you go on girl's trips together. His mom and you claimed Friday's as shopping day and even his little brother requires your assistance with his Legos. So how do you drift away from them because he turned out to be a nightmare?

How can you not think of him when his sister calls you up? She's blabbing away when all you can think about is her perfect but awful brother. You want to ask her if he's brought anyone else home yet but she made you promise you would treat her as just another friend. Oh god forget about coming over, you can't pass his street without having a mini panic attack. Unfortunately, cutting ties with him also means letting the family go. Regardless of how amazing they are, you shouldn't keep in touch with them, he will always be their top priority and he is someone you need to steer clear of.

5 His Cologne

We associate memories with smells and oh my how you can't get his Versace cologne out of your head. Every time someone passes you smelling like him you can't help but feel winded. It doesn't help that you still haven't came around to returning or trashing his hoodie. Maybe you should wash your bed sheets too you dirty girl. Just the thought of him on you and how he smells drives you crazy!

The worst moment on earth is when you try giving dating a chance. You are really out for revenge and attempting to forget about your bad boy. Your rebound shows up to your first date looking sharp and showered in that same cologne. Of course you spend the entire time thinking about your ex and how this guy just isn't cutting it. Oh poor rebound, you were out before you ever had the chance to begin.

4 His Sense of Adventure


His kid nature and thirst for adventure was one of the things you had in common. You loved those morning hikes watching the sun rise and those long drives around the fancy neighborhoods. He would tell you stories about how you would both one day live there in one of those fancy homes. You had finally landed someone who you couldn't imagine being without. And you couldn't believe you had actually found someone who shared your deep obsession for rollercoasters and scary movies. It's safe to say that he kept it fresh and exhilarating at all times.

The best moments were your weekend getaways when you would turn your phones off and watch movies together at those cheap hotels. With no worries on your mind but just one, the morning when you would go back home to reality and his phone would start to go off. Why oh why? He was so perfect, except that he wasn't.

3 Never a Dull Moment


Why is it that we like trouble? Have you ever noticed that women in good and healthy relationships all say they're bored. We are addicted to the thrill that a bad boy brings. The fact that he is unpredictable keeps us hooked and always wanting more. A bit crazy isn't it? Well yes, buy hey that's you!

Another good reason why you can't get over him is because he always kept you on your toes, and nobody has ever done that before. Excitement is intriguing and mysterious, it's human nature to want to uncover more and more. Isn't that why you used to check his Facebook and Instagram every time he would leave his phone lying around? You were always scared because you never knew what you were going to find. The same findings that got you to finally walk away is also what also makes you still crave him.

2 You're Hooked on Who You Thought He Was


He showed you a side of him that he claimed never to have shown anyone else, and you believed him. Of course now you know it wasn't real, but those are the parts of him that kept your hope alive. You turned him into the perfect man in your mind. In your world he had no faults, he made absolutely no mistakes...he wasn't him.

Have you noticed that when you first break up you tend to think about all of the good times you shared? You begin to second think your decision to end it, wondering about if it was a mistake to leave. "Did I overreact? I should have just forgiven him" But don't look back on these moments. You did make the right decision and you are forgetting all the times he wronged you. All those things he should not be forgiven for. Remember how hurt you were and how often he made you sad or mad. You deserve much better. Find someone who is worth it.

1 Best You Ever Had


So what ultimately makes it absolutely impossible to get over a bad boy? The intimacy. The sexual chemistry can be surprisingly hard to find. Bad boys are charmers, pleasers and they know exactly what to do to keep you satisfied, only in bed though. The way he touched you, whispered in your ear and stood you up against the wall is something that you will never get out of your system.

He put a spell on you by making you feel desired, sexy and beautiful. You can still feel the shivers taking over your body as he took you in his arms. He's such a dangerous sin. Think of him like the enemy, the unworthy being who dared to break your heart. Find your strength, find a cuddle buddy and never ever look back. He may have been good in bed but the rest of the relationship was a sham, he wasn't the person you want and need, you'll find him. And when you do find him, he will be much better all of these things than the bad boy was!

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