15 Reasons Why We Love Wedding Season

We are in the midst of wedding season—so make sure you RSVP to those fun nuptials that your friends and family are sending out! Weddings have become known for a source of fun, cries, and long nights of dancing. We love seeing best friends, relatives, or siblings get married to their loved ones because it is just nice to be part of a celebration of love. Whether you’ve never been to a wedding or have been to hundreds, you can't help but admire the uniqueness of each ceremony. It is fun and interesting to see what different couples do and their different traditions that they make during their wedding! The feeling after attending a wedding is the best part—you’re tired but so thankful to be part of such a loving, magical, and affectionate special occasion!

15 You Get To Mingle

A wedding is a perfect place to socialize. The bride and groom’s entire family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances are there, so you, the guest, have the opportunity to mingle around! This is the perfect place to meet new people, learn more about the bride or groom, and to just have a nice time socializing. This is more than just a dinner party—it’s a place where you are meant to celebrate love and to have a really great time. So let your hair down, let loose, and the next time you are invited to a wedding, make sure to take the opportunity to have a blast and get ready to mingle! The bride and groom WANT their guests to have a great time and socialize at their extravaganza!

14 Admire The Venue

Usually, a wedding is held at a place that stands close to the bride and groom’s heart. It could be a place where they have visited many times before, or it could even be a destination wedding where they have never been to. Whatever it may be, as a guest, it is interesting and fun to admire the venue that the wedding is held at. It could be an outdoor ceremony, with the reception in a barn, or, even a beach wedding where the reception is held on the sand! It is fun to see how it is decorated as well and to see what kind of color schemes, flowers, and décor that the wedding planners had come up with. Notice the little details, like the centerpieces or how the altar is decorated. You will learn a lot about the bride and groom by seeing how they envisioned their special day!

13 Throwing Of The Bouquet

In the midst of dancing, eating, and drinking, the throwing of the bouquet is one of the more exciting and hilarious spectacles of a wedding. This tradition stems from England, where it is said that women used to tear pieces of the bride’s dress or bouquet to obtain a piece of her good luck! The tradition has changed quite a bit in modern times, for there is no ripping apart the dress, but, the bride throws her bouquet behind her back to the group of single women attending the wedding. It is said that whoever catches the bouquet, will be the next one to get married! Even though it may seem silly, it’s a fun way to watch women try and grab the bouquet for the chance of being the next bride!

12 Watching Everyone Cry

Weddings can be emotional, especially for family members. Seeing their daughter, son, or grandchild get married is a special moment for some people, and sometimes so special for some that they absolutely bawl their eyes out. It’s a rare place in the world to see grown men cry, but a wedding is a special place, and the most appropriate! Seeing friends, family, or even wedding crashers cry at a wedding just emphasizes the point that everyone loves to witness love. They could be crying of happiness, sadness, or they may be crying at the sheer celebration of supporting the love between two people. If you are at a wedding and you feel yourself tearing up, don’t resist! Let your emotions and tears flow because you are most likely not the only one at that wedding doing so! It is nice to be part of the witnessing of true love!

11 Seeing Family

Weddings can bring people together. It is the celebration of two people in love, and family should always be the ones to witness it. Weddings are a great place to reunite with family. It brings people together from all over the world and is a special place to have fun and catch up. Seeing grandparents, cousins, distant relatives, or even siblings can always be interesting—whether you are close to your family or not, it is always great to see what everyone is up to, or who they decide to bring as their date. Catch up with cousins and find out who they’re dating, their jobs, their interests, or whatever it may be. Anything you catch up on will be worthwhile, and just remember, you’ll only have to do this for one night, so make it count!

10 Speeches And Toasts

During the reception, while everyone is sitting down, one really special moment is hearing the toasts. This is where either the maid of honor, father of the bride, or anyone who has a tight relationship with either the bride or groom gets to say a speech during the reception to thank people for coming or to just simply share their memories about the couple’s relationship. It’s funny to watch these because sometimes they all go in different directions. Some may be super emotional, and can’t get any words out during the whole toast, but some are hilarious, and tell stories about the couple that a lot of guests at the wedding don’t know about. It’s a great way for the two families of the bride and groom to get to know each other as well! They get to learn more about the bride or groom, how they met, or just their relationship in general! It’s a great way to lighten the mood and to get the reception going!

9 Emotional Ceremony

The main and most important part of any wedding is the ceremony. We love watching the wedding party walk down the aisle in their beautiful dresses. We love watching the ring bearer and flower girl walk side by side with their innocent and bright smiles on their faces. We love watching the groomsmen standing there, and we especially love watching the groom at the altar, waiting for his bride to come. The most exciting and anticipated part is watching the beautiful bride walk down the aisle. We see them meet and the looks on their faces are priceless. We hear either the funny or emotional vows, and we get to see the first kiss as a married couple. As traditional as a wedding might be, it is always so special to be part of the special occasion, and to witness the bonding of two people in love!

8 Make It A Date Night!

Yes, weddings are obviously primarily for the bride and groom to have the most romantic and special day of their life, but that still doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fun night out for you as a guest. Weddings are a wonderful place to have a nice date night with your loved one. You get to look your best, have dinner, dance, and just overall have a nice time out with your significant other. Also, in the spirit of weddings, it seems like love is in the air. Because of this, your date night will feel extra special because you’ll be surrounded by the lovey-dovey celebration that is all around you. Make sure you dance extra fierce with your date and to hit up the photo booth if there is one! The bride and groom will more than likely love that people are using their special day as a memorable day for themselves!

7 Dress Up!

Whether the wedding is a fancy black tie event, or it’s a casual backyard wedding, it is always nice to get dressed up and look your best. Go out and find an outfit that you feel completely confident in, but of course, something that won’t outdo the dazzling bride! Make sure you don’t wear white and make sure you get some sensible shoes that you know you will be able to walk, stand, and dance in for the entire night. Make sure your hair won’t bug you all night, and be cautious to wear makeup that is long lasting and won’t need constant touching up throughout the entirety of the wedding and reception, cause that will start to get annoying! It’s a night to look and feel your best, to support the couple getting married, and to arrive as an elegant, dressed up, and supportive wedding guest!

6 Chance To Travel

Sometimes weddings are destination weddings, where the couple decides to have it in an exotic place, or someplace that is just totally different from where you live. If this is the case, weddings are such a great excuse to travel! Even if it’s a couple minutes, hours, or a long haul plane ride away, there is excitement in having to travel for an occasion as special as this. Usually, weddings are held during the weekend, so this might be a great idea to make it a weekend-long trip, so, give yourself an extra day or two to stay and explore the city around you. Find out more about the city, and try and find out the significance of it from the bride and groom. Not only will you have fond memories of the wedding, but you will have pictures and memories from your trip as well!

5 Food!

Sometimes the best part of a wedding is the food. It’s a huge part of any reception because wedding guests sure get hungry! Couples getting married these days have been very unique by the way the feed their guests. They can choose to do a buffet style, where guests can choose to have whatever that is presented to them, and however much they want too. Or, they can have a pre-set dinner that comes plated to your table. You just have to make sure you specify your choice of meat or if you are vegetarian or vegan when the wedding invite comes! The bride and groom may also have more fun finger foods displayed, such as an ice cream sundae table, or candy display that guests can munch on throughout the night! Drinks are always available too, which some people take way too advantage of!

4 Cutting The Cake

There is a special moment that happens usually in the middle of the wedding reception where the couple getting married cuts their wedding cake together. The cake is usually on display the entire time, and guests can go up and admire either its simplicity or its extravagance. It is fun to look at and it could also be fun to guess what the flavor of the cake is inside! It is only revealed when the couple cuts the cake together, puts it on a plate, and they feed each other a piece of the cake. Sometimes, this can be quite a messy moment, for some couples just smash the piece of cake that they are feeding to their loved one all over their face, sometimes starting a cake war! It is a lighthearted and special moment, and the best part is, is that you get to have a slice of the cake for yourself afterward!

3 Dancing!

Okay, I think maybe the best part of any wedding, is the party. And what party is a party without dancing? Hopefully, the couple has decided on a great DJ or band to play at the reception so that the wedding party and guests can let loose and dance the night away. It’s always great to see the first dance between the newlyweds, and it’s always special to see the mother/father daughter dances. But once the floor opens up, that’s when it’s time to put on your dancing shoes and celebrate the marriage of the amazing couple. There always ends up with someone starting a conga line, limbo, or a major dance off! The men take off their jackets and ties and aren’t worried about getting a little sweaty and dancing off a storm. Dancing is fun, memorable, and a great way to end the night on a special day like that!

2 The Dress

The dress. Seeing the bride walk down the aisle in her beautiful dress is one of the most special moments during a wedding. It’s enjoyable and interesting to see what the bride has picked out for herself, for it usually expresses her personality. It could be a huge, white, princess dress with tons and tons of beads and sparkle, or it can be a sexy, form fitting dress that is simple and elegant. A veil usually accompanies her dress as well, which drapes over her face and completely accentuates her gorgeous dress. Brides these days sometimes go outside the box, by choosing a dress that isn’t the traditional white. They may even choose some fun shoes to wear with it as well like cowboy boots, sneakers, or no shoes at all! Whatever it may be, and whatever the bride chooses to wear, she always looks beautiful. Her smile is actually the best accessory that she chooses to wear that day.

1 We Love Love

The whole point of a wedding is to witness the marriage between two people who are deeply in love. It’s a special moment to witness because you’re essentially watching two people physically and verbally committing their lives to one another in front of everyone that they know and love. I think the reason why so many people enjoy weddings isn’t because of all of the partying that it entails, but to be part of something that is truly and only dedicated to love is something to be proud of. We all love love, we love witnessing people being in love, and we love being in love ourselves. We all enjoy the feeling of being cared for by another person, which is why we’ll always support it when we have the chance to. Yes, weddings are to celebrate the love of two people, but it is also to be a supporter of love in general, which is something that our world needs.

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