15 Reasons Why We Find Foreigners So Damn Sexy

Surely we've all lusted madly over a foreign dreamboat at one time or another. They're just so fine. And there are lots of reasons why they blow your mind. It starts when you spot them for the first time. They're just there all broody and exotic and gorgeous looking. You're intrigued immediately, they're mysterious and you want to know their whole life story immediately.

Then they open their mouth and you feel like you're about to pass about, because that accent is the biggest turn on. You get to know them and they become more and more attractive by the second. You learn about their culture, their language, their country, their food, their superior way of being. Now you can never go back because they epitomize everything you're looking for, not only are they easy on the eye, they're fascinating and you know you will never ever be bored again. Ahh, if only!

15 Their dreamy accents when they speak English


Everybody has their own preference as to which accents they find sexiest. Most native English speakers would say that French or Italian accents are without a doubt the hottest. Then there are those with their own little accent desires who are drawn to say the Scottish or Latin lilts, which is understandable. I have a soft spot for the German accent, I know that's very unusual you don't have to tell me. All of this cooing over foreign accents does have a psychological explanation. To put it extremely simply, we associate certain accents with certain character traits. For example a British accents denotes prestige, French and Italian accents romance, and apparently the German accent is associated with thoroughness – I don't know what that says about me.

14 It's so sexy when they speak their own language too

In my books it's really attractive when people can speak multiple languages. Learning a language, we're not talking high school Spanish here, really learning a new language to a fluent or even near-fluent level is tough so it means they're smart, worldly, resilient, enduring and lots of other beautiful qualities a human being can possess. But it's not just that, when they speak their language to you it's just heavenly. Whether it's Russian or Spanish or any other language, it sounds charming and maybe even poetic. And when they speak it to you in bed... wow, think I need a moment to calm down.

13 They bring about an intense sense of intrigue within us


There's something about people from other lands that we find mysterious. They're totally different to us and we want to know whether they're different in all the right ways. They have had different life experiences. We imagine they have a story to tell, and we desperately want to get to hear that story. We imagine their stories, how they grew up near sandy white beaches and learned English speaking to tourists in their quaint little village and so-on. This is probably far from the reality, but it's these fairy tales we make up in our heads that makes us crush so hard.

12 You can learn interesting new things from one another

This is what I absolutely loved about being in the company of the foreign people I've dated. You have the opportunity to ask a ton of questions about their homelands and they're happy to answer because it makes them all nostalgic. You start to break away from the stereotypes of what you previously thought life was like in a certain place and learn fascinating things about a fascinating place from a person you're fascinated with. You could listen to them talk for hours, and the accent helps obviously.

11 They just have a different way of being and it's sensational

When you're dating a foreign person, you have so much fun noting all of the little differences between you and that person. You know it's a novelty, but it's a novelty you just can't get enough of. I'm a Brit and we have a reputation for being somewhat reserved, and this has more to do with politeness than confidence I guess. So when you're with someone from somewhere else, where they're much more relaxed or at the opposite end of the spectrum where they have more fiery, passionate personalities it's amazing. Their different way of being is refreshing, it's exciting and it's certainly far from boring.

10 They're stunning to look at

We could only go on so long before looks came into the equation. Because as much as you don't want to admit it you really do need to find somebody physically attractive to go out with them. We don't have to feel guilty about that fact either, because many psychologists believe in the importance of physical attraction in a relationship. We all find different traits attractive obviously, so when it comes to finding foreign people attractive it depends on what you're into. Perhaps you like the sultry curves of a Latin lady or the healthy tanned glow of a Greek Adonis or the elegant and exotic beauty of an Asian woman and so on. Basically, foreign people are sexy AF.

9 You can brag about your hot foreign bf/gf to your friends

It's not like I have a map on the wall that I stick pins in every time I make a new conquest... honestly. But it's so true that as soon as you tell your friends you're dating somebody from some foreign land they will immediately respond with a lingering, “Oooooooo.” You know why? They think it's super hot and now they think a little more of you because you've bagged an interesting mate. They also might be a little bit envious. You know why? Because we're all attracted to foreigners.

8 They give you an excuse to do more travelling

When you're in your 30s or even your 20s, life can get a little bit stale. You have all these responsibilities now, a job and bills and blah blah blah, that you sometimes have to put above having fun in the hierarchy of important life stuff. That's why it's a good idea to date a foreign guy or girl. You'll have the best ever excuse to get away for a while, because your partner will need to see their family! Granted this does mean you have to do the whole awkward meeting the parents thing. But you'll be a lot happier to do it when you're drinking red wine on a beautiful beach front.

7 They titillate your taste buds too

One ingredient that goes towards making foreigners so tasty is their ability to provide you with a taste of an authentic cuisine. Any native of any land will tell you that the way we go about cooking their native food is no way near how mama makes it! Just imagine your foreign God or Goddess cooking up a storm for you in the kitchen, what a delight! Again it gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons, experience their culture and something they've put their heart into. That's as long as they can cook of course, never date a foreign person who can't cook.

6 Their style makes them even more gorgeous


A lot of countries are light years ahead when it comes to fashion. There's the chic and sophisticated looks of the French and Italian, where fashion originated from obviously. Then there's the quirky style you see from Japanese hotties. Then there's the casual, bohemian look that Aussies seem to pull off oh so well. I could go on. When somebody is well-dressed it automatically boosts their attractiveness, and people from different nations often just get it. Warning, it might make you feel a little drab, but I guess there's nothing wrong with getting a few pointers from your ludicrously stylish lover.

5 They make you feel smart

And maybe even quite cool, if it's cool to use the word cool. This only works if the person has emigrated to your country. You're a local, so basically you can show them around your city like you own the place for starters. You can introduce them to your culture and answer their queries about your country all smug and in a heartbeat. Which in turn makes you feel like a genius (even though you're not, you just know these things).

4 Their social and political views

You're probably rolling your eyes at this one, because all you're thinking about is sexy talk and sexy accents and buff bods, but hear me out. If you aren't a big fan of the attitudes of those around you in your home country you might get along better with somebody from another country. For instance, Sweden is one of the most liberal countries in the world. So if you appreciate a sense of openness and tolerance then a Swede might be right up your alley. Similarly, Canada has been a very LGBTQ-friendly country for longer than most, you might like that. German people seem to have strong views on all manner of topics from the environment to the economy, they basically love protesting. Where people from other countries are quite apathetic and nonchalant like in the UK (sorry fellow Brits but it's true) you might instead seek out somebody who is much more passionate about current affairs i.e. somebody from another country.

3 Sex is much better

It's obvious that foreign people do romance and passion a lot better than the rest of us. Maybe that's the reason why they have better sex too. Supposedly, Spanish males make the best lovers followed by Brazilians. According to another survey foreign men have up to 70 times more sex per year than the average American male. And only 48 per cent of Americans feel sexually satisfied, as opposed to 67 per cent of Nigerians (who are the most sexually satisfied in the world). So a whole lot of people seem to think that a foreign person could treat you a lot better between the sheets.

2 They are more likely to be attracted to you


It works both ways doesn't it? Well hopefully. To the hot foreign babe you've got your eye on, you represent a hot foreign babe too. So you might not have all of the attractive qualities mentioned above but you're certainly in with a chance. They'll find your accent so sexy and your personality traits endearing. They'll think your style is smokin' and will want to get to know your story as much as you want to know there's. You might just be the foreign dreamboat they're looking for.

1 They represent the opposite of all the things you hate about your local dating pool

One of the main reasons why you're drawn to a dreamy foreign guy or girl is because you're sick of dating the same old boring types of people. You want a change, you want somebody a bit different. While the guys you've dated only show arrogance and immaturity; foreign guys are sophisticated and wired to provide you with a romantic experience. While the girls you've been hooking up with are too cutesy and reserved; foreign girls can bring the fire and show you the meaning of true passion. If you haven't booked your flights to a far away land already, it might be time to take a trip and look for your new beau further afield.

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