15 Reasons Why The Kardashians Are Awesome Role Models

Love them or loathe them, we can't help but admit that the Kardashians are pretty awesome. They have so many different businesses and things going on all the time. For better or worse, they're always in the news, and the media is basically obsessed with them... along with the rest of humanity. They get a bad rap if we're totally honest. They can seem super ditzy and silly at times (okay, most of the time...) and people don't really take them seriously. Of course, there are certain celebrities that none of us take seriously at all because that's just the way that it goes sometimes, and it's just human nature not to love everyone. We don't love all the people we meet in our daily life, after all, so why should we love every celebrity? Just because they're famous and wealthy doesn't mean anything other than the fact that, well, they're famous and wealthy. But the Kardashians actually deserve more praise and respect than we might originally think. Here are 15 reasons why the Kardashians are good role models.

15 They Celebrate Their Differences

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The Kardashians are proud of their background and who they are. They may not be percent size zeros or blondes, but they don't actually care at all. They celebrate their differences and their culture... and that's a pretty amazing thing in the world of celebrity, fame, money and high fashion. It's really inspiring for kids growing up not looking like everyone they see around them, and even for adults who struggle with self-esteem and body image issues. For so long, celebrities seemed to think that they had to be super skinny and blonde and perfect-looking, and the Kardashians are beautiful just the way that they are, but of course they're not exactly super thin and blonde. But that's exactly why we like them, and that's exactly why we think that they're such awesome role models.

14 They Love Each Other

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We can't deny that these people absolutely adore each other. Sure, they might fight and roll their eyes and say crazy things about each other... but that's all in good fun, right? It's honestly hilarious when the sisters tell the camera that one of them is crying in a hilarious manner (we can probably guess who...). It's really great to see such famous and rich people care about each other and actually want to spend time together. We never really take them seriously when they argue and disagree, anyway. We could never think this famous fam was anything other than amazing role models because of their family dinners, getaways, lavish vacations and everyday hangouts. It's pretty rare that we even see them totally separated from each other, so they definitely like to stick together.

13 They Respect Family

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Family is the name of the Kardashian game. Just look at how many reality shows they have! They honestly respect family and think that if people are close to their family members, they're going to be much better off. Family may drive us nuts sometimes (or even all the time, depending on where we come from!) but that doesn't mean they're not super important. We should all respect family a little bit more, to be honest. It's so easy to think that once we turn 18 and graduate from high school and start university, we don't need our parents or siblings anymore, but of course, that's not true. We still need help and advice and love and support, and the Kardashians prove that because while most of the sisters are grown-up, they still need their mom... and each other, of course.

12 They Work Hard

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Okay, our definition of hard work might be different from the way that the Kardashians seem to work. We don't really know exactly where their money comes from, of course, even though we can guess based on their many reality shows and various business venture. They may not be sitting in an office environment from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. the way that we are, but that doesn't mean they're not working hard. If they didn't care about work at all, they would probably be living on a tropical island somewhere, swimming in the ocean all day long and drinking mojitos. But they're not. They're hustling. They want to stay in the public eye, they want to stay relevant, and we can't not realize that. So although they may not bust their butts the way that we do on a regular basis, they still believe in the value of hard work.

11 They Stand Up For Themselves

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The media is always saying something or another about these women, and what do they do? They don't sit back and just take it. They stand up for themselves and for each other, too. When Kim Kardashian had a recent Twitter feud with Bette Midler, Kim didn't just walk away and take it: she fought back, and we are totally on her side for this one. Bette was acting like Kim should stop posting naked selfies, and Kim was all, whatever. Kim tweeted that it was "deja vu" for being a "fake friend." We think that was pretty awesome. Why should anyone have to take any disses and insults from someone else? It's just not necessary to try to tear each other down, especially when it's one woman insulting another. There are enough wars and problems in the world, we don't need to create them.

10 They Have Curves

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We can't deny it, the Kardashian women are some pretty amazing figures, and that includes being super curvy. We bow down to them for realizing that curves are super hot and attractive and there's absolutely nothing wrong with not having a picture perfect, stick straight figure. That kind of body is so last year (or even five to ten years ago!). The Kardashians and their curves are amazing role models for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Even young girls who are still technically children can see when celebrities look super perfect all the time, and it honestly affects them in a really negative way. Our self-esteem when we're growing up is definitely tied to the people that we see in the media, whether it's on TV or in commercials or the movies.

9 They Leave Bad Relationships

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When you think about it, every single one of the Kardashian women have left bad relationships and situations. Kim, of course, got divorced from Kris Humphries back in the Spring of 2013. Kourtney and Scott Disick are no longer together, and Khloe is finally moving on from Lamar Odom. That makes all three of these sisters amazing role models because they prove to women and girls of all ages that we don't need to stay in a relationship that isn't working out for us. The most important lesson that any of us can learn is that we have to value ourselves, know our worth, and stop thinking that we can change the guys in our lives, because when was the last time that actually worked? We can always relate to these women when they admit that they need to break up with someone toxic because we do that too.

8 They Believe In Being Active

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Gone are the times when celebrities would lounge around all day, eating bonbons and being fed grapes, and generally being waited on hand and foot. The Kardashians do pretty much the opposite of that. They're super into fitness and working out, and they believe in the value of being active. Seriously, look at almost any fitness magazine or website and you're definitely bound to find a story or two looking at Kourtney or Khloe's fave moves or the workout that Kim or even Kylie and Kendall absolutely swear by. These women are such awesome role models because they're showing the rest of us that in order to leave a healthy, happy life, we really do have to break a sweat on a regular basis.

7 They're Good Moms

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Well, those of them that have children, of course. Kim and Courtney are honestly really amazing mothers, and that's pretty nice to see. They don't just hand their kids off to a million nannies or caregivers on a daily basis and refuse to spend any time with their offspring. Just look -- we often see them photographed having fun with their kids, whether it's Kourtney and her children having fun on vacation or Kim and her adorable daughter walking around looking super fashionable. Of course, those of us that know the Kardashians well (at least from TV...) aren't super surprised by this because, again, they really think that family is the most crucial part of life. So naturally they love their kids. They could be like so many other celebrities and have nothing to do with their children, but that's not just how they roll.

6 They Understand YOLO

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The concept of YOLO is pretty great: you only live once, the saying goes, so we might as well enjoy ourselves whenever we can. The Kardashians absolutely live their life as if YOLO is their life motto or their middle name, and we think that's pretty great. All we have to do is check out any one of their Instagram accounts and they always seem to be doing something fun. It's like they go on vacation every single day of the year. No, we're not jealous, we're just simply stating a fact. Okay, we're kind of jealous. One of the latest media stories? About how awesome Kourtney looks with all her curves in a bathing suit. We have to agree. We don't think that any person, a celebrity or not, can be a good role model if they're not enjoying themselves and the best of what life has to offer, so this is yet another reason we look up to them so much.

5 They're Hilarious

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We look up to women who are funny because funny women are basically our heroes. Just look at Kristen Wig, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and our all-time fantasy BFF, Mindy Kaling. It's impossible not to totally respect women who crack jokes and make us think about society in a different way. Comedy helps us make sense of our own lives and the lives of those around us, and that's why it's such a powerful thing. So the Kardashians are pretty funny, there's literally no doubt about it. Just consider any of episodes of their famous, staple reality show. One of them is always saying something absolutely amazing. Just think about this moment: when Khloe said, "Ever since Kim called me a troll, I love using that word." You just have to laugh, right?

4 They Speak Their Minds

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It's impossible for someone super fake and who lies and pretends all the time to be a good role model. We can't relate to, respect or look up to someone who is faking their personality and not showing us their true selves. Well, we don't have that issue with the Kardashians, not a single one of them, because they love to say how they feel, what they think, and they always, always speak their minds. Tune into any episode and we see that this is always the case. Just consider this Kim moment: when she said, "I Instagram and do fun things no matter what I'm doing." We just know that she honestly feels that is true, and that she really does want to have fun all the time. It's just part of her lifestyle and it's why we love her (and why some people just can't even).

3 They're Confident

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Kourtney once said, "It's your life, it doesn't matter what people think." Honestly, we couldn't possibly agree more. This is such a great thing to say and think. We all grow up wondering if people like us and really, really wanting to be popular. We have issues in school whether it's elementary school, junior high or high school because we want that popularity so much and we can't imagine not being what our weird definition of "cool" is. But the Kardashians are each super confident, and it has nothing to do with their image, appearance, or what people think about them. That's honestly the true meaning of self-worth and self-confidence. We think this is what a true role model would say, so that makes these women just the greatest.

2 They're Not Afraid Of Change

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Honestly, fear of change is what trips a lot of us up. We're afraid to make huge decisions and make changes in our lives, even when we're not happy with the way that things are going, and even when we're pretty sure that these choices would make us truly content. The Kardashian sisters are definitely not afraid of change. They break up with people, get divorced, have kids and say goodbye to their life the way it was before, dye their hair when they feel like it, change their personal style, try some new business ventures... the list goes on and on. That's great for us to see because then we realize that, hey, we may not be as rich and famous as them, but we can make positive changes, too. And we don't have to be afraid, either.

1 They Love Food

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This made the number one spot on our list because we love that the days of super skinny celebrities who lived on salad greens and water are totally and completely over. Hallelujah, right?! Who lives like that? Definitely not us. While we're over here trying to live a happy and healthy lifestyle that definitely includes salad but also includes pizza and cheeseburgers and fries (and sweet potato fries and potato chips...), we can totally relate to the Kardashians because they love food just as much as us (if not more). They're often shown at family dinners, or going out to eat (although the restaurants are definitely fancier than places we would be able to afford). They are showing young women and teenagers that we don't have to starve ourselves in order to be beautiful, and that we can enjoy our lives, including our food. And we think that is pretty awesome.

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