15 Reasons Why The Aloof Girl Always Gets The Guy

Have you ever noticed that when you’re not really into a guy he seems to come on even stronger? It’s like he just can’t get enough of you. He will blow up your phone, constantly email you, and ask you out over and over again until you finally say yes. But when you really have a crush on someone, they seem to disappear off the face of the Earth, right? Maybe you’re coming across as a little too desperate, and your behavior is turning him off. This is why girls who are aloof seem to always get the guy. Whether they really like a guy or not, they’re always playing it cool, and in the end, they get what they want. If you’re in the early stages of dating, and you really want your guy to take things to the next level, this list will let you know why it’s always best to be aloof if you want to change your dating status from “single” to “taken.”

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15 Guys Hate Being Ignored


The reason why men are so attracted to women who are aloof is because they secretly hate to be ignored! The next time the guy you’re seeing calls you, don’t be so quick to answer the phone. Instead, let it go to voicemail, and give him a call back the next day. Or how about when he sends a that “good morning” text? You normally reply back within .5 seconds, but your best bet is to wait it out and respond within a couple hours. If you hold off on contacting him, he will know he definitely isn’t at the top of your priority list. This will drive him to want to chase you even more. So stop sitting by the phone and waiting for it to ring. Go get a life, become super busy, and become aloof by brushing him off every now and then. He won’t get turned off. In fact, he’ll pursue you even harder!

14 They Want What They Can’t Have


It’s very true that humans always want what they can’t have. Even though you’re perfectly fine driving around in your Hyundai, you would much rather have a Mercedes Benz parked in your driveway, right? The same sentiment can be applied to the dating world. Men love the chase, and they will pursue you even more if you’re aloof. Your indifference towards a guy will lead him to believe that maybe you’re just not that into him, and because you’re not acting like other girls he has dated, he’s going to want you even more. To really send the chase into overdrive, you should initially decline his first invitation to hang out. Don’t worry, he won't forget you exist. Instead, he’ll be thinking about you 24/7until he works up the nerve to ask you out again. The second time around, agree to go out with him, and observe how he responds. He will be so happy that you finally gave in to his invitation, he won’t be able to contain his excitement!

13 Aloof Girls Are Always Busy


The aloof girl isn’t staying at home watching Sex and the City reruns. She’s out on the town with friends, spending time with family, and keeping up with the hobbies that she loves. She never lets a guy think he holds a lot of importance in her life - especially if she just met him a few weeks ago.

If you come across as being smitten and head-over-heels after the first few dates, the chances that your guy will reciprocate those feelings are slim. So instead of being needy, aggressive and clingy, try the aloof approach instead. It’s not as simple as sitting at home and pretending your social life is lit. You have to actually get out there and keep yourself busy. Meet up with friends, keep hitting the gym, or join a business networking group to expand your social circle. When guys know that you have a full and vibrant life outside of them, it makes them feel that much more attracted to you. They will do whatever it takes to be apart of your awesome life.

12 They Want to Crack Her


When you first meet a guy, do you share with him all of your fears, dreams and your life goals right off the bat? If so, your behavior can cause him to run for the hills. You have to ease into relationships and share information in bits and pieces. And definitely don’t be so trusting of someone who hasn’t even earned your trust yet. When it comes to aloof girls, they are successful in the dating world because they keep a wall up. You never really know what’s on their mind, and they are tough to crack. They are always playing it cool no matter the situation, and since they don’t wear their heart on their sleeve, men gravitate towards them. Every guy wants to be the one who can get the aloof girl to open up and share her deepest darkest secret. And they won’t stop until they finally succeed!

11 She Makes Him Plan Ahead


Remember when I told you that you have to keep your life super busy if you want to get a guy to fall for you? Well, having a jam-packed social life definitely comes in handy when the aloof girl ventures out into the dating world. Because her life is just oh so fabulous and hectic, she is usually booked for other dates, meetings and gatherings days and sometimes even weeks in advance. Because she is so in demand, men know that if they really want to see her, they will always have to schedule and plan ahead. The aloof girl would never accept a last minute date because her schedule simply doesn’t allow it. The fact that she isn’t always available is actually a turn on. She delays the amount of time before her suitors can be in her presence once again, and they just can’t get enough of her!

10 Her Focus is Elsewhere


When you put all of your focus into a guy and your new budding relationship, you’re sending off energy that will instantly repel him and turn him off to you. It’s not healthy to want to spend every waking moment talking to, texting, and being with someone. So if you want a guy to really fall for you, you have got to back off a little, sister. You see, the aloof girl doesn’t have this problem because when she’s dating someone, her focus is elsewhere. Perhaps she has a big meeting she needs to prepare for at work, she has to put in countless hours of studying for her mid-terms, or maybe she’s putting all of her energy into her new start-up business. The point is, she’s not sending off any negative or desperate energy because she’s too focused on all of the wonderful things that are happening in her own life.

9 He Knows He’s Being Judged


Men can’t help but feel attracted to the aloof girl because she’s not all in their face 24/7. Instead, she’s laid back, and observing his actions to see if he’s the right fit for her. Guys know that they’re under her microscope, so they can’t help but to get nervous when they’re around her. The aloof girl makes her interactions with men all about her without coming across as self-centered and snobby. She simply allows men to show her what they bring to the table, and since she’s so level-headed, and she’s definitely not desperate to have a man on her arm, she’s able to pick the right man who will be the best partner for her. This is why it’s always best to sit back and let men show you who they really are. If you stay aloof, you will always be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your love life.

8 He Knows She’s the Prize


The aloof girl knows that she’s a hot commodity. Her phone is constantly being blown up with date invitations, she turns heads everywhere she goes, and she has a list of suitors who are dying to be her one and only. She knows that she’s the prize when it comes to dating, and her attitude is what really makes her a winner. When she meets a new guy, she’s not trying too hard to impress him. Instead, she lets the guy do all of the work. He has to prove to her that he’s even worthy of being in her presence. And if she senses any red flags, she immediately tosses him without hesitation. There’s absolutely no time for second chances in the aloof girl’s world! Do you hold yourself to higher standards when it comes to dating? If you’ve noticed that you don’t allow men to try to impress you when you’re out on dates, you could be killing your love life more than you know it. So take notes from the aloof girl and consider yourself to be the trophy!

7 There's No Pressure


Since the aloof girl is so busy with her career, her friends, and her life in general, she doesn’t get so caught up in relationships and titles. This is why men are drawn to her, because she’s not trying to lock them down within 2.5 seconds of their first date. As a matter of fact, the aloof girl will rarely mention the word “relationship” when she’s dating a man. Instead, she takes a step back and allows for her dates to be so enamored by her that they bring up the idea of being in an exclusive relationship almost immediately. They don’t feel the kind of pressure they felt with other women, and they know the aloof girl isn’t sitting at home wondering when he’s going to ask her to take things to the next level. Because the aloof girl isn’t putting any kind of pressure on the situation, it makes her so alluring and much more appealing. Her laid-back approach to dating makes it easier for men to fall head over heels in love with her.

6 Her Mysteriousness is Intriguing


When you meet someone new, it’s normal to want to tell them more about yourself and your life, but giving all the gory details about your history could be turning men off. If you add a little bit of mystery into the mix, men will be more curious about you, and they will be anxious to get to know you better on a more personal level. The aloof girl doesn’t have to try hard to keep herself guarded, though. Instead, she’s just naturally more reserved, she’s cautious with her words, and she doesn’t let just anyone gain access to her inner thoughts right from the jump. She keeps her answers short and sweet to start, and when she finds a man who she feels is worthy of her innermost thoughts, she will slowly let them in by revealing herself in bits and pieces. She gets men hooked by being so intriguing.

5 She’s Not Too Clingy


There aren’t too many men out there who will admit that they love clingy women. And when it comes to most relationships, women start out as quite independent. But as they get settled into their relationship, they become conjoined with their boyfriends, and it’s a major turn-off! For the aloof girl, she doesn’t have time to be clingy because her plate is full with everything else she has going on in her life. When she is with her guy, she gives him her full attention, of course, but as soon as they part, she dives right back in to her own world. Men wonder why the aloof girl isn’t sending them back-to-back texts or leaving flirty messages in their voicemail box. Because the aloof girl isn’t clingy, and she doesn’t act like other girls, it makes her that much more appealing. She gives men the space they need to live their lives, and this healthy distance actually brings them closer to her. The fact that she’s not clingy is just so irresistible.

4 He Knows She Has Options


When a woman is desperate for a man (or any man for that matter) to choose her as his girlfriend, guys can instantly tell that she doesn’t have very many options when it comes to dating. You may think this will bring men closer to you, but in reality, it actually repels them. The aloof girl always has multiple options in the dating world, and because of this, she comes across like a hot commodity. There has to be something that’s drawing all these men towards her like moths to a flame, right? It’s because guys know that she has men lining up to date her, and on any given day, she has more than a few options to choose from. When men know they’re not the only guy in your life, they will do whatever it takes to win you over so that they can come out on top.

3 The Suspense is Killing Him


The eager woman will happily lay it all out on the table during the first date. She will tell her date how hot he looks, she will be overly affectionate, and she may even sleep with him before they even order their appetizers. Her date knows that she really likes him, and that makes him back off just a bit. When it comes to dating, nothing should ever come easy. And the aloof girl know this. She will never let her true feelings be known before she really gets to know a guy. So while he’s dreaming of making her his girlfriend, he’s also wondering if she really likes him or not.The suspense will kill him, but it won’t make him back off at all. Instead, he will want to see her more, take her out more, and try to get her to express her true feelings. In the end, she has him right where she wants him: in the palm of her hand.

2 She Doesn’t Tolerate Disrespect


When you put everything into a relationship that was doomed from the start, you’re more likely to put up with disrespect from a guy. You will feel that you have invested so much into the relationship that walking away just isn’t an option. But when it comes to the aloof girl, she never tolerates disrespect from anyone in her life. The aloof girl demands to be treated with respect, and the second a guy gets out of line, she shows him the door. In the aloof girl’s world, she doesn’t need a man to make her happy. She’s just fine living life without him, and this attitude is what makes her so successful when it comes to relationships. Being in a relationship is great as long as there is mutual respect and love, and the aloof girl isn’t going to settle for anything less than the best. She would much rather be by herself than to put up with a guy who treats her poorly.

1 She Exudes Confidence


Many people assume the aloof girl is playing hard to get, but in reality, she’s actually just a super confident woman with a good head on her shoulders. Whenever she steps into a room, people take notice. She may not be the most beautiful girl at an event, but her confidence is undeniable. Men know that she won’t settle into a bad relationship, and if things don’t go her way, she has no problem walking away from the situation. When it comes to dating, the aloof girl is so confident that she doesn’t feel the need to be clingy. She keeps her emotions in check, and she doesn’t allow men to get emotionally or physically close until they have proven themselves to her. She chooses her partners wisely because they are a reflection of her. Men love a confident woman, and they will do whatever they can to be in her presence. This is why the aloof girl always gets the guy in the end!

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