15 Reasons Why Ross Geller Is A Joke

Poor Ross is often thought of as the least popular of the Friends... but does he deserve that bad rep? We know that the series pretty much revolves around the on again, off again relationship of Ross and Rachel, so in a way, the writers might have totally thought of him as the central hero of the story. But when you consider his many personality flaws and the terrible things he does throughout the show's ten season run, it’s hard to see him as any kind of superman. Characters definitely don’t have to be perfect, and Joey and Chandler have their flaws, too! But for some reason, Ross isn’t exactly as loveable as those hilarious guys. It might have something to do with his whiny demeanor, his tendency to be kind of possessive and controlling, and all his other tendencies that would make you want to slap any real human across the face! Here are 15 reasons why Ross Geller is actually a joke.

15 He Can’t Handle Criticism And Advice

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Criticism is never easy to hear, but part of being a mature adult is being able to take it without causing World War Three. It doesn’t feel good, but hey, it will probably be a good idea for us in the end! If we're getting advice or criticism that is actually constructive, then we shouldn’t really get super pissed off at those dishing it out. Ross, unfortunately, doesn’t really get to that stage. Remember when the friends tell him that they don’t think Emily is a good fit for him and he totally gets his back up against the wall? Ugh. It’s clear in this situation that Emily isn’t great for him (who makes their partner stop seeing somebody?!) and he should know by this point that his friends and especially his sister Monica absolutely have his best interests at heart! But, of course, instead of thanking them, he throws a hissy fit. Real mature, Ross. Real mature

14 He Doesn’t Think Rachel’s Job Is Important

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There’s also the time that Ross totally downplays the importance of Rachel’s new job, which leads to their fateful “break." Rachel isn’t exactly the most flawless character, either, but the girl is serious about her fashion career, which is a big deal considering her spoiled rich-girl roots. It would have been nice if she could have met Ross for their anniversary, but she’s freaking working! They could easily reschedule to a time that suits both of them, but Ross insists upon himself by showing up at her job with a picnic basket. Now, admittedly that does sound like a cute thing to do in any other context, but not after she told him she was busy and had no time. The fact that he ignores this might come from a good place, but at the end of the day, it seems to prove that he doesn’t think her job is that important.

13 He’s Always Been The Favorite Kid

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It is not really Ross’s fault that Jack and Judy Geller like him so much more than they like Monica. But we think that this part of his character has helped mold him into a total joke! Ross still calls Judy “mommy”, as Rachel boldly tells us, which is kind of alarming. To be honest, it would have been alarming after the age of 10. This seriously suggests that although Ross is independent with a successful career, he is still attached to his mother. He never has to try to get his mom and dad’s approval, whereas Monica has to bend over backward. How about when both siblings are doing speeches at their parents’ anniversary party, and Ross effortlessly moves the guests to tears while nobody even responds to Monica’s speech? She brings up their dead nana and their dead dog, and still people only appreciate Ross. What a joke!

12 He’s Selfish

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We’re pretty confident that Ross is under the impression that the entire universe revolves around him. He does a huge number of selfish things throughout the 10 years we know him. But the one that comes to mind first? That has to be lying to Rachel about their annulled marriage. After the two drunkenly tie the knot in Vegas, Rachel freaks out but he tells her that the marriage is annulled and she has nothing to worry about. Actually, though, they’re legally still married and he lets this carry on for as long as he can, perfectly fine with the fact that Rachel believes they aren’t. That could have caused some serious problems down the line for her! He’s happy to lie to someone and allow them to secretly remain married when they don’t want to be because he feels insecure about his high number of divorces. Not good enough, Ross.

11 He Is Such A Jealous Boyfriend

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When Ross and Rachel are happily together, Ross spends way too much time acting jealous over the other men she interacts with, whether they’re from work or somewhere else. We get being jealous when there are romantic feelings involved, and we suppose it’s a good thing he cares enough to feel jealous in the first place. But can you imagine how exhausting it would be to date somebody who is suspicious of all the people in your life? It would suck having to explain over and over again that there’s nothing going on between you and Mark, and still having your boyfriend not trust you and act incredibly insecure about the whole thing. Geez, we have to lie down just thinking about it! And when Ross and Rachel aren’t together, Ross is fairly rude to her dates and flings. Remember Paolo? Ross could barely hide his disdain for the guy!

10 He’s Deluded About His Profession

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No offense to any paleontologists out there, because we know you’re super smart. Contrary to what Ross believes, however, a Ph.D. is not the same as an MD! It’s still admirable, but Ross needs to calm down with all the doctor talk. Oh, if we had a dime for every moment in which Ross introduces himself as a doctor with a smug look on his face! In an academic setting, this is probably warranted, but the gynecologist your baby mama is seeing really doesn’t care that you’re a doctor of paleontology. He also seems to think that his job and his thesis are more important than all his friends’ jobs, and actually took offense when people were fooling around in the library in front of his work. All professions are important, but Rachel is right: if we had a heart attack in a restaurant, we wouldn’t want Ross there with his fossil brush!

9 The I Hate Rachel Club

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Ross does change a lot between his high school and adult years, so we feel a tiny bit guilty for bringing up something from his past. But the I Hate Rachel Club is unforgivable because it’s a symbol of how entitled Ross is (probably from being the favorite child!) and how angry and nasty he gets when he doesn’t get his way. Okay, it stings when the person you like doesn’t like you back. But you keep the bitter feelings to yourself! You definitely don’t go and make a club about how much you hate that person and then start a rumor saying they’ve got both boy and girl parts. What??? It sucks that Rachel didn’t like him back, but she didn’t have to. We really don’t know how she forgave him, to be completely honest! Even if the other member of the club is Brad Pitt, it just isn’t the right thing to do. Nope.

8 He Strings Women Along

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When Ross strings women along, it doesn't seem super intentional. Hey, he definitely doesn’t have the Joey Tribbiani gene. But because he can never get in touch with how he’s really feeling, he always spends way too much time with women whom he’ll never love as much as Rachel. We understand that he has to try and move on, but if you know in your heart that somebody isn’t right for you, then it’s cruel to keep them around. If they’re just a rebound or a replacement to you, but you’re the real thing to them (hello Ross and Emily!), that might be one of the meanest things you can do! It’s a situation where being cruel to be kind is necessary. Ross does string people along, though, and the result is that disaster of a wedding where he says Rachel’s name at the altar instead of Emily’s. Nobody deserves that!

7 He’s Controlling

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If you look at Ross’s actions and behavior over the entire series, it becomes blatantly clear that he’s got kind of a possessive streak. When he finds out about Monica and Chandler, he goes through a brief episode of intense anger (we’ll get to his temper later on!) and tells Chandler to get off “MY sister!” He primarily sees Chandler’s relationship with Monica as an attack on himself because Monica is his sibling, and we’re so over the possessive ownership of women tripe! He’s also a little unbearable when Rachel is pregnant and isn’t cool with her dating somebody else while she’s carrying his baby (though it’s all good for him to date the girl who works at the baby store). Or there’s the time that Ross moves in with Joey and Chandler and uses the hand signals to tell them to keep the noise down. It definitely makes you grind your teeth!

6 He's Sexist

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We’re pretty confident that Ross’s issue with gender stereotypes stems from his father judging him for playing with dinosaurs instead of playing sports outside when he was a little boy. When Rachel hires Sandy the male nanny for Emma, we all fall in love with him... mainly because he’s Freddie Prinze Jr, but also because he writes poetry and plays music. But Ross fires him because he’s so uncomfortable with a man taking on what’s seen as a traditionally feminine occupation. He also implies that he doesn’t think women can do whatever men can do, so it’s pretty clear that he wants women in the kitchen and men in the factory. For goodness' sake, Ross! When his son Ben shows an interest in playing with dolls, Ross unsurprisingly is having none of it. It’s a pity that he couldn’t learn from his dad’s attitude that kids should play with what they want!

5 He Has A Temper

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Ross’s temper might be his worst flaw, and it’s a definite deal breaker for us! Everybody gets mad from time to time, however, Ross takes it to extremes. Yes, we love food too, but would we yell at our superiors at work over a sandwich? There are so many times throughout the seasons, including the sandwich incident, where Ross absolutely loses the plot and descends into rage beyond any return. It probably comes from his being the beloved child and having a tantrum every time he didn’t get his way when he was growing up, but he needs to learn to put a lid on it. Some examples? When some shampoo spilled in his bag (a.k.a. the end of the world), when the students in his lectures won’t clear a path for him, and when Rachel tells him she’s pregnant. That is definitely not the time to be losing it!

4 He Drags His Friends Into Stuff

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It’s never easy when two friends start dating and then break up, especially if they not only have mutual friends but are part of a super close friend group. The best thing to do in those circumstances is to agree that the other friends won’t take sides and will continue their relationships with both exes. Ross doesn’t seem to get this, though, and is incredibly bitter when the other friends want to spend time with Rachel after they break up. When their car breaks down on their way to a ski cabin with Rachel, the friends call Ross for help and he’s actually reluctant to go and rescue them from the cold! What?! Even if you’re having a fight with your buddies, when they need help, they need help! There shouldn’t be any questions asked. Even though Ross does go to help save them in the end, he should have been a lot more enthusiastic about it.

3 He’s Not The Best Dad

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Has anyone else noticed that Ben just seems to drift off the face of the earth toward the end of the series? In the world of Friends, this might mean that Ross is kind of a neglectful dad. There are some pretty major events that take place in Ross’s life where Ben is nowhere to be seen. He isn’t at his father’s wedding to Emily, and we never see him meet his half-sister Emma. This could mean that Carol limited Ross’s rights to see his son, but it could also mean that Ross is just a joke of a dad. Ben is present at Monica and Chandler’s wedding, but Ross totally ignores him (at least on-screen). None of Ross’s later decisions are influenced by his son at all, and he also uses Ben as a scapegoat for a lot of things. Plus, as we mentioned, he tries to control what Ben does for fun! Seriously uncool, Ross. Seriously.

2 The Break Thing

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The world will probably never agree on whether Ross’s sleeping with someone else mere hours after Rachel declared they were on a break was okay or not, but we are team Rachel on this one. They technically were on a break so theoretically, he didn’t break any rules. But sleeping with someone else so soon is wrong all the same because it basically screams that Rachel wasn’t that important to him as he’s already over her! From Rachel’s perspective, it seems like he never loved her, to begin with, or was itching to get it on with someone else. Seriously, imagine how hurt you’d be if the person you thought was the love of your life slept with someone so soon, particularly if you were on a break, not on a breakup. It’s so disrespectful! What’s more, Ross doesn’t want Rachel to know about it, so he isn’t that interested in honesty either!

1 He Didn’t Read Rachel’s Letter

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After the whole break saga, Rachel goes to the effort of writing Ross a long letter about her feelings. When we say long, the thing is 18 pages, front and back. Understandably, that’s a lot to read, especially when Ross is tired after breaking up with Bonnie. But we aren’t dealing with a school assignment here! This is supposed to be the love of his life who he’d give anything to have back, so he needs to read the letter. He has us shaking our heads when he falls asleep instead of reading it, but he absolutely loses us when he lies to Rachel and says that he read it. What is it with this guy and honesty? The combination of his actions lead us to believe that although Rachel isn’t perfect, she could probably do better than Ross. He’s probably the only friend whom we don’t wish was in our squad! Sorry Ross.

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