15 Reasons Why Rob’s Social Media Accounts Will Destroy The Kardashians

While the Kardashians and the Jenners both live and breathe in the spotlight and could be considered fame-hungry, Rob was usually the exception. He enjoyed a private lifestyle away from the constant publicity that his family deals with... until now. Recently, things have changed. As soon as he linked up with Blac Chyna, Rob instantly became tabloid fodder. Instead of rejecting his celebrity status like he had done in the past, Rob shocked everyone by embracing his newfound fame. This time around, the normally quiet star signed on to star in his own reality show, began making public appearances again and made his formerly inactive social media accounts active. For a while, things seemed to be going surprisingly well for Rob and his new love interest, but it was only a matter of time before the public would find out just how tumultuous things really were behind the scenes. Rob began slamming Chyna on Instagram and Twitter every time they broke up… and they broke up a lot! The hot and cold couple would break up and make up more times than anyone could count, and Rob was always the first to publicly denounce his former flame via social media. At this point, things between Rob and Chyna have gotten really ugly and Rob’s oversharing may have finally gotten him in over his head. Here are 15 reasons why Rob Kardashian should get off social media once and for all before ruining his Kardashian name.

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15 The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back


After observing an array of unjustifiable posts to social media, few can deny that Rob Kardashian is going down a bad path. If you take into account his emotional outbursts, his psychotic public rants, and his overall mental state, it appears that Rob is headed for a breakdown. While Rob’s most recent Instagram upsurge stirred up some serious drama, Kardashian has been using social media as a weapon against his exes for far too long. Last December, the star took to Snapchat to share a depressing story about how Chyna moved out of their home and took their daughter with them right before the holidays. Apparently, some of Rob’s fans were so concerned for his well-being after his now infamous Snapchat fiasco that several of them notified the authorities. All of the drama was chronicled on a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, where it was revealed that eight or so police officers were dispatched to Rob’s residence to make sure he was alright. Even big sister Kim weighed in on her brother’s unstable actions stating, “Rob started Snapchatting his thoughts and his feelings, and that’s really not like him.” At this point, it’s abundantly clear that enough is enough when it comes to Rob’s incessant need to overshare his thoughts on social media. We think he should totally drop everything and get off of social media for good before it’s too late!

14 Sorry This Page Is Unavailable


Earlier this summer, Rob became the subject of a major controversy when he posted a series of explicit images of Blac Chyna on Instagram. Rob unleashed an onslaught of accusations against his ex along with super inappropriate photos of her most intimate areas in order to back up his claims. Of course, Rob’s public defilement of Chyna quickly gained momentum, and while every media outlet imaginable was covering the story, Instagram was busy taking matters into their own hands. The company has a very strict policy against posting anything deemed derogatory in nature, and IG didn’t hesitate to seize Rob’s account on the spot. Upon Instagram deleting his account from their platform and losing over seven million followers, Rob seemed unfazed.

Being the social media fiend that he is, Rob then turned to Twitter to redirect anyone who wanted to watch the train wreck unfold, stating, "Since Instagram shut me down everyone peep my twitter lol.” Ultimately, Twitter also removed all of the x-rated images that Kardashian had reposted, and we’re pretty sure that most social media outlets would do the same. Everyone knows that being a social media “influencer” is a major part of the Kardashian’s branding model and that every member of the family rakes in some serious money by promoting products to their millions of followers. Obviously, losing such a major launch-pad such as Instagram is a huge blow to Rob, and if he had just kept to himself he wouldn’t be in the predicament he’s in now.

13 Not A Kardashian


We already know what you're thinking: how could the shameless Kardashians possibly be embarrassed of anything at this point? Whether you love or loathe them, the Kardashians have worked hard to make a name for themselves and they have become some of the biggest celebrities on the planet because of it. To the Kardashians, image is everything, and when one member of the family puts the entire brand in jeopardy - you’d better believe they all take notice.

Making money and maintaining a certain appearance is key to the Kardashian’s billion dollar brand, and one misstep from Rob could surely cost them a fortune. Anyone who’s seen a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians knows all of Rob’s siblings are less than pleased with his explosive behavior regarding his romantic relationships. Of course, Rob’s over the top behavior is enough to make all of his siblings' faces turn red with humiliation, but it’s Kris Jenner who’s really seething over her son’s uncalled for outbursts. Kris oversees all of her children’s lucrative careers, and when one of them steps out of line she takes front and center to do damage control. With this family, any attention seems to be welcome attention, but Rob’s unpredictable social media antics are too much for them to handle. There’s no doubt that his unfiltered posts on Twitter, Insta and Snapchat have caused a major rift between Rob and the rest of his bloodline.

12 What About Dream?


Even though Rob may have a lot of resentment and hostility towards Blac Chyna, it doesn’t change the simple fact that she is still the mother of his child. The toxic twosome is the parents of Rob’s only offspring, daughter Dream Kardashian. Whether Rob likes it or not, he will be linked to his ex for the rest of his life, and constantly trashing her on social media won’t do him any good in the long run. These two could despise each other behind closed doors, but the best thing for their daughter is to keep their extremely private matters out of the public eye. Rob needs to realize that he and Chyna should have one shared goal, and that is to effectively co-parent their young daughter while pushing their personal feelings aside. Every time Rob acts extra on social media, he’s not taking baby Dream into consideration and he only made things more difficult for her in the grand scheme of things. It’s super obvious that best thing for Rob to keep the peace would be to walk away from social media altogether.

11 He’s Facing A Hefty Lawsuit


After posting a collection of super explicit images of his ex all over Instagram, Rob Kardashian might just have to learn the hard way that his impulsive actions have real-life consequences. Of course, Blac Chyna and her team didn’t take Rob’s exploitative social media posts lightly, and she did what many other women in her position would do: she immediately lawyered-up. Chyna hired high-profile attorney Lisa Bloom to represent her in her case against her scorned ex-lover. Bloom is notorious for her celebrity clientele and is also the daughter of famed lawyer Gloria Allred, so naturally, Chyna knew what she was doing when it came to seeking legal counsel. Chyna and her team appeared in court to request a temporary restraining order against Kardashian, along with a laundry list of allegations against the wealthy reality star. The duo plan to go after Rob for his vengeful posts against Chyna and could potentially seek millions of dollars in damages. Needless to say, all of this courtroom drama could have easily been avoided if Rob just stayed off social media, but he can’t seem to control himself and now he has to deal with the repercussions... in a big way.

10 Is It All Just A Sham?


The Kardashian family as a collective whole has been known to stage relationships and breakups in order to gain exposure in the press, so why wouldn’t we think that Rob was doing the same when it comes to his messy tweets, IG posts, and Snapchats? The Kardashians are thirsty AF to stay relevant and will obviously go to great lengths to keep everyone interested in their everyday lives. What if Rob was really just trolling all of us with all of his social media banter and is really just desperately seeking attention? Of course, Rob is looking to get noticed whenever he makes one of his infamous slanderous Twitter posts, but is it all just for show? Every time Rob acts out he always tries to backtrack, apologize, and then go into hiding for a little bit only to resurface and repeat the same pattern all over again. There’s no denying that Rob’s wildly inappropriate social media posts generate a whole lot of publicity, and that’s exactly the kind of momentum the Kardashians need to stay famous. Who knows? Maybe this is all just another giant ploy from the Kardashians’ PR team, but either way, it’s not looking good for Rob and he should back away from all of his online accounts if he knows what’s good for him.

9 The Internet NEVER Forgets


Someone should probably inform Rob that once you post something online it’s already too late. Most people know that whenever someone posts something to social media or to the internet in general, it is out there for the entire world to see. Even if you delete an incriminating post, there are still a multitude of ways for it to come back to haunt you. These days, eagle-eyed fans can screenshot anything that Rob posts before he decides that posting it was a bad idea, and the media can easily track down anything and everything that a celebrity puts out into the world. Posting negative things about people to social media is never a good idea in the first place, but when you’re famous the stakes increase significantly. Because Rob Kardashian is a public figure and is likely worth a ton of money, it’s super easy for people to want to capitalize on the errors of his ways.

If someone were an opportunist (someone such as… Blac Chyna, perhaps?) they wouldn’t hesitate to take whatever trash-talking posts Rob shared to social media and use it to her advantage. Just recently Chyna was granted a restraining order against her former flame after she had provided the courts with proof of slanderous posts he made on social media along with inappropriate and threatening text messages he sent. Long story short: everybody should think long and hard before posting damaging info to social media – and that goes double for celebrities!

8 He’s The Definition Of TMI


Rob Kardashian has become notorious for coming unraveled on social media and it seems like no one is safe from his wrath – not even members of his own family. The only brother of the Kardashian fam is famous for being the definition of TMI: sharing entirely too much information. Of course, Rob has made scandalous accusations about his ex-fiancé and baby mama all over Twitter, but he’s slammed his own sister on the platform. Last year, the Kardashian clan took it upon themselves to throw their brother a baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of his first born. Instead of being grateful for the kind gesture, Rob went ballistic on Twitter when he found out that Chyna hadn’t received an invitation to the event… even though she was the one carrying his child. The troubled star tweeted, “Didn't invite the mother of my child to a baby shower you all were trying to throw for me!!?? You all must have lost your damn minds.” To make matters worse, Rob specifically targeted his younger sister Kylie by giving out her private cell number to his millions of followers. He shamelessly concluded his epic rant by confirming that it was actually him sharing all of this information, stating, "I ain't hacked either this is Rob dog lol." Naturally, Rob’s Twitter tirade became hot topic in the media and he later backtracked on his harsh remarks but the damage was already done. In this case, Rob went way overboard with the TMI, and he would have benefitted by just not tweeting anything at all.

7 Crazy Ex-Boyfriend


Let’s be honest, nobody is thrilled when their ex moves on to someone new before they are ready to accept that things are really over. But Rob Kardashian is so jealous of the fact that Blac Chyna has a new man in her life that he looks super jealous every time he mentions her name. According to Chyna, she and baby daddy number two have been broken up for months, so where’s the harm in dating other people? Well, apparently Rob sees things differently, because he totally blasted her for shacking up with other men and accused her of getting down and dirty in his house and in his bed. Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t seem like Chyna is at all interested in getting back with Rob any time soon. Chyna has clearly gotten over her ex, and Rob isn’t taking the news lightly. Chyna has been reportedly linked to a rapper named Mechie in recent months, and the two have been spotted packing on the PDA. To add insult to injury, Rob alleges that Chyna sent him inappropriate pictures of herself in bed with another man just to get under his skin. We might never know what the truth may be between this crazy former couple, but one thing we do know is that Rob wasn’t ready to see his old flame with someone new. Kardashian makes his feelings on the matter very clear, and if you don’t know them by now don’t worry, just check out his Twitter account because it’s all out there in the open!

6 He Looks Like A Fool Every Time He Takes Chyna Back

E! Online

They say never to air your dirty laundry in public, but Rob Kardashian seems to be the King of doing just that. Let’s face it, Rob and Chyna have both made careers of making a spectacle out of their personal lives, so it’s no surprise to see that they keep falling back into the same patterns. These two are so wrong for each other it hurts, but for some reason, they keep reuniting despite all of the bad blood between them. Every time Rob and Chyna part ways it never ends well. Rob immediately logs on to his social media accounts to blast his former lover to the whole world.

When it comes to being civil, these two don’t know a thing about respecting boundaries. Rob is notorious for spewing venom against his exes on social media, and his baby mama is no exception. Kardashian has infamously called out almost every one of his famous ex-girlfriends on social media platforms, including Adrienne Bailon and Rita Ora. Clearly, Rob has developed a habit of using the internet to put people on blast, but it only backfires on him when he runs back into Blac Chyna’s arms as if nothing ever happened. Every time he slams her on social media only to take her back, he looks like the biggest fool there ever was. It’s obvious to everyone else that Blac Chyna is simply no good for Rob, but he can’t seem to break free of his old bad habits. Nobody really cares what these two do behind closed doors, but exposing everything on social media is a bad look for everyone involved.

5 He Complains Too Much


We all know that Rob has made a habit of turning to social media every time things don’t go his way and it’s definitely made him look like someone who complains too much. Kardashian has a lot going for him and he should be grateful for all of the good things bestowed upon him in his life. He has a supportive family, more money than he probably knows what to do with and an endless amount of fame. On top of that, he just became a first-time father and he shouldn’t be so focused on being so negative all the time. Most people are aware that Rob has been battling issues with depression and weight gain for a number of years, but those two things can’t excuse his outlandish social media outbursts. Perpetually using social media to publicly attack other celebs, ex-girlfriends and even his famous family members is a big no-no, and it doesn’t do Rob any good. He should seek professional help for all of his mounting issues instead of exploiting himself and those around him all over social media.

4 It’s Becoming Harder To Defend Him


There once was a time when many people would have been on "Team Rob" during the whole nasty split between him and Blac Chyna, but after the reality star’s most recent social media debacle it’s safe to say that even his biggest supporters are jumping ship. Although it wasn’t the first time that Kardashian has come for an ex-girlfriend in a public forum, Rob’s latest Instagram explosion was a seriously bad look for the troubled celebrity. If Rob played his cards right, the public might have actually felt sorry for him because he was brutally played by Chyna, but because he went above and beyond to trash her and to post x-rated snapshots of her, it’s become entirely hard to defend any of his actions. There’s just no excuse for Rob’s behavior. He’s a grown man who should be responsible for his actions, and when he acts like an immature high school bully on Insta, how could anybody possibly stand in his corner? Chyna may have done Rob dirty, but at this point it’s become super easy to align with her because of the new lows Rob has reached in order to seek retaliation. There’s no way that Rob can come back from all of these social media fallouts, so he might as well stay off social media all together before he does any more damage to his career and his legacy.

3 Is This How You Want Your Kid To Know You?


Look, when it comes to being perfect role models, the Kardashians aren't exactly the most ideal celebrities to look up to. But Rob should really think twice before going on his crazy social media rants because he is a public figure and some people might think that his erratic behavior is acceptable when it's really not at all. Because Rob is in the limelight and he has millions of followers on pretty much every social media platform, he needs to be extra careful about what kind of content he shares with the public. He may not even realize it, but letting loose on social media is always a recipe for disaster. With so many eyes on him at all times, Rob should understand that when he lashes out on Twitter and Snapchat that he's setting a really poor example for the millions of people who are watching his every move. Seriously... just deleting all social media apps would do a world of good for Rob K.

2 A Big Fat Joke


Rob can only make so many public attacks against people via social media before he starts to make a complete fool of himself. At this point, Rob’s over-eager trigger fingers have become so notorious for sending out crazy social media posts without a second thought that it’s become super easy to make fun of him for it. Kardashian has become a real-life meme and he has no one to really blame but himself. We all know that nobody is safe from Rob’s wrath on social media – the reality star even tried to single out rapper T.I. by alleging that he had a one-time tryst with Chyna. Rob’s awkward Instagram and Twitter posts have become downright comical, and instead of taking him seriously people just look at him like he’s the punchline of a bad joke. It seems like lately everybody has joined in on taking a stab at Rob’s very public mood swings. Even fourteen year old “Cash Me Outside” viral star Danielle Bregoli gave her millions of followers her two cents about the latest Kardashian saga. The internet sensation openly referred to Rob as a “b***h” and went on to say ‘You’re on Instagram. Your feelings are hurt — we get it. Go get a tub of ice cream, go put on some Orange Is The New Black, go listen to some crybaby a** music, and cry about it.” We never thought we’d say this, but even the “Cash Me Outside” girl makes more sense than Rob Kardashian’s absurd Twitter feed.

1 He’s Only Making Chyna More Famous


We get it, Rob is finally coming to the realization that Chyna has been playing him all along and he’s super salty about it, but trying to slander her on social media doesn’t exactly have the outcome he was hoping for. Although Rob tries to make people see the bad side of Chyna when he posts aggressive "tell all" things about her on Insta and Twitter, he’s only giving her the attention that she so desperately craves. Let’s face it, nobody really knew who Chyna was until she got with Rob, and the more that he creates drama between the two of them, the more famous she gets by the day.

Everyone knows that Chyna loves having all eyes on her, and each time Rob lashes out on social media she’s laughing all the way to the bank. Chyna is following the Kardashian model to being famous, and that’s by believing that all publicity is good publicity. Each time that Rob posts about her, she gets more followers, which leads to more interviews, which leads to more endorsement deals, which leads to more people wanting to book her for events, which leads to more money in her pocket at the end of the day. You get the idea. Rob Kardashian is trying to get revenge on his ex, but she’s successfully beating him at his own game. The only logical thing for Rob to do now is to step away from social media.

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