15 Reasons Why Rachel Made The Worst Decision And Should've Picked Peter

The 13th season of The Bachelorette gained notoriety for featuring the very first African American lead, Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. In a season that could've been monumental and bold, we were left feeling underwhelmed and quite frankly, disappointed. The final outcome left Rachel engaged to Miami chiropractor Bryan Abasolo. Although Rachel enjoyed a very healthy, always-on-the-up relationship with Bryan throughout the season, we couldn't help but feel like he lacked a certain authenticity.

Rachel's family members felt the same way, during hometown visits in week 7. Rachel's wary sister was super uncomfortable with Bryan professing that he loved Rachel from the very first time they kissed. Was he really Mr. Right, or just a very well-trained smooth-talker? It wasn't always clear.

In contrast, runner-up (sniff sniff) Peter Kraus maintained a level of authenticity that was hard matched throughout the entire journey. He was sweet, genuine, thoughtful and caring. Funny, playful, handsome and emotionally aware. What wasn't to like about Peter?! Not only was he perfect on paper, he just exuded such a happy, carefree spirit that made you want to reach into the TV and pinch his adorable cheeks. Rachel and Peter nurtured a beautiful relationship; starting strong, and building up week by week. The only caveat, was that Peter wasn't ready to propose at the finale. Can you blame him? The contestant's are basically thrown into a 2 month, rigorous filming schedule, expected to travel, fall in love and get engaged in less time than you would spend on a summer language class.

Peter got the short end of the stick, and many people think that Rachel made the wrong decision. Here are the 15 Reasons Why Rachel Should've Picked Peter


15 He Was The Most Sincere

Perhaps Peter's best quality was his honesty and sincerity. There was never a moment where you felt like Peter was lying, hiding something or being dishonest. Peter's sincerity showed through in his eyes (his beautiful grey-green babies!) In contrast, almost every time that Bryan was talking, I was thinking to myself "is this guy for real?" I just couldn't imagine him-or anyone- having that type of personality in a non-reality-TV-show setting. His sweet and romantic ways were not spontaneous; they were rehearsed. Peter's ability to just come across as his natural and authentic self was so refreshing in comparison to sleazy Bryan (sorry, I just really, really don't buy this guy's story!) Peter wins in the sincerity department, and that's just one reason, of many, why he was a better choice.

14 He Shares His Name With Another Amazing Peter


When I first heard that Peter was a Kraus, I thought, "wait a minute. I know a Peter Krause." Although the spelling is not identical, our Bachelorette babe shares names with legendary actor Peter Krause, of Six Feet Under and Parenthood fame. I personally love this actor, so if I had the chance to date someone with his name, would I take it? Umm yes! Imagine the fun of always having to correct people? "No, no. Not that Peter Krause. Although I do know him! Actually I'm dating the Peter Kraus without an 'e'" It fills my heart with glee that Peter Krause's (actor) Wikipedia page now has a redirection for people searching for Peter Kraus (Bachelorette contestant). I would love to hear what Peter Krause has to say about all of this.

13 He Owns  A Personal Training Business

Need I say more? Peter's dedication to health and wellness means that he will devote time and energy to staying fit, so that he can love you longer. This entrepreneurial athlete graduated from Madison Area Technical College in 2010, with an Associates of Science in Dietetics degree. The former model now works as a celebrity personal trainer at WORTH personal training. He grew up playing football, soccer, basketball and baseball, so fitness really runs through his veins. Peter is a natural leader; he enjoys coaching people and helping them reach their fitness goals. This would only serve as an asset in a relationship context. Peter would have been Rachel's personal cheerleader, keeping her motivated inside and outside of the gym!

12 He's True To Himself


In a show like The Bachelorette, contestants often put their personal needs and values aside in order to make it to the finals. Instead of focusing on their personal moral code and relationship needs, the men often fall into the "I will do anything to win her over" trap. Sadly, this can lead to problems down the line. Peter was up front from the very beginning about his hesitance to propose at the end of filming. Although he truly was developing strong feelings for Rachel, can we blame him for not wanting to propose after knowing her for about two months? In real life, it would be considered outrageous to get engaged to someone that you've only known for 60 days. In The Bachelorette land, it is unheard of that the finale wouldn't end in a proposal. Rachel's intense desire to get married blinded her to the fact that Peter was the best choice for a long-term, solid relationship, that likely would've resulted in marriage one day!

11 Their Tearful Breakup Tells All

The break-up scene in the final episode was so painful and heart-wrenching to watch. True emotions-and real tears- poured out of Peter and Rachel, as they struggled to find a common ground. Both unwilling to compromise their core beliefs (which is okay, too) they called it quits before Peter had a chance to make it any further, allowing Bryan to "win" by default. This scene was frustrating and heart-breaking. How could two people who have very obvious and very strong feelings for each other just give up so easily? Why couldn't they give their love a chance? When Rachel left Peter's hotel room, we were shattered. Rachel took a long, solo walk home, crying her eyelashes off in the rain. Peter ripped off his sweater and fell to the ground, sobbing. The amount of emotion we were witness to was almost shocking. Never before in Bachelorette history have we seen such an exchange of feelings.

10 He's A Devoted Uncle


Let's face it: there is nothing hotter than a super sexy guy totally at ease with babies and children. Peter already has plenty of hands-on experience with little people; he is the proud uncle of a niece and baby nephew. Totally in his element with baby talk and diapers, Peter will be a natural when he starts a family of his own one day. Rachel said she wanted a family man? Well it doesn't get better than this. Now, sadly, she's going to spend her days battling for #1 woman status against Bryan's crazy-pants mother. Don't we remember the episode where Bryan's mom threatened to kill Rachel if she hurt her son? Does anyone really want a monster-in-law who will be watching you like a hawk your entire life? Someone who will likely throw in passive aggressive remarks during each Sunday dinner and still want to tuck her son in at night? That cord has to be cut, Bryan!

9 He "Was" A Model

Peter might've thrown in the towel on professional modelling, but come on. He's still a model. A model citizen, a model human, a model of the perfect man. Although he gave up posing shirtless for various fashion houses about two years ago, he retains great memories from his experiences. He once spent 3 months living in Athens, Greece, to work on a modelling project. The jet-setter enjoyed the lavish life, meeting new friends and business contacts, and seeing the world. Peter's natural love of travel and sight-seeing was the perfect pairing for Rachel's free-spirited sense of adventure. All of the dates they went on together were fun, spontaneous and action-packed. Sadly, their happy days were short-lived, and Rachel will now spend her days on packed Miami beaches.


8 He Didn't Rebound After The Bachelorette Finale


After The Bachelorette wrapped up, Peter could've easily drowned his sorrows in the arms of a beautiful woman. There was definitely no shortage of interested ladies- he was probably the most adored contestant that ever appeared on the show. Proving that he's a genuinely good man, with a good heart, he chose instead to process the break-up and take some time off of dating. His feelings for Rachel were real, as he discussed in the final interview with Chris Harrison after the finale aired. Choking back tears, Peter spoke about the difficulty he had in re-watching their final breakup scene. He was visibly perturbed, and still not over Rachel. Rachel, trying desperately to show that she was happy and in love with Bryan, couldn't hide her emotions, either. She seemed defensive and cold- seemingly hiding her sadness that it didn't work out between her and Peter.

7 He Knows He Was The Best Option For Rachel

In post-finale interviews, Peter maintained his stance that he was the best fit for Rachel. Had Peter been "ready" to propose at the end of the season, he has no doubt that Rachel would've chosen him. However, ever the diplomat, he didn't make any attacks on co-star and "winner" Bryan Abasolo. It's telling that throughout the season, the relationship between Peter and Rachel seemed to be seamless and meant to be. Contrarily, Rachel and Bryan's relationship was always good, but it lacked the spontaneity and humour that Peter and Rachel shared. Who knows, I have a strange feeling that this relationship is far from over. I can totally imagine an "I've made a horrible mistake" moment once Rachel realizes just how much she cares about Peter.

6 He Has The Best Style


If there was a "best dressed" award handed out to the contestant's of The Bachelorette, Peter Kraus would definitely take the title. Girls, didn't he always look great?!Whether he was casually lounging, waiting to be selected for a one-on-one date, or dressed to the nines at a rose ceremony, Peter always came out on top. He always seemed to have really nice shoes (paired with fun socks, no less) and boy oh boy did he look good in a suit! It's unfortunate that when he got dumped he was wearing such a street-smart outfit. Those ripped jeans, white T-Shirt and grey sweater? Yes, please! Nice loafers too. Not sure if Peter has a stylist, or if he's just naturally fashion savvy, but his style was always a big part of the appeal for me, I mean, the viewers.

5 His Tooth Gap Matched Her Tooth Gap

I mean, come on. Nothing says "we were meant to be lovers" like matching tooth gaps. These two had the most adorable, matching gap happy grins. The episode where they had their first one-on-one and the topic came up? Priceless. They were just so cute talking about how the gap added personality and character. And they even talked about how one day they would maybe have gap-toothed children. I have to say, I really liked Rachel from the beginning. I loved her in Nick's season of The Bachelor, and I loved her up until the final decisions were made. Now, I just feel different! I can't help it. I feel like she took the safe route (let's face it, Bryan isn't even that safe) and gave up the most charismatic guy that has (ever?) been on the show.

4 He Spoke So Eloquently


This was one thing that I noticed from the very beginning of the season. Peter had a way of speaking that was clear, calculated and meaningful. You knew he meant everything that he said. He took time to pause between statements, thinking things through before saying them. Not like Mister Bryan "I am going to say as many clichéd things in one breath as I possibly can" Abasolo. Peter was sincere to a fault, and unfortunately, it was his sincerity that got him canned. He could have easily bit the bullet and proposed to her. He even said, he didn't want to lose her at any cost, and he was willing to propose if it meant that much to her. But, sadly, Rachel knew that that would mean that he was compromising his own values, and she didn't want him to propose just because it was what she wanted.

3 His Friends Seemed Cool AF

During he "hometown dates" episode, Peter brought Rachel to his native Wisconsin. Before heading over to his parents house for dinner, Peter surprised Rachel by taking her to a restaurant to meet his closest pals. Over drinks the gang chatted, laughed and bonded in an effortless manner. Rachel blended in with the group and said that she could picture herself spending  more time with them in the future. His friends seemed open, supportive and funny. What's not to like about that? The truth is, when you marry someone, you are also marrying their friends (and family too!) so choosing a group that is naturally comfortable to be around isn't such a bad idea. Or if, for example, you could choose against having a mother-in-law who still cuts your husbands' hair...

2 He Volunteers For The Make-A-Wish Foundation


High up on the list of "things that make women swoon" is a man who gives himself to the community and volunteers. Also on the list? Men who love dogs and babies. And men who can cook. The fact that Peter has devoted his free time to helping innocent sick children fulfil their dreams just speaks to the type of character he has. A lover of children, Peter is a natural philanthropist, with a natural penchant for helping others' in need. How can you not appreciate that in a person? I wonder if Bryan does any volunteer work? I'm not sure if the Miami Beach snack grill counts. Peter is just such a well-rounded individual who has his heart in the right place. He would've provided Rachel with a life of passion, adventure, fun and happiness. But, alas, the dream is over.

1 He Loved Her Dog

Peter won the very first one-on-one date this season, and it set the stage for the rest of their relationship. The duo flew to Palm Springs to attend Barkfest, along with Rachel's beloved pup, Copper. Copper, who was recovering from an injured paw, seemed to have an amazing time at the event. Peter loved spending time with Copper, and there were scenes where Copper was happily lounging in Peter's arms, chilling and soaking in the love. Who wouldn't swoon for a man that loves your doggie? As a dog owner, I have always been very big on the "love me, love my dog" thing. They are part of our family, so it's only natural that they need to be given top respect in order for the relationship to work! And, Peter had this down. Hopefully his next girlfriend will have a nice dog he can cuddle with. Maybe he'll make a calendar one day...



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