15 Reasons Why Men Go For Younger Women

Sometimes we are sitting around, having coffee and we see them there — older men and younger women. We people watch the man in his forties with a college-aged kid — who looks like she is old enough to be his daughter or granddaughter. There is no question of their relationship, because it’s usually an extravagant show of PDA right there in front of the baristas or the bartender. We wince, we laugh, and we pat them on the back. We always have something to say about them.

But wait. As long as the young woman is of legal age and she is a consenting adult, who are we to judge? What is the official age difference in a relationship that makes it taboo? We snicker with our aunties about cradle robber uncle in our family. That one that our cousins call SVU because his new wife is 35 years younger than he is. Sometimes we mention that the woman is a gold digger or has daddy issues, but what we really should be asking is what it is about the man in that relationship that makes him tick?

There are reasons why a man dates a woman half his age. Although every relationship and every person is different, we can all agree on some things that are apparent to everyone when they see grandpa walking hand-in-hand with a younger woman. She is intoxicating and less responsibility for him to bear. She looks good on his arm, and also can be invisible if he doesn’t want anyone to know they are dating. She is attention; she is anonymity; she is acceptance. Overall, he might be dating a younger woman for her lifestyle more than he is actually dating her.

15 The Stamina is un-real

When surveyed, 79 percent of older men report a regular roll in the hay being very important to them. In a man’s eyes, a younger woman equals a younger body. Not just aesthetically, but younger people tend to have less aches, pains, digestion issues, and all of the small ailments that come upon us every year we get older.

This is much less of a stress on him — considering he is probably suffering from these things, as well. It is much easier when only one person in the pair is falling apart. They are able to take longer hikes, have much more time in the bedroom and are able to challenge him — which may not be the case with women his age. They’re still interested in intimacy and new things, which in turn puts their stamina and drive above women older than they are.

14 Mid-Life Crisis

When older men date younger women, a lot of times it’s not for a serious relationship and is just temporary. Many times, a man will do the obvious — a toupee or hair plugs; Botox to decrease wrinkles; or even trade in their SUV for a convertible.

He might take to a dance club on Friday nights, even though his moves aren’t quite up to today’s standards. He may even try out hot yoga and hope to meet a hot, young thing in her yoga pants before the class is over.

Then, as a last middle finger, he dates the boss’s daughter just to strut their feathers. This is the dreaded mid-life crisis. Hopefully, the woman he is dating is also going through a rebellious stage in their life and they get the emotional lean they probably want from dating an old dude. Ah well, we all get a freebie when we look at our past.

13 Younger Women Are Perkier

Mature women who would be the same age as these men are more set in their ways. They have a certain way they like to arrange their kitchen. They have tea at a specific time in the morning. Little does the cradle robber realize he’s dating someone with a carefree life who won’t necessarily take care of him the way a more mature woman would.

As happy as they are they are being in it for themselves, they are way more cheerful about it than older women. It’s so much more pleasant to be with someone younger, because maybe if they’re young enough, they might be less jaded and cynical about life.

Still, it’s way less devastating when the cradle robber finally figures out he might have made a mistake because it’s almost like a trick that their girlfriend was only in it for herself. He thought that was his M.O.

12 Young Girls Are Easier To Leave Behind

Let’s face it. Younger women appeal to older men because they are a novelty item in their minds. Most of the time, it wears off when they find out that the very things that attracted them to their girlfriend are the same things that will probably end the relationship.

Sure, there are some relationships that are genuine, and two people truly can love each other despite an age difference. But the lack of responsibility that a newer, younger woman brings, coupled with the fact that she has her whole life ahead of her means that she will bounce back.

It leads us to question how many younger women who date older men go on to do it again after their first experience with an older man fails. The fact that younger women are easier to leave is appealing to men, because isn’t the whole point to find someone younger again?

11 Anonymity From His Peers

When a man dates a younger woman, a lot of times, she will have a completely different lifestyle than he does. The men her own age are wearing cheap tee shirts donning logos of their favorite bands with their ripped jeans, and all they have to say about the world is banter about social networking.

They know about YouTube and Venmo and they like vinyl records. They have Facebook statuses about that recent night of drinking they just had. It’s a different circle of friends and most likely different places that they hang out in.

This is the same for older man. He probably makes phone calls when he wants to talk to someone. Most likely, Joe Schmoe from the office won’t see them together if they are from different sides of the neighborhood spectrum; especially if he is having an affair. It’s conveniently easy for them to be unknown

10 Younger Women Are More Flexible

Being that they are not set in their ways quite yet, or established in their careers, or busy raising children that take all of the attention away from the man in their life, younger women tend to be more emotionally pliable. They are also more flexible when it comes to making plans.

Before they have a family or career commitments, planning time together is a little simpler. This makes them easier to be around and in turn, easier to love. This also goes hand-in- hand with her mate feeling less rejected while in this relationship, because she can be there for him. A fine line is drawn in this situation, because no one wants to be at someone’s beck and call. That can make anyone — young or old — feel like the relationship is draining them and very lackluster.

9 He Wants To Do Less Work

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to do less work? If he is calling the shots in the relationship, he has to do a lot less work in it. He is less responsible for her and maybe in the long run, won’t be as emotionally burdened by her. He is less attached. If he is less attached. So, he’s not as invested in the relationship’s outcome.

It’s a wonderful, circular, irresponsible piece of knowledge that he’s capitalizing on. This is a dream relationship for a man who doesn’t want an actual commitment from her. A lot of the time, all he has to do is give her something, or make her feel like he’s taking care of her in some way, and that’s all that’s needed form him. There’s no responsibility for emotions — or for gifting — unless necessary.

8 Younger Women Tend To Be Less Responsibility

An older man is more than likely to have a mortgage, a spouse, an ex-spouse, and children. Generally speaking, he has more than one reason to stay in one place. He has planted his roots somewhere.

Younger women like this stability, and older men like to show they have it. Younger people tend to still be searching for their place and establishing it for themselves. So, it is a lot easier for a man to not feel responsible for this woman, because, in a vague way, he has already done that — albeit with someone else.

His girlfriend might not know that. So, it can be tough. Dating someone younger could be an escape from all of those responsibilities and they both know that. Thus, most of the time they try to ignore facing the real reasons they’re together.

7 He Thinks He's In Charge

Because of his life experience, Mr. Cradle Robber might feel like he is in charge of this relationship more so than previous ones he had with a woman closer to his age. Younger women may be more attentive when it comes to certain things, and genuinely idolize or look up to their older boyfriends.

They might listen more, and don’t quite catch on to his malarkey as quick as a woman his age. They might know about it, but put up with it a little longer than mature women that don’t need him quite as much — especially in the financial department.

They watch and see how things are done. They need help, and he looks at it like he is the guy who is going to set her straight. Once she starts to gain her independence, that’s when the relationship ends.

6 She Feeds His Ego

To have a beautiful, younger woman by his side when he is in public, or at a function with his peers, is a great ego boost and shows a lot about his under-compensated manhood.

Men often find themselves unknowingly bolstering their egos. Others may see it coming from a mile away, but they think it’s normal. They see other men doing it; why shouldn’t they? To a mature woman, though, it’s distasteful and a major turn-off.

Still, to be a man strutting his feathers while smooching on a woman half his age, it says, look what I get to do every night in bed. This is strange, indeed, yet s natural way for men to unknowingly showboat themselves. In the end, she’s just another boat, or car, or piece of property that he can show off.

5 He's Hungry and She's Ready

Maybe when he was younger, he never got to date anyone he thought was desirable. Maybe he was too scrawny, or poor, or undesirable himself to rope in the girl he always longed for. So, when he gets older, establishes himself, and makes more money — in other words becomes more stable and appealing to the opposite sex — he is able to chase after and secure the woman of his dreams.

The problem is, she’s still the woman of his teenaged dreams. Dreams as supposed to evolve, buddy. So now, he can buy that toy he could never afford — so to speak. He’s longed for it for ages, and now that it’s come to fruition, he wants more of it. This is how some men become serial cradle robbers — turning over one young woman after the next.

4 Rejection Is Less Likely

One of the hardest parts of starting a relationship is for a man to overcome the fear of rejection. Will she want to be with me? Younger women find older men to be more confident — probably from the experience he has. This doesn’t make him more confidant, though. It actually makes him just seem more confident.

In turn, there is less rejection. If she feels he is secure in his manhood, he might be safer than she thought. If the rejection isn’t noticed, then it doesn’t exist. We aren’t necessarily saying younger women are sure things or easy targets, but the nature of their youth is being easy-going and that breeds a less likely chance of getting turned down on his part. Once a woman feels security, she will not reject him.

3 All Around More Adventurous

In bed and in out of it, younger people are more flexible. They are much funnier about it, too. Enjoying your life, sexuality, and the world is really what most of us are here for.

Part of growing up means that we test the boundaries. Since younger people are more adventurous and spontaneous, it makes an older adult feel more adventurous and spontaneous themselves just being around them. It’s exciting!

This is something that older people have lost due to jobs, and car payments, and children. Yet, dating a younger woman can get that back for him. Adventure lies within her.

Once a man recognizes that, it’s hard to let it slip through his fingers. Most of the time, men don’t expect this opportunity to cross their doorsteps more than once, and the young man inside of him finds it hard to resist the experience of being with a younger woman again.

2 They Compare Younger Women To Owning A New Car

When love is new for men, they get that same fluttery feeling in their guts before they see their new love interest. It’s that new car smell when you sit in it for the first time. There are actual stars in our eyes when we have a new love.

The excitement and thrilling adventure that new love brings is always prevalent when you have a new younger woman to date. The sparks start flying almost instantly, and most older men find themselves feeling astonished when their feelings are returned.

This is why it’s so fun to date someone so new, and shiny that revs their engines. We hate to compare cars with women, but it’s the truth. There’s something about driving a new car that no one has driven in before.

1 The Music Is Different

Being with a younger woman is like a trip to a place he has never been to. She watches different kinds of movies, enjoys different hobbies and is different than the humdrum life of a forty-plus-year old. She might be more in tune with what the latest trends are or the hottest music.

She could possibly open his eyes to new media and the art scene. She might be into tattoos and even body piercings. She knows the cool places to eat and about 300 different ways to drink coffee or a smoothie.

For whatever reason, he probably will get an earring. We’re not sure why this is; it seems to be the signature move of an older sugar daddy; but earrings nowadays are only worn by some rappers and Harrison Ford. Get it with the program, gramps.

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