15 Reasons Why Men Find Leggings So Damn Attractive

Everyone loves leggings. Both girls and guys find the popular trend attractive. Although, each guy is different and his taste might be different, but generally speaking leggings can turn on a guy in general because of the way they look on a girl and what it might say about her.

So you can’t help but acknowledge the appeal of leggings. Whether you’re just working out in them or casually wearing them to do errands, it’s seriously an eye-catching piece of clothing. There’s so many ways to wear it, but the most controversial way to wear them is to wear them as pants.

This leads us to wonder if men think it’s attractive to wear leggings as pants. When a girl wears them just like they would pants (paired with a short length shirt), some people think it’s too revealing and isn’t attractive at all. But guys seem to be more of a fan than the general public. Still, there are some guys that disagree and wouldn’t walk around next to you, wearing a pair of these casually. “Probably not the kind of girl I would want to take home to meet the parents,” a guy commented on the topic. “Though it’s a totally different story if it looks like they are going to/coming from the gym.”

As you can see, opinions vary even with each guy. In general, though, you know guys deeply find it attractive one way or another. Check out the following reasons we figured out why men love girls wearing leggings.

15 Crazy comfortable.

Leggings are generally a super casual clothing item. With that being said, leggings take comfort to another level. Not only does the trend show a girl’s simple style, but they’re truly comfortable to wear. Guys can tell leggings are easy to wear, which tells them you like being comfortable and they are down with that. A lot of guys actually admire girls who prefer to be comfortable as opposed to uncomfortably wearing high-heels and really tight jeans. It gives them the idea that you are easy to talk to and be with. It also shows them that you prioritize you feeling good and not just looking good. Obviously, that grabs his attention because it means you don’t care much for materialistic or superficial things, because at the end of the day guys are simple creatures.

14 Shows you’ve got some fashion sense.

Like we said, leggings are on trend right now. Whether you’re wearing them to the gym, to running errands, and down to an outing with friends, you can count on wearing leggings to make you look good. Guys will know you have good taste when they catch you wearing leggings, especially if they are really stylish. Following trends isn’t always a good thing, but in this case, there’s actually a justifiable reason why leggings are so popular. Not only are they flattering but they are so comfortable. How could something with those two qualities not be on trend? Plus, guys do appreciate it when girls can keep up with the crowd. It is something to be turned on by. So guys love it when they catch you wearing a pair of leggings, because it shows you have a good fashion sense.

13 It’s easy to dress in.

You know how guys always complain how women take forever to get ready? Well, that’s one of the reasons why guys like it when girls favor leggings. It tells them it won’t take long for her to get ready when they have plans to go out. Leggings are so easy to dress in and so fast to get ready in. So, really, it’s not at all surprising that guys are all for that. If that means they won’t wait for long until she’s ready to go, then why would they be against that? Leggings can be worn in a low key or formal outfit, either way they work. So the fact that leggings are easy to dress in is one of the things guys appreciate about them. Good thing there are a lot of different styles of leggings now because that makes them even easier to dress up in.

12 It’s casual but sexy.

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Every girl is different. Some girls like to spruce up their attire with feminine accessories, such as jewelry, headbands, floral print dresses and skirts. Other girls like to keep it low key and simple. Regardless of what your taste is, though, I don’t think there’s a girl who can’t agree that leggings are the go-to when you want to keep it casual and still feel sexy. Even the most girly girl in the world doesn’t feel like dressing up at times, so they go for leggings. Guys, surprisingly, love it when girls keep it simple. Some guys like it more often than others, but, generally, guys mostly prefer girls that go for casual. But what they really appreciate is how leggings still make her look sexy while wearing something so simple. I think both girls and guys are all for casual and sexy at the same time.

11 Hides your stomach well.

This is not to say you should get a tummy tuck, but leggings help cover that flab in your tummy area that you’re ashamed of and that guys don’t like it either (yes, you read that right). Generally, it’s not a pleasurable view to see when your muffin top is hanging out. Plus, it can come off as not having proper etiquette. So if you happen to struggle in that area, leggings are your go-to choice of apparel. This isn’t just for your benefit, it’s for his, as well. There’s also the fact that high-waisted pants are trending right now, and guys are surprisingly aware of that. Some leggings give you a nice coverage, and leggings aren’t that tight, so they’re actually quite comfortable to wear even though they are quite high. In short, girls love wearing them and guys love seeing girls wearing them, so it’s a win-win situation.

10 Makes you look ten times better no matter what you look.

Leggings are not only comfortable but could also be paired with just about anything. Not only that, they are also flattering on pretty much every girl. Because of the simple style, almost anyone could wear them. From skinny to curvy girls, leggings can make you look ten times better and you can pair them with anything. You think guys won’t notice but they do. They have an eye for style, too, but not necessarily in detail like girls do. Still, guys do take notice how leggings can make a girl instantly look attractive no matter what. Even if the entire outfit is simple, which is probably more flattering on girls. The truth is, ladies, some guys don’t like it when girls try too hard by wearing something out of the box that they think flatters them. This is good news to women from all around the world, because it turns out that you don’t have to put in much effort dressing up to please guys.

9 Highlights your bum perfectly.

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If you happen to have a flat bum, don’t worry because leggings have the ability to give your bum a little lift. Okay, they won’t magically give you a curvier bottom, but it does highlight your natural buttocks. There are actually guys that prefer a curvier bottom over big breasts, so it’s most likely you’ll end up being with a guy who admires your curvy behind. Leggings tend to compliment your natural figure in the right places. That’s why leggings are the best. Some types of leggings tend to highlight your bum better than others depending on the quality and brand. But guys can’t tell them apart at all. They just like the usual effects of a legging on a girl because it accentuates your best assets. So, yes, in a way, leggings give you a nice bum even if you happen to not have much in that area, and guys definitely take notice.

8 Flexible to wear.

As we mentioned earlier, not only are leggings comfortable, but they are also multifunctional. You can wear them coming from the gym to changing it up for a night out with your friends or even date. It’s easier to wear leggings, and like we said, guys prefer girls wearing simple outfits. If you both can go to the gym and then grab a bite afterwards without looking drenched in sweat, he’d definitely be impressed. No need to completely change into a dress and heels after working out at the gym. This is one of the benefits of having a pair of leggings. It’s a plus that it hugs your bottom half in all the right ways, which guys appreciate all the more. Just make sure not to wear a pair of over-the-top colorful pair that take away your natural beauty.

7 Shows you want to be fit.

One of the main reasons why leggings are trendy right now is because of the fitness industry. There’s no denying that the industry has made leggings popular. So when guys see girls wearing these stylish leggings, they automatically think “she works out,” or at least she likes to every now and then. Wearing leggings shows him you are interested in being fit and healthy, and how can that not be a turn on? It also shows that you’re confident in your own skin and perhaps it’s because you worked for your body and want to show it off. Although, leggings aren’t the only workout apparel, when a guy spots a girl sporting them, he instantly thinks you’re a gym goer. He might just ask you out on a date to the gym, so don’t be surprised if this happens when you are wearing leggings.

6 It’s not too revealing, but showcases just enough.

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Some guys actually like it when a girl is more on the conservative side and leaves things to the imagination. So not all of them find it attractive that leggings can be a little revealing. “It’s a little slutty, way too revealing, leaves nothing to the imagination. Yes, it often is attractive. However, I don’t walk around with my dong hanging out,” a guy commented on the topic. While some guys like it when a girl is conservative, others are appreciating how leggings compliment the figure of a woman. “I personally think it’s hot. I think it would be exceptionally rare to find a straight guy who would be mad about cute girls wearing super-tight clothing,” another guy said. In the end, it depends on the guy and what his preferences are.

5 It becomes easier to feel you.

If you’re the affection type, and you want your man to also be affectionate with you, then you should probably wear leggings most of the time with him because you’ll be doing him a favor. Leggings make it easier for him to feel you and show you how much he loves you. Things can get a little hot and heavy when he gets to feel more of you. If you happen to show up in his place wearing leggings, be prepared to be showered with affection because he won’t be able to get his hands off of you. There’s a lot of pleasure a guy gets when you wear leggings and this is one of the top reasons. If you are both sensual, leggings will probably assist you express that to each other. And once you’re both in the mood, it also helps that they’re easy to take off.

4 It hugs your curves in all the right places.

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There’s this notion in the world that skinny is in. With magazines and the fashion industry always promoting a thinner body frame as superior, it’s no wonder women think that’s the only way to be attractive. But the year is 2017, and having curves are making waves in a good way. Just ask guys. Guys have been open about being attracted to girls who have “meat” and more to “grab.” So it’s no wonder guys love it when girls wear leggings because they hug your natural curves. They expose your best assets without even trying in a similar way skinny jeans do but without the hassle. Guys admire the natural figure of a woman, so even if you have a thinner figure, leggings will give you that curvier edge because it hugs your lower body in the right places and even enhance them.

3 Makes you look good when working out.

You can definitely catch girls wearing leggings and the reason is they look good in wearing them. That’s pretty much how leggings became really popular anyways. When women are working out in leggings, they know how they look, and they up the ante by pairing with the right woman. As a result, guys can’t take their eyes off of them. They love it when women are so confident to wear leggings while exercising. Most of them prefer to wear leggings, so how could guys resist that combination? You can’t blame them. One of the reasons why leggings became so trendy is because it is one of the most convenient outfits for working out right now, and it’s all thanks to seeing women working out. People can’t get enough of watching women working out and kicking butt in the gym, and a big part is because of the leggings they’re wearing.

2 Shows you're confident.

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If you’re confident enough to wear leggings, then obviously that’s attractive to guys. Confidence in general is attractive. But in this case, when a woman is confident in her skin and can rock it while wearing leggings, it drives men wild. Sometimes, guys think leggings can be a little intimidating because the female body is already attractive and everyone knows that. So when they wear leggings, they just enhance the female body’s appeal. For the most part, though, it appeals to men when a girl is confident enough to wear leggings because she’s sexy and she knows it. Good thing leggings are flattering on pretty much any one because, that means any girl can be confident, which all guys would love when seeing girls wear them. The best way to show your confidence in a pair of leggings is finding the ones that flatter your body type the most.

1 It can motivate you to get in shape.

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When you see a girl rocking some leggings, it kind of makes you want to hit the gym and get fit. In a way, wearing leggings motivates guys to look their best so they can be a good match with you. Guys, in general, love it when a woman makes them better, and who wouldn’t want to get fit and in shape anyway? You have to admit that even women get motivated when they see a girl looking hot in a pair of leggings. It’s no wonder the fitness industry is really popular today. It’s because those girls wearing hot leggings, working out, and motivating others to do the same. Looking sexy in really cute leggings is probably the best motivation you can get whether you agree or disagree. It’s no different for guys. So if you want to attract some cute guys, then better hit the gym in your best pair of leggings.

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