15 Reasons Why Kylie Jenner's Snapchat Deserves An Award

There’s no denying it, Kylie Jenner is living the life of luxury that most teenagers (and adults) can only dream of. She’s young, beautiful, rich, and has more fame than she probably even knows what to do with. It’s no surprise that millions of people absolutely adore her and are captivated by her every move. The Kardashians collectively add a whole new meaning to the term “superstars”, as they dominate every single form of social media imaginable. Few celebs can rival the popularity of any member of the Kardashian clan. The sisters often compete with one another to see who can gain the most amounts of fans on various social media platforms, but when it comes to Snapchat, King Kylie reigns supreme. As of last year, Kylie Jenner was given the coveted title of “most viewed person on Snapchat” and we’re pretty positive that she’s still sitting pretty in the top spot. We love checking out Kylie’s snap story because it gives us intimate look into the high-profile life we wish we had. We love obsessing over her Snapchat so much that we would give it an accolade of our own if we could! Here are 15 reasons why Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat deserves an award.

15 Sultry Selfies

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Kylie Jenner is equipped with many enviable qualities, but one of her best talents is her ability to take a superior selfie. The camera loves Kylie, and this photogenic star knows she looks good. Sometimes we even wonder if Kylie is even capable of making her way past a mirror without snapping a pic, but hey, it’s not like we’re complaining. Kylie is sure to supply her ever-expanding number of followers with ample amounts of selfies, and we are grateful for every last one of them. What is it about this Snapchat siren’s selfies that make us want more? Well, everything really. We jump at the chance to snag a personal peek into Kylie’s look-of-the-day. She inspires and innovates all of the latest trends, so we want to keep up with Kylie and stay current. Not to mention, the girl is drop dead gorgeous and we all couldn’t stop staring even if we tried.

14 Her Pouty Lips

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Over the past few years, Kylie Jenner has become synonymous with luscious lips that everyone wants to emulate. Her trademark lips have become her paramount to her signature look, and they rake in tons of attention from fans that are consumed with copying Kylie by getting a plumped-up pout of their own. If you couldn’t already tell by now, we’re seriously preoccupied with how Kylie maintains her stunning image. We all want to know everything we can about Kylie’s lips. What kind of gloss is she wearing? Where can we buy that shade of nude lipstick? Are our minds playing tricks on us, or do her lips seriously keep getting bigger? There are so many unanswered questions, but one thing’s for sure, we love Kylie and her world-renowned kisser.

13 Her Lip Kit

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Kylie’s Snapchat gives followers an exclusive look into many aspects of her life. But her Snap also gives fans the VIP scoop about her highly sought-after lip kit. Because Kylie’s kit is in such high-demand, the product sells out within minutes of being released. If you follow Kylie on social media, she offers up valuable information about which lip products will make their debut next and drops hints about special times in which her limited lip kits will be made available for public consumption once again. For top notch Kylie fans, these important clues are paramount to scoring their very own kit. Kylie understands just how desirable her trendy lip kits are, and she always uses Snapchat to not only promote her brand but give fans insight about future products. Following Kylie on Snapchat is a total win-win for everyone.

12 A Life Of Luxury

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Kylie’s Snapchat is known to chronicle her many extravagant and affluent investments like luxury vehicles, mega- mansions, and out-of-this-world vacations. She may have been born into a life of privilege, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work her famous rear-end off to keep the money flowing. On Kylie’s snap story, we get an inside look at the lifestyle of the rich and famous as she shows off her various Chanel bags, red-bottom Louboutin shoes, and collection of high-end cars. One day we might catch her cruising around in her Range Rover, and the next day she might step out in her Rolls Royce. It must be nice to have so many options. Kylie is kind enough to keep us current as she gives her fans a behind the scenes view into the lavish life she leads, and that alone is definitely award-worthy.

11 Bikinis

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One word says it all. We’re into Kylie’s Snapchat because she looks like a bombshell in a bikini, and she’s always eager to show off her infamous beach bod. Whether she’s rocking a fabulous two-piece from a big-name designer or a vintage one-piece she snagged from her mother’s closet, Kylie Jenner always scores a perfect ten from her millions of followers. Kylie always manages to look incredible and wants the masses to take a look at her perfect figure. We can’t say we really blame her, either. If we looked that good we’d be strutting our stuff on the Snap, too. Her bikini body has a lot to do with her rise to fame, so of course, she does what she can to remain super relevant. It’s crystal clear that the Snapchat world can’t get enough of Kylie and her abundant swimsuit collection. Women want to be her, and men want to be with her. Kylie is a hot commodity, and her Snapchat sure proves that.

10 The Tyga Saga

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Are they together, or are they not? That’s the burning question millions of viewers and followers across the globe want to know, and we often turn to her Snapchat for some insight. Kylie’s Snapchat story never fails to leave us all feeling more confused than ever about her relationship status, and we are all hooked on finding out the latest juicy gossip. The on again/off again couple is highly entertaining, for reasons far beyond any of our comprehension. One minute Kylie sends out a snap declaring her new-found independence and the next minute she’s snapping a shot of her and Tyga holding hands and canoodling as if they never broke up in the first place. Not even the most loyal of fans can keep up with Kylie and her rollercoaster love life, but we still try our best.

9 Surprise Cameos

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That Kylie is always keeping us on our toes! She has an impressive list of celebs make cameo appearances on her Snapchat. We keep checking out Kylie’s account because we never know who’s going to show up next. Of course, we see the occasional (and expected) familiar face when one of her famous sisters pops up, but there are times when other unexpected stars have appeared. Remember when Kylie snapped a pic of her and (assumed rival) Blac Chyna out of completely nowhere? Even Cara Delevingne and J.Lo have shown up for Kylie’s star-studded snap party. We all know how well connected young Kylie is, and we know that her squad of celebrity friends runs deep. Seriously, the possibilities of potential celebrity guests are endless. You already know that Kylie Jenner gets the gold medal for her performance as Snapchat’s leading lady.

8 Embarrassing Moments

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Though she is a social media sensation, Kylie Jenner is also a human, and just like the rest of us, she has had her fair share of humiliating experiences. The great thing about Kylie is that she’s not afraid of embracing the embarrassing times. In fact, she often puts them on Snapchat for the entire world to see. One of the more notable blunder’s Jenner broadcasted on social media was the time she wet her pants. The cringe-worthy moment isn’t exactly what you might think – she happened to spill a drink and ultimately ended up with a giant wet spot on her lap and backside. Kylie was unashamed of her awkward slip of the hand and sent out a Snap vid of how she looked after the whole accident went down. This girl is never one to shy away from oversharing anything... not even super embarrassing mishaps.

7 Epic Filters

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Kylie Jenner is quite possibly the queen of Snapchat filters. Kylie likes to keep things fun and exciting by throwing on the occasional filter on to one of her many Snap pics and videos. You can catch her wearing a cartoon crown of flowers, rocking a stretched out face, and even sporting the popular puppy look, complete with dog ears and a button nose. Regardless of which one she chooses, Kylie never fails to be animated while entertaining her millions of viewers. Her use of funny lenses and filters just shows that not only is Kylie capable of looking extraordinary 24/7, but she also knows how to laugh and isn’t scared to be a little goofy at times. This is just one of the many reasons why Kylie is dominating the Snapchat game and we all want more.

6 All Things Beauty

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We all want to know all about Kylie Jenner’s beauty regimen. Her look is frequently recreated by fans who strive to be more like their favorite celeb. On her Snap, Kylie shares her favorite beauty tips and tricks. Kylie leaves no stone unturned as she divulges skincare secrets, offers up makeup advice, and provides followers with valuable tutorials. She even has celebrity makeup artists work their magic on her and offers up before and after shots for fans to see. It’s no secret that Kylie is beautiful, but that isn’t her only strong suit. This girl knows what sells, and beauty stuff is a large part of what makes her so marketable. At only eighteen, she’s a fierce staple in the world of celebrity entertainment. Kylie’s Snapchat story allows viewers to get into the mind of Kylie... and that’s what makes it so awesome.

5 Car Karaoke

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One of the perks about subscribing to Kylie’s Snapchat is that you get to see her numerous car karaoke videos. That’s right, Kylie Jenner likes to sing in the car and then show off her skills over on Snapchat. Alright, so she might not be the best vocalist of our time (and she’s aware of that), but even the best of us are guilty of singing along to the radio in the car on more than one occasion. Kylie showcases her fun and carefree side, reminding us all that despite her incredibly famous status, she still is just eighteen years old and does typical things that girls her age do. It’s refreshing to see Kylie let us in on these small but personal moments. It gives us the sense that we’re right there with her, belting out some sweet tunes. Kylie’s karaoke is absolutely a must-see reason why her Snapchat worth your while.

4 Food Snaps

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Who doesn’t love drooling over images of deliciously decadent food? Everybody has a hankering for a big, tasty cheeseburger every now and then, and Kylie Jenner is no exception. Like many others on social media, Kylie is fond of sharing shots of fancy feasts and incredible meals. She never fails to put out an impressive display of good eats, but what’s probably most surprising is her choice in food. We know our girl is a super huge celebrity, and it takes a lot of discipline to maintain her famous physique, so it boggles our minds when we see her indulging to the extreme by nibbling on everything from chicken wings to epic portions of pizza. We absolutely love that Kylie doesn’t hold back from eating whatever she wants, and we look forward to seeing more of her wild and crazy food cravings every time we open our Snapchat app.

3 Over-The-Top Style

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It probably goes without saying but we're going to say it anyway: Kylie Jenner is one seriously fashionable superstar. We love checking out all of her latest styles on Snapchat while wishing we could raid her closet and borrow some of her clothes. Kylie loves designer labels almost as much as she loves sharing her life with the entire world. Kylie is willing and ready to showcase her vast wardrobe, including everything from crop tops, to body-hugging dresses and seemingly painted-on jeans. We just adore all of her Snapchat fashions! And did we mention all of the times she changed her hair? Kylie has rocked just about every hair color imaginable and is no stranger to crazy cuts, funky styles, and wearing wild wigs. We would do just about anything to be able to go shopping with her at least once. Kylie uses Snapchat as a valuable asset to display many of her incredible and unique looks, and she does it so well she deserves a trophy.

2 Norman

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Who exactly is Norman, you ask? If you don’t know who Norman is, then you definitely aren’t keeping up with Kylie Jenner. Norman is Kylie’s Italian Greyhound, and he is downright adorable. That’s right, Kylie’s lovable pooch is a bonafide social media star and makes regular appearances on her Snapchat story. While Kylie has a few other precious pets that tend to show up in her snaps, Norman takes the cake. The public loves him, and he is a Snapchat legend just like his momma. Whether he’s cuddling up to Kylie, donning a birthday hat, or showing off in a full-blown Santa suit, one thing is certain: Norman is a star. At this rate, Kylie might have to move over and make room for her adorable spotlight-stealing pup. Thank you, Snapchat, for giving us the spectacular gift that is Norman Jenner.

1 She’s Just Like Us

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Kylie may lead a one of a kind life, but she’s still just like the rest of us. Sometimes on Snapchat, Jenner will share photos and videos of herself just laying low. While the star’s snaps often feature her living large, there are times when Kylie can be seen wearing little makeup while casually dressed in sweats. This definitely allows her followers to get a look into her private life while being reminded that, yeah, she's just a regular girl underneath all the shimmer and shine. The spotlight shines bright on Kylie, and she chooses to take her fame a step further through the use of social media outlets such as Snapchat. It’s nice to know that even someone who is as rich and as well-known as Kylie Jenner can still be seen without all of the bells and whistles that come along with fame. Adding Kylie Jenner on Snapchat is a great way to connect with the star and get a better understanding of everything that makes her so fabulous. There’s no doubt about it: Kylie's Snapchat is all kinds of amazing. So where's her award already?!

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