15 Reasons Why Kendall Jenner Is Cancelled

It’s hard to think of one person who doesn’t know the Kardashian/Jenner clan, they are simply pop culture royalty, and anything with their name on them is guaranteed to sell. However, the multi-media moguls do not come without their share of faults, especially their second youngest, Kendall Jenner. If you weren’t aware, there are somehow even more annoying things about Kendall other than her spoiled brat attitude and the high paying, fame inducing modeling career she was gift wrapped and given somewhere in her teens by momager Kris. It seems these days you can’t have a New York Fashion Week runway or Vogue interview without the glimmer of Kendall Jenner. Well, in 15 Reasons Why Kendall Jenner is Cancelled, we’ll take you through the 15 reasons we’re over her stardom, and ready to give someone else a chance.

15 Dancers Clap Back at Kenny

It’s no secret Kendall has had her share of being called out for appropriation, but who can forget the time she received severe backlash from the dancing world? Late last year Kendall posed for Vogue Spain in a ballerina themed spread. However, many dancers lashed out at Kendall, saying that putting on pointe shoes does not simply make you a ballerina. Most thought it was annoying and snobby that dancer’s put so much time, dedication and hard work in their craft, only to have it ripped off by Kendall Jenner in a Vogue shoot.

However, when Kendall responded to the controversy in her app she wrote “it’s so funny that people are getting pregnant and married- or having crazy drama- but my drama is ballerinas being upset at me!” We know Kendall….. you don’t get it. Cue eye roll.

14 The Infamous White Dot Tattoo

Ok, show of hands, who remembers that episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians when little Kenny wanted to get a tattoo, however, Caitlyn told Kendall no. So naturally, what did Kendall do? She attempted to do it anyway. After daddy said no, Kenny made sure she used a Kardashian credit card to book her and Kylie private flights to Vegas, where the legal age to get a tattoo is only sixteen. Well, even though Kendall spent a chunk of change to fly out, once she was sitting in the chair she got cold feet and left back to her mansion in Calabasas.

Now, fast forward a few years and Kenny is all grown up with her own mansions, so naturally the starlet can do whatever she wants right? Right. Kendall’s first time under the needle was alongside fellow model Hailey Baldwin, getting matching tattoos. The girls brandished a white dot on the inside of their finger, looking so much like an accidental white out drip we couldn’t believe it. Though, we can rest easy knowing somewhere out there there’s a tattoo artist who was probably able to charge Kendall an insane amount for her matching white dot with her model friend.

13 Copy Cat Kenny

Kendall Jenner has been slammed in the press several times for her lack of originality, however, most of the time they’re talking about her modeling career. In November of last year at Kendall’s 21st birthday party, this time they were buzzing about her copying fellow heiress Paris Hilton’s dress for her own 21st exactly.

Back when Paris turned 21 in 2002, she wore a chain mail silver dress with a plunging neck and no back, the iconic skimpy number was simply too fabulous for Kendall to pass up. She told W Magazine “at my 21st birthday party I wore a dress inspired by the one Paris wore in 2002 at her 21st birthday party”. We thought “inspired” was quite the euphemism considering the second youngest Jenner wore a literal exact replica. Is it too early to brand Kendall Jenner a serial style stealer?

12 She Faked a Gap

Just recently at the California desert music festival known affectionately as Coachella, the Jenner clan made their annual appearances. However, as sister Kylie stuck to what most consider her usual style, Kendall went outside the box for this one. In a video posted on Twitter we saw as Kendall Jenner smiled into someone’s cell phone camera, and the fake gap in her teeth smiled back at us. Yes, you read that correctly, Kendall Jenner sported a fake gap in her teeth at Coachella.

Those who lashed out at Kendall over the bold fashion statement contended that gapped teeth has a stigma attached to lower income people, who generally can’t afford to get their teeth fixed. However, in a classic Jenner mishap, even if Kendall somehow didn’t make the connection that her brandishing predominately lower income traits trying to make them look avant-garde and cheeky, the look itself was still a miss.

11 Kendall Jenner Gets Her Wings... Minus the Angel

Kendall Jenner got one of her biggest breaks in 2015 alongside her superstar bestie GiGi Hadid when they were asked to walk in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, pretty much the gold standard for modeling. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has boasted impressive, big names like Tyra Banks and Adriana Lima. However, the pair of besties was in hot water again in the media, when they were given wings in only their second show.

Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel is a high honor, coveted by all models. The general consensus is that unless a model is titled a Victoria’s Secret Angel, they aren’t usually given wings to walk with in the show, usually reserved for only the best and often time most esteemed models. However, Kendall and Gi walked down the runway with their very own wings, despite the fact that they had not been named Angels. Controversially, an actually contracted Victoria’s Secret Angel, Martha Hunt, did not walk down the runway with wings.


Kenny has everything a young girl could want, the clothes, the shoes, the attention, the money. However, it’s been rumored that the young Jenner does lack one thing: personality, something money apparently can’t buy. How do we know this? Show of hands, who has ever laughed at anything K-Jen has said, ever, in any episode of KUWTK? Crickets right? But, you don’t need to be funny to have personality, but something tells us that had Kris Jenner looked at Kendall and said “you’re going to be an accountant!” Kendall would’ve nodded and smiled just like she did when she was gift wrapped her modeling career.

In other news, K-Jen was reportedly dating British pop sensation Harry Styles from the group One Direction. Although, a close personal friend of Harry Styles told the Daily Star that Harry was reportedly on to the next one, citing Kendall’s boring personality as the reason. His friend was quoted saying: “Harry finds Kendall one of the most boring people he has ever met.” Yikes!

9 America's Next Top Model?... Not So Much

Not only has Ken-Jen been criticized for her boring personality, but her modeling has not surprisingly come under fire as well. Most are annoyed by Kendall’s success in the modeling industry when she seems to lack basic things like a good catwalk and poses that pop. I’m sure we all remember watching America’s Next Top Model at some time or another, watching Tyra put home grown beauties from Ohio or Portland who, if not for the show, would never have a shot at modeling, through model boot camp. This is often the harsh reality in modeling, girls starve, weigh, fight and cry to get their spots in those shows, but not Kendall Jenner. The video above shows Kendall walking down the runway, would Miss J Alexander be proud of the young Jenner’s walk? We’re not so sure.

In fact, some of the models at New York Fashion Week were so annoyed that Kendall was walking beside them in shows like Diane Von Furstenberg and other big names, that they reportedly would put their cigarettes out in little Kenny’s drink!

8 Marc Jacobs Dread-ful Disaster

Perhaps one of the most memorable Kendall Jenner controversies happened last year at, yet again, New York Fashion Week, when she, her bff Gigi Hadid and Gigi’s sister Bella were all slammed for brandishing faux dreadlocks in the Marc Jacobs runway show. Marc Jacob’s contended what he was going for was an 80’s style rave, Boy George inspired too, hence the use of fake dreadlocks. The dreadlocks in question were made of wool and candy colored. Jacobs didn’t get the reaction he had hoped when he and his white models were the subject of social media uproar.

Most contended that Marc Jacobs had no business appropriating and making money off of his white models in dreadlocks, because dreadlocks is a notable part of predominately black culture. Jacobs maintained that he drew inspiration from every culture, and that’s simply what you do when you’re creative. However, critics weren’t moved, they posed the question as to why if he found black culture so inspiring, he didn’t just use black models who already had dreads?

7 Ken-Jen Appropriating.... Again

However, the Marc Jacobs show was not the first, or the last time Kendall Jenner would be accused of cultural appropriation. One notable incident was when Mango, a fashion brand, decided to use Kendall Jenner as the face of their Spring 2016 collection “tribal spirit”, inspired by the African Savanna. The brand and Ken-Jen was slammed for her participation as the face for the collection because there are plenty of black models, who are arguably more talented than Kendall who would’ve represented the African theme much more rightfully and appropriately.

Kenny has also been slammed for her music festival looks. In one look Kendall showed off a huge nose ring that connected her ear and nose with a chain. This elegant statement is called a Nathini and is predominately used in Hindu weddings, as far as we know Kendall didn’t know the sacred piece would be offensive or inappropriate. Do better Kendall.

6 Vogue India's 10th Anniversary Edition

Not far behind the old adage that Ken-Jen uses other cultures to profit, is her tendency to accept work that it seems impossible for her not to understand, will be scrutinized. As mentioned previously when Kendall was the face of Mango’s African Savanna inspired line, she sparked yet even more controversy when she was debuted on the glossy cover of Vogue India’s 10th Anniversary Edition. Yes, you read that right, Vogue India.

Most thought it was strange that Vogue India, a fashion magazine celebrating Indian culture, chose Kendall Jenner to grace their monumental cover when there are so many talented Indians, like Dev Patel or Aishwarya Rai. To most people this seemed like the magazine wasn’t able to translate Indian beauty and things that are exclusive to that culture, but rather put American Western beauty above it, advertising that instead. A message to Mama Kris: please teach Kendall how to stay in her lane.

5 Kenny Only "Joins the Conversation" When There's a Check Involved

Kendall Jenner, along with her sister Kylie and several other young starlets have been accused of cultural appropriation. This refers to a person exploiting things exclusive to another culture, for profit or notoriety, when they themselves do not belong to that culture, or usually know anything about it. Most people slam Kenny for collecting a check for wearing fake dreads from marc Jacobs, but not being able to use her huge platform to bring awareness to the issues of the people of the cultures she is appropriating. Except of course, for the occasional hashtag on her Instagram (i.e. #prayforParis).

It leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths how Kendall can make money off of other people’s cultures, but not do anything for those cultures besides profit from their ideas. If Ken-Jen was so kindred with African-American culture when she wore those dreads, or when she was the face of an African themed line then where was she to draw awareness to African-American issues? Why doesn’t Kendall ever comment on the racially motivated shootings by police? Or the systematic oppression engrained in African-American communities? Because no one’s paying her to do so.

4 What Do Kendall Jenner and Tupac Shakur Have in Common?... Besides Nothing

In a recent interview with Vogue, Kendall appeared in their “seventy-three questions” series. Though some of her answers were not as bland as you would expect from Ken-Jen, one immediately jumped out and got social media talking. When Kendall was asked who or what her “spirit animal” was she quickly quipped “Tupac Shakur”... cue the crickets. It’s hard to think of a pair that would be any more different than Kendall Jenner and Tupac Shakur.

For those of you who don’t know Tupac Shakur was a Compton, California West Coast rap icon, who died in the late 90’s. But it’s not just their professions that were vastly different, but their life in general. Tupac has talked about his life in several of his songs, paying homage to the hard times who made him who he was, from living in poverty with a drug addicted mother to selling and being a victim of drug addiction himself. Had Tupac not gotten picked up by Death Row Records and made into a superstar, his story could’ve been very different. Pac got to where he was through his artistry, vowing to make it out of poverty through his art. Needless to say, Kendall doesn’t even hold a candle to Tupac.

3 Diva, Diva, Diva!

It’s no secret that fellow models don’t want Kendall on the runway, but several sources say that no one really does besides the American media, rumor has it the young Jenner is nothing but a diva backstage. Horror stories of Kenny and her bff GiGi running late to several shows during New York Fashion Week, and being on their phones the entire time. Other models have tattled that Kendall refuses to go anywhere without a large security detail and won’t speak to anyone.

However, in an interview with OK! Magazine recently, an inside source told of Kendall and Gi’s bizarre model dinner party. The source told OK! that the select crowd of about thirty, had to submit to an extreme background check, being asked all sorts of weird personal questions. As if that wasn’t bizarre enough, several guests reported that Kendall and Gi didn’t actually socialize with anyone but each other, and when they weren’t doing that they were simply on their phones.

2 What's More Important to Kendall Than Modeling? A lot.

Modeling is a career many dream of, but few can acquire. However, as we know Kendall and the Hadid sisters have their own special connections that seem to make each and every dream of theirs come true. However, it seems that the double edged sword is that when someone is handed everything, they often lack basic skills most of us get through strife, such as humility and gratefulness. This seems to be especially true for Kendall Jenner in the shocking clip from Keeping Up with the Kardashians above.

In the clip, Kenny’s ungrateful attitude turned a lot of viewers off. In the clip Kendall tells Kris that she “doesn’t know if she can do it” in reference to traveling to different parts of the world to model in fashion shows, to which Kris reminds her that she is already booked for those shows. Kendall contends that her sporadic sleep paralysis is a much bigger deal to her, as if thousands upon thousands of girls aren’t absolutely working day and night giving it their all to receive even a fraction of the shot Kendall got at modeling.

1 Kendall Jenner Shows Just How Easy it Is to Break Down Barriers, with Just One Pepsi!

Dun dun dun! Yes, it is true, we have finally reached the peak of Kendall Jenner’s blatantly out of touch, annoying persona: her notorious Pepsi advertisement. The feeble attempt for Pepsi to rake in the dough of millennials in support of cultural and subcultural movements starring Kendall Jenner, was nothing short of hilarious and can only be broken down in highlights. First, Kenny is being shot by a photographer when she sees a movement approaching, the generic signs saying things like “peace” and “start the conversation” give absolutely no clue as to what the march is for, but that doesn’t matter because the young Jenner is intrigued by such a large group of seemingly middle class people. She immediately tosses off her blonde wig, revealing an identical haircut of the more serious-brown hair, throwing the wig to the closest person of color next to her- not offensive right? She then marches into the crowd to break up the agitated police and the passionate protestors, negating years and years of racial police tension by simply handing them a Pepsi… leave a Jenner to remind us that it’s just that easy!

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