15 Reasons Why Kendall And Kylie Are Unlike Any Other Teen

With Kendall recently turning 20 and Kylie celebrating her entry into adulthood with a wild bash in Quebec, these famous sisters are not technically teenagers anymore. But that doesn’t take away the fact that the world has watched them grow up before our eyes through the lens of their famous reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians and through stories of them in the media.

From moving out into their own mansions, being millionaires, walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to having their own glam team at their beck and call, here’s our list as to why these sisters are unlike any teenager you’ve ever met.

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15 They own their own mansions

Via: usmagazine.com

Moving out can be seen as a luxury for many teenagers—they can escape the watchful eyes of their parents, feel more like a grown up and enjoy ultimate freedom, bills and all. Yet, most of this includes a modest apartment not the larger-than-life mansions and condos that Kylie and Kendall Jenner currently have the luxury to own.

Kendall moved away from her family last May, dishing over $1.39 million for her condo in Los Angeles. And for those who have Kylie on Snapchat or who own her app, have had an inside look at her stunning $2.7 million dollar mansion. It’s 4,900 square-feet and comes with five bedrooms, 6 washrooms and even has its own home theatre, 3-car garage, pool and spa.

14 They walk in Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows

Via: techtimes.com

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is the crème de la crème for any model. It rises them to stardom, making them known more than ever before. In other words, it’s the ultimate privilege and that privilege was recently bestowed to none other than Kendall Jenner.

She walked in this year’s show for the first time, as did her model BFF Gigi Hadid who had tried out for the show twice before. According to those in the audience and based on the photographs from the show, Kendall completely wowed. The world will have to wait to see full on what Kendall was made of until Dec. 8, the date the show airs.

13 They have expensive cars


The first car for any teenager is usually a used one or, if they’re lucky, a new one gifted by their parents as a sweet sixteen present. Then, of course, there’s Kendall and Kylie Jenner who have a whole garage and, if that’s not enough, a whole driveway full of lavish cars. The newest car to join the rest of Kylie’s collection was the $320,000 Rolls Royce Ghost. The car has an all-white interior and in a Snapchat video, one of her friends joked, “you’re such a rapper now.”

12 They have their own glam teams

Via: seen.co

While most girls have to wake up at the crack of dawn just to ensure they have enough time to get their makeup and hair done—and on fleek—the Jenner sisters can sit back, relax and Snapchat their own personal glam teams doing all the hard work for them.

Because of her modeling, Kendall works with a variety of makeup artists, while Kylie has bestowed that honour to 20-year-old, Ariel Tejada. And now thanks to Kylie’s apps, fans can view beauty tutorials to copy her looks.

11 They have paparazzi following them

Via: eonline.com

Normal teenagers may have to deal with that one friend who won’t stop filming Snapchat stories—Kendall and Kylie Jenner, on the other hand, have paparazzi following and photographing their every move.

It’s certainly one of the cons that come with living their luxurious lives, and there have been times that the two sisters acted out to the paparazzi. One of those notable ones was caught on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Their father told the girls to give the papz the middle finger, which they all gladly did.

10 They were home schooled

Via: today.com

Young people have to begrudgingly deal with going to school day after day for hours at a time. As for the Jenner sisters, they were home-schooled while in high school.

While it was reported that they quit school to make more time for their careers, Kylie set the record straight that that wasn’t true. “I haven’t dropped out of school,” she told People. “I still go to school everyday,” admitting she does only three or four hours of home schooling per day.

Both girls have since graduated, with mom Kris hosting a graduation party for the girls this past summer, in which their dad Caitlyn was controversially not invited.

9 They have their own apps

Via: money.cnn.com

Sure, teenagers play on apps every day. But to own one that documents their life for all to see? Not so much. The Kardashian clan unveiled their individual apps recently, with Kylie surpassing her sister’s in a huge way.

Her sales were #1 in comparison to even big-sis Kim. It was reported that Kim didn’t like the number one spot being taken away from her so soon, and has been growing more jealous over Kylie continuing to grow and steal her spotlight.

8 They’ve had work done

Via: news.aaah.com

Teenagers are the symbol of youth with their natural bodies and ability to love themselves as they are. It’s quite the difference for the Jenner sisters who are under pressure to look good and have the means to tweak their appearances if they want to. Kylie infamously did just that last year when she finally fessed up to having her lips done. As far as one knows, Kendall hasn’t had any work done, which isn’t surprising seeing as how she’s flat-out naturally gorgeous.

When asked whether she would ever have plastic surgery done, Kylie said she’s not against it. “If, down the line, I get to a point where I’m really uncomfortable with something on my body, I’m not against changing it.”

7 People let them tattoo them

Via: usmagazine.com

Teenagers get tattoos, not usually do they tattoo others. But that was the case recently when a New York tattoo artist let Kylie tattoo a crown on him. It was after she had been to the Bang Bang Tattoos studio to get a tattoo on her hip. She filmed both ordeals, causing the NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene to view the video of her violating a rule by being unlicensed and using a tattoo gun.

The tattoo artist said that he’s willing to pay the fine, which could be anywhere between $300 to $100, adding that, “FYI, I’d pay $1,000 to let Kylie tattoo me any day of the week.”

6 They’re famous models

Via: logsoku.com

With her long legs and undeniable beauty, Kendall Jenner has taken the fashion world by storm, working for renowned designers and brands such as Vogue, Dior, Balmain and Estee Lauder, which she recently landed a major beauty contract with.

Her sister, Kylie, has dabbled in modeling too, albeit on a different scale. She was part of an advertisement for Balmain with her sister and models for magazine covers and photo-shoots for her app.

5 They host award shows

Via: hollywoodlife.com

Nabbing tickets for an award show is a luxury for any teenager, one that usually involves redialing the same radio station over and over until they’re the lucky caller. For Kendall and Kylie Jenner, it’s just another night. Whether they’re simply attending the event, hitting the red carpet in their glamorous digs or hosting the show, like they did at the 2014 Much Music Video Awards, they’re always looking fierce and star-worthy.

4 They own designer clothes and expensive jewelry

via: stylefit.com

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and if that’s the case, Kendall and Kylie Jenner have lots of best friends. When Kendall isn’t modeling extravagant designer digs, she’s wearing them. The whole family is obsessed with the brand Balmain, and the two girls even appeared in their magazine advertisements.

As for jewelry, the Cartier bracelets Kylie Jenner often wears on her arms—worth $40,000—could easily pay for a person’s college tuition.

3 Their boyfriends give them Ferraris

Via: preen.inquirer.net

Most teenagers can expect a sweater or their favourite CD from their boyfriend when their birthday rolls around, not a $320,000 white Ferrari 482. Kylie received the gift from her 26-year-old boyfriend and was overwhelmed with the gift when he presented it to her outside the venue of her 18th birthday party. The car didn’t come without its controversy, though—it was reported that the car was originally given to Tyga’s ex, Blac Chyna. It was then reported by TMZ that the car was leased under Kylie’s name.

2 They receive millions of negative comments every single day

Via: inquisitor.com

While these sisters are extremely lucky to be living the life they’re living —they’re rich, gorgeous and talented in some respects—it has its downsides too. Like receiving millions of negative comments every single day.

Kendall has admitted that she doesn’t read any of the hateful messages about her on social media, yet sometimes the sisters can’t escape it. While introducing their brother-in-law, Kayne West, as a performer at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, they were booed by the crowd.

1 They’re loaded

Via: fashiononerogue.com

Let’s not forget the most important difference between Kendall and Kylie Jenner and any teenager out there: they’re rich. The cumulative net worth between both sisters is $11 million, with Kendall earning $6 million and Kylie earning $5 million.

Most of Kylie’s revenue comes from the family’s reality TV show, the fashion line from PacSun, which she shares with her sister, as well as the endorsements she does. As for Kendall, she earns her most of her money through her work as a model.

Sources: usweekly.com, jezebel.com, hollywoodlife.comallure.com

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