15 Reasons Why Kate Will Never Be Diana

They say that blood is thicker than water. When we are speaking about the royal family, their blood is thicker than the entire Atlantic and Pacific Ocean combined. Princess Diana had a lot to live up to when she married into the Royal Family, and now Kate Middleton is feeling the same pressure. There is no doubt that people have been comparing Kate to the late Princess Diana Spencer and that she has some big royal glass slippers to fill. Most of us envy the life that Kate Middleton has: she married a handsome prince, gets to live in Buckingham Palace and never work one day in her life (outside of charity work, if that even counts as work, psh).

Princess Diana was adored not just by England, but all of humanity. Kate Middleton will have a long way to go before she could ever even compare to the status that Princess Diana set, since it's such a high bar to achieve. Since Diana's spirit will live on in the royal family's legacy post-mortem, for Kate Middleton to carry on the enlightening energy will be something she will probably struggle with the rest of her life. It is safe to say that task is nearly impossible. Here are 15 reasons why Kate will never be Diana.

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15 Kate Does Not Have Royal Blood

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It is no secret that Kate Middleton does not come from a royal family nor does she have any type of elite bloodlines. That is what probably makes her particularly so popular among millennial women. She gives us false hope that literally any of us can marry a prince even if we were not born a princess. This is actually one of her better qualities because of as much as we love Princess Diana, having a middle-class upbringing appeals to the masses a bit more. Princess Diana definitely carried herself with grace and not as a spoiled brat, but she was still born into privilege, so it is hard imagining her needing for anything. Though Kate Middleton is probably considered an upper-middle class family at the least since she was able to afford to go to school with William (where they met), the fact that she does not have royal blood is kind of a breath of fresh air.


14 She Is Not Technically A "Princess" By Title

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Alas, you can still not be considered a princess even if you marry a prince in some countries, England clearly being one of them. The rules are that if you are not born into royalty, then you cannot be considered a princess. Kate Middleton takes on her husband's status as a prince and her legal title is "Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge." However, her children can be considered Prince George and Princess Charlotte since they have royal blood in them. That would be a strange pill to swallow if your children get to take on a status that you will never claim because you weren't born into it. At least she still gets to inhabit Buckingham Palace, so we can't exactly say that it doesn't suck to be her.

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13 Her Passing Probably Wouldn't Be As Heartbreaking If It Happened

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People were drawn to Princess Diana because she has a certain magnetism that Kate Middleton really seems to be lacking. She was known for wearing her heart on her sleeve and her outward sympathy to people she thought really needed it. She had no problem getting personal enough to hug AIDS victims even when health officials advised against it. There was a certain warmness about her that Kate Middleton is not radiating when she gives interviews or gets photographed. Sure, she does do charity work but Kate Middleton seems to have an aloofness about her that doesn't exactly connect with the audience in a way that Diana's did. This is not to say that she isn't a charitable person, she just didn't seem as into it because she actually wants to do it.

12 She Will Do Whatever The Royal Family Tells Her To Do

Since Kate Middleton was the outsider that married into the royal family, that means that she has more to prove and that she has to do more to impress them. Though she may bend a few rules here and there by maybe not choosing the exact outfits according to the dress code, she still knows that this was a privilege that she earned. This was something that she lucked out on having met a prince while attending college and her entire life is not something that she would want to put in the danger of losing. Princess Diana was born into an aristocratic family with royal blood ancestry with her father being an Earl. Granted, her status increased when she married Prince Charles, but still. That was something that she had already been accustomed to so she had more leverage to defy royal convention.

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11 Kate Middleton Gets Along Too Well With Her In-Laws

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Years after Princess Diana's death, there have been stories that have bubbled to the surface that she had her differences with the royal family. She was known to break royal protocol In an interview that was conducted in 1995, she readily admitted: "I don't go by a rule book, because I lead from the heart, not with the head, and albeit that's got me into trouble in my work, I understand that. But someone's got to go out there and love people and show it." It takes a woman of true bravery to come out and publically declare what's wrong with the monarchy that she married into. Kate Middleton has done no such thing and is probably going to learn from her late mother-in-law's comments that those could have very well been dangerous words.

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10 Diana Was A Beloved Public Figure

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Princess Diana was known as the "People's Princess." She was often seen doing everyday things with her sons William and Harry taking them to McDonald's, Disney World or just on a regular family ski vacation. Though Kate Middleton has been down for numerous ski trips, it is also highly improbable that she would be caught dead doing something unpretentious. I mean, you can't really blame her. If you grew up in a rich, yet not a royal family then you would feel the temptation to act in a certain way. Princess Diana was born into practical royalty already and was therefore desensitized by the prestige. She had no problem appearing like a commoner even though she really wasn't. Therefore, that made her more relatable and likeable by the mainstream public that comes from middle to lower class backgrounds. Kate Middleton lacks that ability to reach out the common folk.

9 Kate Is Not As Striking As Diana

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This reason for why Kate Middleton will measure up to the likes of Princess Diana is probably the most subjective on this list. Yes, Kate is a lovely, attractive girl but she has that mere girl-next-door quality. She looks like any other cute girl that you have seen in a sorority that you know will marry a successful dude someday, but she doesn't have that movie star quality. Princess Diana was a striking woman with impeccable bone structure and a statuesque figure. She seemed to just glow whenever she was caught by paparazzi and she stood out from among the rest. Kate Middleton could pass as anyone pretty much just walking down the street. Just like Katie Holmes, they are that "small town girl" sort of attractive, not something you would envision when you think "royalty" or "princess."

8 Kate Has Never Had Diana's Royal Burden

There are so many conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Princess Diana and whether or not the royal family was involved in her death. Not only did she go through a divorce because of her inability to accept the fact that Prince Charles wanted to have a mistress, but she carried a lot of pain. The marriage was not a happy one and even her butler wrote a memoir in his tell-all about her struggles with eating disorders, addiction to narcotics and depression. Yet, she had to put on a polished and proper front to trick the world that she was a stand-up member of the royal family and a symbol of the state. Kate Middleton just inherited her privilege to marry Prince William and so far, he treats her more of a gentleman than his father treated his mother.


7 She Lacks That Intangible Star Quality

Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's former butler revealed in an interview that he does not think that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has what it takes. In an honest, yet scathing assessment he said that Kate does not compare to the late princess even though she wears her engagement ring. He said: "I met Mother Theresa. She had it. Pope John Paul II had it. The Queen has it. Diana certainly had it. Kate doesn't. She's a lovely, lovely girl ... she totally adores her husband, they're devoted to each other. But that extra something, which you would call the ‘X-factor’, the magic quality, charisma, it's not there." This is coming from a guy who Diana considered her "rock" so if his word doesn't count, than no one's does.

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6 Kate Is Not Much Of A Trendsetter Compared To Diana

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Fashion designers line up for the chance of a lifetime to dress one of the royal family members and Kate Middleton is certainly no exception. However, we have yet to see her really set a trend rather than just follow it. Sure, we see Kate in her street wear with leggings and athleisure just like the rest of us, but has she really gone out of her way? Princess Diana set the bar for fashion on numerous occasions. One-shoulder tops, off-the-shoulder tops, chokers, corset belts...even tossing a jacket over your outfit and wearing it on your shoulders were all things Princess Diana wore before they were, well, a thing. To be fair, Princess Diana was in her prime in the '80s which was an era of more outlandish fashion compare to now.

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5 She Isn't A Rebel Like Diana Was


Princess Diana was not afraid to break royal protocol and march to the beat of her own drum. This is not to imply that Kate Middleton is not an independent woman in her own right, but she certainly is not as daring or defiant as Princess Diana was. She defied royal convention from the way she raised her kids (putting her parenting obligations before royal ones) to her choices in fashion. A shining example was in the picture above at the Serpentine Gallery benefit. This was around the same time she found out about the affair Charles had with Camilla and she decided to break the queen's dress code by showing some leg. Her confident look stole newspaper headlines and Princess Diana became a bada** in her own right.

4 She Will Probably Keep Having Babies

It was announced last month that Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby number three. Already, her family will be even bigger than Princess Diana's. There will be another addition to the royal family preceded by the 4-year-old Prince George and 2-year-old Princess Charlotte. Before the death of Princess Diana, there were rumors that she was pregnant with her third child as well but this time around, Prince Charles was not the father since they were divorced at the time. There were may conspiracy theories swirling around that the royal family planned her death. In any case, the fact of the matter is that Princess Diana only had two sons and her life tragically ended before she had the chance to give life to any other royal family members. It seems that Kate Middleton is picking up where Diana left off on that front.

3 Kate Is Actually In Love With Her Husband, Prince William

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There was much controversy surrounding the marriage that Princess Diana had to Prince Charles. He was in love with someone else, and that someone is known as Camilla Parker Bowles whom he had an affair with. The facts have remained that they got divorced in 1996, just merely a year before the death of Princess Diana. By 2005, Charles and Camilla tied the knot. Luckily for Kate Middleton and Prince William, that does not seem to be the case. These two have chosen each other rather than having a semi-arranged marriage just because both parties are both of noble blood. It was no secret that Diana suffered depression and other personal issues during her marriage with Charles. Kate seems much happier than that and the situation is different.

2 Diana Got Married At A Younger Age

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Princess Diana was 20 years old when she wed Prince Charles in 1981 and Kate Middleton was 30 years old when she wed Prince William in 2012. Perhaps these two wedding comparisons are a true testament to the difference in the two generations in terms of marriage. It is a fact that millennials statistically will get married later in life compared to their baby boomer counterparts of yesteryear. Perhaps the troubles started for Princess Diana when she realized that she got married too young and realized that not everything was the fairytale that she had dreamt about her whole life. Kate Middleton; on the other hand, seems to have a tight grasp on what her role is because she willingly did so at an age where she knew who she was.

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1 A Divorce For Kate Is Less Likely (Fingers Crossed)

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Ever since that magical wedding that was televised around the world in 2012, it is so far smooth sailing for Prince William and Kate Middleton. They have had two children together and have every intention of having more (or at least the tabloids would like to have us believing). Because of the stated reasons above where 1. Diana got married when she just a kid herself and 2. Charles had an affair some other royal broad, it is safe to say that Prince William probably learned from his parent's mistakes. Kate Middleton and Prince William had an on-again, off-again relationship in their '20s because they needed that time to be party animals before they settled down. Instead of rushing into marriage, they waited until they were more so adults to handle the responsibility. Therefore, their marriage will probably last longer than Diana and Charles'.

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