15 Reasons Why He's Not Calling Back

You've gone on a first date and you assumed you'd both had such a lovely time together but it's been days and he hasn't called. He seemed as though he was interested and the conversation between you both had a lot of chemistry, so what's keeping him from calling? Well, there can be a number of things that's keeping your new crush from making that phone call. Of course, the first though that comes to mind is that "he's not interested" but that isn't always the case. There may be another reason he's not calling and since you don't know what's going on in his head, shed some light on your situation and check out some of the reasons he may have moved one! We aren't saying to always assume the negative, but as most people will tell you: If a guy wants to get ahold of you, he will. So for those of you scratching your heads wondering what went wrong, let us help you through this and possibly help you figure it out.

15 He just can't commit at the moment

Often times it can mean that he's busy with other obligations and just doesn't have the time to be tied down at the moment. There can also be someone from his past that is occupying his mind and heart and she's back in the picture. And if that is the case, count yourself lucky, you don't want to get involved in a third wheel situation. But he may just be busy, work might be crazy or his personal life might be chaotic. We all have a lot going on and he's just too tied up in his own life at the moment to entertain you. The bottom line here is that if he hasn't called you for a few days or even weeks, you need to drop him and move on. Even if his cell phone got cut and he really wanted to get ahold of you, there are many ways in which he could have.

14 You didn't seem too interested

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Guys have a hard time picking up cues sometimes and he may very well believe that you're not interested in him. It might be the slightest thing you said or did that set him off, but why would a guy chase you if he thinks you aren't interested. He obviously fears putting himself out there, only to be rejected by you. Just like us, guys don't like being rejected and will avoid it at all costs, so if your vibe isn't that warm, understand that he might not put himself out there. So if you feel as though you were a little aloof or cold, you might be the one who needs to pick up the phone. If you like the guy and have been thinking about him, text or call him, it doesn't always have to be the guy making the first move. He might very well be interested but shy, so make the move girl!

13 He's having a good time

The guy may just be out looking for a good time and sadly that's all you were to him. Don't be sad though, at least you learned this early on, before you became emotionally invested. He isn't relationship material and you are worth a lot more. And it may sound harsh but he was probably more interested in a simple date and you gave him the impression you wanted much more. Were you talking about your future together or did you bring up your ex? There are some conversational faux pas for the first few dates and this means no discussing anything too personal. If you did, well at least now you know better for the next time. The truth of the matter is that this guy is already on to the next girl and it's best you move on as well.

12 He felt no chemistry

This has a lot to do with what we've already covered, and once you remember this rule, you should have plenty more call backs from your future dates. Women often tend to share way too much on a first date and that's a big turn off for guys, or anyone really. Especially if you spend the whole date talking about yourself, and this is bad for two reasons. First reason: you shared wayy too much personal information with him right away. Second reason: you never asked him questions about his life. Instead, please remember that you need to keep the conversation light and fun. Men are interested in hearing about your interests, what they don't care for is hearing about your ex boyfriend's family issues. Next time keep it light. Saying too much too soon is a great way to ruin what could have been and risk never getting a call back.

11 He's just being nice


You think everything is going great and you've exchanged numbers but he's not calling. There's a chance the guy had no interest in you and was only trying to be polite when you offered your number. He was trying to spare your feelings and didn't want to tell you that he was not interested. If this is the case, you need to move on or else you'll end up torturing yourself over someone you don't even know. The key to remember here is that he didn't call and if he wanted to he would have. You are worth more than that and should not settle for less. The next time you are on a date, try reading their body language a little more. Is he looking at the floor or seems to be texting a lot, does he seem more interested in the group of girls sitting across from you? If so then you should have seen it coming and will know better for next time.

10 You just didn't do it for him


Perhaps you were too needy and if there's anything men don't like it's needy. When you act this way on a date he may feel as though he's on a date with a potential stalker and that's scary for him. It could also be that the conversation between the two of you did not interest him because you seemed too eager. Being overly excited when you're out with a man for the first time makes him put his guard up. Think about it, he is single (hopefully) if he is on a date with you so he is used to freedom. If you start acting or talking in a way that seems needy, he will be spending his whole date envisioning his life being sucked up by a needy partner. It is in that moment that he decides to never call you again. Don't worry, you'll know better next time.

9 Did you sleep with him?

Women have been struggling with this one for years and it really isn't fair. You hooked up too soon and now you have yet to hear back from him.

Sleeping with a man on the first date or early on doesn't guarantee that he will lose interest because this may actually work in your favor, if the chemistry is over the top. However, even with great chemistry some men are less inclined to call a girl back if there wasn't much of a chase to get her into bed. And this sucks because we all have needs and for those who have been single for eons it sucks that you need to hold off until you think he's interested. But you do. Moral of the story: make sure you have given it some thought before you jump into bed with someone.

8 He's misplaced your number

It could be possible that he lost your number and has no possible way of getting in touch with you. Although, if he's so careless about where he's placed your number it's most likely because he wasn't that interested in the first place and someone please explain how you lose a number these days. Unless he deleted your number by accident, but then he would still have your number on his call log, unless that somehow magically disappeared too. But with something called the internet, your information is pretty much at his finger tips. It it very unlikely he doesn't have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. Even if he doesn't use social media, you both don't have one friend in common? The best suggestion here is to move on and find someone who cares enough to keep your number in a safe place or has the decency to save it in his phone.

7 Respect

Men can get hurt easily but they aren't great with expressing their emotions so they keep it in and just avoid the situation all together. When you're on a date with a man for the first time don't make inappropriate comments about his appearance, his job, or any of his interests. Men want to feel admired and respected so keep the hurtful comments to yourself and find out more about who the guy really is. And if your mind is filled with mean comments on him then he may not be the one for you. He may just be an amazing person and you could be missing out on a great guy because you're on a being shallow kick. Think again before your next date, would you appreciate being told your job sucks, or your hair is puffy, on a first date? Didn't think so. So imagine how he feels when being criticized by a stranger.

6 Be sweet

Guys love sweet girls! Be kind to everyone around you while you two are out together (or all the time) or you risk never getting a call back. He wants to make sure the girl he invests his time in is going to treat the people around them kindly. Perhaps you were unkind or sarcastic with the waitress and you've scared him away. Just take it as a lesson learned and be more pleasant the next time you're out on a date. Make the guy feel special by smiling and laughing when you know he's trying to be funny. Guys like it when a girl puts in the effort to make him feel special! This is not to say let people walk all over you, but if the waitress simply forgot to bring you a lemon wedge with your vodka soda, don't yell at her, kindly remind her and get back to your conversation. No one takes well to those who lack manners.

5 Drank too much

You may be nervous on your first date but do not get drunk, at all costs. He's most likely just as nervous as you, or even more so don't let it get to you. Wanting to calm your nerves with a drink may be tempting but it can backfire badly. You may accidentally get drunk and he will certainly not want a second date with a girl who was slurring her words and couldn't stand on her own. Another fact to point out is how much more loose we become with alcohol, you don't want to act a certain way, give him the wrong impression of you and never get a chance to explain yourself. We are certain he is more interested in getting to know the real you, and if that means talking to a nervous you it's still better than a wild drunk. You know your limits, next time just have water at dinner or ONE glass of wine.

4 Living in the past

While you're ready to start a new relationship he might still be crushing on his ex-girlfriend and trust us she won't let him go that easily. A lot of people string their exes along, coming back into the picture whenever they seem to be moving on. Most often this is to make sure they can't find happiness with someone new. Perhaps she came back in the picture and he wants to see where things can go before completely calling it off. Either way, if he was interested in you he wouldn't give his ex a second glance so you're better off without him in this situation. You don't want to get mixed up in a threes a crowd type of situation. Let them figure it out, you need to find someone worthy of your time. Whatever their exact details are, you don't need any of that in your life.

3 He's Just Lazy

As ridiculous as this may seem, it can very well be a possibility! Some guys see relationships as too much work and they would much rather sit around with their friends, playing video games and eating an enormous amount of pizza. This is why we see more and more people living the bachelor life well into their 40s and 50s. Think about it, how many guys do you know that are very content just being single, a lot right! People just don't have the want anymore and that is truly saddening. Even if he's the laziest man in the world, if you really made an impression on him he will put in the effort so if he's not calling it just means you didn't do it for him. In this case, you dodged another bad situation, you don't want to fall for someone who is too lazy to court a girl. There'e no hope in this situation and your efforts are best saved for a more promising situation.

2 Deal breakers

Perhaps he wasn't interested in your religion or political views and doesn't want to invest any of his precious time in you. Or perhaps you wanted to have children in the future and that's just not what he's going for. If he is not interested in your for either of these reasons, you dodged a painful heartache. Even if you two clicked and felt that attraction, you would still face some major problems down the road. Different political views and future plans are definite deal breakers and it makes a man pull away because he doesn't want to lead a girl on and make her believe this things are obtainable when in reality, they're not. Sometimes we know but ignore it because we want to see where things could go, but the truth is there would be nothing positive about your future if you both have strong opinions that differ. He figured it was best to not get more involved in a relationship that was doomed to fail. He did you a favor.

1 It's in the kiss

According to a study by Match.com, 81 percent of women will give a bad kisser a second chance! What sucks is that if a guy finds you to be a bad kisser, he will most likely kick you to the curb, even if you had chemistry. Why are we more likely to give men a second chance?

Kissing is super important for some guys (and us!) and if you're not a good kisser it can be a clear indication that things are going to fizzle in the bedroom and that's major. For many men sex is one of the most important things in a relationship and if he feels as though the sex isn't going to be satisfactory he's going to move on. There is really nothing that can be done at this point except to find a man that loves the way you kiss because you're the best darn kisser this part of town!

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