15 Reasons Why He Never Called You Back

You went out for a date and he never called back. Maybe you went out on several dates and at the end he just vanished like a shooting star. What went wrong?

It’s very common for women in the dating world to make some of the following mistakes, which are a deal breaker 99% of the time. Hopefully you’re not making all of them.

Many of them are actually things we thought we were doing right, but psychology has proven wrong. Hey! It’s not our fault; the dating rules have changed so much in the last decade that it’s hard to know when we’re walking in a minefield.

Don’t worry, here’s a short list of huge mistakes that can be easily avoided and that will help you land a true prince charming instead of a nasty frog.

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15 You’re Too Negative

Being a negative person not only starves happiness from your life, but it can also be starving you from love. If you’re always using your dates to vent about the horrors in your life and in the world, it’s very likely he’ll run to happier people.

It’s all right to vent from time to time for a minute or two, but if you’re entire conversation revolves around pessimistic topics, criticism, tragedies or anything that is negative, it’s very likely he’ll get tired of you.

Cheer up! Make sure that most of the words that leave your mouth are optimistic. You want to be the kind of person people feel happy to be around; if he feels happier with you than without you, then you’re walking the right path.

14 Too Much Makeup

It’s a normal part of a woman’s routine to groom her self with tons of makeup before a hot date.

Women around the world have gotten this one all wrong! We wear heaps of makeup believing it will make us more attractive, but actually the opposite happens. According to a research published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, both men and women find women with less makeup more attractive.

So tone it down with the eyeliner and blush. You’ll notice how you attract more looks for the right reason.

13 Marriage And Children

A man not wanting to get married on the fourth date doesn’t mean he’s afraid of commitment. It means he doesn’t want to rush such an important decision.

It’s been widely reported how men run away from conversations about children and marriage. Most women blame it on lack of commitment, in many cases that is the problem, however, this is not the rule.

Avoid talking about wanting to get married and having children too soon into the relationship. If you’ve only been dating for a few months, it’s very likely he’ll think you’re desperate, and desperation makes a man run faster than an impala.

It also makes you boring. Of course it’s nice to dream of the day when you get married and pop some lovely angels, but men want more from a relationship than just a piece of paper and passing on their DNA. That’s why the majority don’t wish to rush into it.

12 Shallowness

If a man just wants to get into a woman’s pants he won’t care about how shallow a woman is. But if a man is really looking for a woman to love and cherish for the rest of his life, shallowness is something they won’t put up with.

We’re all shallow to a certain extent, but I think we all agree that for some women, that is all there is to them. Well… they might get a lot of male attention but that doesn’t mean it’s good attention.

When it comes to a deeper relationship, men also want a woman that can connect with them in a deeper, more meaningful way. It doesn’t mean all men are looking for the female version of Nietzsche, but it is important to be able to carry a conversation about world politics, economics, refugee crisis’ and things that can be more transcendental.

11 Low Self-Esteem

It is not really a matter about how you look, but about how you feel.

You can look like Miranda Kerr, but if you don’t feel smoking hot, you’ll only attract hyenas that want to devour you and leave the remains for the vultures. That means you’ll attract all the wrong men and the one who is truly valuable won’t like you.

A healthy self-esteem is more important than a flat tummy and a tight butt. You can actually transmit your self-esteem to other people and men sense it. It gives a woman a sexy and extremely appealing empowerment that men find irresistible.

On the contraire, a low self-esteem devalues your image and makes men want to run away. They don’t want to deal with having to make you feel better about yourself, because that’s something that has to come from you.

10 Egocentric

If most of your conversations revolve around yourself, then it’s very likely he’ll run away. How would you feel if it were the other way around?

Of course it’s important that you talk about yourself so he can get to know you better. Nevertheless it’s also important that you ask him about himself and that you let him talk! How else will you get to know him better?

The human species is egocentric by nature. We all want to be the center of attention and have people interested in us; why do you think social media is the bomb? That’s why it’s also important that you seem interested in him and ask him about his life, likes and dislikes.

A relationship involves TWO people, which is why both need to be in it. If it’s all about you, then one is missing.

9 Control Freak

He knows how to dress, he knows how to eat and he knows how to live without you. He’s been doing it his whole life.

It’s pretty common for us women to become too controlling in a relationship. We think we know better right? Well… we might, but he doesn’t have to know that. It’s emasculating when a woman wants to control what her man does and it can create huge problems in the future.

Which is why you should tone it down a notch. If a man sees controlling behavior from the beginning it’s very likely he won’t even give you a chance because it’s a signal of what the future might hold and no one wants to be controlled.

8 Neediness

Disney taught us that playing the damsel in distress could land you a prince charming. Maybe that works in fairy tales but definitely not in the XXI century.

We all need saving from time to time; he might find it easier to open a jar and that’s all right. But constantly nagging and appearing needy can be a real turn off. It is draining for a man having to be there 24/7 for a girl. At the beginning it might seem exciting and a real ego booster for him but after a while he’ll get tired of coming to the rescue.

7 Uncleanliness

Dirty finger nails, greasy hair, smelly armpits and just a general dirty look might land you a hippie in the mountains, but if you’re not looking for a hippie in the mountains then it will definitely not land you an investment banker.

It doesn’t mean you have to take a shower with bleach, but keeping your personal hygiene to high standards is not only necessary to land you a good man, but also to keep you healthy and feeling good.

6 Desperation

Men are like sharks. Sharks can smell blood thousands of miles away and men can smell desperation thousands of miles away.

If you are desperate for a man, marriage and children, the worst way you’ll get them is by being too obvious about it.

Play it cool, even if deep down it’s your biggest desire, try and focus on other things you would want to do with your life. Don’t let him sense that you probably have your wedding dress in your closet and baby names carved in a book.

Men get really freaked out by women who are desperate for a partner, women who can´t handle being single, are in love with the idea of love and are just plain desperate for it.

5 Materialism

Women know that red soles mean Louboutins, that Hermes makes the greatest purses and that Chanel will never be out of style. But men just hear “bla, bla bla.”

Unless you’re looking for a sugar daddy, a real man won’t put up with a materialistic woman that is just into superficial stuff he doesn’t want to spend money on.

It is a real turn off for men to go from date to date meeting women that are solely into a materialistic, superficial world. For them it’s like you’re seeing them as dollar bills and not as a human being.

There are more important things in life than Hermes, Chanel and Louboutins. Let yourself be surprised and leave the material possessions for gold diggers.

4 Absences

Your body is there but your mind is somewhere else. You’re on your phone texting, taking selfies and you’re pretending to listen but your not even hearing him.

If you’re giving people in the virtual world more attention than people who are physically next to you, it’s very likely you’ll end up alone in the physical world.

Put your phone down and actually be there, listen to him and laugh together instead of using “LOL”. Men don’t want to be with someone who has their attention divided between two worlds and is giving a preference to a world they can´t even touch.

3 You’re Too Much

You’re too smart, too funny and too successful. You’re just way better than he is.

It’s not your fault; many men get freaked out by women who are better than they are. It’s the whole “macho” mentality that prevents them from treasuring such a woman and instead they fear her because it makes them feel emasculated.

In such a case you’re better off without him. You shouldn’t feel sorry for being successful and awesome; if a man can´t take that then you don’t want to be dealing with his low self-esteem and old-fashioned mindset.

Rock on!

2 You Don’t Like Sex

Men like sex! A LOT! If a woman doesn’t like sex it’s a very big deal breaker.

If it were up to a man they would probably have sex every single day, while women can have sex once a month and they’re fine with it. For a man this would be a reason to go out and find it somewhere else.

Get in the mood more often. Buy sexy lingerie and enjoy sex! It’s amazing, it’s wonderful and it will make your man happy and satisfied.

1 Bitchiness

It’s not sexy!

Be nice. Being nice is the biggest asset a woman can have. Be nice to everyone, even his friends you don’t like, it’s easier to trap a bee with honey than with bitterness.

Many women have the wrong impression that acting bitchy makes them sexy, but it’s actually quite the opposite. It taints them with a nasty filter that makes them less appealing.

If the waiter screwed up with your order, just put on a smile and show him the amazing human being you are. He’ll find you irresistibly adorable.

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