15 Reasons Why Demi Lovato Is The Worst

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15 Reasons Why Demi Lovato Is The Worst

Lots of celebrities have stories about going through hard times before they achieved their current levels of success. Some of them grew up very poor and struggled to have enough money to pay rent and put food on the table. Some struggled with eating disorders or mental illness. Some had to support family members at a very young age. And some, like Demi Lovato, say that they experienced lots of teasing and bullying which lead to low self-esteem.

But are Demi’s sob stories about being bullied and picked on nothing more than stories? Was she really the target of bullying at school, or is she just trying to con people into feeling sorry for her? Well, after doing a bit of digging, it seems like it might be the latter. Lots of people have stories about being treated badly by Demi. Here are 15 reasons why Demi Lovato is the worst.

15. She lied about being bullied

Via Crushable

Yup. In fact, many people from Demi’s high school have spoken up and said that Demi was the real bully. Several threads on the site Reddit in which users were asked about celebrities who attended their high schools revealed lots of not-so-nice tidbits about Demi’s past that she would probably rather keep secret. Former classmates have posted online about how rude she was in high school. Apparently, she was friends with a popular group of girls who were usually the ones doing all the teasing, NOT the ones being teased. Some people who went to high school with her posted that even former teachers have said that Demi was not a very nice person. Well, you can run from your past, but you definitely can’t hide. People do not forget being treated that way very easily, and it looks like Demi has a lot of former classmates that she owes a huge apology.

14. She allegedly called a fan fat

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While this story has not been officially confirmed, based on the fact that Demi was known to bully others in high school, it would not be surprising at all if it turned out to be true. A fan named Madison who attended a meet and greet with Demi returned home with a sad story to share. She posted her story online for everyone to read. Apparently, when she went up to meet Demi, Demi immediately insulted her and called her fat. Madison used to be a huge fan of Demi and had wanted to tell her that her music had gotten her through some very hard times. She wanted to let Demi know that her music had saved her life, but Demi was not having any of it. Instead, she just teased Madison until her time was up. We hope this story isn’t true, but we would not be shocked.

13. She punched a back up dancer in the face

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Demi went through a phase when she was struggling with some serious mental health issues in addition to her eating disorder, and she ended up checking into rehab because of it. Good for her! But before she realized that she needed professional help, she was taking all of that anger out on other people including an innocent back up dancer. When Demi was on tour with the Jonas Brothers (remember them!?) in 2010, she got upset over something that she can no longer remember and ended up punching one of her back up dancers in the face! After that, she dropped the rest of tour and went into rehab. The dancer had a black eye, and Nick Jonas has said that he thought they would end up getting sued for the incident. Clearly, Demi was going through a lot, but resorting to physical violence to express your emotions is never, ever okay.

12. She tried to sabotage contestants on X Factor

Via Reality Box

Remember when Demi was one of the judges on X Factor? Have you ever wondered why she is no longer on the judges’ panel? It’s not just so that they could get some fresh talent involved…it’s because she was not a good person to work with. Just ask Simon Cowell, who is basically a veteran when it comes to judging talent shows. He said that Demi was mean to the other judges as well as the competitors. She also would try to sabotage singers who were not on her team! Simon says that he caught her doing this more than once. She would give bad advice to the singers on the other judges’ teams in the hopes that they would listen to what she said and therefore mess up when it was their turn to perform. If you can’t win at something by cheating, guess what? You’re not actually a winner.

11. She got into fights in school

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Maybe that’s where she learned how to punch people like back up dancers, for instance. A few years ago, a Tumblr user posted a story about how she was bullied by Demi in school. The post has since been deleted, but there are plenty of screenshots floating around the internet. She says that at first, Demi would just make the occasional nasty comment in class, but later, the bullying escalated. This girl eventually became friends with a more popular group of girls in school, who were also friends with Demi. Unfortunately, this meant Demi had more opportunities to bully her. One day, Demi and another friend physically pinned the girl down and pulled out her hair tie. Then, they smeared makeup all over her face. The girl says she ran to the bathroom and cried, calling it “the worst day of her life.” Seems like Demi really was the bully after all.

10. She looked down on other kids in school


Demi got started with acting at a pretty young age. She was on Barney as a kid, along with Selena Gomez. She is also the daughter of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, so she was used to a little bit of fame. However, it seems like this gave her a pretty big head. Former classmates have posted that she often looked down on the other kids when she was still attending school. She thought that she was better than everyone else because she had been on TV. This is pretty ridiculous, and it just goes to show that she is clearly stuck up. Just because your classmates haven’t been on TV or aren’t involved in the entertainment business doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of your time. It’s not fair to treat people like they are lesser than you, and frankly, just because you were on TV doesn’t make you better than them.

9. She believes some crazy theories

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We all believe some silly things, and that’s okay. But some of the things that Demi believes are downright crazy. No, she’s not a Scientologist, but she still has some beliefs that are totally out there. In an interview with ELLE magazine, Demi revealed that she thought she had seen a UFO. But on an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2014, she took it one step further. Not only did she say that she believed in aliens (which isn’t super crazy many people agree), she also said that she honestly believed mermaids exist. But did she stop there? Nope! She went on to say that she believed that mermaids had actually come from outer space and that they had populated the Lost City of Atlantis, you know, that fictional place that scientists have never found a single shred of evidence for? Okay Demi. Go take a science class, please.

8. She tried to make Zendaya’s big moment all about herself

Via Twist Magazine

A while ago, Zendaya had a big announcement for her fans she was getting her very own Barbie Doll modeled after her! That’s super exciting, and something that lots of little girls dream about. Zendaya was also pumped about what this doll meant for young girls of color. Lots of Barbies and other popular dolls for little girls are white, so Zendaya wanted to see more representation for girls who looked like her! However, Zendaya could not just celebrate her moment without Demi butting in. Demi began tweeting about how she could model for a new, curvy Barbie Doll. While we understand her point that most dolls are meant to look very thin and unrealistic it was not the time to be making it. She should have stepped back and let Zendaya have her time to shine without trying to force her way into the spotlight. Let Zendaya celebrate without any silly comments!

7. She ended her lifelong friendship with Selena Gomez

Via Buzznet

Ouch! What did Selena ever do to deserve that? But hey, maybe she’s actually better off. Either way, Demi basically made it clear that their friendship was over on Twitter. That’s super petty. Ending friendships and putting each other on blast over Twitter should be reserved for thirteen-year-olds, not twenty-somethings. It’s embarrassing. Demi made the end of their friendship very public when she unfollowed Selena and then began tweeting about how she was “swimming away” from that drama. The funny thing is, many people who have worked with Selena say that she is a very sweet and humble girl so we’re going to go ahead and assume that whatever ended their friendship was a problem on Demi’s end. Demi and Selena have been friends since they appeared on Barney together as kids, so it must have been difficult to lose a friend that has been around for so long.

6. She dissed Taylor Swift

Via Idolator

Now, we know that Taylor has been surrounded by plenty of drama of her own since she’s entered the music industry, but as far as we know, she has never said anything rude to Demi to warrant the kind of things that Demi has said about her. A few years ago, Taylor said that she personally did not identify as a feminist. When Demi was asked about this in an interview, she immediately began insulting Taylor and Taylor’s “girl squad.” She said that Taylor just wanted to tear down other women instead of empowering them. Then, she said that none of Taylor’s female friends had “real” bodies basically, she was implying that they were all too skinny. In that statement, Demi really contradicted herself. She said that Taylor was wrong for tearing down other women but then went on to insult Taylor and her friends, who had done nothing to her.

5. She tried to drag Nicki Minaj into a pointless argument

Via Youtube

After the Met Gala, Nicki Minaj posted a picture of herself, Demi, and another friend of theirs on Instagram. However, she forgot to tag Demi in the image. Not a big deal, right? Clearly, it was just an innocent mistake. But Demi did not see it that way. In fact, she was super offended by the fact that Nicki forgot to tag her! Pretty ridiculous. She began posting on her Snapchat story about how “someone” had not tagged her in a picture, and how she found it weird. Then, she went and posted a picture of herself and Nicki on her Instagram where it looked like Nicki was making a nasty face at her. Demi captioned it saying that it would be her last Met Gala and she would rather stay home next year! Nicki never responded, because let’s be real, she does not need to waste her time with that.

4. She posted a video laughing about the Zika virus

Via Youtube

During the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Demi posted a video of her mom talking about it on her Snap story. Now, normally something like this would not be a big deal, but Demi did something that was kind of offensive. First of all, the video that she posted included her mom making a joke about how everyone who was attending the Olympics was going to come home with the Zika virus. Demi cracks up laughing at her mom’s joke without thinking about how what her mom said was actually pretty rude. After all, the Zika virus was actually a really big problem, and for people who suffered from it, it was definitely not a joke. When some fans responded and said that she and her mom were both being insensitive, she basically brushed it off and said it was just a joke. Um, okay Demi. Whatever you say.

3. She has been nasty to fans at meet and greets

Via Tumblr

Another fan who attended a meet and greet with Demi was left super disappointed. He posted all about his experience and how upsetting it was on Instagram. This fan, a boy named Josh, was a huge fan of Demi. He and his friend traveled to meet her in Seattle. Josh posted and said that Demi had barely even looked at them or said two words to them. He also said that he saw her being rude to other fans while he was there. He had flown to Seattle, stood outside in the rain, paid tons of money, and waited for hours to meet her, and barely got a hello. He wasn’t trying to be dramatic, but he said that had gone to meet and greets with other celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift who were super nice to him. Sorry you had such a bad experience, Josh.

2. She threw shade at Mariah Carey

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Yes, we all know that Mariah Carey can be a bit of a diva. Okay, Mariah is known for being a total diva. But that’s just part of her personality, and everyone knows it. Plus, she has spent years in the industry and has paid her dues if she wants to be a little bossy, that’s her business. For some reason, Mariah and Jennifer Lopez do not seem to get along. In fact, Mariah likes to deny that she has ever met Jen! Ouch! During another weird feud between Mariah and Jennifer, Demi decided to jump into the middle of it for no reason at all. She started tweeting in Jen’s defense. This might seem nice, but the reality is, whatever is going on between Jen and Mariah is absolutely none of Demi’s concern, and when she also went on to speak negatively about Mariah to the press, it went too far.

1. Her music is really nothing special

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Okay, let’s be real here for a second. When you think of Demi’s music, is it really unique? Does it stand out against everything else that’s on the radio these days? Honestly, no. She doesn’t sound any different from the other singers that started out on Disney Channel, and anytime she comes out with a song, it sounds like something that Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez could easily put out and probably do a better job at. Demi does not have a good attitude and comes across as very stuck up, but at the end of the day, she should not be putting herself on such a high pedestal. In the grand scheme of things, her music fits right in with all of the other cookie cutter pop songs that always fill up the top 40 charts. Sorry, Demi, but you were better when you were singing with the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock.

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