15 Reasons Why Demi Lovato Is A Hypocrite

Ah yes, the word “hypocrite” seems to be floating around a lot lately, especially when it comes to politics these days. We can’t seem to escape the word itself, nor do we really want to when it comes to calling out certain individuals. Actress and songstress Demi Lovato happens to be one public figure people have taken to calling out lately, and people are more or less not amused by her two-faced attitude. Lovato has been taking some slack recently for referring to herself as a modern day feminist who will take crap from no one, which happens to be rubbing people the wrong way. Not because she claims to be a feminist, no – but for the two-faced methods in which she goes about attempting to back up her words. Other stars and journalists have been attacking Demi recently, so much so that the singer had to shy away from the limelight in order to catch her breath. Let’s take a look at the 15 reasons why we believe that Lovato is an actual hypocrite and not at all what she claims to be.

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15 She Body Shamed Taylor's Squad


These were the shots heard round the world: Demi Lovato, who claims to have been body shamed and bullied all throughout her youth, called out Taylor Swift’s group of friends for being “too thin”. For someone who speaks out publicly about denouncing body shaming, she sure was quick to body shame other women. This came on the heels of Swift going public with her feud with singer Katy Perry, which has been an ongoing battle for a while now. That wasn’t the only time Demi had attacked Swift personally, either. “My thing is, don’t brand yourself a feminist if you don’t do the work,” Lovato once said of Swift. “I have an immense amount of respect for women like Lena Dunham or Beyonce, who make amazing political statements through their work.”

14 A Former Classmate of Hers Called Her Out


Growing up, Lovato endured years of bullying during her school days and had taken a stand against extreme bullying in the past couple of years to give young children a voice. She has often been vocal about “calling home, begging to be home schooled, crying from inside of a girls’ bathroom because the bullying got so bad,” she once said. However, a former classmate of Lovato's publicly called out the singer and blogged about how SHE was the one who was the bully, not the other way around. “There is no excuse for the way she treated me,” the blogger reminisces about Lovato. “I remember one time in 4th grade, we were sharing ideas as a group of 4 (she was in my group) with the class. The teacher asked my group for one last idea, and I asked my group if I could share since I had a pretty good one. She (Demi) looked me in the eye and said, “No one cares what you have to say.” She even spoke about how Demi once physically assaulted her in the 6th grade. Jesus.

13 Someone Needs To Take Her Twitter the Hell Away


There are some people in this world who just need to have their phone/computer/iPad taken away from them and thrown into the ocean for their idiotic tweeting habits (cough, the president, cough, cough). Demi Lovato happens to be one of them. Anyone remember when she decided to tweet out the results of her DNA test? “I did a DNA test and found out I’m mainly Spanish, with Native America, SCANDINAVIAN (which I had NO idea), Irish, BRITISH… and I’m 1% African!!!!” the singer tweeted out. This prompted a great deal of followers to call her out on it. “Thank you for making that announcement that no one cared about,” tweeted one follower. Lovato was quick to offer up a tweet that sited her hoping she didn’t offend anyone. “Just thought it was cool and totally random. Some of y’all are mean af. Twitter sucks.” Okay, if Twitter sucks so much – GET OFF IT AND QUIT COMPLAINING.

12 Playing the Victim Constantly

We learned recently that while Demi adores playing the bullying victim, she can sometimes be the actual one pulling the strings behind the camera. She openly attacks Taylor Swift on nearly every social media platform AS WELL as dragging her in the mud via interviews, but yet, she continues to be the one playing the victim and basking in that certain shameful glow. Normally, if one was the victim of such extreme bullying, they learn to clap back with their actions – they don’t get over it by constantly screaming “wolf” at every little thing and calling yourself a victim. That’s not what strong-minded individuals do. Calling out people on Twitter, saying they’re “mean af”? Nope, not something strong individuals do. Knock off the victim playing, please, and actually do something to make yourself stronger.

11 Someone Needs To Explain to Her That "Less Is More" In Terms Of Talking


There are those celebrities who use Twitter as a platform for promoting their newest piece of work. All people in the industry do it. If they’re not on Twitter, they’re falling behind the curve. However, you don’t need to post EVERYTHING THAT COMES TO MIND on any sort of social media platform. It’s not like the world is seriously going to die if you don’t tell them how you feel about every single person. This happened to be the case with Demi and Perez Hilton, who famously feuded a couple years back on Twitter after Hilton posted screenshots of Demi sliding into his DMs in order to call him out for “liking” certain tweets. Wait, what? The man wasn’t even openly talking about Lovato, he was simply liking a meme that a fan sent him. Yet, the singer slid into his direct messages in order to tell him to stop. The feud, of course, went public thanks to Perez, who then went about calling HER out for her former likes on certain tweets. Of course, she couldn’t take the heat and just deleted some tweets in order to save face, which seemed to be worse since Perez called her out for it. Tweets may die, but screenshots live forever.

10 Mocking Taylor, Yet Praising Bella Thorne


So, Demi was attacked for saying that the bodies of Taylor Swift’s “squad” are not normal bodies. What does that even mean? Is she saying that they’re too thin and promoting unrealistic standards for today’s youth? Either or, it’s still “thin” shaming (yes, it’s a thing) and fans are right to call her a hypocrite for saying what she did. But then, to make matters worse, Demi goes ahead and PRAISES her friend’s figures who share the same component as a girl from Taylor’s squad. This friend in particular happens to be actress Bella Thorne, who is one of Demi’s besties and possible love interest. It all started when Thorne posted an Instagram of Demi’s Glamour magazine cover and expressed on how sexy she believes Demi to be. Of course, Lovato commented back and the two started a twitter flirtation. So, if the girls with figures like Bella’s AREN’T friends with Demi, she can be crude to them and call their bodies “not normal”, but if a girl with similar proportions says that she hearts Lovato, her body suddenly becomes “normal”? Nope, it doesn’t work that way.

9 Her "Cool For The Summer" Song


“Got my mind on your body and your body on my mind,” Demi Lovato sings in her hit “Cool for the Summer”. Sure, standing alone these lyrics create no waves because EVERYONE has songs filled with much more graphic lyrics than Lovato’s. But if you know and understand Lovato’s feminist rants from the past, you too would be appalled at her choice of words in her song. Demi has said that she used to fight an eating disorder while growing up and would often demean people who objectify women’s bodies (putting a pin in the whole Taylor’s squad’s bodies for now), but for the sake of chart status, she’s doing it herself? Well, chart position AND money, let us not forget that. So she apparently fights the big fight for all women, yet the second money is on the line, she sells out.

8 That Whole Teami Tea Crap


Hey, speaking of selling the hell out for money, y’all remember the whole Teami Tea crap she tried to push? Lovato went online and actively promoted some sort of “herbal” tea which also happened to be a laxative tea. The singer praised this odd 30-day detox and wanted her fans to join her in the challenge. Um, so she often told fans to love the body they’re in WHILE promoting a weight-loss product? What type of hypocritical bull is this? While there are a balls load of health benefits that come with drinking healthy teas, this controversial tea detox in particular is an entirely different story since it’s a known laxative tea (meaning you shouldn’t stray too far from the bathroom if you decide to do the challenge). Sorry, Demi – we’re not really buying into all this.

7 That Zika Snapchat Video


Sigh, yet another one of Demi’s many hypocritical moves on the hypocritical chessboard. Last summer, Lovato posted a video on Snapchat of her mother, who appears to be rather intoxicated, talking about the horrible Zika virus that was running rapid throughout the world and had everyone on edge. Especially individuals who were attending and competing in the Summer Olympics in the country of Brazil. Dianna Hart can be seen in the video saying “Everybody down in Rio gonna get the Zika virus,” while Demi simply laughed. The video was complete with laughing emojis. The Zika virus causes birth defects in babies and had a great deal of people living in South America panicking in fear. Many athletes didn’t travel to Brazil and bowed out of the Olympics BECAUSE of the disease, so why would it be okay to use it for the punch line of a joke? Sure, it was just a video, but what the hell was the point of it? And why was Demi laughing in it? Perhaps she too considers a disease that horrifically affects babies and women some big joke.

6 Lady Gaga Says It's True


So, Lovato has said in the past that she suffered from an eating disorder, which NO woman or girl should have to suffer through. A couple years ago, Demi accused superstar Lady Gaga of “glamorizing eating disorders” during Gaga’s SXSW show where Gaga featured a “puking stunt” with Millie Brown. However, Demi apparently was looking at Gaga’s show all wrong and was seeing what she only wanted to see. Gaga went on Twitter in order to set the record straight: “I struggled with an eating disorder for over 10 years, and I take that very seriously,” Gaga said of Demi’s claims that she was glamorizing eating disorders. She went on to claim that the stunt was art and nothing but art. Years later, Demi suddenly boarded the Lady Gaga train by praising the hell out of her halftime show at Super Bowl 51. “Mad props to @lady gaga,” Lovato tweeted out. “F*cking killed it tonight. Oh and that football game was cool too…” Jesus, make up your mind: do you love her or hate her?

5 The X-Factor Don't Lie

There were many memorable moments when Demi was a judge on The X-Factor, including one where one of the contestants laid out a very emotional story about how she was bullied growing up, which brought Lovato and the audience to tears. She even jumped on stage after the singer’s performance and embraced her. “I can’t wait for the bullies at home to see this,” she told the singer. Turns out, Lovato only would do stunts like that when it was convenient for her. Other times, she teamed up with Simon Cowell in order to tear down contestants with verbal bullets. She would often claim that these particular criticisms were “jokes”, but how many were “jokes” when it came to her being bullied? Again, it’s probably money that was in play here. It’s mean when anyone else OTHER than her does it.

4 Her Makeup Shaming


Demi Lovato often goes around fresh-faced on her Instagram and beams at others who support her “natural state”. But this comes at a cost. First of all let’s take a look at what makes a woman “fresh faced”. It means NO MAKEUP WHATSOEVER. Including fake lashes, which Demi certainly sports in almost every single one of her “fresh” pictures. She also likes to call out women who wear a great deal of makeup, saying they're simply "trying too hard". I have one thing to say: WHO CARES. The best part of feminism is that it promotes women being comfortable and doing what makes them feel comfortable and uplifting. If that’s wearing makeup, another woman shouldn't tear them down because of it. If a woman wants to wear makeup, that’s her purgative, and if she doesn’t, she doesn’t have to. Just because YOU like to wear your face one way (or two ways, in Demi’s case), doesn’t mean you have to rip down your fellow females who like a little more makeup.

3 Her Timing Seriously Needs Work


“I considered myself a feminist before it was cool,” the singer once said. “Now everyone is claiming it.” You know what I say to this? GOOD. EVERYONE SHOULD CLAIM FEMINISM. I don’t understand why she was even complaining about this? But, sigh, like all things she complains about, her timing appears to be severely off beat. “She’s pretty much the epitome of a "white feminist," which is someone who only cares about problems that have to do with themselves and never speak up/preach about the rights and wrongs of other issues,” a young student once said of the singer. Her inconsistency with almost everything she utters sticks out like a sore thumb. People often refer to Lovato’s behavior as conceited and very much anti-feministic. She only seems to speak out when she can steal attention from other individuals, which she does on multiple occasions.

2 The Election Tweet Controversy

ABC News

All throughout presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Demi Lovato was one of her biggest supporters and actively campaigned for the woman during her run. But just a little bit after then President-Elect Donald Trump was announced as the winner, Lovato took to Twitter and criticized him by using his own words. “Sometimes you have to agree to disagree and grab by some p**sy,” the singer tweeted out. She was attacked and most of her fans claimed that she didn’t take the election seriously and called her tweet rather distasteful. “I apologize for the joke I made earlier… seemed to offend some people,” she tweeted out. “Just making light of the election.” Considering the state we’re all in now, NO ONE should have taken this election lightly. Demi never really stands behind what she says – all it takes is one person to call her out, and she suddenly shifts in her thought process, or at least claim she does.

1 Removing Herself From The Spotlight

Perhaps Demi Lovato’s biggest hypocritical move came when she made the announcement that she was going to shy away from the spotlight after receiving so much backlash for those Taylor Swift comments. She always seemed to take pride in “confronting the haters” head on, but the second it gets too hot in the kitchen, she runs out screaming and ducking for cover. True feminists don’t shy away from their attackers – they fight back and they fight back with every single ounce of strength they can muster up. Demi never did that. Demi hid, and the world took notice. When she got off of Twitter and Instagram (but not off Snapchat because one isn’t able to read other people’s comments on that social media site), she proved to her fan base that her skin wasn’t as thick as she claimed it to be. However, she RETURNED a couple days later saying that she loved her fans too much to ditch them. Lord. Maybe she’s become less two-faced with age and wisdom. But for now, we just shake our heads at the bold-faced hypocritical factor that is Demi Lovato.

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