15 Reasons Why Cougars Are So Appealing To Men

It's easy for older women to get jealous of younger women, but that shouldn't be the case. Even though younger women typically have less wrinkles, less worries, and less weight on their shoulders, that doesn't necessarily make them more attractive than older women. Every age group has its benefits, so there's always going to be someone attracted to you, no matter how old you are. While some men might want to date a twenty-year old, other men will want to date cougars in order to feel sexy. After all, nothing will make him feel younger than hanging out with someone who's twice his age.

Of course, there are plenty of other reason why men are so interested in cougars. Older women tend to be more confident, mature, and experienced than younger women are. Those qualities are exactly what most men look for in a partner, so in some ways, young men and cougars are a perfect match. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why so many men are going after older women.

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15 She's Independent

Most women who are still in college, or who have recently graduated from college, have not yet started their careers. It's difficult to find work straight out of school, which means it's nearly impossible for younger women to fully support themselves right after graduating. That means that they'll have to continue living with their parents and following the rules that they set. However, most often, older women don't have that problem. They're independent. They've already found a job that they hopefully love, found a place to live, and found out who they are. Younger women are still searching for themselves, so they don't know exactly what they want when it comes to love and sex, but cougars have it all figured out.

14  She Goes After What She Wants

When you're young, it's easy to second guess yourself. However, the older you get, the more you realize that you have to go after what you want if you actually intend on getting it. That's why cougars aren't afraid to approach a man to make the first move. Of course, guys are used to being the ones who have to take the risk of asking a woman out, which is why it's so refreshing for them to have a woman walk up to them. It makes them feel sexy, and there's nothing that puts a man in the mood more than feeling attractive.

13 She's Confident

When you're younger, your insecurities can drive you mad. When you're older, your “flaws” won't magically disappear, but you will be more accepting of them. That's one of the biggest reasons why cougars are appealing to men. They have way more confidence than the younger women in the world. Even though confidence seems like a minor thing, it's actually life changing. You've probably heard, “When you look good, you feel good,” but it's actually the opposite. If you feel like you're a sexy mama, then others will start to view you as one.

12 She's Experienced In Bed

To most men, this is the most appealing thing about cougars. They have a few years experience on them, so they know how to use their hands and body. Plus, there are certain sex moves that are “trendy,” which means every young person is doing them. But a cougar is from a different generation, so the moves that she's used to are probably different than the moves a young man is used to seeing. That means he's in for an entirely new sexual experience. She'll touch him in a way he's never been touched before.

11 She Knows What She Wants In Bed

Not only is a cougar experienced in bed, but she knows what she wants in bed. It's frustrating for a man to have sex with a girl that he can't make moan. However, cougars have had time to learn how their bodies work. They know what they like, and they aren't afraid to say it. That means that they'll give instructions to a man in order to get him to do exactly what she wants. Being bossy in the bedroom might sound like a turn off, but it's actually a good thing. Men always like sex better when they know they're driving their partner crazy.

10  She's Already Had Kids

Mothers are the best type of cougars for single men to date. If she already has kids of her own, then she's not going to pressure him to start a real relationship with him in the hopes that they will eventually settle down. She's already been married and she's already had kids, so she doesn't have any desire to turn a fling into a marriage right away. That's definitely a plus for any man who's constantly being pressured to get married or have kids right away. Cougars don't mind if sex is the only thing they get from a man and if it isn't they will be honest about what they want.

9 She's Learned From Her Mistakes

Younger women are still making life's mistakes and are in the process of learning from them. Meanwhile, cougars have dealt with many situations that the younger ladies haven't even thought of yet. They've been hurt, they've been dumped, and they've been heartbroken. Not only that, but they've learned how to handle fights with their partners and learned how to let their man know when they're in the mood for sex. They might not be experts on relationships, but they know a little more about how the male brain works. That's why men are so attracted to cougars. Older women are so blunt and honest that this avoids unnecessary drama.

8 She's Mature

There are plenty of young women who are mature, and plenty of older women who are immature. However, the older you are, the more time you've had to learn how to behave like an adult. That's why most cougars you'll meet will treat others with respect. They won't start unnecessary drama, and they won't pine over their exes. They'll be able to handle themselves with class, and they'll be knowledgeable about more areas of life. They'll know information that others don't, like how to give a proper handshake and which fork is the salad fork. Those little things can really turn a man on.

7 There's A Lot Of Them On The Market

The reason why so many men are interested in cougars is because there are so many out there that are available for them to meet. After all, the divorce rates are higher than they've ever been before. That means there are plenty of women who were used to having sex with one person who are now free to have sex with someone new.


6 She Only Wants Some Fun

Younger women look forward to a future where they'll get married and have children. Meanwhile, most cougars have already experienced what it was like to get married and have children. That's why a lot of them are only interested in sex. For those who want a new relationship, they usually want to take things slow with no pressure. That's why they've decided to go after young men who are only interested in sex or men that have no desire to get married, at least any time soon. When a man has sex with a younger woman, he risks breaking her heart, but when he has casual sex with an older woman who has made her intentions clear, they're both on the same page.

5 Emotionally Stable

Not only do younger women have pesky hormones to deal with, but they also have to deal with new responsibilities, like living alone and entering serious relationships, for the first time. Meanwhile, cougars have already seen it all, so they know how to deal with their emotions. If they get their heart broken or start a fire in their kitchen, it won't be the first time, which means they won't be as emotionally distressed as a younger woman would be over the same situation.

4 She's Nurturing

The older a woman is, the higher the chances are that she's a mother. If a man finds a cougar who's also a MILF, then he's in for a treat. If she successfully raised a child, or is currently raising a child, then it means she knows how to nurture another living being. If he ends up in a relationship with that cougar, then she won't hesitate to make him soup when he's sick and cook meals for him after a long day of work

3 She's Financially Stable

Even though men used to pay for meals when they took ladies out on dates, it's now the twenty-first century. That means that couples should alternate paying for dinner, or at least go dutch. That's why it's a plus that cougars are financially stable. Maybe they have a high paying job, or make a comfortable living. If a man forgets his wallet or is low on cash, then he won't have anything to worry about, because he knows that she's going to offer to pay. This doesn't mean that the older women are expected to pay just because they can, women should still be wined and dined.

2 She Can Teach You A Thing Or Two

Beauty isn't everything, because if you're going to date someone, you need to like their personality, too. After all, it's never fun to be stuck at dinner with someone who has nothing interesting to say. Most men hate to hear anticlimactic stories about shoe shopping and celebrities. That's why cougars are so appealing to them. Older women won't waste their time telling superficial stories that no one wants to hear. They've been around for a while, so they have plenty of exciting tales to tell. It's not that younger women are boring. It's just that they don't have as much life experience as cougars do.

1 Everything About Her Is sexy

Older women are confident and a lot of this has to do with how they take care of themselves. Usually when a woman starts to see signs of ageing, they change their beauty regimes as this is to be taken much more seriously. From beauty treatments, moisturizing and working out, they make sure that they are taking care of themselves to look good on the inside and out.

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