15 Reasons Why Blondes Really DO Have More Fun

The legend goes that those with glistening golden locks are more likely to pack a punch or two when it comes to having fun. From full on flaxen to a bottle of bleach, blondes seemingly never go back. But what is it about being blonde that creates so many of those pleasurable connotations? First appearing in 1481 in the midst of an English text book, the word blonde was initially described as a color halfway between golden and a lighter shade of chestnut. With blond used only for a male and the extra E added on for the ladies, the word developed into a much deeper meaning, usually associated with beauty. However, with things taking a turn for the worse as time went on, the famous adjective started to gain negative and offensive implications, with ‘dumb blonde’, used to depict a somewhat dim-witted individual. Nevertheless, blonde is still attributed to a number of positive factors, from the various descriptions of describing one’s hair, to the folklore and mythology that surrounds it. So to celebrate why being blonde is beyond the best, here are 15 reasons why blondes DO have more fun.

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15 Gentleman Prefer Blondes (apparently)

With recent studies suggesting that men do indeed prefer those of the flaxen-haired kind, the idea of a beautiful blonde has seemingly always been around. In fact, Hollywood was so sure, that in 1953 they released the smash hit Gentleman Prefer Blondes, starring the most famous blonde bombshell of all, Marilyn Monroe. Famed for such luscious locks, Monroe has often topped poles worldwide as the sexiest woman to have ever lived. Building an exemplary career on the back of her platinum barnet, Monroe wasn’t even a real blonde, to begin with. Clearly wanting to be one, Monroe succumbed to the bottle, transforming her career within seconds. And why? One reason only, she stood out. That’s right, it’s not the connotations of beauty, the raging appeal or even that it could make you look that little bit younger, gentlemen prefer blondes due the fact they are likely to see them first. Who knew it was that easy?!

14 Blondes Look Younger

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Speaking of age, with blonde hair famed for hiding those dastardly grey strands that somehow keep popping up from nowhere, the idea of an older looking blonde seemingly doesn’t exist. That’s right, with blonde often attributed to the fountain of youth, a number of elderly men and women are often seen heading to the bottle when the time comes. However, with the shade of blonde the most important question, it can be a thin line between hit and miss, in danger of making you look much older than you actually are. From ash-brown, platinum, dirty blonde and strawberry blonde, to sandy blonde, yellow and honey blonde, the list is somewhat endless. But, with platinum and lighter highlights said to age those of a particular number, golden and dirty blondes are now the much more favored path to follow. Believed to give off the impression of a brighter and perkier complexion, the color has also claimed to fawn off those stubborn wrinkles, well at least hide them anyway, just look at Hilary Clinton.

13 Blondes Get More Tips

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Great for those who work in hospitality. Yes, sadly, in this day and age, where women are celebrated as independent ladies of the world, more and more countries are electing female leaders and the gender gap is diminishing more and more every day, blondes seemingly get more tips. Any why? Because they are blonde of course! When a recent study found that blondes made over $900 dollars a year over their fellow colored counterparts, a whole bunch of redheads and brunettes rapidly headed for the bleach. The study, which was conducted by British retail giant, Superdrug, also claimed that blondes often left the earliest, leaving their brunette equivalents trying to catch up. However, with the now called ‘rise of the brunettes’ taking center stage, with superstars such as Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian reppin the russet, those blondes better start saving their cash before those tips make their way into someone else’s pocket.

12 Blonde Goes With Everything

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Yes, that’s right, like a golden frame on a deep shade of fine mahogany wood, blondes certainly know how to work a tan, fake or not. With their golden locks complimenting that bronzed sun kissed look, the brightly lit sun and golden strands only add to the platinum strands of a perfect head of hair. And, with a tan, not the only color to flatter such a flaxen mane, blonde seemingly goes with every color, able to match with any shade or tone, be it clothing or shoes, coordinating your clothes will never be a problem again. From red, purple and silver, to turquoise, cerise, and gold, you name it and blonde will undoubtedly match it, proving that not only is blonde the most versatile color but when done right, it most certainly makes you stand out from the crowd. In fact, even make-up is said to be 100% reliable, with bold reds and pale nudes both complimenting to the basic shades of a natural or bleached blonde head of hair.

11 Blondes Have More Hair

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With the average head of human hair said to have a whopping 100,000 individual hairs, it has been proven that blondes actually have even more. That’s right, as natural blondies are more susceptible to the sun, blonde hair has evolved into protecting the scalp from those pesky UV rays and damaging light emissions. In doing so, those with naturally blonde hair have an extra 40,000 hairs when compared to their colored counterparts, designed in helping the overall protection of the hair and the human underneath. With blondes having a low count of melanin, the pigment that gives human skin, eyes and hair their eventual color, more hair is needed to help get it on its way. So, with extra hair, comes extra thickness, with blondes more likely to rep a larger mane than those of the brunette or redhead persuasion. See, even evolution and science care about blondes, helping them to continue evolving until the end of time itself.

10 Blonde Makes You Look Refreshed

Going blonde is a major commitment. It is something that everyone thinks about doing but then when it comes to the time to actually do it they chicken out. If you really want to change your hair color and join team blonde because the truth is they do have more fun, then remember this: blonde makes you look refreshed. Going blonde especially if you are in a darker hair tone is definitely a dramatic transformation. It is a shock factor that will have people wondering if you are a whole new person all together. Because you have been darker haired all your life, deciding to go blonde is definitely going to be a refreshing change. Sure, you are going to maybe have to take more care of your hair, but think about all the compliments and all the fun you will have as a changed blonde woman! Also, everyone needs to dip their toes in this hair color, I mean have you seen the Kardashian/Jenner's lately? They seem to be having more fun in their platinum dos too.

9 Blondes Are Not Stupid

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Have you not seen legally blonde? With Reese Witherspoon lapping it up as the stereotypically challenged blonde lawyer, Elle Woods, the movie not only challenges stupid and idiotic stereotypes but celebrates those of a blonde disposition. Yes, it may be a movie, but it is important to squander those typecasts head on, with blondes, celebrated rather than ridiculed. For example, not only do we have the talented and smart Reese Witherspoon breaking through concrete labels but also a whole market of blondes, stamping on those who insist on old age stereotypes. With the first ‘dumb blonde’ joke attributed back to the 1700s, the idea of a stupid blonde has been haunting those ever since. However, with modern science proving that there is indeed no link between intelligence and a fair-haired beauty, then it is time those connotations were put to rest. And, what’s better than celebrating those who have broken through the mold of the ‘dumb blonde’ implications, with the likes of bestselling Author, J.K Rowling, Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel and American theoretical physicist, Lisa Randall, constantly kicking ass in whatever they put their minds to.

8 Everybody Wants To Be A Blonde

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Ever heard of blonde envy? When the Greek dramatist and one-time poet Menander once said, ‘No chaste woman ought to make her hair yellow’, the whole world seemingly agreed, with both jealousy and envy thrown upon blondes throughout history. In this wonderful world of bitterness and resentment there are unfortunately two kinds of people, those that are natural blondes, going about their day with their extra hair, complimenting tans and pocket full of a cash, and those that ultimately wished they were. With German blondes captured during the Roman era in order to make wigs from their hair to blonde women held with suspicion during the middle ages, the focus on such flaxen beauties has certainly been around forever. But why? Well, with extra tips and a whole load of additional fun included, it is no wonder why so many women head for the bottle. In fact, according to research most women consciously or subconsciously search for the easiest way to stand out and be desired, with going blonde a simple way of doing so. With natural blonde hair one of the rarest in the world, the novelty effect comes into play, along with it the idea of being individual and a lot less ordinary. However, as mentioned before, with most people enjoying the idea of being blonde, not everybody suits it, with the tone and shade key to the eventual appearance.

7 Blond Men Also Have More Fun

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Not wanting to miss out on all the fun, even blond men seem to have it better, constantly topping poles worldwide of most attractive and sexiest hair color. From Owen Wilson to David Beckham, even Brad Pitt tried it once, although maybe that one isn’t the best example. In fact, blond is so appealing, that even James Bond stepped over to the light side, with Daniel Craig the first Bond to go blond in the history of the franchise. And, just like a number of women, men are now starting to bleach their barnets blond, a trend that has continued over the last few decades, most recently with Olympic gold medalist and all round stud, Ryan Lochte. Plus, for those men who wish to get their beard on, they are in luck, with blond beards said to grow faster and much thicker compared to those with darker hair. So, with the tall, dark and handsome veneer knocked in the water, the rise of the blond bearded man has well and truly begun. Let’s just forget about Donald Trump though shall we?

6 All Blondes Can Look The Same

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Forgot your I.D? Don’t panic! Use a fellow blonde’s identification and you’re good to go. That’s right, with a number of people seemingly only noticing one’s hair than their actual facial features, the benefits of being a blonde help you not only stand out in the crowd but also fade into the background like an international spy. Working the wonders of both worlds, blondes are able to get away with murder, literally, with reports suggesting that those with blonde hair are more likely to receive a smaller sentence when it comes to paying for your crimes. So, if you ever find yourself in a tricky situation and you are not a natural blonde, head on over to the hair salon or do it yourself with a bottle of bleach as you never know what advantages it could eventually hold. However, with Miss Teen USA under fire recently for having all five finalists, blonde blue eyed beauties with similar facial features, the disadvantages can also be extremely irritating, setting a stereotype that can be difficult to shake off.

5 Dry Shampoo Is A Blondes Best Friend

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Unfortunately, not all blondes have it perfect, with a history of awful and sometimes lethal ways of looking after their hair, demonstrating the dangerous lengths one will go to in order to reach that beautiful blonde shine. From Renaissance women who rinsed their locks with poisonous coloring's to the chlorine that turns your hair green in swimming pools, maintaining a healthy glow can be much more difficult than those with a different hair color. With expensive shampoos and a whole load of hassle, it seems whatever you do, your hair still looks extremely greasy the next day. But why? Due to the lighter tones and darker roots, it becomes necessary to wash your hair every day, making it dryer and more brittle. However, with dry shampoo now seen as the god’s gift to all blondes, it is unlikely that you will ever find a blonde without it. Working 100% better on those with fair hair than those with darker tones, dry shampoo works like magic, instantly transforming those dark and greasy roots into a wonderful and transformed new head of hair.

4 Blonde Hair Is Magical

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Just look at Game of Thrones, famed for the number of beautiful actors and actresses that star on the show, it is certainly no coincidence in that they are all blondes. From dragon queens to king’s mothers, blondes have been appearing in fantasy and make-belief genres since the beginning of time. With children’s books one of the biggest supporters of blondes, you only have to look at Cinderella and Rapunzel to see that princesses are usually always of the flaxen persuasion. Even going as far as naming them after their desired hair color, with Goldilocks one of the most famous children’s characters of all time. As blonde hair often suggests beauty, strength and most importantly youth, in contrast, those with a darker shade of hair color are usually seen as the villains. And, it’s not just fairy tales, with Alfred Hitchcock, albeit creepily, famed for only hiring blondes, with Janet Leigh even forced to wear a wig during her stint on the critically acclaimed, Psycho.

3 People Have ALWAYS Wanted To Be Blonde

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With blonde envy a running theme throughout history, it seems we have been dying our hair for a number of years, with reports going as far back as the Roman era. That’s right, in ancient Rome, women were said to have dyed their hair using pigeon dung, with others using horse urine. Thankfully, times have changed, with hydrogen peroxide discovered in the early 1800s, quickly becoming popular throughout Europe and the USA. In fact, bleaching one’s hair became so popular, that a number of movie stars opted for the golden locks, convinced it would get them more prominent roles. With Jean Harlow, famed for her platinum barnet, Harlow was often cited as Hollywood’s number one blonde bombshell and was said to have dyed her hair a number of times throughout her life. Using a form of peroxide along with household bleach and ammonia, Harlow’s hair began to fall out, forcing her to wear a wig for the rest of her life. And the color of that wig? Blonde of course!

2 Blondes Are More Confident

With just 2% of the world natural blondes, it is no wonder they feel the need to stand out. Often cited as being more confident than their darker brothers and sisters, blondes are usually said to be more outgoing and energetic. With research suggesting that hair color can be the root of one’s personality, those who are natural blondes are sometimes perceived as being much more feminine and ladylike than brunettes and redheads. In fact, often labeled as a ‘state of mind’, rather than a hair color, the same characteristics tend to follow those who are not natural blondes also. That’s right, with researchers claiming that bleached blondes also develop the same qualities on the arrival of their golden locks, the genetics seemingly have nothing do with it. Often associated with power and strength, it was once claimed that ex-British prime minister and all round hard nut, Margaret Thatcher became blonder as she rose through the ranks of the political minefield, eventually displaying a full head of golden curls at her most powerful rank.

1 Blondes Actually Do Have More Fun

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From larger tips to blonde wigs, it seems only clear that blondes do indeed have more fun. In fact, even the happiest doll in the world, Barbie, is a designated blonde, and she can just about put her mind to anything, fireman Barbie anyone? Not only do blondes have more fun, but they have also succeeded in crushing stereotypes, breaking down walls and influencing just about everyone to go blonde at least once in their life. With a shade for everyone, what could be better than sharing the same color as the sun itself? Forever associated with icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, the fair-haired flaxen connotations of a head full of glorious glistening blonde locks, is one to be admired. So, if you haven’t yet, why not lighten up, and get your fill of what it’s like to be on the lighter side of life. Plus, according to a number of surveys, blondes are actually better in the bedroom, but that’s a whole other story.

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