15 Reasons We're SO OVER Kylie

These days, you can’t even randomly spit while walking on a sidewalk in LA without hitting at least one of the Kardashians/Jenners. They’re literally everywhere we look (and yes, I said literally, not figuratively). When we turn on the TV these days, we see one of them yelling, crying, dating an NBA player, or mocking particular movements with a can of Pepsi. Considering all the controversy surrounding her sisters these days, Kylie Jenner may seem like the lesser of all the evils, but when you take a closer look at everything she’s done in the past couple years, this would be an outright lie. Lesser my foot. Sure, her sisters drive us bonkers, but Kylie has done some pretty heinous things throughout her youth that make us want to shake our heads and give up on her completely. Here are 15 of the top reasons why we're so freaking over the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

15 She Had That Mural Made Dedicated To Her Image


Sure, we live in a world where selfies have become a part of our everyday existence and thanks to social media, we can see the faces of our friends as they stand in line at Starbucks, all bored as they document the process. Some of my friends even have pictures of themselves as their cell phone lock screens, but that’s probably the extent of their narcissism. Yet Jenner? Oh, Jenner takes narcissism to a whole different level altogether. Hell, she’d make Sigmund Freud scratch his damn head. Kylie had a giant-a$$ mural of her face and fake green tresses painted by tattoo artist JWoodzArt on a wall inside her home. She even Instagramed the process, believing fans would be overjoyed at seeing her own shrine dedicated to her LA-Plastic-Surgeon-Paid-For face.

14 That ONE Derogatory Cover Shoot


Holy crap, whoever even thought of this horrible cover shoot needs to be taken out back and beaten with sharp twigs. Interview magazine must have been used as target practice after they released an issue of their magazine featuring Jenner on the cover, looking like a dead mannequin in S&M gear while SITTING IN A WHEELCHAIR. In what world did Kylie think this was okay when the idea was presented to her? The magazine, of course, tried to spin it: “At Interview, we are proud of our tradition of working with great artists and empowering them to realize their distinct and often bold visions,” they said in a statement. “The Kylie Jenner cover by Steve Klein, which references the British artist Allen Jones, is a part of this tradition, placing Kylie in a variety of positions of power and control and exploring her image as an object of vast media scrutiny.” Um, hello? SHE PUT HERSELF IN THAT POSITION IN THE FIRST PLACE. Any sane person would have said “this is insulting to the public” when the idea of a non-handicapped person sitting in a handicap device was brought up. Though, I suppose vapid narcissism and stupidity can be seen as a handicap.

13 When She Claimed She "Started Wigs"


“I started wigs, and now everyone is wearing wigs,” a reality-deaf Jenner explained in a Marie Claire interview. “Kim (Kardashian) just used my wig guy last night. I just do whatever I want to do, and people will follow.” Ignoring the fact that she basically called the public a bunch of lemmings, we tackle that first sentence I started wigs and now everyone is wearing wigs: Oh, sweetie – so much no. The internet then did its job and commenced in roasting the absolute hell out of the spacey teen. “You heard it first guys Kylie Jenner invented wigs,” one guy tweeted. “@KylieJenner you started wigs? What? Plz tell me they misquoted you. You are not that ignorant,” another said. Of course, Jenner took that one as a cue and vaguely suggested that the magazine did in fact misquote her. Judging by some of the other mind-numbingly idiotic word vomit she’s choked up, my guess is she actually said what she did.

12 Hey - Who Remembers The Kylie Jenner Challenge?


The one thing more ridiculous than this trend was the fact that it took Jenner forever to finally address it. A couple years ago, fans of the reality show diva started taking shot glasses and using them to plump their lips up in order to give them that new Kylie pout. “Very young girls – significantly younger than Kylie (who was 17 at the time) are participating,” said Pop Sugar’s Emily Orofino. “After placing their lips into the shot glass, they suck the air out of the glass, creating friction. However, because the glass isn’t flexible… the shot glass can break under all the pressure, causing serious injuries that require stitches to repair.” Doctors spoke out against it, even. At the time, Kylie claimed that her pout was simply her over lining her mouth with lip liner, which we all know it wasn’t the case.

11 She Seriously Tried To Trademark Her Name

The Odyssey Online

Hey, did she not know there were famous people before her who dared to wear the name “Kylie”? About three years ago, the then 16-year old Jenner went out to go trademark her first name in order to expand her beauty line and filed a U.S. trademark application, which would protect the term “Kylie” when it came to advertising services. However, in 2016, Australian singer Kylie Minogue had something to say about the matter. Her firm, KDB, went on and filed a notice of opposition against the youngest Jenner’s application. Apparently Jenner didn’t do her homework. Minogue already owned trademark registrations for the term “Kylie” all over the board (entertainment, music, and web wise – she even owns Kylie.com). Minogue ended up winning the legal battle to block Jenner’s application in February of this year and KDB drove the final nail in the coffin home by referring to Jenner as a “secondary reality television personality” and a “supporting character” to her own sisters. Nice.

10 Ah... The Ferraris Bull Crap

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Talk about product freaking placement. I’m sorta wondering how much Ferrari paid the Jenner sisters to pull this recent stunt. As we all know (a majority of us not wanting to know, nor caring) then-boyfriend Tyga surprised his underage girlfriend Kylie for finally becoming legal to do with a brand spanking new Ferrari on her 18th birthday. Awww, so cute! But last September, the artificial lipped media hog posted pictures and videos of her and sister Kendall buying matching Ferrari Spiders. “Sister Spiders!” the younger Jenner gleefully expressed on her Snapchat. Both sisters posed with their matching Spiders and Kylie took a video of Kendall “embarrassing” her younger sibling. “She’s so corny,” Kylie complained, as she took a video of her sister looking like a Ferrari upchucked all over her (Ferrari hat, shirt, key chain). “Oh my god, she’s so embarrassing. Kendall you’re embarrassing me!” Nope, I want to say Kendall was not the most embarrassing thing in this entire Snapchat ad – it was your dignity signing a DNR.

9 Stop Pretending That You're "Normal"


Kylie likes to attempt to relate to her fan base on multiple levels though these attempts usually come back to bite her in the padded rear. Makes me think that she should shovel out some money to buy a clue or two. We all know that you, in fact, AREN’T normal, Miss Jenner (no one wants to be normal, so stop pretending). You may be a basic Hollywood sucker-fish perhaps, but not normal. My favorite normal, not-really-normal thing that Kylie has done is literally dress up like a regular Hollywood tourist and get on one of those tour buses that run all over LA. She, Kendall, and Khloe Kardashian put on some prosthetic make-up and hit the town in some desperate get-up. Kylie though, didn’t go all out – she just put on a fake nose and colored contact lenses. Hell, if she would have gone out wearing her old face, no one would have ever recognized her.

8 Those Cornrows She Had No Business Sporting


I could give a crap less what people do with their hair, but then again, I’m not a reality TV goon. Kylie caused a massive uproar when she ditched her wigs (THAT SHE STARTED, BY THE WAY) in order to sport cornrows on her Snapchat. When she first donned the hairstyle, she was attacked by people saying that she was appropriating black culture. Amandla Stenberg of Hunger Games fame even called out Jenner: “When u appropriate black features and culture but fail to use ur position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards ur wigs instead of police brutality or racism #whitegirlsdoitbetter” the star Tweeted at Jenner. Jenner, of course, responded with word vomit: “Mad if I don’t, Mad if I do… Go hang with Jaden or something,” Kylie Tweeted, referring to the fact that Stenberg attended her prom with Jaden Smith. Due to this insensitivity, some people went on to call Kylie a racist. Personally, I don’t think she is, I just believe she’s insanely ignorant.

7 The Cake Controversy


Rumors started circulating a couple years ago that Kylie had given a friend of hers a birthday cake with a racial slur written in icing on the top. Pictures were posted on the net of Jordyn Woods’ apparent birthday cake that was supposedly gifted by Kylie with the words “Happy Birthday N***a” on it. Shortly after the pictures were picked up by websites and tabloids, Kylie tweeted out a video of the actual cake itself saying “My cute little cake to Jordyn the other day. The other one was not my gift.” She even went all out and got her bestie a brand new Mercedes Benz. My question is, why were the rumors (and pic) circulating in the first place? Why is the public so dead set on proving this girl is a racist? The whole thing is just downright annoying. But what also bugs is that while it took her little bit to put this particular rumor to rest – it took her weeks to tell her fans to knock off that whole Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge thing.

6 Sorry, But She Is NOT An Influential Teen - Period


There are so many empowering women in the world today that young girls have to look up to, so why is the media so fascinated with a spoiled little rich girl? I asked my little nine-year old cousin, who wishes to attend Stanford University when she’s older, if she considers Kylie Jenner a role model. Thankfully, to my delight, she said “Who?” (way do to a straight Mariah Carey burn there, little cousin). This girl walks the line between Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory’s Verruca Salt and a soulless Skipper doll so much so that it flabbergasts me when I hear young women want to grow up to be like her. Sure, she maintains her own beauty line, but she was given the money to do so while others have to work extra hard and nearly kill themselves for the same amount of money. She’s called out people who claim she rides on the coattails of her sisters, but they’re not entirely wrong. She didn’t make that money personally – it was gifted to her in a diamond box surrounded by gold wrapping paper.

5 All The (Underage) Tyga Drama


HOW? WHAT? WHY DID PEOPLE THINK THIS RELATIONSHIP WAS OKAY? Even her sister Khloe defended her younger sister’s relationship with the 25-year old Tyga when Kylie was just 16-years old (the relationship apparently recently ended). “I think at 16 I was probably f*****g someone that was in their 20s, for sure,” Kardashian said. “I wouldn’t say I was even dating, probably just sleeping with them. Kylie is not a normal 17-year old.” She then went on to say that because Kylie isn’t a normal girl, that “it’s a rare circumstance, so let’s treat this as a special case.” Oh, well then – thanks for clearing that up, Khloe. That makes all okay then. This is a SPECIAL case of law action because the teen in question is famous, so let’s make an exception. Of course, she told the world that Tyga “was just a friend” but, c’mon, we’re not stupid. Especially when Tyga started sharing pictures of Kylie on his Instagram, one in particular with the caption “Certain things catch your eye, but only few capture the heart.” This entire quagmire simply stated that it’s okay to objectify young women, when it’s simply and utterly not.

4 Everything Surrounding Her Lip Kits


If I have to hear another girl whine about something screwed up about their Kylie Jenner makeup whatevers, I’m going to punch a wall. Not only are certain items in her beauty line (lip kits, highlighter kits) flying off the shelf and becoming sold out in a matter of minutes, but a great deal of customers have complaints about the cheapness of the product itself (despite the cost of the merchandise not being cheap in the least). Customers have taken to social media to express their disdain with Kylie’s products. Some have complained that the brushes they received in the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit are completely frayed and/or destroyed. Others are complaining that when they received their lip kit, there’s either nothing in the box or that the makeup was broken and all over the place. Kylie did address the issue and promised replacements for the ruined products, but still – it’s damn annoying when I have to hear people complain about it in my Twitter feed.

3 She Gets Away With Some Very Discriminatory Things


Okay, we’ll put a pin in the entire underage Tyga drama and look at some of the things she’s done in the past that make people believe she’s actually racist and/or completely ignorant. You have the cornrow incident, first of all, followed up by the picture she posted on Instagram with her wearing makeup that darkened her skin along with the caption “Making MAGiC w/KYLiZZLE. PEEPS BE GETTING TURNT UP ON THIS SKIN SITCH. BLACK LIGHTS & NEON. Does nobody know about lighting?? What I wish I looked like all the time thank you.” People pounced and claimed that Jenner was actually doing “blackface”. She made matters worse when she deleted the photo and told everyone to “calm down” instead of attempting to understand where people were coming from when they called her out.

2 Just Stop Mistaking Fans For Idiots


Seriously, with all the plastic surgery. In the salad days of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we watched stick figure Kylie Jenner mull around all patsy white with thin lips and dull hair. As she got older her face and body started changing – and it wasn’t because of puberty. We literally watched her go through her awkward stages and harp on her own looks, more often than not comparing herself with her other, more voluptuous, siblings. Sure, as we get older, we lose our baby fat and our features start to sharpen and mature, but not in the artificial way Kylie did. If your face is store bought, GOOD FOR YOU. More power to you! But don’t expect us to believe your newfound Angelina Jolie lips, suddenly smaller chin, and narrower nose are nature’s gift when viewers literally watched you grow. When Kylie outright said she didn’t have surgery, it made me think that she thought her fans were idiots and would just eat up anything she spoon fed them. When she finally admitted it I had to hand her a smidgen of respect – though it would have been a lot more if she admitted it in the beginning.

1 She's Miles Away From Growing The Hell Up

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Given, she’s only 19 years old right now, but Kylie Jenner has a lot of growing up to do, which I don’t think will happen because she appears to be in a state of arrested development due to her growing up in the limelight. The way she handles certain situations like the blackface controversy, or the Interview controversy, or the cornrows controversy, or the Tyga contr… I’m just gonna stop right there. To put it simply, she needs to respond better to her ignorance. Or! Better yet! Stop being so freaking ignorant in the first place. When she finds herself in certain situations, whether she digs her own grave or the media does, she needs to learn how to cleanly get herself out of the situation without digging deeper. Clapping back on Twitter or Instagram with an emoji and a huffy “whatever” doesn’t help your case, sweetie. You’re coming into adulthood, so act accordingly and grow the hell up.

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