15 Reasons We're All Secretly In Love With Kim K

No matter how hard we might try, or no matter how much we might want to, we just can't escape the Kardashians. They are a huge part of our celebrity landscape, they absolutely dominate the pop culture universe, and oh yeah, they're pretty much here to stay. We may go back and forth about whether or not we really like these celebs -- some of us are definitely obsessed with them and never miss an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the others can't bring ourselves to watch even a single episode. But there are definitely more than a few reasons to love these women, Kim in particular. After all, there's a reason she's so famous, successful and beloved. The entertainment world is a tricky place. If she was just a flash in the pan, would she really still be dominating headlines all these years later? That's what we thought. Here are 15 reasons we're all secretly in love with Kim K.

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15 She Says What We're Thinking

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Whether she's declaring posting Instagram pictures of our food is not attractive or saying she always goes after what she wants, Kim Kardashian is always saying exactly what we're thinking. Why would we hate someone who says what's on our minds? Just because we don't have the guts to say this stuff doesn't mean we should hate that she does! Good for her for being able to do so. Sometimes she might seem a bit silly and the things she says might seem kind of confusing -- it can be hard to know whether she really believes the stuff that she does -- but we love her all the same. We sometimes end up saying really crazy stuff when we're tired or overwhelmed or we've had a few too many glasses of red wine (hey, it happens to all of us!). But let's be real here, we totally agree with a lot of her opinions.

14 She's Gorgeous

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No doubt about it, Kim Kardashian is drop-dead gorgeous! We have to give her props for that because she really maintains her appearance in an amazing, flawless way. I mean have you seen how amazing she's been looking lately! You go Kim. We love her for this though because she doesn't follow society's typical standards of beauty since she's definitely not super skinny. The majority of us don't exactly look like sticks, so it's great to see a successful and beloved celebrity looking like a totally normal person. Sure, she might be more glam and sophisticated-looking than the average girl, but she still seems pretty real since she's got real curves and an actual figure. Every time we're having a bad day and wondering if we should lose those five pounds that every woman always wants to lose, we can remember Kim and think, hey, we're pretty great the way that we are.

13 She's Kind

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People may not think of rich and famous celebrities as kind people... and they definitely wouldn't consider most reality TV stars to be very nice, either. But we have to admit that we don't think of the Kardashians as anything other than total sweethearts, and we totally have to put Kim in that category. We just think she's really sweet and like she would make a great best friend. She would always be there for us, ready to text her loser ex-boyfriend and tell him exactly what a jerk he is. Even if some of us aren't totally convinced yet that she's an amazing person, we all have to absolutely admit that she's not a mean person. And she really could be! It's always a total shock when a wealthy and famous person who has the world watching their every move is actually a good person. But it's definitely a really nice surprise.

12 She's A Good Sister

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We can't help but admit that Kim is a really great sister. She should be, after all -- she's definitely got enough of them! She always seems like the kind of sister that we wish we had and that we would absolutely love to have. Sure, there are times when they fight, but in the end, they always make up and the good outweighs all the bad. She would totally have sleepovers with us, nurse our way back from a broken heart, make us laugh when we were feeling down, and basically make every moment absolutely hilarious and fun. There's no doubt about it, we're a bit jealous of Khloe and Kourtney. We just can't help ourselves. Every time we tune into one of their reality shows, we're reminded of the fact that just beaches sometimes they don't get along that doesn't mean that they don't love each other.

11 She's A Selfie Queen

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Yes, we think that's a good thing! We think it's an absolutely amazing thing actually. Why? Because all our selfie goals and hopes and dreams are wrapped up in the photos that Kim Kardashian posts. She honestly teaches us each and every day there is beauty and power in a good selfie. It's an art form, honestly. She is definitely the queen of them and we're reminded that no one takes a selfie like Kim. Some people don't love this about her but let's be real, we adore it. We wish we could perfect her poses and expressions but so far we're not doing the best job. We'll keep trying, though! We think this is a dream worth achieving. So yeah, that also means we're a tiny bit (or more than a tiny bit) jealous whenever she posts a new photo. It's cool, Kim. We'll catch up to your selfie skills soon.

10 She's Real

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Yes, she is real! This may not make sense at first but stick with it. Just consider this quote from Kim's  2015 Harper's Bazaar interview: "There's nothing I love more than getting to stay home all day and not get ready for anything, which is about half the week." Isn't that exactly how we all feel?! Sometimes adulthood feels like one big joke because we have to go to work and we have to pay bills and rent and clean and all that stuff... but we really just want to be super lazy sometimes and not think about anything important at all. We agree with Kim because we love our lazy Sundays watching reality TV and drinking coffee, and while in the old days you were a total socially inept loser if you stayed home on a Friday night, now thanks to Netflix it's an even more attractive option than going out sometimes. So Kim, we totally feel you and we're totally with you.

9 She Eats Junk Food

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Come on, what celebrity (and reality TV star in particular) admits that she craves junk food? There aren't a whole lot of them. Tune into most shows about the rich and famous and everyone is trying so hard to be super skinny, all they talk about is working out, and we often see them drinking at parties  but they definitely don't seem to eat normal food. Back in 2015, Kim tweeted, "Craving Cheetos." Honestly, she had our heart from that moment on. It may have been a super short, small tweet but it really made us realize that we have more in common with her than we originally thought. Sure, we may live a healthy lifestyle and we love working out and eating properly and feeling good. But we all love a good junk food moment every once in a while, and it's cool that Kim does, too.

8 She Makes Us Laugh

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Whether she's being absolutely hilarious on purpose or by accident (it's usually by accident!), Kim keeps a smile on our face and she makes us laugh more than we probably want to admit. We might not want to tell our best friends that we find Kim really funny, because no, we're not joking when we say that. But it's still the honest truth. We all have such crazy busy lives and there is so much hardship on a daily basis that we each face, no matter how different we all are and what we're going through, and it can be nice to look up to a celebrity who can entertain us and make us laugh. We don't have to be so serious all the time, and that's something that Kim really embraces. We just adore that attitude. Sure maybe she doesn't suffer as much as the next person, living a lavish life and all. But it's good to see that she can laugh at herself.

7 She's Not Perfect

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The thing about celebrities is that we do know that they don't have flawless, perfect lives and that they do suffer sometimes. For some of them, they experience more struggles than the rest of us do, which can definitely be the total downside of living life as the rich and famous. But we have to admit that Kim has gone through her struggles and that her life is definitely not totally percent. If we Google her or put her name on Twitter, we see tons of people from all around the world making fun of her, calling her awful names, and talking about her failures and embarrassing moments. It must really suck to deal with that on a regular basis. She's gotten divorced, had her heart broken, and pretty much gone through all the usual personal problems that we all do... she's just going through them on a much larger, more global platform.

6 She's Brave

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Back in February, Kim took the Internet by storm and showed everyone that she had dyed her hair blonde. It was a pretty shocking moment. She apparently told people that it was actually a wig... but then back in May, she had blonde hair again! So we don't really know what's going on and what her hair situation actually is. It's just going to be one of those lifelong mysteries that drive us absolutely nuts but that we have zero hope of ever knowing the real answers to. Sigh. But we have to admit that Kim is definitely brave and she's always one to take beauty risks. That's pretty admirable and inspiring since we all wish we had a different hair color or could change our style but we unfortunately sometimes don't work up the courage to really change those things. But Kim does! So we should always let her guide us when we want to make a big beauty change.

5 She's Glam

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Some of us might not love her for this, but we're the kind of people who honestly do. We just love a gorgeous glam reality TV star. Kim K makes us feel like if we just put some time and effort into it and tried a bit harder, we could totally be just as glamorous in our everyday lives. Sure, we might have to pay rent and work hard and all that jazz, and we definitely don't have the money that she does or the time to take care of our appearance. But we totally could! Kim helps us keep that dream totally alive and well and we appreciate that. So every time we're thinking about what to wear to the office or to a birthday party, we channel Kim and ask ourselves what she would wear. It would definitely be the fanciest thing we own, so sometimes we chicken out, but other times we totally go for it. And think Kim would totally approve.

4 She's Confident

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We really have to give women props when they're super confident because there are so many times when we need to give ourselves an ego boost. There are so many moments in life when we need a ton of self-confidence, and we have to admit that we don't always feel super good about ourselves. We know we should because we're pretty awesome but it's just so hard not to feel insecure every once in a while. But we really doubt that Kim K has any insecurities at all, and that's why we adore her. She's super confident and we think that's super cool. She loves herself, and some people might call her vain, but we don't think she is at all. We think it's totally fine to realize that you're worth it and that you deserve to enjoy your life and be treated with love, compassion, and respect.

3 She's The Best At Social Media

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Sure, all the Kardashians and Jenners absolutely are amazing when it comes to every single form of social media. We can't go wrong, whether we we want to see Kylie's amazing snaps or Kourtney's luxurious and beautiful vacation shots on Instagram. But we have to hand it to Kim: she really is the best at social media. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts are our absolute favorite because she's also funny, charming and entertaining, and we never really know what we're going to get. Her posts honestly light up our days and make our bad moods much better. Plus there's the fact that whenever Kim tweets something, the media turns it into a whole big thing, so if we want to feel like we're super informed with what's going on in the entertainment and pop culture world, we want to be glued to Kim's Twitter. Hey, we have to do what we have to do to stay current.

2 She's Our Style Inspo

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Whenever we want to change up what we wear every day (which is usually the same items of clothing... oops!) or change our typical hairstyle, we think of Kim. Because there's no other celeb or reality TV star who honestly gives us such constant and amazing style inspiration.  And now with husband Kanye West styling her, how can you not get inspired by her look. Just look at these amazing braids! We probably shy away from braids because we think that they're too Pippi Longstocking or like a little kid. But Kim K proves that we can totally style our hair in two braids and we can look gorgeous, glamorous and totally sophisticated. It's not a little girl look at all! So thank you Kim, we pretty much bow down to you and your amazing beauty and fashion sense. We wish we had your hair... but since that can't happen, sadly, we're just going to copy all your hairstyles. Works for us.

1 She Keeps Us Guessing

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We have to hand it to Kim Kardashian: she honestly keeps us guessing every day of our lives. Whether we're following her on Instagram, reading her hilarious tweets, or watching her on her reality show, we are constantly entertained or learning something new. Sure, it might just be that we should stop Instagramming our food... but it might be something more important, too. We just never know what we're going to get with her, and that's pretty cool. In this media landscape of sequels and totally predictable actresses and singers, it's pretty great to be able to look to someone like Kim K who says what she feels and thinks and is always super surprising. It may sound nuts to relate to a reality star and find her totally real and refreshing, but that's just how we feel. So yes, we are totally in love with Kim K, and maybe it won't be such a secret anymore!

Sources: Hollywoodreporter.com

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