15 Reasons To Make Him Happy In The Morning

Stop what you're doing and start thinking about ways to make your man happy in the morning. It's a must. Of course, you also deserve to be satisfied in the morning, and getting the ball rolling is the best way to accomplish that, don't you think? Mornings have the potential to go a lot of different directions, and they also have a really powerful effect on the rest of our day. We don't talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed for nothing, sometimes foul morning mood is practically impossible to shake during the day. However, we do have the power to shape our days, and we can get really good at doing it by specifically changing the tune of our mornings. Taking some time to specifically focus on satisfying your man in the morning is not only good for him and your relationship, but it is really good for you as well. Here are 15 reasons why you should absolutely be making your man happy in the morning.

15 He'll Think About You All Day

If you want your man to be thinking of you and no one else as he goes throughout his day, satisfying him in the morning is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Think about it, if you start things off right he literally won't be able to get you out of his head. You can forget those silly worries you entertain that he might think one of his coworkers is cute. He might, but she will pale in comparison to the amazing girl he has at home. His real girl. To take things to the next level and really make sure that he's thinking about you at work you can even text him that you're thinking about him and the morning fun. Sparking his memory (even though he didn't forget) will really ensure that he won't stop thinking about it. In fact, you could infiltrate his mind so much, that you should actually be careful so that you don't totally distract him from work! It's all about balance after all. Morning fun first, and then work next.

14 It's The Best Way To Wake Up Ever

Waking up can be really hard. Like weirdly hard. Scientists still do not even entirely understand why we need to sleep as much as we do to stay functioning and alive, but you'd think after spending years and years doing it, we'd have it down to a more simple format. We should fall asleep when you want to and wake up when you want to. But it's not how it works, and no one on the planet likes the feeling of waking up to a jarring alarm clock even if that alarm is on an iPhone set to a really fun song. If you happen to be up before your boyfriend in the morning, why not wake him up in a more appealing way some of the time? There's probably not a guy out there that wouldn't be thrilled to wake up to his girl trying to get him going.

13 You'll Feel Cheeky

Pleasing your man is fun and empowering when you're in a mature and healthy relationship. It makes you feel good, and when it happens in the morning you can carry that good feeling out into the day with you. You might not actually be yelling "hey look at me, just gave my boyfriend a great morning" as you head into Starbucks, but your vibe might be and people will notice. That you need people knowing that exactly, but when you jaunt into the world with a cheeky fun vibe as opposed to dragging your feet into another Monday, the world is more likely to respond to you in nice ways. Your extra energy makes you feel smarter for at least 1.5 hours and within that time you could have an interesting stroke of insight. There are endless possibilities about ways that your day can go great, and intentionally starting it off that way is possibly the best thing that you can do to encourage that to happen.

12 You'll Actually Connect

We're all busy people, and the more people we throw into the mix, the more busy things get. It can be challenging enough trying to find time to watch your favorite TV show some weeks, let alone connect with another person. But when you're in a relationship connecting is important, and physical connection is what makes the difference between a friendship and a romantic relationship, so it's really important. If you guys are so busy that you find too much passing between fun times, it's time to switch things up with the schedule. You both might have great intentions of getting physical at the end of the day, but the day can easily get away from you. Something comes up where a friend needs something, a work meeting turns into happy hour, someone is just straight up exhausted or even emotional about something else that happened in the day. But in the morning nothing has happened yet, so there is always going to be more freedom in that time to get it on.

11 He'll Return The Favor

If you wake you man up with a super hot favor, he's going to return it. It might be immediately after, the foreplay might turn into fun times, or maybe he'll even start thinking of other ways to show his appreciation as well. Not that getting physical should ever be used as currency or a way to manipulate people into doing stuff for you because it shouldn't. But what it should be is an honest expression of your feelings, interest, and appreciation, and when that is authentic it will always be reciprocated by someone who feels the same way. He might end up thinking about how awesome you are all day long which might also make him think of other things he can do to let you know it. Maybe he'll bring home your favorite food for dinner to surprise you, or have some downstairs fun while you watch TV, or maybe he'll just ask what he can do to return the favor and you can come up with whatever you want. Relationships are full of give and take, but it can be in a good way.

10 Morning Fun Can Calm You Down

Having morning fun can be a great way to release stress, and when is a better time to release stress than first thing in the morning? Instead of hopping out of bed worrying about the day as you get ready, having some fun first can put you into a more relaxed state of mind which will still leave you ready for the day, just better. In fact connecting with your partner in any kind of physical way can help to calm anxiety. One study found that when women were undergoing small electrical shocks in a lab setting, they experience less anxiety over the anticipation of the shocks when they were holding the hand of their husband as opposed to the hand of a stranger. Sweet. The researchers used an MRI scanner to see what was happening in their brains and they could see the differences when they were holding the hand of someone they loved. Luckily we don't walk around all day getting physically shocked, but we do encounter challenges and emotions all over the place that we could use some protection against.

9 Research Says It's A Good Idea

During the night time, men build up higher levels of testosterone which can get them pretty fired up, as well as higher levels of vasopressin which increases bonding, so the mornings are a pretty good time for some fun as far as their hormones are concerned. Some researchers even suggest that overall men are at their highest excitement level in the mornings. This not only means that he's pretty much guaranteed to be in the mood and like it, but he's going to have more stamina which generally works out well on your end. He might be more playful than normal, or more serious and passionate, who knows what the morning fun will bring out of him. The odds of it being an enjoyable experience for the both of you are quite high, so get to it. There can also be less pressure in the morning since there aren't any expectations in place, which is another thing that can add to the enjoyment.

8 Good For Your Brain

Reaching the end is actually good for your brain in the sense that they increase the flow of oxygen as well as some other nutrients that the brain needs as well. Start off the day with some Os and head into work with a clear head that maybe won't require three cups of coffee to get started. One study done at Rutgers university used an MRI scanner to see how some different activities affected the brain. Some of those activities were things like crossword puzzles, and some of them were solo fun. When they used the MRI to watch what happened in people's brains during these activities they had some interesting results. When people did crossword puzzles or other mental activities there was increased brain activity across certain areas, but when people had alone fun there was increased activity across the entire brain. The more we can stimulate the brain with increased activity, the better our brain works and the happier it can be.

7 It Can Be More Intimate

Morning fun can be more intimate than doing it at other times of the day, which makes a great way to get close to people. You don't even necessarily need to speak before it goes down, which can make it a more physically connected experience. There's nothing else on your mind besides the person you're with at the moment. Morning fun is generally more deep connection and less like rowdy talk type fun, so it's just a different kind. It's even different in the sense that everyone has morning breath and isn't showered, that steps the vulnerability up a notch and it just makes it more personal and relaxed. (If everyone is relaxed about those things that is.) It's great to mix things up as far as the types of fun go because they can be such different experiences. For both women and men, there's a big difference in the feeling of finishing that came from a frenetic pace and ones built more slowly, so it makes for a more varied and interesting physical life to switch up the pace and time of day even when everything else is basically the same.

6 It's Super Convenient

The two of you are already in bed lying next to each other, probably even sans clothes (especially if you also already had some fun the night before). And it doesn't get more convenient than that. There's not like a portion of the situation where someone has to ask the other person, there's no planning. When you're in bed together and both in the mood it's simply because you both happen to be excited by one another without any outside influences having to do with it. You might not even be looking at him when the mood strikes, simply just being near him can be the hottest thing in the world. There's nothing wrong with planning intimacy and making time for intimacy, but it's nice to feel like it just happens organically on its own as well. If the morning fun session is technically planned since you're hoping it happens, it still retains that feeling of naturalness because it doesn't require any effort besides succumbing to it. It's pretty much the best.

5 It's Motivation To Wake Up

You might have to set you alarms a little earlier in the morning to make time for morning fun if we're talking weekdays, but most people would definitely be willing to do that. Unless you have a flexible schedule or don't work a nine to five type job you probably only get up just as early as you need to and cherish any extra minutes of sleep that you can get by shaving time off your morning routine. But then again, if there is anything to get up for in the morning it's sexy time. It's certainly a lot more motivating for many people than waking up in preparation for a commute. Think about how much more calm you'll both be on your way to work in the morning following a roll in the hay. Mid traffic road rage will go entirely out the window, maybe you'll even enjoy the drive a little in the sense that you get to sit there and enjoy some music while you think about what just went down in the bedroom. You'll also be happy knowing that he's doing and thinking the exact same thing.

4 You Can Actually See Each Other

Satisfying him in the morning can be a really different experience than doing it in the dead of night because it's light out. You can literally see each other! Some people don't love this aspect of it because it can be a little (or a lot) more revealing as far as bodies go, but you should. Morning fun not only gives you the opportunity to watch him enjoy what you're doing to him, but it also gives him the opportunity to watch you doing it. They're into it. Men are visual creatures and when he can watch you in your element he will have a visual locked in his head that he can revisit later. The more visuals and distinct memories he has about your bedroom life, the more he's going to think about it and the more he's going to want you. Don't get caught up in the part where it's easy to start thinking about what you like while you're exciting him. You're always going to be more judgemental of your physicality than he will, so just don't worry so much.

3 You Can Get Healthier

Having bedroom fun can release antibodies that provide a boost to the immune system, so having some morning fun might be even more effective than taking some Vitamin C with your breakfast. Or at least it's a great supplement, to the supplement. Boosting the antibodies in the morning means less work germs are coming home with you. Some researchers believe that there is an ideal amount of intimacy to be having when it comes to maximizing these antibodies. Research that was done at Wilkes University in 1999 found that college students who had physical fun once or twice a week had higher antibodies that people who did not, but they also had higher antibodies than people who had fun more than that. Who knows. You certainly don't need to be turning down intimacy in an effort to boost the immune system, but it is something to keep in mind about what's an average of doing the deed to be going down in the bedroom each week.

2 You Can Burn More Calories Later

Satisfying him in the morning is going to lead to raising the heart rate and giving the metabolism a jump start. Even if your session isn't a vigourous enough one to count as a real workout, it is still going to raise the heart rate. Technically it's helpful to give the heart rate a boost throughout the day to keep the metabolism high. This is the thinking behind the fact that it's just as healthy to take three ten minute walks during the day as it is to take one 30 minute walk. A bedroom session might raise the heart rate similarly to a ten minute walk, right? Seems like. When you raise the heart rate in the morning it will stoke the metabolism and encourage the body to start burning extra calories right from the start. Then if you workout later on the in the day the metabolism will already be fired up and adding a workout to that will just increase your calorie burn even more. More activity equals more calorie burn any way you slice it.

1 You Can Start The Day on A High Note

Kicking off the day with some bedroom fun sets the bar pretty high for how awesome the day can go. But even if it doesn't end up being the best day in the world it doesn't really matter. If you've already had some fun to start off the day, you already pretty much won the day, so anything else good that happens is just a bonus on top of that. One study even found that people who are doing it regularly are perceived as younger looking than people who aren't, so not only will you start the day off happy, you'll look great as well. This most likely has to do with the fact that getting physical causes the body to release both estrogen and testosterone, both of which can keep us healthy and young looking. The crazy thing is that in this study the people who were having regular fun were thought to be up to 12 years younger than they actually were. A lot of us couldn't look 12 years younger and still be legal but hey, it sounds like a pretty decent anti-aging tactic.

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