15 Reasons To Move To A New City

Moving is a big step. It can be both terrifying and exciting all at the same time. Moving can push you out of your comfort zone and draw out different sides of your personality. Packing up and trying life out somewhere new where nobody knows you or your history can be both empowering and liberating. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should leave your hometown or the city where you’ve spent the last ten years, then I implore you to consider these fifteen reasons why you should most certainly move to a new city. Although it may seem intimidating at first, you will find that in no time at all, you will settle into a fresh new routine in a new place filled with new company and experiences to enjoy. If you’re feeling apprehensive, just go ahead and take the plunge to indulge in all of these wonderful reasons to move to a new city:

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15 Make New Friends

There are literally billions of people living on this planet. Billions. That’s a whole lot of people. And seriously your true best friend or your soul mate could be living on another continent, never mind just in another city. Go out and explore the world to meet new people and make new friends. Moving to a new city will introduce you to thousands if not millions of new, fresh faces waiting to befriend you. Not that your old friends aren’t already great…but, honestly, who doesn’t want even more friends? Placing yourself in a different environment will force you to speak to different people and interact with people you might otherwise not have. This will open the door to so many new friendships (that will ideally become meaningful and long-lasting). One of the many, many perks of being in a new place is introducing yourself to all of the new people you will meet that you otherwise would have never encountered. So go ahead, your new best friend is waiting for you!

14 You’ll Learn The Art of Networking

Making new friends in a new city is awesome, but networking and using your previous network of friends to introduce you to new people might seem like a big, complicated mess. The truth is, it’s really not as intimidating as it may sound and it’s an important life skill to possess. The art of networking is as simple as this: don’t be afraid to use your current connections to make new ones. You will learn to meet friends of friends and not feel awkward about it. And this simple little ability will also transfer over to your career to offer you endless support in that field as well. Go meet your cousin’s old college roommate for a drink or grab a lunch with your mother’s best friend’s daughter. You never know what sort of interesting people you will meet if you just allow your current connections to connect you further.

13 Break Your Routine

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.” – Paulo Coelho

This statement could not be more accurate. Routine can be both helpful and dangerous in its ability to make us become comfortable. Breaking your routine is an important way to step outside of your comfort zone and move beyond your safety net. Moving to a new city will shake you and wake you. It will take everything you knew as comfort and flip it upside down and inside out. But, believe it or not, this is actually good for you! It will teach you the art of adaptability and how to face your fears. It will bring excitement and adventure into your life…and why would you not want that? Every boring little detail in your life will suddenly switch from the mundane to the exciting. Everything will be new and unchartered territory and that is the most adventurous thing of all!

12 You’ll Become Fearless

And bold. And outgoing. You’ll become daring. And adventurous and brave. Moving to a new city where no one knows you pushes you so far away from any resemblance of comfort. It is a scary endeavor for sure, but a well worthwhile one. And once you do this scary endeavor and see that you not only survived but also thrived from this experience, it will change you. You will be fearless in pursuit of change and adventure. You will start to surprise yourself with how bold you become and how little things intimidate you anymore. You’ve already conquered one huge venture, so what would ever make you think that you couldn’t take on the rest of the world in stride too? Scared of change? Not you. Not anymore! Afraid to break away from the pack? No one would ever accuse you of such a thing! You’re a fearless adventurer now. ;)

11 You’ll Become Independent

You will no longer rely on daddy when there’s a spider in your bathroom. You will no longer call your bestie when you need to borrow clothes for a date. Your favorite pizza place won’t know your order by heart. But these are all signs of serious growth: you will become independent. Learning the art of leaning on yourself in times of need is no easy feat. But once you learn this magical ability to take care of yourself, you will feel incredibly empowered. And not only will you feel that way, but you will be that way too! You will be fully capable of taking care of yourself, regardless of the circumstances. And that is absolutely amazing. Have a flat tire? You know how to handle it! Leaky pipe? You’ll figure it out! There isn’t anything that you can’t do on your own (or at least figure out how to do!) and that is incredibly liberating and empowering. You don’t need anyone but yourself and you’ll always be there for yourself.

10 You’ll Learn The Art of Being Alone

There is a difference between being lonely and being alone. A very big and very distinct difference. Moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone will force you to (at first) spend a lot of time by yourself. And from this, you will learn to start enjoying your own company. Being alone is a beautiful thing. If you feel like hanging out in your underwear all day, you can do it with no questions asked. After all, there’s no one there to judge you. Want to sing Miley Cyrus at the top of your lungs? Belt away! Learning to enjoy your own company is imperative to loving yourself. Enjoy all the things that you like to do completely alone. Indulge in your guilty pleasures have questionable eating habits and taste in music…do whatever makes you feel like you. Completely raw and real, unadulterated you. And fully enjoy every moment you get to spend with yourself.

9 You’ll Feel Free

Nothing is more liberating than leaving your roots behind and starting afresh somewhere new. Freedom is creating a new life in a new place free from all of your past mistakes. You can leave everything behind you and build up a new and wonderful life that you want to be living. There is nothing holding you back and nothing standing in your way. Moving to a new city will give you the freedom to live the life that you’ve always dreamed about. Why would you possibly want to skip this chance in life? You have the option to leave behind any personal baggage from your life in our old city when you start afresh somewhere new. Looking to leave behind a toxic relationship and all of its sad memories? Start over fresh somewhere new and make new, good memories. Wanting to spend some quality time with just you, yourself and you? Create the freedom you need for just that in a new place where you are free to just do your own thing!

8 Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Taking the time to move away from your loved ones and your beloved city or hometown will teach (perhaps remind) you why you loved it there in the first place. In case you may have forgotten, you live close to your mom because you love to visit her (and eat her delicious cooking!). In case you may have forgotten, you live near your sister because you guys love to go to yoga class together followed by Sunday brunch every week. Being away for a while makes you remember all the beautiful little moments that you might have otherwise overlooked as boring, mundane routine. Absence makes the heart grow fonder so that when you are back (either visiting or moved back), you can cherish all those small things that you didn’t even notice before. Spending time away puts things back into perspective so instead of being irritated by the fact that your mom wants you to visit often, you can remember that you love spending time with her. Little things like that will be shown to you once you look at everything from a new perspective.

7 You Will Feel Empowered

Picking up and starting over somewhere new is scary. But when you see yourself conquering your fears you will feel unbelievably empowered. Life will undoubtedly throw you curveballs at each and every turn, but you will keep knocking them out of the park and this will change your attitude about everything. You’ll stop sweating the small stuff and see things from the bigger picture. You will be confident in your abilities and empowered in your outlook. Soon enough, there will be no such thing as a problem that you can’t solve. Now that you’re independent and able to achieve anything on your own, you will become confident in the fact that you have the power to do anything and everything. You will feel boosted with fresh new confident thoughts and you’ll feel like you have the ability to take on the whole world. After all, now you know you can.

6 You Will Broaden Your Horizons

Nothing opens your eyes more than seeing a different way of life. Whether you move to the next big city in your country or to a small city in a poor, third world country, you will see and experience different things than you are used to. Broadening your horizons will change the way you experience everything. You will look at everything with fresh eyes and a new perspective. Stepping outside of your comfort zone will open your eyes to a different world that you never even knew existed and that will make all the difference. You will meet people unlike any you have ever met before. You will see things that you never dreamed to be true and you will understand not only a different side to life but also a different side to yourself. You will step beyond the safety and security of a life you know and out into the wilderness of the world to see broader and broader horizons.

5 You Will Discover Who You Are

Always thought that you liked drinking because your friends do? Maybe you’ll find out now that you don’t so much. Or have you always been a runner because your dad runs with you? Maybe now you’ll see that tennis is more your speed. You will try new experiences and challenge yourself in ways that you never have before. You will face your insecurities and grow as a person. You will be forced to spend time alone and rely on strangers to help you…and all of this will lead you to discover who you really are. Sometimes it’s hard to navigate through our own minds when we’re surrounded by everything that we know and love. Pushing yourself beyond your comfort and stretching yourself to your limits will help you discover things about yourself that you otherwise never would have uncovered. Go ahead and take a walk on the wild side to discover your truest self. You will be so happy that you did.

4 Create New Experiences

Yes, comfort can be nice. It’s easy. After all, it is comfortable. But comfort can also be boring and mundane. Routine can be enticing. But it can also be dangerously monotonous. Moving away will allow you to create new experiences. You can climb to the top of the Empire State Building or take a cooking class in Paris. You can go out clubbing with your new friends or spend the weekend camping just outside of the city. There are so many new experiences and adventures awaiting you in a new place with new people and new ideas if you just have the courage to go and create them. Go do the things that you’ve always dreamed of doing but just never really had the courage to. You will be so grateful that you did and you will have so many wonderful stories to share and memories to keep as a result of all these exciting new experiences you will have.

3 You Will Grow As A Person

Nothing will teach you more about yourself than leaving your world of comfort and security. Taking a walk on the wild side and moving away from your established world will make you grow in ways you didn’t and couldn’t even imagine to be possible. You will learn how to be alone and how to be independent. You will learn to network and also to count on yourself. You will learn about who you want to be and what you have to do to get there. Moving away will teach you so many invaluable lessons that will help you to grow and expand as a person. It will teach you all about what makes you smile, what makes you mad, what makes you sad and what truly makes you happy. It will teach you about what you value and who your true friends are. Moving away and starting over afresh is no easy task, but it will offer you countless lessons of growth and maturity.

2 Be Whoever You Want To Be

This is the time when you can completely reinvent yourself. Always wanted to be a ballroom dancer? Well, take up lessons without worrying about anyone teasing you for it. Always wanted to learn Spanish? Pick a city where you can! When you move to a new place you have the chance to start over again. Everything is completely fresh and new and not a soul knows you. You can become the person that you’ve always wanted to be without anyone criticizing you for acting "differently." There are no limits when you embark on this new journey so milk it for all that it is worth! Have you hated being called “Lizzie” since you were a little girl? Switch to Elizabeth and it will stick! Always wanted to be a painter but no one back at home really supported you? Go out and paint and make new friends that believe in you! Be whoever it is that you want to be…there is no one here to judge you or disapprove. You’re the only person that you have to answer to. And if someone you meet along the way doesn’t like it, that’s totally okay. You can choose to make different friends that fit in with the person you want to be.

1 Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The biggest reason of all: moving to a new city will push you outside of your comfort zone. And this is crucial for a healthy life. We are not meant to fall into routines of comfort and monotony for all of our lives. Life is so much bigger and more encompassing than that and you deserve more out of it. All the magic happens just outside of your comfort zone. There is a whole vast world waiting for you just on the other edge. So, go ahead and take the leap! You will be grateful that you did it. Sometimes it’s hard to see beyond the blinders that we wear in our everyday lives, running through the same motions of our everyday routines. Simply packing up and moving to a new city will change all of that. You will look at everything with a fresh new perspective and a new set of eyes will see the world and all of its magical beauty. Take a step away from your comfort zone and enjoy the enchantment of the incredible world that surrounds you!

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