15 Reasons To Date Someone Who Doesn't Speak Your Language

If you've never dated someone who doesn't speak English as a first language, then you might not be aware of how interesting it can be and how much you can benefit from it. Sure, it might sound a bit challenging. Okay, it might sound really challenging. But that's not necessarily a bad thing! Sometimes dating someone who doesn't speak your language means that they are a visitor or new to this country, and sometimes it means that you yourself are spending time in a foreign country, you lucky girl you. Don't shy away from the experience simply based on the fact that it could get weird. Life is weird, but trying new things is often the most fun part of life. Whether or not it ends up being a serious relationship that doesn't really matter. Either way, there are some fun perks and interesting moments that you will experience. Here are 15 different reasons to consider dating someone who doesn't actually speak your language.

15 You Can Learn Their Language

One pretty obvious reason to date someone who doesn't speak your language is that they might be able to help you learn their language. Bonus points if it's a language that you've been dying to learn since forever. Learning a new language is more challenging as an adult than it is for kids, but full immersion is one of the best ways to do it. When you're fully immersed in a different language or culture there isn't space or time to back out of it or ask questions in your own language. You basically have to pick up the pace and get serious about locking it in -- otherwise, you'll be an outsider forever. Of course, one way to do this would be to go to another country that speaks another language. You can also take language immersion classes where the teacher isn't going to speak anything but the new language. But dating someone who doesn't speak your language sounds like a pretty fun way to learn a new language, too!

14 You Communicate Via Body Langauge

If you don't understand the words that are coming out of each other's mouths, you'll probably be doing more communicating with your body language. This isn't always on a physical level, but yeah, that definitely counts, too. You might be more likely to hold hands, kiss, look into each other's eyes, and do other little things that demonstrate that you're thinking nice thoughts about them. All of those things would be nice in a lot of relationships, but in this case, they're absolutely necessary because without them you might not really know what's going on. The same thing will happen in the bedroom as well, you'll be connected on a different level physically. Without the talking about what's going on or what you like in bed, there will be an increase in paying attention to the other person's physical body responses to what you're doing. A lot of this stuff gets overlooked, but the physiological things that happen to the body during sex and intimacy are pretty interesting.

13 You Can Be Inspired To Travel

If you're dating someone who doesn't speak your language, they're most likely from another country, and they might inspire you to visit that place. If you really like them, you might even be inspired to visit it with them. When someone comes from somewhere different than you, they have a whole different outlook on life in general, and there's no better way to experience this than to see their home country through their eyes. If you travel back home with them, you will see them in their element which will be fascinating (and probably shocking in some ways, too). Traveling with a partner is a good thing to do in a relationship anyway since it's a great test to see how well you get along. This applies even for weekend trips to wine country, but add on the added stresses and complications of international travel and you're in for a real adventure.

12 It Will Be A Challenge

Dating someone who doesn't speak your language is definitely not going to be easy, but that's okay. Maybe you need a challenge in your life. If you tend to get bored in relationships or just haven't been super interested in anyone lately, dating someone who speaks another language can be an exciting twist on the regular dynamic. Challenges are good for us because they make us step up the plate in different ways, as well as be faced with the fact that we don't know everything there is to know. When we're never challenged we can even start to get a little rigid or arrogant in our beliefs, because we literally see the world in one way that's the right way. However, that's rarely the whole truth or even a large part of it, because the next person who's even slightly different might have a totally different opinion or a different way of looking at the same situation. We don't always like this because it means change, but it makes us more developed, more interesting, and more tolerant humans.

11 It Seems Exotic

You can't deny the fact that dating someone who speaks another language sounds a little exotic and exciting. No one is saying that you have a fetish for the exotic or something, and if that's what was happening it would probably have the potential to get a little weird, but everyone likes to spice things up from time to time. Accents alone can be super hot, so listening to someone talk in a totally different language can definitely be music to your ears. There does tend to be some stereotypes about the exotic foreigner who sweeps the girl off her feet and becomes some sort of once in a lifetime lover. This might be true, and it might not be. There's probably something associated with the concept that foreign people are often in our lives for shorter periods of time, which makes any relationship seem safer and romantic. If he's going back to his home country at the end of the year you already know that your time is limited so what the hell, no holding back necessary.

10 He'll Be Different From Your Ex

Dating someone who speaks a different language probably means that he will be delightfully different than your ex. Your ex might have seemed like he spoke a foreign language in the sense that he was a real jerk who couldn't communicate to save his life, but this guy is different. This guy can communicate just fine, he just can't quite do it with the same words as you. Totally different scenario. Although to be fair, you might not actually know whether he would be a good communicator if you spoke the same language, since at the moment you still do not speak the same language. Hmmm. Whatever. If he seems like a nice guy and he's treating you well, maybe it doesn't really matter what he's saying. You'll be so distracted trying to figure it out that you definitely won't be thinking about your ex-boyfriend, that's for sure. The person who doesn't speak your language can be a great distraction for moving on and finally getting someone else out of your life.

9 You Can Intro Your Culture

If someone does not speak your language they probably aren't super familiar with your culture either, which means that you get to be the one to show them stuff. Food comes to mind. You do know that most of the packaged foods and candy we have here are not in other countries, right? They've got their Nutella, but maybe he's never had Pringles or Reese's or whatever other very American snack foods you might love. Of course, there's some non junk food to introduce him to as well (like vegan nuggets, maybe). There are really endless American things that you should can delight (and disgust) a foreigner with. Fairs, water parks, maybe even your favorite fitness class. So much stuff is going to be different than they are used to be seeing, and you get to be the one to try and explain why things they are the way they are to someone who has no clue. Heck, you can even pretend that not interesting things are actually cultural significant if you want. Show him everything there is to see.

8 You Don't Have To Deal With Any Crap

Just kidding... sort of. If there's a language barrier between you and the guy that you're dating, then, of course, that means that communicating is going to be a bit tough, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It actually might make what you choose to communicate about more specific since it requires more of an effort. That means fewer petty fights about nothing because, well, who has the effort to do that with a language barrier?! Talk about confusing. When you don't speak the same language, you'll have to get to the heart of the matter quickly when something comes up, which can make the relationship a lot more straightforward. This also goes in the direction of communicating about the good stuff as well. Basically, you are going to be saying what you really mean and not much other fluffy stuff because a lot of jokes and sayings don't even translate between languages.

7 Watching TV Becomes A Study Session

For people trying to learn a language, watching TV in a foreign language is actually a really great way to do it. If he's visiting from another country, he probably has at least some intention of picking up some English. There's a big difference between how people speak in a classroom setting and how they speak on the street, as you probably know already. Language classes aren't going to teach you a lot of relevant slang or other necessary casual ways of talking. Not to mention that there are all kinds of words that aren't exactly slang but aren't going to be in the dictionary quite yet. Imagine how confusing it would be for a foreign person to try and understand the words we use to discuss social media. We write on Facebook walls but not normal walls, because that's either graffiti or it will make landlords angry. We follow people on Instagram but in life that's generally considered stalking and punishable by the law. Interesting, right?!

6 There's More Eye Contact

When you're trying to understand each other, making eye contact will be even more important than usual. The good thing about making more eye contact is that it is super hot, and it's an important part of a new relationship, too. We communicate a lot of things through our eyes, particularly love and lusty feelings. Spending more time making eye contact with people can speed up and intensify the feelings of bonding and falling in love as well, so hope you like this guy. It's actually a really good marker of whether you like someone or not, how willing you are to spend time looking into their eyes. Think about it, you do whatever you can to avoid making eye contact with that annoying guy at the gym because once you do he'll never leave you alone again. When some people make direct eye contact with you, it makes you feel exposed and uncomfortable... and it can even feel super creepy since you can feel like they're seeing into your soul or something. And then with other people, eye contact feels simply wonderful. Funny how that works.

5 Multilingual People Are Smart

If he speaks more than one language, he might be a pretty smart dude. Even if he doesn't speak English all that great, he still might speak multiple languages. Some continents have a ton of different languages being spoken in close proximity so people grow up being able to travel and interact with more foreign people. And some countries just place a higher importance on learning other languages than we do. But whatever he speaks, he'll be smart, because being bilingual actually changes the brain in some pretty powerful ways, like improving cognitive skills that don't even have to do with language at all, as well as decreasing the risk of developing dementia in old age. When someone is bilingual the brain seems to keep both language systems activated at all times, but instead of this becoming a distraction to the brain it actually requires the brain to deal with internal conflict faster so it can become more productive.

4 You'll Know Whether You Like Him

When it's challenging to date someone, that means that you figure out pretty quickly whether you even like them or not. The fact is that when you really like someone you'll make the effort, and when you don't, you won't. If someone doesn't speak your language and you're not wildly attracted to them you'll probably be all, "WTF am I doing???" pretty quickly. But if you're inspired to make it work, then that really tells you that you actually like this guy and that you are willing to put in the energy and effort. Not that you always know exactly why you feel inspired to make things work. But you'll figure that out because you always do. When you can be sure that you really like a guy, that can be super helpful because you won't need up wasting time falling for the wrong person. If you do realize that he's the wrong person, of course, you can be on your way.

3 Your Next Relationship Will Seem Easy

Dating someone who doesn't speak the same language as you can make your next relationship seem easy. Relatively. Sort of. Not that you're necessarily doomed with this foreign guy, but yeah, technically if he isn't the one, then your future is already clear. That's just how it works. But if you can deal with dating someone who doesn't speak the same language as you and you can still communicate fairly okay, when you switch over to someone who does speak the same language as you then communicating should be a piece of cake. From your end at least. But seriously being exposed to communicating with a foreigner for a while you might pick up on some body cues and other types of nonverbal communication that will stick with you. You might be able to tell when someone likes you faster just by what you see in their eyes, or you might get better at detecting lying. All of that is helpful for any kind of relationship, even dealing with strangers at the grocery store.

2 There's Less Pressure

If you're dating someone from another country who has plans to go back there, there is going to be less pressure on the relationship overall. Who knows you could fall in love and end up wanting to move there, but that's probably not something that you need to think about now. Right now all you have to do is be in the moment with this person, since the moment is all that you have. Technically that's true no matter what sort of relationship we're in but we're pretty good at forgetting that and getting caught up in where things are going or what's going to happen down the line. This can actually be a good reminder that being a little more relaxed in relationships gives them the freedom that they need to evolve into the wonderful things that they can be. When you aren't worried, you'll be more open, more relaxed, more adventurous, and more willing to let someone into your heart. Time will tell if they stay there.

1 You Get To Be A Tourist In Your Own City

Dating someone from another country gives you the really awesome treat of being a tourist in your own city. How many days do you just go about your regular business not enjoying the sites or thinking about how wonderful this place is? You might not even know how wonderful this place is because perhaps you yourself were never given the tourist treatment. You're definitely going to learn things about the place you live, which is a nice bonus of this type of relationship. There are bound to be things that you never knew about your city or town, no matter how large or small it is, or how long you've lived there. You'll find secret spots or cool hikes or stores you never heard of before... and you will probably go to more restaurants than you normally would. Or you might figure out that you hate it and try to run away with this cute non-English speaking man by your side. Either way, it sounds like a pretty good deal.

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