15 Reasons To Be Jealous AF Of Blake Lively

Let’s all state the obvious: Blake Lively is a goddess living among us mere mortals. There are a million reasons to be jealous of her. Okay, maybe not a million, but there are certainly quite a few reasons that Blake evokes envy in so many of us.

First of all, she is blessed with some pretty incredible genes. Money and fame can buy certain things but they can’t change your DNA makeup, of which Blake won the lottery. If you want some proof of her excellent genes, check out her head of hair. It’s the thing of legends. Honestly, there might be folk songs sung about Blake’s hair 1,000 years from now. It wouldn't surprise us.

Besides being classically good looking and having an amazing body, Blake is also successful as hell. She’s starred on a hit television show, critically acclaimed films and box office hits. Oh, and her hubby isn’t doing so bad himself. Imagine being married to Ryan friggin' Reynolds. Life can literally not get any better for Blake Lively.

To top everything off, Blake has remained humble and sweet throughout her career. We could hate her because she has the most amazing hair in the world and legs that are 100 feet long. However, every time she gives an interview we fall a little more in love. She’s goofy, personable and sweet. We want to be her best friend and be her. It's all so confusing. Below are 15 reasons why we should all be jealous AF of Blake Lively, queen of great hair everywhere.

10 Her Glorious Hair

Blake Lively may have the most perfect hair in Hollywood. That is saying a lot, but we really mean it. Yes, Jennifer Aniston, Sofia Vergara, and Selena Gomez are all hair goddesses in Hollywood, but Blake Lively is the queen of them all. Her signature hair consists of long, blonde locks. She’s usually rocking a relaxed, wavy style, which matches her whole California beach babe vibe.

She also isn’t afraid to experiment with her hair. She’s done sleek straightened looks, up dos, braids, and ponytails. She’s also experimented with both red and brown hues. Of course, these colors look great on her, but we’re totally partial to her blonde hair. It just matches her bright personality.

We understand that she has a team of stylists behind her hair, but it’s still a great head of hair regardless of stylists or not. Skilled stylists can only do so much. Blake’s hair is naturally great, made only better by the fact that she has trained specialists working on it. This combination of genetically great hair coupled with the best stylists in Hollywood results in Blake having the most perfect hair ever.

9 Her Never Ending Legs

Blake Lively’s legs are one of the many reasons why she can easily be confused with a Victoria’s Secret Angel. We’d kill for her body, which is both slim, athletic and curvy. How she manages to have keep soft curves, a slender build and athletic look, without being too muscular, is beyond us. Considering the fact that she confesses to eating chocolate every single day, we’re thinking it has to do with great genes… the same genes that gave her that head of hair. We’re totally jealous that Lively’s two daughters will inherit these amazing genes. Spread the wealth, girl!

Her body is one of the hottest in Hollywood and that has something to do with her legs that seem like they don’t end. Her tanned legs are endless, which helped her rock all the mini-dresses she wore while playing Serena van der Woodsen. This leads us to our next point…

The Fact That She Played Serena van der Woodsen

Ugh, to be the star of Gossip Girl. We’re not jealous. We swear. She only got to star on one of our most beloved CW shows of all time.

Being on a show that was deliciously judgmental, shallow and materialistic must have been even more fun than watching said show. Playing a character like Serena allowed her to experience a life and personality that Lively has most likely never embraced before. She was able to be a catty gossip and we can only imagine how much fun that must have been to play. It was pure escapism to both watch and create.

To those who read the book, Serena was an icon. She was the kindness to Blair’s malice. She was carefree to Blair’s perfection. She is described as wearing stockings with a hole in them, but making it look like the most chic thing in the world. That was Serena, a hole in her stockings and all.

Other than getting to play a character on such an extreme show, the joy was also in the wardrobe. All the clothes that every character on Gossip Girl wore were enviable, but especially so Serena. They were high fashion and fabulous. Perhaps only Sex and the City could rival Gossip Girl in the wardrobe department. Now, imagine wearing fabulously chic clothes as part of your job. Yep, we’re totally jealous of Blake.

8 She's Married To This Guy

If you need a moment to calm yourself after seeing that GIF, we don't blame you. Ryan Reynolds is one of the hottest hunks in Hollywood. That’s just a basic fact. Besides being handsome as hell, his body is smokin’. I mean, look at those abs. Seriously, look at them again, because life is short and we should all stare at Ryan Reynolds' abs all day. Oh, and he’s utterly hilarious, successful and basically perfect. Yeah, we’re not jealous of Blake being married to one of the most perfect guys in the world. Nope, not at all.

In 2016, Ryan Reynolds propelled himself even further into superstardom with his hit Deadpool. Starring in a superhero franchise is a no brainer for someone with his physique. He was simply made to play a superhero. However, the fact that he found an irreverent, hilarious superhero to play was very fitting. The film pulled in a whooping $760 million in the box office, officially breaking Reynolds out of the romantic comedy leading man roles and into the box office star roles.

7 And He's Obsessed With Her

It’s one thing to be married to Ryan Reynolds, it’s a whole other thing for Ryan Reynolds to be so completely obsessed with you that it makes the rest of the world weep. Yes, everyone should love their spouse and stuff, but Ryan and Blake take it to a level far beyond. First of all, just Google the pair and you’ll find a million photos of the pair gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. That’s their basic red carpet move, just looking like the most in love people ever. Oh, for Ryan Reynolds to gaze at us that way. We’d melt.

He also says things like above, in interviews all the time. We’d be happy if someone as sexy as Ryan Reynolds looked twice at us. We’d be overjoyed if he dated us or married us. But, for him to be so head over heels with Blake is just pure insanity. It induces a level of envy that we can’t even put into words.

6 And She Hooked Up With Leo

Not only is she married to Ryan Reynolds, but she also dated some Hollywood hunks before settling down with her hubby. She dated her Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley for quite some time. This was adorable, until the pair split up but still had to play onscreen lovers. In fact, their Gossip Girl counterparts even end up together on the show, despite the fact that they had broken up IRL way before.

Penn Badgley is adorbs and all, but Leo DiCaprio is basically the king of Hollywood men. When it comes to leading men, he’s it. Not only is he handsome as hell but he’s also talented and majorly successful. He’s even finally gotten an Oscar to prove it. Blake dated Leo back in 2011, when the world was like, 'let's make one of the hottest couples ever.' The pair parted ways after a measly five-months together, but five months with Leo is better than a lifetime without Leo.

She dated Jack Dawson and for that, we’ll be jealous forever.

All The Cool Events She Goes To

Blake Lively is a unique celebrity because of all the different worlds she fits into, and thus all the different events she gets invited to. There are, of course, her movie premieres. Attending these must be fun because she’s, quite literally, the star of the show. Some of her films premiere to film festivals, such as Cannes. Festivals such as this one are attended by the Hollywood elite, but also the art and fashion elite as well. Luckily, Blake totally fits into all of these communities. In fact, she’s a fashion darling, because duh. Everything looks good on her. Blake even has the seal of approval from Anna Wintour, which is huge.

Perhaps of most jealous event moments was when she was invited to a White House dinner earlier this year. If sitting down to break bread with Barack and Michelle Obama, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively isn’t your idea of the best dinner ever, we don’t know what is. Long story short, Blake is invited everywhere and we want to go too.

She Bounces Back From Every Mistake

Blake Lively is not perfect. Despite evidence to the contrary, she’s just as human as the rest of us. She’s even made quite a few blunders while in the spotlight to prove her humanity.

Like many other young scarlets coming up in Hollywood these days, Blake had nude photos leaked. We’re certainly not jealous of that per se. Having your private photos leaked to the public is embarrassing and painful. We can’t even imagine what an experience that must have been for Blake. However, she kept her head held high throughout the scandal.

Blake also launched and shut down a lifestyle blog. With ambitions to be a Gwyneth Paltrow/Martha Stewart hybrid, Blake fell flat and ended up shutting down her blog, named Preserve. She chalked this up failure to her desire to wear too many hats and spread herself too thin in life. Her ability to admit defeat is something we also envy.

Basically, we’re just jealous that Blake is human and can preserve in a graceful manner. Let us all be this classy through our mistakes and shortcomings.

5 She Makes Pregnancy Look Chic AF

Blake Lively looks better pregnant than most of us look every single day. How is she human? It actually borderlines on annoying that Blake can look so drop dead gorgeous all while making a baby in her belly.

Throughout both pregnancies, Blake carried all of the weight in only her stomach. Her face looked unchanged and the rest of her body looked thinner than most people who aren’t even pregnant. Oh, and to top it off, Blake never let her pregnancy get to her fashion sense. She wore couture gowns to red carpet events like it was no biggie. She wore mini-dresses. She wore five-inch heels. Blake Lively didn’t let a little thing like making a baby in her body slow her down from being fashionable.

Sure, Blake had a team to help her look this fabulous, but the fact that she only carried in her belly and bounced back to her pre-baby body in no time is, again, genes. Kim Kardashian has a whole glam squad, who can help her look beautiful. However, she famously gained baby weight everywhere. We praise both women for being beautiful mothers, but we’re just saying that even fame and riches can’t buy you the one of those chic pregnancies that Blake has.

4 All Of Her Co-Stars Ever

Girlfriend gets to act with some of the hottest guys in Hollywood and we’re jealous. On Gossip Girl, she got to spend 6 seasons acting with Chace Crawford. On top of that, he was often her love interest on the show. Between his hair, his eyes and his body, there’s really nothing not to like about Chace so we’re completely jealous of her for getting to fake make out with him. Oh, sorry, let us correct that: We're completely jealous of Blake for being paid to fake make out with the likes of Chace Crawford. She also starred with her future hubby in Green Lantern, and Taylor Kitsch in Savages.

Most recently she starred with Michiel Huisman and Harrison Ford in The Age of Adeline. Even if Harrison Ford is older now, he’s still Han Solo, the hottie of all that is Star Wars. Basically, she’s married to a sexy guy and her job is to hookup with sexy guys on the big screen. Our jobs don’t have nearly as many perks.

3 Her Style All The Time

Blake Lively looks good in everything. Seriously, everything. She can make a pair of jeans look so chic that they’re red carpet appropriate. To a dinner at the White House, she wore a dress that could only be described as a fashionable silk robe and she looked better than anyone else ever. She’s just one of those celebrities who seems to have a natural style and way with clothing. She’s been on countless magazine covers and even landed the coveted cover of Vogue’s first ever Best Dressed Edition.

For the most part, her style seems to come from the fact that she never appears to be trying too hard. Even when she’s wearing a ball gown, she has this ‘oh, this old thing’ way about her. We all have a friend who can wear anything, but Blake Lively takes it to another level. Oh, yeah, and how does she walk in those heels? What are all her secrets for being this amazing?

She's Maintained Some Privacy

Yes, Blake Lively is in the public eye, but she’s actually managed to keep a semblance of privacy. It’s not the same privacy that you and I may enjoy, but she’s built a wall and enjoys much more privacy than other celebrities of her stature.

If you think about Jennifer Aniston, for example, she is someone who is picked apart by the media. When it comes to Jen, the media are like zombies. They pick at anything involving Jen. While they love a good Blake story, they don’t go to far lengths for it. This may be due to her social media accounts.

She posts personal photos to Instagram all the time. Unlike other celebs, she doesn’t use her account to push a brand, like Jessica Alba with Honest or Reese Witherspoon with Daper James. Blake’s Instagram seems to be a window into her personal life. Through that she shares what she wishes with the public, while keeping the rest private. Uh, if we were rich, famous and beautiful, this is the exactly level of privacy we’d love to maintain.

She Can Cook And She Loves To Eat

She can act. She’s successful in both her personal and private life. She has the hair of 100 angels. On top of all of this, she can cook too. How is this fair? Well, quite frankly, it’s really not, but all we can do is sit here and be jealous of her.

Her Instagram is almost a food diary, where Blake posts finer food she makes and the occasional mac-n-cheese. Guys, she makes mac-n-cheese just like us! On that, she is a bit like us in her eating habits. She loves sweets, cheese, and pizza. A girl after our own hearts. However, that's where the similarities end. Blake's confessed to not needing to watch what she eats. Uh, what? Yes, she has those legs without worrying about what she eats. Of course, things way have changed since giving birth to her two daughters, but she still has an amazing metabolism.

2 She's Not Even 30

Guys, she’s not even 30. I repeat, she’s not even 30. Ugh, how does one achieve such success at such a young age? She’s been on a hit television show. She’s been in both critically acclaimed and box office success movies. She’s a fashion icon and has appeared on several magazine covers, including the fashion magazine of all fashion magazines, Vogue. She’s married and has two children. With all of this success, both professionally and personally, it’s hard to imagine when she has time to sleep.

Most of us have difficulty splitting our time between binge-watching Stranger Things and going on weird dates with guys we'll never have a second date with. Should we all be this successful by 30? Nah, girl. If you still order too much food from Grub Hub on a credit card that’s nearly maxed out, that’s fine. We clearly can’t all be Blake Lively. Though, we all can be totally jealous of her.

1 Her Glorious Hair, Again

We can’t stop thinking about her hair and why should we? Look at it! It’s hair that can make everyone jealous. It’s effortless beautiful and looks good in any style from any time period. She can pull off a sophisticated look from the ‘50s, a more relaxed, free look of the ‘60s and ‘70s, and the stylized curls of the ‘20s. There is nothing is hair cannot do.

Blake does a lot to take care of her mane between appointments with stylists. She claims that she puts mayonnaise and coconut oil in her hair to keep it healthy. She also claims that salt water works wonders for her hair. These are all secrets that we’ve heard before, but for whatever reason, when Blake says it, we listen.

Of course, we could rub a tub of mayo in our hair and it wouldn’t quite give us Blake Lively hair. We’ll just have to be jealous forever. Blake Lively is the living definition of #hairgoals. And #bodygoals, #fashiongoals, #husbandgoals, #pregnancygoals. Ugh, Blake Lively is #lifegoals and we all just have to deal with not being her.

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