15 Reasons Summer Is The Worst When You're A TV Addict

Raise your hand if you're a TV addict. Your hand is totally up there, right? It's pretty common to love television these days, and who can blame us? It's The Golden Age of Television, after all, as everyone keeps telling us. But that is never truer than right now. We've got streaming services like Shomi and Crave (if you're in Canada), Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. There are channels galore and you can buy TV seasons on iTunes to watch on Apple TV... and, yeah, you can go super old-school and buy DVDs (yes, those things still exist). But there's a time when your TV addiction and obsession gets a little bit out of hand and can be a lot more harm than good. And that's summertime -- aka the sunny season, we're finally in. Here are 15 reasons summer is the worst when you're a TV addict.

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15 You Never Go Outside

Here's the thing: when you love TV, you have to come to terms with that fact. It means you're not going to be spending a ton of time outdoors... since, you know, your TV is inside. Whether you have an actual television set or watch on your MacBook, you pretty much have to be inside. So it's the worst. All people do is talk about heading outdoors in the summer months and all the activities revolve around that, from barbecues to birthdays to everyday celebrations. Your friends are starting to notice that you'd rather stay in on a Friday night and watch the new season of Orange Is The New Black than grab pints of sangria on a patio. Oops. You can't help it, though -- you're a TV addict, so that means you don't spend as much time in the sunshine as everyone else, and that's just unfortunately the way that it goes.

14 There Are Too Many Shows

This can be a bad thing, even though it might not seem like it at all. You pretty much want to watch everything. There are so many new shows on every different platform, from everything that Netflix puts out to new seasons of the Real Housewives to the new show your coworker is freaking out about. The problem? You can't watch them all, of course. Not unless you want to quit your day job and stop being friends with all your friends and become a complete recluse... which you probably don't want to do. You get totally overwhelmed by all these options and you honestly feel like you're going to be a total and utter failure if you don't keep up with all the new shows.

13 You Get Super Lazy

It's not too hard to get super lazy when it's the summer and all you want to do is catch up on your shows. There's just so much great content and it's too easy to order some pizza, grab a pint of your fave flavor of ice cream and maybe some red wine (sounds like a weird combo but it's actually pretty amazing) and curl up for the night. You don't really want to be this person who can't stop watching television every single night, whether it's a Tuesday evening or a Saturday, but this is your life now... at least for the next few months. There's something about long summer afternoons and evenings that make you want to watch way more TV than usual. Maybe it's the heat, not being lazy. Yup, that's totally what it is. That's your story and you're sticking to it.

12 You're Torn All The Time

Your friends want you to head to a local beach this weekend. It does sound like tons of fun: lots of food, beer, swimming, lying on the sand, walking with your feet in the water and the cool, salty ocean breeze in your face and hair. Pretty much summertime bliss, right? Well, not so fast. You can't exactly say yes to the invite, even though you would love it. And why is that? Because you were planning to watch your new favorite show this entire weekend. You try to tell your friends what the show is and why it's taken over your life so much, but they're not super interested in listening because they don't understand why you don't want to hang out. You still love them, you really do, but honestly, this TV show is looking a whole lot more appetizing. After all, you know what's going to happen at your friend group hangouts... but TV is always a total mystery.

11 You're Never Social

You just can't force yourself to go out anymore. Happy hour drinks on patios are a thing of the past, you never see your friends, and you pretty much only get some social interaction through your social media feeds. You're never social when it counts -- you never seem to see any of your friends and fam in real life over the summer -- but you do chat with others on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook about your favorite new summer shows. But although there is, of course, a "social" part of social media, somehow it's just not the same. Oh yeah, because you're not really getting any real human interaction, which feels so much more satisfying and makes you so much happier than just going on Instagram. At least in the fall, winter and spring, you're never so addicted to TV that you stop seeing your friends, so you pretty much look forward to the cooler months, even though that does make you a bit crazy.

10 You Always Have A Hangover

A TV hangover, that is. Not sure that that's a thing? Oh, but it totally is. and you're pretty much always multi-tasking. You watch TV while looking up recaps and reviews of that particular episode on websites. You're always on the lookout online, checking to see if any other superfans have any theories. You're always coming up with your own theories, wondering if your wishes are going to come true, and you often get so emotionally attached to the characters and storylines that you're completely exhausted when you wake up in the morning. It pretty much feels like a hangover. But you didn't join your besties for some wine on a patio, you stayed in and watched too many hours of television instead. Pretty much the worst. You would have preferred to have joined them, but again, your hands are pretty much tied when it comes to your TV addiction in the summer months.

9 There Are Different Kinds Of Shows

Here's the thing: of course at any given time during the year, you can watch a Netflix-exclusive drama, a reality show, or a network comedy. But in the summer months, from June until August, there are so many different kinds of shows. You have Freeform creating amazing content like the 1980s-set summer camp horror show Dead Of Summer and the reality series Monica the Medium. You have new shows on Netflix like Orange, of course, but also the upcoming supernatural show Stranger Things starring Winona Ryder. You just have so many different entertainment options, and it's hard to give them up. It really is. Plus you work so hard, you totally deserve a break every once in a while (as in every night of the week).

8 You Don't Want To Go On Vacation

June, July, and August are pretty much prime time for taking time off work, right? You and your fam or boyfriend are able to get away for a week or two and head to a cottage, the lake, the beach, or somewhere even more magical and exotic. The problem with you? Yeah, you're such a television addict that when summertime appears, you love the idea of long lazy lake days, lying on a dock and reading a chick lit novel, chatting with your best friends over glasses of chilled Chardonnay, backyard barbecues... but you love your TV even more. You really, really do. You just can't possibly leave your everyday routine (aka your TV watching) to go on a trip, even if it's just a quick two-day road trip on the weekend. Plus if you do go on a trip, you're just going to watch TV there too, and you're going to miss out. So you think it makes much more sense to just stay put.

7 You Feel Pressured To Get Active

In the winter, sure, you want to go to yoga or barre classes or run on a treadmill -- whatever floats your fitness boat is what you're looking for on a regular basis since, of course, that's what makes up a healthy lifestyle. But in the summertime? Yeah, you feel super pressured to get active. Your workouts definitely take a backseat when you watch so much television. You don't want to go to your classes at night since that's prime TV time, and you don't want to go on the weekends because, hey, you want to sleep in and morning classes don't sound super great most of the time, but especially in the summer when you want to feel all free and happy. There's just something about the nice weather that makes you feel so awful and guilty for staying indoors, but again, you can't help your obsession, so that's just the way that it goes.

6 You Get Overwhelmed

Honestly, it may sound super silly, but being totally overwhelmed when it comes to your entertainment options is pretty normal. If you're already pretty much in love with TV, then this is pretty much your go-to attitude, and it gets even worse during the summer months. Here's the thing: you have your list of shows that you know you want to check out this summer season. Then you go on your fave entertainment news websites and read a story about yet another show you have to watch... and repeat. Then you go to the office and your coworker is gushing about yet another series that they swear you have to watch. It all adds up, and it's really easy to get overwhelmed. You feel like there's never enough time, and it honestly makes you pretty worried.

5 Your Friends Recommend Too Much

When you're a proud TV addict, you tell pretty much anyone who will listen about your fave entertainment option. So your friends and family obviously know this fact about you, but every time you go on a first date, that guy better be interested in hearing all the crazy storylines of your latest TV addiction... or there's really going to be no second date. Just a fact. It's pretty awesome that your friends accept you for who you are in all your TV addicted glory. But the downside? They won't stop recommending shows for you to watch. Pretty soon you have a list about a mile long and you want to ask them to please stop telling you about their fave shows or what they're currently obsessing over because, hey, you're only one person and you can't possibly keep up with all this stuff. But that's not normal for a TV addict. So you're kind of stuck.

4 You Feel Scatter-Brained

Being scatter-brained is pretty much the worst. It tends to happen when you're pretty much always distracted, because when you're thinking about something other than what you're doing -- whether you're sitting in a meeting at the office or chatting with your best friends at happy hour -- you tend to feel pretty out of it. When it's the summer and you love TV as much as you do, you're going to feel like that pretty much all the time. You're going to always be thinking about the shows that you're watching, and your thoughts and mind will be totally consumed with storylines and characters and cliffhangers. You're going to feel like a crazy person, but hey, it's not your fault that you have so much TV to consume. It's TV's fault for being so good.

3 You Stay In With Your BF... Every Night

You've become that old, boring married couple... without actually being married, of course. It's not that you guys are super boring. Okay, maybe you are. But you just can't help but want to stay in every single night. The two of you are on so many different seasons of so many different shows, it kinds of makes your head spin, and while you could argue that being together so much in your own little private bubble has made your relationship stronger, you know the truth. The two of you are pretty much avoiding making the most of your summer season, and you feel guilty about all the things you're not doing. You feel like you're both missing out on so much, but you also can't bring yourself up off the couch to actually join in with the rest of society. Oops.

2 Netflix And Chill Is Your Life

If you're single, well, your dates pretty much consist of leaving your apartment to meet for a few beers... and then going back home with your date. But you're not doing what you're supposed to if you follow the whole Netflix and Chill idea. You're literally asking your date to watch TV with you. Sure, you're not totally opposed to some making out happening, but you're also not thinking that's the main purpose of the date or evening. You just really want to watch television. You think that if you could find a guy that is as much of a television addict as you, hey, it just might be true love... or at least summer love. Which we all know is a totally different thing.

1 You Get Bored

Okay. You never, ever thought this day would come. You? Bored with watching TV? What the heck? But yup, this day has definitely arrived because you've been stuck inside for so long, watching so many episodes that you've given binge-watching a new name, and you honestly want to do something else. You would give anything to give up your addiction and get outside, whether it's for a quick walk around your pretty and super green neighborhood, meeting your friends for some fries and cocktails, or doing just about anything else. You're pretty much tired of binge-watching (gasp!), tired of thinking about what's going to happen to your fave characters that you've become so attached to, and tired of feeling like your entire world is being consumed by these fictional people. You just might head to the great outdoors and actually enjoy your summer. But wait... you just have one more episode to watch first.

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