15 Reasons Miley Cyrus Is A Goddess

She came in like a wrecking ball and has been breaking down our preconceptions ever since. From her days as a Disney star, many of us have grown up alongside Miley Cyrus. We’ve seen her through her Hannah Montana days, back when we were eager to grow up and wear lip gloss just like her, all the way through to her current status as superstar celebrity. We’re still wishing we could be just like her too! From her fashion statements to her pets to her crazy yoga skills, Miley has been iconic in the pop world since first taking the stage. She’s taught us many things: how to have fun with your work, how to build the life you want, and most importantly, she’s always been outspoken about how it’s the best choice to be yourself. Doing what you think is right will get you far in life and will get you all the fame and fortune you want.

15 Happy Hippie Foundation

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One of the biggest things we love about Miley Cyrus is the fact that she uses her superstar superpowers for good, not evil. While some stars use their name to get reality tv shows and VIP club entrances, Miley has put her name, face, and heart into this great foundation. Supporting causes like BC Wolves habitat preservation, eradicating homelessness, destigmatizing mental health, and LGBT+/gender rights, Miley is proof that there’s still some good stars out there. The foundation itself has been going strong, and she’s made a real impact in the world. Her Instagram is also full of posts for the Happy Hippie Foundation, which is a brilliant marketing tool on her part. So much of the foundation works to improve things for the youth. Using Instagram as a marketing technique means she’s reaching out to youth as backers for this foundation work. Often youth have more of a drive and passion to help, especially when it’s people in their own age group. Miley has started a great foundation and a great success model. True goddess level stuff here.

14 She throws the best parties

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In one of our earlier articles, we outlined 15 of the craziest celebrity parties. Miley Cyrus came close to the top of the list with the stories about her 21st birthday party. Featuring music, food, and all the other typical party festivities, Miley made sure to have at least one feature item no one would ever forget. As any good superstar would, she had to ensure that people would keep talking about this birthday for a long time. In true Miley style, she decided that she would toe the border of “too weird.” And what better way to get weird than with cake? Only Miley could get away with requesting a larger-than-life size cake done in their likeness. It gets better too, with the cake being not a clothed representation, but a fully nude interpretation of Cyrus herself. Her cake kept at least some modesty, with illegal plant leaves covering all her more risque… Bits. Woah! She must be a Goddess to be able to have that sort of confidence.

13 Yoga

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Have you seen her yoga videos on Instagram?! WOW! She must practice for hours to be able to get into those types of poses. There is something magical about it, and it gives us some comfort knowing that it is not just registered yogis who can bend their bodies into such intricate configurations. While her lifestyle does offer more downtime to be able to devote to the practice, it is lovely to see her promoting yoga in a busy schedule. And it also inspires us to do the same. We are not saying you should drop all your leisure activities or give up sleep in order to learn how to fold yourself in half, but it is certainly inspiring. Some people have reported that they have started to develop a practice because of watching Miley’s videos. Only someone with true Goddess powers can do such a thing. We think this really adds to her image as a promoter of health and happiness. Great work, Miley!

12 When the going gets “ruff”...

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Miley has her pets by her side. No matter what’s happening in the world, she stays strong and takes care of her fur babies. Dogs, cats, rats, and everything in between! Animals are one of the things she’s passionate about, and this includes loving everything from her dogs to the wolves. For those that haven’t heard, lately, Miley has been incredibly outspoken regarding the preservation and restoration of the wolves’ habitats around the world. While we love that she’s working for a good cause, it shocks us to know how bad it’s gotten out there in nature. Environmental destruction should be a topic we all take more seriously than we actually do. It doesn’t just mean the end of other species; it could eventually mean the end of our species too. Many people don’t seem to understand this, and Miley is doing her best to bring this worry to light. Keep fighting, Miley. We’re all behind you on this one.

11 She sticks to her beliefs

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Gender and who you choose to love have been in the news a lot lately. Luckily the world is becoming a lot more accepting of those that identify with anything other than the cisgendered heteronorms, which we are happy to hear. Breaking down the binary is important in reaching greater understanding and acceptance in the world. Miley has been rainbow royalty, breaking down stereotypes and speaking out about assumptions and microaggressions. She is an ardent feminist, and through this supports all types of gender expression. She has also been open about who she chooses to love, and how she believes in supporting all different orientations. Her support during Pride was a great thing to see, and her support of the Black Lives Matter movement was also an important thing to note. Intersectionality in feminism and gender politics is an essential part of the conversation, and it is great to see Miley speaking out.

10 Her whole career

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Miley Cyrus is one of the rare childhood stars that have made their way into the adult zone without too much fuss or mess. While there were some issues regarding songs referencing drug use, and that disaster of an awards show performance with Robin Thicke, it definitely served to break her image as an innocent child star. We’ve seen a similar pattern with other stars too, from Lindsay Lohan to Amanda Bynes. Lucky Miley Cyrus has managed to keep a good head on her shoulders, making tactical choices and going for shock instead of getting locked up. Even if she has gotten into some legal trouble, it hasn’t been as permanently damaging to her reputation as it was for Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan. Maybe it’s because you can get away with more as a pop star instead of an actor, but who knows. We think Miley is just making smart choices that help her career instead of hindering it.

9 It’s all about the balance

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Miley knows how to work hard and play hard. Much of what she does takes place behind the scenes; who knows how much work goes into organizing appearances, talks, and music work. She has a big stake in all of her business doings, and she is not dumb. She has built up the Miley Cyrus brand, and she knows how to most effectively sustain it and grow it. She makes the choices for herself and manages to make some good ones. She also knows how to cut loose, though. From paparazzi shots of her nights on the town to Instagram photos of her puff-puff-relaxing, she has got a good balance going. Maybe it is all the yoga that keeps her sane, but we think she has actually managed to find the perfect balance between work and play. Even if she was not famous we would think that is incredible.

8 Those OUTFITS though

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Do you know anyone that could pull off the outfits that she wears? Bright colors make a pop of sparkle appear in even the darkest of venues. Sparkle and glitter makes her external self-shine as much as her internal self. Creative lines, shapes, and cuts bring intrigue and curiosity. Plus, all her crazy mix and match patterns. It’s like she gets dressed in the dark by a really cool contemporary artist, and it always looks good. Half of this is her confidence, though. She knows she has the body, style, and attitude to make anything work, and she owns that. Rocking all the old trends and all the new ones, she builds up a signature style that leaves us jealous… And excited to see what’s next! We’re always on the edges of our seats waiting for her next awards show, music video, or an episode of the voice. Just to see what she’s got on!

7 She’s a great teacher

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On the topic of The Voice, how excited are we that she’s been brought on as a coach?! Outgoing, creative, and unafraid to take a risk, she makes for a great teacher. Her students improve leaps and bounds when working with her, and we know how difficult it can be to teach people. Especially on a show like The Voice! You get a mix of talent and experience levels, and what works for one person might not work for another. This is very true when it comes to talent shows like this one, where the prior training spans from ‘not at all’ to ‘several decades’. Over the season, we watch her transform good performers into great performers, pulling out brilliant performances and show-stopping effects. Visually and vocally she manages to outdo herself constantly, and she becomes good friends while they’re at it. Working with Miley looks like a wonderful experience. And we all know it’s a sign of a good teacher when everyone wants to be taught.

6 Billy Ray Who?

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There’s a lot of talk about the pupil eventually teaching the teacher. Sometimes there’s pride, sometimes there’s resentment, but most of all there’s the idea of “what now?” When the teacher becomes replaced by their student, it can be a little heartbreaking for them. They might not know what to do with themselves until the next student comes along. But what happens when the teacher is your dad? Most parents want the best for their kids, and that includes Billy Ray. We can’t help but feel a little bad for him, though, watching his daughter rise to a fame level he could only dream of. Miley has been sweet and kind towards him, with none of the awkward teenage angst we see in other star/dad relationships. Miley is truly a goddess for being able to announce, perform, and accept at awards shows, all the while smiling and waving with her dad in mind.

5 Her real name… Is actually NOT Miley

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Miley comes from the name she was nicknamed with as a kid. Don't you just love that? It makes us feel like she is exactly just like us. It was a nod to her grin, because of how happy she was all the time, given to her by her friends and family. ‘Smiley’ was the moniker they dubbed her with, reinforcing her bright and bubbly cheer even later on in life. Originally named Destiny Hope, it was destiny that brought her to where she is today. But going on stage did not feel right without the right name backing her. She had it officially changed to Miley, a version of Smiley, and literally changed her ‘Destiny’. This explains a lot about her style, too. Her signature look is full of smiley faces and rainbows. In fact, her Happy Hippie Foundation’s trademark is a bright yellow happy face, with two H’s for eyes.

4 School’s Out For...Ever?

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Miley never actually went to a real school. As a kid, she was too busy building her career to be able to keep pace at a real grade school. Moving around from Canada and back to the states was difficult on her, as she wasn’t stable enough to put down any roots. As a young kid, she worked on the show her dad starred in, Doc, which started her on the path to becoming an actor. This show blossomed into Hannah Montana, as well as a few other shows, which then jump-started her singing career. She’s well educated, though, don’t get us wrong. It’s really incredible how well she’d managed to keep pace with her peers in learning the curriculum of traditional school while definitely not being in traditional school. It shows a great passion and perseverance on her part, which just adds to her love of knowledge. And we certainly have a great respect for her love of knowledge. This is part of the reason we keep Miley in our good books: everyone loves someone who loves to learn!

3 The Family Love

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The festive season came and passed, and it was a special sort of paparazzi that captured all the stars’ best shots this season: their families! Moms, Dads, brothers, and sisters acted as the photographers for all the family love these past holidays. Miley’s family had some especially adorable shots, with the Hemsworths and the Cyrus’s joining forces for some Christmas Eve Eve family time. It is not just on Christmas, though, that Miley is close with her fam. She and her dad are like two peas in a pod, and she is not afraid to show it. Billy Ray is possibly her biggest fan, and they are seen together all the time. It is refreshing to see a young star hold tight to her family values and to see her openly expressing her love for them. Especially this season, filled with all the family love as it is. We just love this!

2 Her Hair

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Oh my gosh. Can we take a minute and just bask in the glory that is Miley Cyrus’s hair? At every stage of her fame, she has managed to pull off a great hair look. From her Hannah Montana days with her long, curly locks, it was impossible to get hair as perfectly waved as that. Or so we thought! Miley’s hairdresser pulled off the impossible, and continues to pull off the impossible. Getting such perfectly bleach blonde hair is tricky. Toning, dying and highlighting all go into creating that perfect shade of bright. We never see too many roots, too. The cut is also perfect, with even shaving all the way around and just the right amount of fringe. We also love how many ways she can style it; from floppy and free to slick and slippery, every style seems to look good on Miley, no matter the season.

1 Her Music

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Finally, let’s talk about her music. Whether you love it or hate it, she’s had a lot of success. Commercially her songs have done very well, and her videos have seen a lot of discussions. From hits like "Party in the USA" to weird, stripped-down songs like "Dooo It", she’s caused quite a splash in the music scene. Her #1 singles get better and better, and it seemed like nothing she could do would ever do worse than top ten on the charts. Recently, however, she released a free album online. Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz, released back in 2015, was available for free streaming and download on Soundcloud. This album featured collaborations between some of Cyrus’s favorite artists and had a lot of original and experimental content on it. This seems to be a turning point for Cyrus, who ripped herself away from the commercial image she had built up… Again! Bravo, Miley, for following your dreams. You’re a goddess, and we can’t wait to see your next big plan.

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