15 Reasons Men Go For The "Thicker" Woman

This article has not been written to disregard or even put down females who are not thick. Both thick and thin girls alike can get it, we’ve seen it done before. But this article is going to praise the thicky thick girl because until recently, she hasn’t been given much play. Centuries ago, the voluptuous shape was favored, however in more recent decades, it has become a community that has gone underground. But now the thick girl party is resurfacing. The thick woman comeback is here to stay. And with this much thick, it won’t be easy to push it out the door. Since thick celebrities and models have been paving a way, men are also noticing the joys of being with a thick girl. This is not to say that men don’t gravitate towards thinner counterparts. Men enjoy the spice of life as much as we do, right ladies. So without further ado, let’s take a look at why men prefer thick women and see if you can’t find yourself in some of these entries.


15 Conjure goddess vibes

The thick woman reminds us of ancestry. She is round and soft, yet firm and strong. She is the woman who most closely resembles the goddess figures. The oldest worship in the world is that of the goddess. Goddess temples are few and far between these days, sadly due to male destruction and fear. A thick woman can use her bodies for that sort of congregation –she is a temple unto herself. Men are learning the delights of goddess worship and can find a thicker silhouette one that fits the image of the goddess. So conjuring the goddess doesn’t have to involve ceremony or ritual, it can be as easy as a man bowing down at the feet of a thick woman and being in awe.

14 Eating is sexy

The diet age needs to finish. Like now. This very instant. Eating is sexy. Why? Because eating is life. Remove food from the equation and it’s nothing but suffering and lack of nutrition. Food is life. Women who enjoy eating tend to be on the thicker side. No shame in that what-so-ever. Eating is bringing life to the body and at the same time making a beautiful body, too. Men have been turned on by food for centuries. Food has been used in the bedroom, too. There are plenty of food fetishes out there and a thick girl won’t be shy to bring that sort of game to the bedroom. A thick girl is a healthy girl, but she’s also got a healthy sense of self and sexuality.

13 Warm all year long

No one really enjoys being cold. While some people prefer colder weather, no one likes to stay cold for long periods of time. Enter the curves of a thick girl. Those curves are full of heat, they are inviting. They might even start a fire if people aren’t careful. Those curves might make one sweat a bit in the summer, but when winter comes around, everyone is glad to have a thick girl around. The thicker the better, too. With a thick girl, men can forego all the layers of clothing and sleep comfortably cuddled up to a body that’s toasty and thick. Men sleep like babies in the arms of a thick girl and who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep, wrapped up in warmth.

12 Laid-back


Men like food. Well, most do. And where there’s a hungry man, there’s an appetite to fulfill. With a thick girl, men can eat what they want and not have anyone judge. A thick girl is likely to join in, too. Not being afraid of food or forced into some bogus diet, a thick girl is chill and laid-back. She’s not likely to complain about how much sugar a guy puts in his coffee or if he wants a third slice of pizza. Thick girls tend to be more go with the flow, too. This is not to suggest that all thick girls can’t be a-type personalities, but they are less high strung than a thin girl. Being laid-back is a huge turn on for guys, so thick girls win this round, hands down.

11 Built in pillows

Yep, that’s right. A thick girl is a body pillow. This comment is not knocking thick girls. Actually, there’s so many positive things about being thick enough to have pillows. Whether it’s the chest pillow or the rump pillow, all men need a place to lay their heads. This can come in handy for certain occasions where the sleeping environment might be less than cozy. For instance, camping or lazy beach days. Even some travel situations require a pillow. And not just plan travel, but like extra long commute times. So having a thick girl around is like having a snuggly body within arm’s reach. It's not just convenient, but really cozy. What man isn’t gonna fall in love with all of that, now tell me.

10 Fun-loving


Not all thick girls are fun-loving, but the majority are. This is not to say that being bubbly and full of life go hand in hand with being thick. Of course, so much influences one’s character. But for the most part, thick girls are fun-loving. They are chill and like a good time. Why? Because they are into giving into life’s pleasures rather than allowing restrictions to dictate how they live life. Having a fun-loving personality does mean that the woman is into the good aspects of life. And men like a woman who’s happy to live, not angry about. Fun-loving thick girls are not just the life of the party, they are both life and party mixed together inside the roundness of a thick girl body.

9 Feels safe

Not that men need someone to protect them. But, yeah, sometimes they do. Just like women gravitate towards a man who is built or larger than they are, men can do the same thing. Who is to say only men can be the protectors? Have you not seen the fear a mother puts into the hearts of those trying to attack her babies? And we’re not just talking animal kingdom here. Women are protectors by nature. And nurturers, too. A thick body adheres to the large and in charge principal. Some men want to feel safe and it’s easy to feel that way with a thick girl. Plus, many thick girls have been known to throw down, so don’t get it twisted that she’s soft and easy to knock over.


8 Those breeding hips, tho

Taking the conversation back to goddess worship, the hips don’t lie. Men have always been inclined to select a woman for her hips. The ratio between hips, waist, and chest tells a lot about the women’s ability to breed. It has been this way since the dawn of time. It's also in the curvature of the spine which makes it easier for the woman to carry a baby. Therefore, when men choose a thick girl, he’s thinking not just about aesthetics, but he’s selecting based on what he ancestors did centuries ago. Men know just by look, that's how gifted they are in this category. And they know which women are more fertile than others. It’s coded on their DNAs. Without procreation, humankind would be at risk. Picking a thick girl to love, men are following the footsteps of their forefathers.

7 Cushion for the pushing

We won’t get too graphic here, but men seem to favor getting intimate with a thick girl. It’s much more attractive, so to speak. Of course, thick women have meat on their bones. And with that meat, they can perform quite well in the bedroom. They can manage pressure and weight in ways that a thin girl might not be able to. And thick girls know how to use their extra curves to put the hurt on a guy. Men have even claimed that they prefer a place between the legs of a thick girl versus a thin girl, but this is only a percentage of men. Hopefully, with the changing philosophies around beauty standards, men can find more and more thick girls on the rise.

6 More to love


Similar to more cushion for the pushing, men also like thick girls because there’s more to grab onto, more to handle, more to love. A thick girl’s body summons worship. It calls for adoration and supplication. With a thick women, men feel like they are in the presence of pure goddess energy. And in many ways they are. A thick girl loves life and she also wants to give that love back. She’s also into the idea of accepting tons of love, too. Thick is the new black is the new religion is the new everything. Thick means natural and when society realizes that women’s shapes should be soft, the amount of love from all walks of life will be much more obvious. Get into the thick girl craze.

5 The challenge

Don’t think that thick woman aren’t a challenge. Thick women have their standards, too. And some have extremely high standards at that. Thick girls don't play when it comes to what they want out of life. They make that well known. And it means rejecting a lot of things and people. It means creating challenges. Men love a good challenge. Which makes this pairing even more enticing. Going for a thick girl means the guy has put aside all preconceived notions about social concepts of beauty and size. He’s following his own instinct. And it’s led him to the heart of a thick girl. Good for the guy who’s not afraid to go for what he wants and try a bit of the thick girl pie. A thick girl can be a challenge, but in the best way possible.

4 Weight training


For those guys who want to keep in shape, going for a thick girl can maintain muscle tone both inside and outside of the bedroom. All one has to do is use a little creativity. Lifting a thick girl can be equivalent to hitting the gym, depending on the way in which she’s lifted and for how long. The couple can have fun with the idea of using body weight as resistance training. In the bedroom, there are plenty of ways a guy can get a little workout on with a thick girl. And even the thick girl can challenge herself in some positions for added health benefits. The thick girl is sturdy and she knows it. She’s not ashamed to be a set of weights for a guy who’s into physical fitness.

3 Ferocious appetites

Thick girls like to eat. Period. There’s no discussion here. It’s not a debate we’re putting on the table. It’s fact. And there’s nothing wrong with eating. Eating shows how much life one has because eating is a celebration of life. So while the thin girl might be afraid to eat or order big at a restaurant, you had better believe a thick girl is ready to throw down. This lends itself to a different type of appetite, too. For a woman who enjoys eating probably enjoys her fill of sexual treats, too. Men are aroused by the appetite of a thick girl and once they’ve had a taste, they can get hooked without much effort. Ferocious appetites are the thick girl's domain and a man likes to see how a little sass once in a while.

2 Snuggly af


Watching Netflix with a thick girl is bliss. It’s having extra layers of blankets and pillows, it’s having a personal heater, and it’s having a soft, plush stuffed toy. All of this in one package, the thick girl body. It's both heavenly and a little sinful, that's how good it is. Thick women are snuggly af and they know it. They pride themselves on how round their bodies are and how much men love to get buried in, between, and around. Snuggling is a couple’s saving grace for when the snuggle time is good, everything else sort of falls into place. Men adore the thick girl snuggle and it’s no wonder. With a body built to snuggle, it makes total sense guys would be all over this.

1 That backside, hello

Saving the best for last, quite literally. Men love big booties. It’s a fact. It’s even more trendy now than ever to love a girl with a big backside, but it’s been happening since forever. So it’s no surprise that the trend cycled back around and fell on the behind once again. Fashion turned the lovely lady lumps into bones and disregarded the thick woman for a long time, but all of that is changing. Men are coming out and claiming their love of big butts. They aren’t just claiming it, they are shouting it from mountain and rooftops. The thick girl comes out on top again. Big butts don’t lie and they tell us that men are happier with big bootied females. Since forever and all the way into the future.


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