15 Reasons Men Fall In Love With Good Girls

Men like to play with bad girls but when it comes to commitment nothing is better than a good girl to take home to mom. Good girls these days are even more desirable since there aren't so many of them around. In order for a man to commit to a woman he has to find qualities in her that are irresistible. A man wants to make sure that the woman he marries will be a good wife and a mother to his children and they believe a good girl possess these qualities. Good girls also have the ability to make a man feel comfortable and men value this in a committed relationship. This doesn't mean every good girl is always going to be perfect, this just means that they have their values in check. They know what qualities are important and what is needed in a lifelong partner. Check out the top reasons men can't resist a good girl!

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15 Loyalty

Staying loyal to him is super important because he wants to make sure his girl is always going to be by his side, no matter the circumstances. He wants to know that she's going to love him even when he's not at his best. There's going to come a time when he'll be sick and he knows he can rely on a loyal woman to take care of him during his time of need. It's easy to be there for people when they are at their best but he'll fall in love with you when you stand by him at his worst. A good girl will take care of her man and always stand by his side, even if she knows he's wrong. Showing everyone around him that you value him and will stick by him through thin and thick is a great way to make him fall in love with you.

14 Honesty is a good quality

For a man it is very important that the woman he chooses is honest with him. If she's hurt she's honest about her feelings giving the man a chance to fix his mistakes instead of letting it linger. She doesn't manipulate him to get what she's after and instead is upfront and truthful about her needs as to not confuse him. Men aren't great at figuring things out on their own and really do need a lot of guidance. Even telling one little lie can have a major effect on your relationship. He'll start wondering if there were also things in the past that you've lied about and if you'll lie again. No matter what the circumstance is be honest with him and let him know that you're always going to be upfront. Once he learns to trust you he'll be able to open up to you and let you in.

13 Friends first

Yes, a friendship can pave the way for love, but first there must exist a friendly feeling between two potential partners. Often, girls that might be called “good” have learned how to be a good friend. He wants to know that he can play with her, lay with her, and share his hopes and dreams with her. Usually guys do a great job at building friendships with other guys but aren't so inclined to have girls for friends. In a situation like this it's going to be even harder to become his friend but in order to have a deep relationship you'll have to start off as friends and build a bond. Once you're established as a friend moving on to relationship territory is going to come much more easily.

12 Just like candy

Guys love sweet girls because they make them feel comfortable and wanted. A sweet girl has an innocence to her and is completely oblivious to the evil that lurks everywhere because she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She becomes a source of positivity in his life and helps him forget the cruel world outside. Sweet girls are also vulnerable and this brings out his protective instinct. When a girl is sweet to her man it actually makes him want to be a better man and give more to the relationship. Good girls will always have a loving response to any kind of situation because they show people what it is to truly love someone.

11 She cares about him

A good girl doesn't always think about herself and what's best for her. She recognizes that her male companion has certain needs, desires and dreams. Moreover, she demonstrates the ability to be sensitive to the effect of those same needs, desires and dreams. When he knows she cares about him, he will slowly start letting down his walls and be open to falling in love. It isn't difficult to understand why, when we are comfortable and with people we trust we tend to relax and open up. Men want to know that the girl they are with truly cares about him and will make him feel special. A good girl will do things for her man to ensure him that she cares and that she's willing to go out of her way to show it.

10 She appreciates him

When a man likes a woman, he makes an effort to show her true kindness. He hopes that his acts of kindness will be appreciated. Generally, girls that might be labeled “good” know how to express the desired level of appreciation. When a woman shows her man that his efforts are appreciated he is willing to take the extra steps and settle in a long-term relationship. If a girl is constantly complaining about him and his habits it's going to turn him off and eventually be the end of the relationship. Good girls let a man know when they're doing good and will generally just ignore the bad. If you're constantly praising the good behaviors and ignoring the bad you'll notice his behavior will change for the better and he'll never been unappreciated.

9 She accepts him for who he is

A good girl feels ready to accept a partner, regardless of his faults. She does not overlook his faults, but she always respects her partner, regardless of his shortcomings. She might gently nudge him to where she wants him to go but will ultimately accept it if he isn't willing to do so. When a woman tries to change a man what that's telling him is he's not good enough and that will make his guard go up. Usually a good girl knows when to throw in the towel and just enjoy her man rather than change him. Often times girls will get into a relationship with a man thinking that they will eventually change him and that just doesn't work. People are usually incapable of change and are set in their ways so getting into a relationship with hopes of changing the other person will not go over very well. A good girl knows this and enters the relationship knowing that she'll just have to love her man for who he is, faults and all.

8 She's forgiving

During fits of anger men can say hurtful things they seldom mean and a good girl understands this flaw and is willing to forgive him. She doesn't hold grudges or bring up the past, instead she actually expresses how wonderful he truly is and forgives his mistakes. Her kindness and compassion will make a man even more regretful for acting in a horrible manner. This will truly make him face his demons and solve the issues that are causing him to behave this way. When you forgive a man for his mistakes it will often make him feel even worse for what he's done and he'll be inclined to change his ways. Good girls know that the best way to change a man's bad behavior is by forgiving him for his faults and not making him feel guilty for the mistakes he makes.

7 She's kind to his friends

Bad girls come with bad attitudes but good girls are usually super sweet and very kind to their man's friends. Men love a girl who makes their friends feel welcome and comfortable because they want to know that she values his friends just as much as he does. After all, his friends were there before her and he wants to make sure no girl comes in and messes up the years of friendships he has built. A good girl will actually help her man cherish this bonds even more and will respect his friends. She'll never argue with any of his friends and will never make them feel unwelcome. A good girl will actually treat his friends like her own and accept them without any hesitation.

6 She let's him lead

Men like to lead and good girls are perfectly fine with following. Usually guys who like good girls like being in charge so if they're with a girl that's argumentative it can be a turn-off for them. Good girls like to let the guy lead and they happily follow which makes a man feel good about himself. Men tend to date girls that make them feel good and in control! If he likes being in charge a good girl is inclined to let him take over any given situation and go along with it. This makes a man feel like she trusts him and man want to be with a girl who feel safe around them.

5 Control of her emotions

Guys act as though they are tough, and physically they are, but emotionally they are not as though as they would like you to believe. Guys are much better than girls at hiding their emotions which gives the illusion that they're not bothered but mean words do hurt them. A good girl is less inclined to say the awful things she really doesn't mean because she doesn't want to hurt her man. Instead she's able to calm the situation down and walk away for a while rather than stay and escalate the situation. Guys also have a hard time dealing with an overly emotional girl because they don't really know what to do in a that situation so they like to avoid it all together. Staying calm and avoiding confrontation is difficult and takes time to master, it comes with focusing on the more important things in life.

4 She knows when to apologize

Good girls know when they're wrong and have no problem apologizing for their behavior. She knows when she was out of line and is quick to say "sorry" and calm down a situation. Girls who can't say sorry and hold on to grudges will have a hard time making a man fall in love with them. Men want to know that the woman they end up with is going to give them a calm and comfortable life without the constant drama. He wants to know that she is where he can go when everything else in the world gets too overwhelming to deal with. If things are though at home he doesn't have a safe place to go which will make him start resenting the one he is with.

3 She loves his family


A guy wants to know that the girl he brings home to meet his family is going to be kind to them. If she has a horrible attitude and is mean to the ones he loves he'll quickly end the relationship. His family has been there much longer than you and will be there when you're gone so he has no problem walking away from a girl who treats his loved ones horribly. A man will fall in love with a girl who shows kindness, compassion and is willing to make an effort. When you don't get along with his family members it just makes him think of all the drama this is going to cause and he'll be quick to walk away. More than anything a man wants to know that he's going to have a calm and simple life and if you threaten his happiness he'll be quick to dismiss you. A good girl will never disrespect anyone in his family no matter what the situation is. She'll just accept everything for what it is and be kind to the ones he loves.

2 She loves children


Men ultimately want to get married and build a family of their own so they are looking for a girl who has that motherly instinct. He wants to be with a girl that is patient and can take really good care of their family. Good girls are loving towards children and take great care of them as they truly want the child to be happy. A man wants to know the mother of his children is going to treat them well and take very good care of them and good girls posses this quality. He want s a girl that is going to make their family whole and one that is going to treat his children in a loving and caring manner. He'll appreciate the girl that cooks for the kids and cleans up their mess while teaching them manners. This doesn't mean that he can't help too, but rather he will be more inclined to want to help you.

1 She gives him space

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More than anything men want a girl who will give him space so he can continue being who he was before he met her. Men don't like change very much and if he has to change his whole life around to please her he won't be happy with the situation or her. Good girls know that they need to give their man space so he can continue living the life he lived before she entered the picture. She also needs to continue living her life. Sometimes he's going to want to be alone or to spend time with his friends and family without her there and a good girl will give him this space. She has her own life to attend to and will gladly give him the space he needs so he can continue doing the things he loves the most.

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