15 Reasons Kylie Should Quit While She’s Ahead (With Her Show)

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15 Reasons Kylie Should Quit While She’s Ahead (With Her Show)

You’ve probably heard that Kylie Jenner has her own reality show. Maybe you’ve seen every single episode. Maybe you’ve seen only one. Maybe your BFF has told you that you should check it out but you haven’t yet. The main gist is that Kylie wants everyone to get a glance at her “real life” and see her hanging out with her best friend and just being herself. That does make sense since she’s always been on Keeping Up with the Kardashians but hasn’t always been part of the major storylines. The focus has definitely always been on her sisters. But you should know that while the show has its entertaining and dramatic moments, it might actually need to be canceled.

Why? There are a whole bunch of reasons and we’re going to go through them all right here. Read on to find out 15 reasons that Kylie needs to be canceled.

15. Everyone Is Making Fun Of Her Phrases

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If you Google Kylie’s reality show, you will find a lot of people talking about the things that she says. One quote: “I don’t want my picture taken, I don’t want people to see what outfit I’m wearing… the only reason why I keep it up a little bit is Kylie Cosmetics.” Another: “I had to unfollow all of my friends that I went to school with. They probably all thought I hated them, but I just couldn’t see it.”

People are seriously poking fun at the celeb for these statements. You get the feeling that the show is going to be canceled since no one seems to really be enjoying it. And if you can’t enjoy the reality show that you’re watching, then that’s kind of a problem. This genre is just supposed to be fun.

14. She Claims To Hate Fame But Is Starring On Her Own Reality Show

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This is a major thing and really makes it hard to love watching the show. On the one hand, Kylie Jenner is constantly saying that she’s not a big fan of the fact that she’s famous. She tells her BFF Jordyn that pretty soon, she’s no longer going to be considered a celebrity, and so she feels like she needs to plan for a different kind of life. As she said in the quote mentioned above, she says that she’s not into having her picture taken. She also says that she’s a private person and doesn’t even enjoy putting stuff up on her social media accounts.

On the other hand… well, she’s starring on her own reality show. She wanted this. She must have, right? It seems like she only does things that she wants to do because she’s committed to living a happy life. It would have made sense if she didn’t want to be on her own show, but she did, so this is pretty confusing.

13. People Say No One Is Watching

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A recent article on Refinery29.com asked the question, “Is this why no one is watching Life Of Kylie?” The writer says that the show is “dull” because “nothing happens.” It’s kind of true. There are never really any incredibly fascinating storylines with the kind of drama that you see on other shows from the reality genre. In the first episode, a mom reaches out to Kylie to ask if her teenage son can go to prom with her, and she agrees. It seems like she won’t make it in time for the prom because her private plane can’t fly out in time. Yup. That’s what happens. You totally know that she’ll be able to get there somehow, so it’s not that dramatic.

If the general feeling is that people aren’t tuning into the show, doesn’t it make sense that it would get canceled pretty soon, or at least before getting a second season?

12. Her Fam Isn’t On The Show


You totally get that Kylie wants this show to be about, well, Kylie. She wanted her own spin-off, after all. But you’re also a huge fan of the Kardashian-Jenner family and think that if you’re going to keep watching, you have to see Khloe, Kourtney, Kim, and Kendall every once in a while.

You’re not asking for them to be in every single episode. You can watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians for that. You just need a bit more screen time. It’s not that much to ask, is it? You feel like this would make a lot more fans want to tune into the show and maybe it would keep it from being canceled. But until that happens, this show might have a short life.

11. She’s Still Keeping Her Life On The Down-low

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Kylie has said that she’s a private person and her sister Kendall seems to be the same. The Jenners definitely aren’t prone to as much TMI as their famous sisters (but hey, you love Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney for that).

Even though Kylie Jenner has her own reality show, she’s still a super private person, and so you don’t really find out that many details about her life. You should be able to learn more, right? Otherwise, why is she on her own show? You have a lot of questions about what it’s like to live the life that she does and you honestly want the dirt. You can’t help it. You just do. You think that her fans do as well. So on that level, her show isn’t the huge success that you hoped that it would be.

10. A Lot Of The Show Is About Her BFF

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When news broke that Kylie Jenner would be starring on her own reality show, people talked about the fact that her best friend, a model named Jordyn Woods, would star on the series as well. This is absolutely nothing against Jordyn because she’s sweet, gorgeous, and super cool. You would totally be best friends with her so you get why Kylie is, and the two of them are really adorable together. Definitely #bestfriendgoals.

But… a lot of the show focuses on Jordyn, and while that’s fun to watch, that is screen time that is taken away from Kylie. And, well, Kylie is the focus of the show… right?! You wish that you could see more of Kylie’s life since that’s what you thought that you would be getting.

9. She Doesn’t Share Much

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In the first episode, Kylie goes to therapy. At first, that seems interesting since you figure that you’re going to hear something about her life or her background.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t share anything in the session, and she honestly doesn’t share much in any other part of the show. She may say that she’s private, she may say that she was homeschooled in high school and missed out on some typical teenage experiences, but beyond that, she’s very closed off. Which is fine… if she wasn’t on her own reality show. Since she wanted to be on this show, you have to wonder what is stopping her from being more honest about her emotions and her life and her hopes and dreams. If she says that she thinks that her famous lifestyle is going to be over soon, then what does she really want to do with her life? Doesn’t she have anything that she wants her fans and audience to find out?

8. She Seems Uncomfortable

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On most reality shows, people will sit and talk directly to the camera. You see this a lot on The Real Housewives franchise… and it’s the best. It’s truly the best. Usually, those moments are absolutely amazing since that’s when you get to hear a lot of gossip or what someone really thinks about something that just happened.

On Life Of Kylie, Kylie will sit in what seems to be her house and talk to the camera. But she seems pretty uncomfortable and like she doesn’t want to be there. If she doesn’t want to talk to the camera, then why does she? Why not tell the producers that she doesn’t want that to be part of the show? It’s kind of baffling when you think about it.

7. She Doesn’t Talk About Her Lip Kits… Much

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Okay, so Kylie does mention that she hates that people sell fake lip kits since they’re not good for anyone and young girls have really suffered as a result (think super swollen lips and the like). She and Jordyn even go downtown to see where someone is selling them.

That being said, a big part of the show is supposed to be seeing Kylie as a businesswoman, and you don’t really. When the show was announced, part of the synopsis was that you would see Kylie hard at work. Unfortunately, you don’t really see that (at least so far). It would be awesome to learn more about her makeup line and what inspires her and how she comes up with the products. It’s strange that this isn’t actually the focus of the show. It’s not like fans would be bored and hate seeing that — people would absolutely love those scenes.

6. You Wonder If Kylie Really Has A Boring Life

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There is one of two things happening here. Either Kylie is trying to make her life look boring so she doesn’t share that much and keeps her real life a secret… or her life really is that uninteresting.

You would really hate to think that her life is uninteresting, but she’s not really giving you much to go on. Sure, her show doesn’t film her all the time, and there are things that get edited out, but you really don’t get a sense of what her life is like on a daily basis. And honestly, that’s really the only thing that a celebrity should be sharing on a reality show. If they don’t, you have to wonder why they’re even on the show in the first place. You have to give the fans what the fans want, after all, and in this case, the fans want more Kylie. But she’s just not giving it to them and that’s honestly a big shame.

5. You Would Rather See A Kourtney Show

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Let’s be real here: you really love Kourtney Kardashian. You’ve been a huge fan of her for a while and she might even be your favorite. You ship her and Scott even to this day, no matter how much bad press follows him around or no matter what the state of their relationship is.

Wouldn’t a Kourtney show be amazing?! You would get to see her absolutely adorable children on a daily basis and you would get an inside look into her daily life. No offense to Kylie but you think that a Kourtney-focused reality show would be really awesome. Hey, maybe that’s actually in the works and you’ll get to see that sooner than you think. That would definitely be something to celebrate. You really think that show would get season upon season because come on, you can’t not love Kourtney K. You just have to be a huge fan.

4. It’s Not Popular

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A lot of stories have come out saying that the show isn’t getting huge ratings, and a lot of critics have also poked fun at the show or said that it’s not really any good. Low ratings and negative press? Yeah, those two things are never a positive sign that a show is going to continue, and it seems like all signs are pointing to the show getting canceled. Ratings do matter, even if they don’t seem to matter that much these days thanks to PVRs and watching online.

Simply put, the show just isn’t very popular, and so it doesn’t seem like it will be on much longer. The truth is that everything that the critics say about the show is true. The main criticism is that nothing really seems to happen in any episode. Even if you watch just one episode, it’s really hard to argue with that assessment.

3. Kris Seems A Bit Tough


In one scene, Kris tells Kylie that she should be more careful about the number of people who hang out in her glam squad. She thinks that Kylie’s makeup artist’s boyfriend is hanging around too much and that she should tell him not to be there. It’s a bit of a strange comment because she acts like there are just way too many people but it’s really not a big group at all.

In this scene, Kris honestly seems a bit tough, and while of course she’s a caring mom and only seems to want what’s right and best for her kids, it seems like maybe she’s overstepping her bounds or being a bit too upset. The guy in question seemed really sweet and it didn’t seem like a big deal. You’re not really sure that you want to see more scenes like this, so maybe the show does need to get cancelled…

2. Apparently Kim Isn’t A Fan

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According to some rumors that are going around, Kim Kardashian isn’t a huge fan of Kylie’s show. Sure, that could be exactly that — a rumor — and it might not be the truth at all. But the fact that there’s news going around that a member of the Kardashian family isn’t a big fan of Kylie’s show seems to speak volumes… and none of it is good.

If the family really thought that the show was a good idea, don’t you think that they would be praising it publicly? They don’t seem to really be showing their support for it. Maybe they think that Kylie should have just stayed on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Who knows what the real story is?! Of course people always want stars to have bad blood with each other and that might be all that this is, but this negative comment does make you wonder if the show is going to stick around.

1. KUWTK Is More Successful

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No doubt about it, if there is one successful and popular reality show that stars members of this famous family, it has to be Keeping Up with the Kardashians. That show just wins, hands down.

Maybe the family will decide that one reality show is enough and Kylie will decide not to go forward with a second season, or maybe it will end up getting canceled before that happens. Who knows?! All you know is that you’ve followed this family for a long time and you expected to see what it’s like to be Kylie Jenner. That’s not really what you see. Maybe if you keep watching, she’ll open up more and let her fans in on some of her secrets, or even just some of her thoughts and feelings, but you’re not really sure that you’re going to keep up with this particular show.

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