15 Reasons Kim Kardashian Never Learned From Her Robbery

Over a year ago on October 3, 2016, as the world knows, reality television queen Kim Kardashian’s entire world was rocked when she was robbed at gunpoint inside her Paris hotel room. The robbers (a ring composed of 17 individuals have already been arrested in connection with the robbery) had been plotting for two years to rob the most famous Kardashian of the millions of dollars worth of jewelry that she commonly used to haul around with her whenever she’d travel. Luckily, Kim wasn’t harmed (at least physically) – they tied her up, put her in the bathtub, and made away with her jewelry. One year later, Kim insists that’s she’s changed since the robbery, and while there clearly have been some dramatic overhauls in her life, others seem to be all smoke on mirrors. What she went through was extremely traumatic so you’d expect her to keep up some of her expectations of change, but upon a closer examination, she’s still somewhat the same Kim.

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15 Cheaper Jewelry? No Jewelry?

This is one notable thing that’s apparently changed in Kim’s life: the eldest Kardashian would constantly flaunt all her jewelry on her social media accounts. I mean, seriously – the woman would take numerous selfies of her prancing around in jewelry that cost well over six-figures (including her engagement ring). She was never shy about bragging about her wealth, which is why she became a target for thieves in the first place. Since the robbery, Kim has toned it WAY down and doesn’t really wear jewelry as much as she used to, even when walking the red carpet. She’s described the simple jewelry she now wears as “being under $500” so therefore considered cheaper. Okay, we get it, but what we see is her not really POSTING photos of her jewelry and whenever she goes out in public, but that’s not really a sign of change, that’s just her not being a complete idiot when it comes to flaunting her wealth anymore.

14 Social Media Presence

Right after the robbery went down, Kim took a three-month break from all her social media accounts. No Instagram, no Twitter, no Snapchat, nada. Before the robbery, Kim would often post in real time her whereabouts – something that even regular people shy away from. This had helped the robbers know exactly where she was (she had posted two Snapchats right before the attack went down. The robbers had been keeping up with that particular Kardashian for a couple years so they knew exactly what to do and how to do it all thanks to her putting all her information out there. Sure, she’s stopped doing the whole “real time” thing, but that hasn’t stopped her from coming back to social media with a vengeance. Slowly but surely, she’s gone back to posting a crap load, but they’re more of her family instead of showing us how much cash she has. I have no doubt that even THAT will taper off and she’ll return to her old social media ways.

13 Everything Is Still All About Her

As much as I dislike the Kardashians, I do believe what happened to Kim is incredibly horrendous and that no one on earth should have to go through that. She didn’t know if she was going to get out alive and for those seven minutes, she literally thought she was going to die. But now, a year later, they’re still talking about it and bringing the focus back to Kim (which is something they always did). When something usually goes down, Kim comes back with “I get that you got a paper cut, but I was robbed at gunpoint” or "I get that my kid is crying and annoying you, but I was robbed at gunpoint" (pretty much). She did the talk show rounds “opening up” about the robbery, but it only seemed like it was to promote her reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Even the network profited off when the show came back and Kim “finally” opened up about it, even though she had been doing the talk show rounds for months.

12 Everything Is Still A Big Production When She Travels (Mexico)

Wherever Kim goes, she has to bring along a MASSIVE entourage (I’m not even including her $50 million dollars a day security team), which just basically is pulling the trigger on her own foot. On an October episode of KUWTK, Kim started wailing and crying about being in Mexico (she was there to celebrate sister Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday but of course, she made it all about HER). Joe Francis, the owner of the villa that they were staying at, had to talk her off a ledge when she called crying. She was screaming about how she stepped off the plane with a whole group of women “carrying Chanel luggage” and drew attention to herself and the others. HOW ABOUT YOU STOP TRAVELING LIKE THAT, MORON? Jesus. It’s not that difficult to travel low-key.

11 While She Claims She’s “Less Materialistic”, She’s Not

Oh, who is she really kidding? The little rich girl who was robbed and is still vastly rich is saying “I’m no longer materialistic”? Seriously? Just because you no longer show the world your riches on social media, doesn’t mean you’re “less materialistic”. “I was definitely materialistic before,” Kardashian told Ellen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after opening up about the robbery on the show. “Not that there’s anything bad with having things and working to get those things – I’m really proud of everyone around me that’s successful. And of course, when you get engaged you’re going to show off your ring. If you get a car, you feel really proud and you might show it off on social media.” But, uh, you didn’t do JUST those things. Every other post was about material things and/or yourself. Just because you don’t brag about it now doesn’t mean you actually are.

10 “Insecure” My Rear

Let’s all be honest here – Kim Kardashian was ALWAYS super insecure, it hasn’t just been “since the robbery”. Kardashian has always suffered from body dysmorphia for years, it’s just now coming to the public’s attention after she had a meltdown about the paparazzi getting some “unflattering photos” of her in a bikini while on the beach with sister Kourtney in Mexico. Hey, that’s what happens – if you’re super famous, the cameras will literally attempt to track every single move you make, especially when you go out in a bathing suit. Within the same breaths as gasping about security during this specific episode about being in Mexico several months after the Paris incident, Kardashian is crying about her body issues. She seems like the same exact person to me, to be honest.

9 Reconnecting With Old Friends

When you go through a life-altering event, there are certain people who cross your mind – perhaps you even have flashes of the socialite princess who literally made you famous? Technically, it was Paris Hilton who made Kardashian famous. If she hadn’t been the socialite’s “closet organizer” or “clothing expert” or “whatever-the-eff-she-was”, there would be no Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Sure, that little tape she made with ex-boyfriend Ray J helped stir the water, but there wouldn’t have been a tape to make if it had not been for Hilton. Apparently, the two have briefly touched base with each other since the robbery, but not the full-fledged reunion that Hilton was hoping for since, you know, she made them famous. Poor Paris, being all left in the dark and resorting to only name-dropping Kim instead of actually hanging out.

8 If She Truly Wanted To Focus On Family, The Show Would Be Canceled

So, after the robbery, Kim apparently canceled all work (? What work?) and public appearances in order to spend three months being a full-time mother. What the hell does that even mean? Holy crap! She’s such a great mother that she took THREE WHOLE MONTHS after her near-death experience in order to finally focus on the KIDS instead of herself! How wonderful for them! She claims that her family is the number one priority in her life after the robbery (what the hell were they before, in that case?) which is why she said she decided to have another baby (she and Kanye are expecting their third baby in January via a surrogate). If all this was actually true and that her family is certainly number one, stop exposing yourself via the show. If you actually have all this “work”, why still continue to do the show? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

7 Looks Are Still Huge With Her

Robbery or no robbery, appearances have always been number one with Kim – today and forever – which is why her breakdown about the paparazzi getting an unflattering shot of her in a bikini was so close to her having a breakdown about the robbery itself. There’s a reason for that. It almost seems like she’s trying to deflect while the cameras are rolling. Her Instagram feed seems to be dedicated to her own vanity and narcissism (though given, it was worse before the robbery and since then, hasn’t come close to sister Kylie’s own vapid narcissism, oddly enough). The thing is, narcissism like that doesn’t just “disappear” after a life-altering event – that’s not how it works. The person just finds a new way to channel their narcissism: by using the event to actually fuel fire on her vanity.

6 Is Her Relationship With Kanye Really Stronger?

Before and after everything went sideways in Paris, Kim’s relationship with her husband Kanye West seemed dangerously strained. And it wasn’t just one person straining – it was both. Kanye seemed to suffer a breakdown AFTER the robbery, claiming that he altered his medications that were supposed to help him with his longstanding psychological issues. While on his Life of Pablo tour, Kanye’s behavior became extremely erratic and he was constantly going on a string of rants and very odd outbursts. He was put in an outpatient clinic where he was monitored and his medications were stabilized. Afterwards, the press when frantic, saying that he and Kim were separated, though both parties’ reps viciously denied such claims and said that the two were still living together. If there are already problems before the event, those don’t go away after a near-death experience. It just doesn’t work that way.

5 Uses Robbery As A Promotional Tool

For almost A FULL YEAR, the Kardashian family had been using the robbery as a promotional tool, even when they were silent (heck, ESPECIALLY when they were silent since tongues started wagging harder when they were quiet). Yet, they continued to shoot their reality show while they apparently spent months “helping” Kim get over it by addressing it and discussing it in front of the world, which is normal for the family. In a normal setting, this would be discussed with the family behind closed doors and with a therapist in order to help the victim move on. Not this family. They went on the talk show circuit and exploited the heck out of the traumatic experiences in order to gain new viewership for the upcoming season. Seems to be the same old Kim to me.

4 “I’m A Different Person!”

Screaming “I’M A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON!” after a near death experience isn’t actually becoming a different person – those are words, not actions. Of course, we have seen changes in Kim in regards to her social media presence and her not bragging about her jewelry, but those aren’t enough. On every talk show and late-night show, where the family had to do their promotional tour for the new season of the reality show, everyone has been claiming that “Kim has changed dramatically” since the robbery. But after the show aired, all I saw was the same “crying for attention” Kim I saw before she was bound and gagged and held at gunpoint. I actually see no real signs of her growing as a person (or even maturing at all for that matter).

3 Toned Down Makeup? What?

Why on earth am I hearing about how “Kim toned down her entire life” after the robbery? That she now toned down her material goods? What the utter heck? All I see is that she’s goes out without her engagement ring and godly-like necklaces. As for those who claim (*cough, cough* – KIM AND FAMILY), Kim has toned down her look (OTHER than jewelry) is living in some sort of fantasy world. Kim still packs it on – it’s her signature look, the glamorous night-on-the-town with the false eyelashes and the dark eyeshadow. I’m not gonna lie: that look has always worked for her and he has never really looked not amazing in my opinion – but I’m desperately tired of saying that she’s even toned it down. Maybe she just stopped putting eyeliner UNDER her eyes? Still looks the same to me.

2 Ditto With the Designer Wear

I’m pretty sure that Kim’s days of sweatpants, zero makeup, and a tee-shirt are LONG over unless she’s trying to prove something on her show. Even when she’s having one of her famous crying spells/wails/breakdowns on the show, she’s wearing something designer. She’s still attending fashion week and promoting her face all over the world, and she really can’t do that in sweats that say “juicy” on the rear like she used to when she was younger (or, rather, six facial reconstruction procedures later). In her Instagram posts POST Paris, Kim wants us to believe she’s toned down her life enormously, but that only means she’s using a very different filter, not a new stylist. Style is her LIFE after herself (perhaps they fall into the same category).

1 Same Ol’ Kim, Different Day

I believe we will continue to hear about how Kim has “changed” since the robbery and they (the producers of the show, Kim, and her mom Kris Jenner) will continue to exploit the utter heck out of the situation in order to make a profit. As soon as Kim was safe, I’m pretty sure that the family was busy figuring out ways to spin the situation and drag out the lasting effect for as long as possible to make it look like Kim is an actual changed person. While I see drops of it here and there, I see more so the old Kim than this supposed new one, just with less jewelry. If she really wanted to change, the show would have shut down for a long period of time while Kim really worked on herself and pulling through this traumatic event instead of keeping the cameras rolling. Plain and simple.

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