15 Reasons His Eyes Are Wandering

When it comes to being with a guy, there are a number of really frustrating things that us ladies have to go through. One thing, in particular, is dealing with a man that can’t seem to take his eyes off other attractive women. As much as us women like to believe our lovers only have eyes for us, we often find their eyes wandering in a direction of a bodacious woman walking by or they can’t drag their stare away for the hot barista. Is this ridiculously annoying? Hell yes! But as much as we'd like to say that it’s just because those guys are pigs or they have no respect for us, that’s not completely true. In fact, there are tons of reasons he’s checking out another girl and not all of them are as bad as they may seem. Here are 15 reasons your guy’s eyes may be straying from you to another girl. It's better to know as much as you can, right?

15 He Can’t Help It

When you’re walking in the park and you see your man’s head jerk in the direction of a beautiful woman and you scold him for it, he probably says “I just couldn’t help it!” No matter how frustrating this might be, his excuse isn't actually a lie. Basically, you can blame his male DNA for making his eyes follow an attractive girl around the park. Just like us ladies are designed to seek out potential male partners (aka, we notice hot men, too), their DNA is telling them to find the most attractive girl around because she would produce the best offspring with him. He really has no idea this is all happening in his brain, but it is. And for a few split seconds, he can’t help the fact that his eyes are wandering on their own. His brain takes over without his consent and has him checking out other women even if he is trying not to. He just can’t help it.

14 She’s Attractive

Sure, he thinks you’re attractive. If he didn’t, he probably wouldn’t be with you. But that doesn’t mean he’s suddenly blind to all the other pretty women that walk by. He can still recognize a beautiful girl and want to look at her. Attractive people are really nice to look at. As the saying goes, they’re “easy on the eyes." It’s easy to look at them and he finds joy in recognizing pretty women, so he checks them out. Granted, he could totally be a bit less obvious about his wandering eyes, but you can’t expect him to just ignore every pretty face there is. That’s just not fair! I mean, don’t you enjoy looking at a hot guy? So he’s checking her out because she’s hot. That also doesn’t mean he plans to try to get anywhere with her. He can look, so long as he doesn’t touch... right?! As long as you're sure that he's with you and you only, it shouldn't be a problem.

13 His Testosterone Is Running Wild

You could blame a whole bunch of things, but really, you have to blame your boyfriend's testosterone. In other words, he’s a guy. It’s just how they are. They’re very visual people and when they see a hot girl, their hormones do a little dance in the hopes that he’ll get lucky. Now, just remember, this is his body having those reactions and not necessarily his mind. He could be checking out a hot girl and his hormones may be going crazy, but that doesn’t mean he has any thoughts about moving forward with her. His hormones just tell him to look her way, so he does. This is the very same thing that happened when he saw you, but at that time he made the decision to go for it because you were the best out of anyone else. Remember that when you get pissed at him for checking out another girl. He chose you.

12 He Doesn’t Realize He’s Doing It

Let's be super clear here. A lot of guys use the excuse that they don’t realize they’re checking out another girl when you’re around even though they know exactly what they’re doing. Others, however, really have no idea they’re checking her out. Some guys’ eyes go wandering even when their mind is on something else. A great example of this is if you’re sitting somewhere just waiting or even talking to each other and you see his eyes follow a girl as she walks. He may be completely immersed in your conversation and isn’t really seeing her even though he’s looking in her direction. Their minds sometimes do things on their own due to their DNA and testosterone. So the reason he’s checking out another girl may be because he just is without realizing it. Just give him a smack on the shoulder and a roll of the eyes and he’ll go right back to staring at you.

11 He Just Wants to Look At A Hot Chick

We can't really say more than this. Guys like to look at good looking ladies... just like you enjoy looking at good looking guys. If you’re sitting around with your best friends and just so happen to see a hot guy walk past, we all know you’re going to nudge your friends and point this out so they can all get in on checking out a hot guy. The very same goes for your man. He’s checking out another girl because he wants to. He thinks she’s good looking and wants to see just how attractive she is. The difference between us and them? That would be that us ladies know how to keep our checking out on the down low whereas guys tend to let it happen out in the open so you catch him in the act a lot more than he catches you. Just try not to freak out too much about it unless you really think that more than his eyes are straying away from you.

10 He’s Undressing Her With His Eyes

This is unfortunate, sure, and you don't want to believe this. But it honestly happens. If he’s checking out another girl, then there’s a likely chance he’s doing so in order to picture her naked. We mean if she’s hot and he’s staring at her for more than an acceptable amount of time, his imagination has taken hold of that beautiful girl and he’s basically undressing her with his eyes. He’s wondering what she looks like under all that makeup. He’s picturing what her body looks like under those clothes. He may even be picturing himself taking off those clothes. This is the irritating part about him checking out another girl. You never know what is going on in his mind but if his eyes are lingering a little too long, it’s pretty safe to assume this is why. Unfortunately, him looking at another girl isn’t always the most innocent of things and you’re lucky you can’t read his mind during those times.

9 He Doesn’t Know You’re Watching

He may just be checking this girl out because he has no idea you know you’re watching him do it. Guys often think they’re being really sneaky and not obvious at all about the fact that they’re watching her behind sway back and forth as the two of you walk hand in hand down the street. The truth is that if you do catch him checking out another girl, it may be because he thinks your attention is elsewhere. Now, this basically means that he’d absolutely be doing it if you were there and he may even be ogling at her if you were somewhere else. And we all know that reality sucks, but there isn’t much you can do about it. If his eyes are on another girl and you just so happen to notice it, he’s probably checking her out because he doesn’t think you’re aware of the fact that he’s doing it. So maybe don't rock the boat by bringing it up.

8 He’s Comparing You To Her

At first, this might seem super awful and negative, but you really don't have to view it this way. He may be checking out another girl and thinking about how you’re so much prettier and better than she is, even if he does think she’s attractive. Men have an unconscious habit of comparing what they have to that of another person. Therefore, if he’s checking out another girl he may be assessing whether or not he has the best of what he could have. This comes from a man’s DNA and his genetic code telling him that he has to produce the best offspring in order to be the best man out there. This is where his competitive nature kicks in and he may not even know this is why he’s doing it. However, it’s still a reason he could be checking out another girl. Not because he wants her, but because he wants to make sure he wants you.

7 He’s Debating If He Can “Get” Her

A lot of guys are honestly looking for an ego boost. They need it in order to feel great about themselves and you can’t always give it to them. So this leads them to do stupid things like talk to other girls, even flirt with them and ask them out even if they’re in a committed relationship, and it also makes them check out other girls while you’re around. Basically, he’s debating in his mind if he could get a girl that attractive. He’s assessing what she looks like and comparing it to the girls he’s dated before and mentally asking himself if he could get a girl like that. Chances are, he’s going to smile to himself and think, “Of course I can. I’m the best,” because guys have egos the size of mountains. Either way, him checking out another girl might have nothing to do with you and everything to do with making himself feel more valid.

6 He Thinks She Looks Familiar

Who says he’s actually checking her out at all? Sure, she may be pretty, but maybe he’s staring at her for a completely different reason. He might just think she looks really familiar and is trying to figure out where he knows her from. This will have him staring at her for a long time seeing if she does or says anything that will give him a clue as to where he’s seen her before. This will be much easier to tell than other reasons he’s checking out another girl purely based on the facial expression he’s making. Most guys don’t conceal their feelings all that much so if his face looks like he’s curious and quizzical more than it looks like he is aroused, then he’s only checking her out because she looks familiar to him. However, he could also be checking her out in this way because he totally hooked up with her at some point and can’t remember her name. Your judgment call on that one.

5 He Thinks She Could Date His Friend

If you’re in a happy relationship and your man is more than vocal about how much he cares for you, then he might not be checking her out for himself at all. Guys are like girls in the sense that if they have a buddy looking for a girl, they’re going to survey the scene and see if there’s anyone that’s worthy of dating their awesome friend. If you see your man checking out a girl, but he’s obviously not interested in her because he has you, it might just be because he’s going to memorize details about her so he can give his friends a heads up about where he saw a hottie he’d be interested in. This is also the case if he’s staring at an attractive girl that is clearly and obviously not his type at all. She could just be his friend’s type and he’s making sure he knows how to describe her to him. So really, you can't blame him, can you? Isn't he being super sweet?

4 He’s Thinking About Getting Her Number

Some guys are terrible people. We've all encounter jerks in our dating lives and we all know this is super true. Not all guys are going to be in a relationship and be faithful to their significant other. Sometimes if you’re out and about with your man and he just so happens to be paying a little too much attention to another woman, it’s because he’s debating whether or not he should come back later and get her number. In this case, the guy is a total a** and not worthy of an amazing girl in the first place. However, this is definitely a reason that a guy in a relationship would be checking out another girl. It’s shady and mean and really a horrible thing for him to do, but it happens often so we can’t rule this reason out completely even if your relationship seems to be a good one. If this is the case, we are so sorry.

3 He’s Trying To Picture What They’d Be Like Together

He may be totally fantasizing about having a relationship or just getting lucky with her. His mind is elsewhere and his imagination has once again overcome his rational thoughts and he’s picturing what being with her would be like. If he seems to be spacing out and completely staring at her without any regard to his surroundings (aka you) then he’s definitely picturing what their relationship together would be like. Or maybe he’s just picturing what it would be like to be with her and you without either one knowing. He may also be picturing what it would be like with you and her… together. Guys can be a bit perverted this way. Maybe he thinks she’s really hot and he’s pining for a wild night of fun with you. There really isn’t a for sure way to know this unless you just ask him. And even then, he’ll probably deny looking at her at all.

2 He’s Trying To Make You Jealous

Everyone seems to think that girls are always the ones to go flirting with and staring at other guys just to make their significant other jealous, but guys do this just as much as we ladies do. Maybe he’s feeling really insecure because you were just talking to another guy. Maybe he saw you checking out some other guy and wants to get back at you and make you as jealous as he just was. Guys don’t always check out other girls just because they think she’s hot or they want to be with her. Sometimes they do it entirely to make their girlfriend mad or jealous. Let’s just all be clear that doing this is not a good idea on either side, but it is a reason that your man would be checking out another girl right in front of you. So don’t give him the satisfaction of getting jealous. Honestly, don't, no matter how much you might be tempted.

1 He’s a Pig

We really can't even try to explain this any other way. Some guys check out other girls in front of their own women because they just can’t not look at them. They’re rude and pigs and they don’t care that they’re looking at another girl with their own girlfriends standing right next to them. If this is the case, you’ll know because you’ll know your man. He might also even say how hot and attractive she is with you sitting right there. If he’s actually verbal about the fact that he’s checking out another girl, then he’s definitely a pig. And an a**. No matter which way you spin it, if your man is making comments and even gross jokes about what he “would do to that one”, then he’s a huge pig that will probably never even stop this behavior. Your best bet is to cut him out of your life ASAP and find someone who is way better suited for you. Seriously.

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