15 Reasons Hermione & Ron Are Couple Goals (+5 She Should've Ended Up With Harry)

There is perhaps no part of the Harry Potter universe that is quite as debated as the relationship of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Harry’s best friends and wing-people, Hermione and Ron finish off the series by realizing that they’re more than friends and flinging themselves desperately into each other’s arms.

And while Harry goes on to marry Ron’s sister Ginny, Hermione and Ron start a family of their own, who end up at Hogwarts a generation later. Some fans believe that the ending couldn’t be more perfect, while others are still outraged to this day. In their minds, Hermione should have ended up with Harry, no questions asked.

Ron and Hermione’s relationship isn’t perfect, but that’s one of its best qualities. It’s a relationship that’s based on a foundation of friendship while also being propelled forward by an attraction that has been slowly building since the moment they set eyes on each other. Whether we ship Ron and Hermione or not, we have to admit that their relationship does have a lot going for it.

At the same time, there is also evidence to suggest that Hermione and Harry should have ended up together. Keep reading to find out why Hermione and Ron are a great couple, and why she also could have fallen in love with Harry.

20 It Wasn’t Insta-Love


The biggest reason why we think Ron and Hermione are #goals? They didn’t do what’s called insta-love. In other words, they didn’t see each other from across the room and automatically fall head over heels in love. Actually, when they first met, they kind of despised each other.

We love this because it’s a lot more realistic than two people who don’t know each other from a bar of soap falling in love with each other the first time they meet. A lot of book and film characters fall into that insta-love trap, so it’s refreshing to see Ron and Hermione work through a lot of complex emotions before they actually develop those feelings.

19 But They Are Interested From The Start


Although Ron and Hermione aren’t in love with each other from the second they meet on the Hogwarts Express, there is some kind of attraction there. While insta-love is unrealistic, many real couples are at least attracted to each other from the beginning, even though they might annoy each other. There are many clues throughout the first movie that suggest that Ron and Hermione take a special interest in each other, right from the beginning.

They are seen playing chess together in the common room, even though Hermione is not great at the game, and she lets Ron get away with teasing her more than once. Plus, that scream when he’s knocked off his horse during the life-sized chess game is a giveaway.

18 When They Finally Kiss, It’s Epic


We have to wait a long time for Hermione and Ron to finally pull it together and have their first kiss. That’s a lot of tension to sit through! And thanks to all those films spent in anticipation, when Ron and Hermione finally do kiss, it is oh so epic.

It’s probably not the ideal place to get romantic, down in the old Chamber of Secrets, nor is it the ideal time, when they have Voldemort to worry about, right on their doorstep. And yet, the passion rises up and becomes more important than anything else, and they finally give in to their desires.

17 They Care Enough To Get Jealous


Throughout the series, Ron and Hermione are seen getting jealous when each other has any kind of romantic interest from anywhere else. There’s Hermione getting jealous of Lavender Brown, and Ron getting jealous of Viktor Krum, and although relationships shouldn’t be based purely on jealousy, it is a sign that they care about each other even before they admit it.

It would be less promising if they could watch each other be pursued by other people and not feel any twinge of envy. Ron and Hermione caring enough to get jealous shows that they’re emotionally invested in each other romantically.

16 They Can’t Keep Away From Each Other


The films are shown pretty much through Harry’s perspective, so for all we know, Ron and Hermione spend a lot more time together than we as viewers can know. They are also shown together often throughout the series anyway, which suggests that they can’t keep away from each other, even before they’re an official couple.

When Harry shows up to the Burrow, the chances are Hermione is there first. In the fifth book, Hermione actually spends the entire summer with Ron alone, without Harry there. This suggests that they’re drawn together, even if they claim to be annoyed by one another.

15 They’re Protective Of Each Other


When two people are meant to be together, they tend to be overly protective of one another. That’s definitely the case with Hermione and Ron, who go out of their way to have each other’s backs. The obvious moment is in the first film when Ross gets knocked off his horse by the White Queen during the chess game, and Hermione is much more concerned than your average friend would be. Especially since Hermione isn’t known for panicking.

There’s also the time in Book Seven when Hermione is being held by Bellatrix Lestrange, and her screams made Ron totally freak out and try to break out of the Malfoy basement to save her.

14 Their Relationship Isn’t Perfect, But It’s Real


Ron and Hermione don’t have the perfect relationship, but that’s what makes it real and relatable. It’s definitely not love at first sight, which doesn’t scream Disney romance, but at least it’s more life-like. They also spend a lot of time arguing, and to be honest, a lot of couples are in the same boat.

Especially when two total opposites get together, there are bound to be a few arguments here and there. Like other relationships, they get jealous when they see the other one showing interest in anybody else. And like real couples, sometimes they make mistakes and say the wrong thing and don’t make their move until it’s too late.

13 They Have The Same Priorities


Though Hermione and Ron may be total opposites, they have the same ultimate goal, which is to support Harry in defeating Voldemort and fight for good. With love in real life, it’s okay if people are different from their lovers, as long as they are on the same team in the end and share values, beliefs, and morals.

They have just enough in common to help them understand each other better and bond over their similarities. Hermione or Ron in love with a Death Eater, for example, wouldn’t have worked, even with all the chemistry in the world.

12 They Complete Each Other


We think that Ron and Hermione being opposites in some ways is actually a good thing. While it’s important to be on the same page as far as the big things are concerned—like whether you’re fighting for good or not—having little differences can actually add spice to the relationship.

And in Ron and Hermione’s case, it helps them to complete one another. Serious Hermione challenges Ron to push himself to be a better person, while Ron helps Hermione to be more light-hearted and not take herself too seriously. Having such different personalities helps them to complete each other.

11 And They Probably Make Great Parents


At the end of the eighth film, we see a glimpse of Hermione and Ron as a married couple with children of their own who are attending Hogwarts. While there’s not a lot of information to say whether they’d be great parents or not, we think that they would be!

They each bring qualities to the table that children need. Hermione would encourage the kids to study and focus, and would instill discipline into their lives. At the same time, Ron would encourage a sense of fun and creativity, and he would balance out all that studying. Together, they make quite the team.

10 They Reflect James And Lily Potter


Some fans of the series have pointed out that, in a way, Ron and Hermione actually resemble James and Lily Potter. Because they have aspects of Harry’s parents’ personalities, their relationship actually parallels that of James and Lily’s, who are part of one of the great love stories of the series.

Like James and Lily, Ron and Hermione bicker to no end. Lily and Hermione get angry with James and Ron for being so reckless and carefree, while James and Ron bring Lily and Hermione out of their shells and help them to loosen up. Ron and Hermione definitely get extra points for reflecting the Potter love story.

9 Hermione Wants Ron To Shine


Even when they’re at odds with each other, Ron and Hermione ultimately want each other to shine. You can see this when Hermione chooses to play chess with Ron. Although she’s bad at it, and she doesn’t like losing or not being the best, she is still willing to play with him because it happens to be something that he excels at.

She wants him to win, even when he’s annoying her. That selfless attitude is an important part of a healthy relationship in the real world too. Even though two people may argue, they still want the best for each other.

8 They Are Still Drawn Together Even After The Challenges They Face


Together, Hermione and Ron have to face some pretty serious obstacles. There’s all the pressure of school, corrupt professors, Voldemort returning, and of course the increasing threat to their lives and that of their families'. It’s remarkable that anybody could fit a relationship in when they have all that to deal with.

There’s also the fact that they get off on the wrong foot. It would have been so easy for them to tell themselves that it wasn’t meant to be or the timing was off, but they don’t. Instead, they end up in each other’s arms in the Chamber of Secrets.

7 There’s A Lot For Them To Bond Over


While those challenges that they face might actually make it harder for them to maintain a relationship, they also give Ron and Hermione something over which to bond. They have experiences that literally nobody else (except Harry) would understand, which makes them turn to each other and get each other like nobody else does.

Together they’re chased by a werewolf, stalked by Death Eaters, and must even face Voldemort himself. These stressful factors bring down some relationships, but with Ron and Hermione, those events actually fuse them more closely together and provide a strong foundation on which they can build their relationship.

6 They’re Best Friends


Though Ron and Hermione may be attracted to each other from the beginning, and though they may argue and bicker, their friendship is real. With Harry by their side, they are simply besties, and that’s probably the best way to begin a relationship.

In addition to the romantic feelings that develop later on, they like each other (even though they’re always arguing), care about each other’s wellbeing, respect each other (most of the time), and are there to support each other. When these things are at the core of a relationship, it has a much higher chance of lasting.

5 Harry And Hermione: Their Relationship Is Steadier Than Ron And Hermione’s


Some fans worship Hermione and Ron as a couple, but there are also those who believe it should have been Harry and Hermione who ended up together. One of the main reasons backing this opinion is that the relationship between Hermione and Harry is much less volatile than Hermione and Ron’s.

They don’t argue all the time, the respect they have for each other is a lot more obvious, and they are able to communicate much more easily because there isn’t all the angst there. Some would say that they’re the real ingredients that go into an amazing relationship.

4 Harry And Hermione: Hermione Chooses Harry Over Ron


Another reason why Harry and Hermione seem like the better couple is because Hermione tends to choose Harry over Ron. This is the most obvious when Ron makes Hermine decide between him and Harry before taking off in the woods. Hermione chooses Harry because she trusts him more than anyone else in the world.

And while Ron regrets leaving soon after, Hermione never regrets choosing Harry over Ron because she has faith in him and his plans to defeat Voldemort. It can also be argued, however, that Hermione chooses Harry because he is the Chosen One and he simply needs her more, not because she cares about him more than Ron.

3 Harry And Hermione: They Understand Each Other On A Deep Level


Though all three members of the trio can relate to fighting for good, Harry and Hermione understand each other on a deeper level. They both grow up in Muggle families and are totally new to the wizarding world when they first go to Hogwarts. Unlike Ron, they both know what it’s like to be an only child.

We can see how much they understand in each other in The Order of the Phoenix when Hermione brings Umbridge out to the Forbidden Forest. Harry is the first to realize that Hermione has an ulterior motive for leading her out there. Hermione is also the first to realize when Harry decides to make his final sacrifice to Voldemort.

2 Harry And Hermione: They Would Be The Definition Of A Power Couple


Let’s be real: Harry and Hermione together make a pretty powerful couple. Hermione is the brightest witch of her age and the smartest student at Hogwarts while Harry is the Chosen One. Who can argue with that?

What’s more, Harry and Hermione allow each other to have these privileges without being jealous. Harry loves Hermione for being so smart and often seeks out her advice because he values her opinion. And Hermione is nothing but supportive of Harry as he excels at Quidditch and fulfill his role as the Chosen One. This power couple would give Jay-Z and Beyoncé a run for their money.

1 Harry And Hermione: J.K. Rowling Thinks So


At the end of the day, there’s one person whose opinion on Harry Potter matters more than anybody else’s. “I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfilment,” revealed Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling in a 2014 interview.

“For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron.” The author then admitted that she believes she should have written Harry and Hermione to end up together instead of Hermione and Ron. So there you have it! Who are we to argue with the mastermind behind the series herself?

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