15 Reasons Guys Go For The Girl With Low Standards

If you’ve been in the dating game for quite some time now, you would know the grave importance of standards. Too low and you will end up with an immature jerk; too high and you will end up single. But what is too high and too low in this game? Well, that’s up for you to decide. Also, you can make the decision to lower your standards. Why would you want to do that? We have 15 valid reasons here. I get it, most people tell us to never lower our standards. Most people tell us that we should be extra patient if we want to find that someone who fits our cookie-cutter idea of love and prince charming and forever. But the thing is, life is so damn short.

As you probably know, guys are a simple species. They know what they want and they go for it, no questions asked. They may have a small list of standards but it's nothing compared to what us girls have. So guys can get easily turned off from a girl who have a scroll-length of standards. Find out exactly why guys go for the girl who lives in the moment, and has lower standards.

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15 He Knows Jerks Are Everywhere Anyway

The whole point of setting high standards is so that you won’t end up with a jerk. But guess what, jerks are everywhere. Literally. Even when you think this man is a total catch, even when you think he’s a good man, until you get to know him deeply, you won’t realize he’s a jerk. But trust us, you will get there. You will get to the point where you will question your decision-making abilities because you trusted your standards so much, and you’ll end up doubting yourself and not the standards you set. Thus, to save yourself from all this trouble, just lower your standards a bit. Stop thinking about whether or not this man is good for you. If your goal is to date people and explore life, you will end up with jerks no matter how low or high your standards are. The only difference is that way too high standards will make your life more miserable and boring.

14 He Appreciates That Life Is So Much Better When Things Aren't Perfectly Planned Out


It sure is! Seriously, what is the point of living when you try your best to plan everything? When you want to be in control of everything… why are you dreaming of that fun life when you’re obsessed with nothing but the best of the best? See, this is the problem of most women: they want to enjoy life (because, well, we only got one life) but at the same time, they do everything in their power to not enjoy it. This is so damn stressful, woman. Stop planning and stop aiming for the best of the best because chances are, you won’t get it. No matter how high your standards are, if the man is not for you, he isn’t going to be your boyfriend. Got that? Just leave it to the universe and enjoy your life, okay?

13 He Feels That High Standards Are Way Overrated


As much as we want to say this is untrue, we can’t. High standards in dating and relationships are just, well, overrated. They’re a thing of the past and they’re something very few people still pay a close attention to today. This is the era of living wild and free, woman. This is when you need to let go of things and trust that the universe has a plan for you. More importantly, trust that a good man is destined to be your partner in life, not just a dating buddy or something. Thus, instead of having high standards to hopefully spare you from pain, trust yourself that you can handle any pain that will come your way. Learn to be observant and keen and rely on your guts, instead of your standards. Believe it or not, this will help you greatly in not ending up with a jerk.

12 He Knows You Don't Want To Live Alone


The higher your standards are, the higher your chances of living all alone. Sounds bitter? It sure does! But it’s also true. At least, 80% of the time. If you don’t want to live a life all on your own in your tiny, boring bubble, you will go out there. You’d be a social person (or at least someone who won’t shut people out immediately) and you’ll be open to meeting people. Just because you met someone or you dated someone once or twice doesn’t mean you will end up with him. So go out there and have fun. Drag your friends if you need to. Most of the time, high standards in dating are generally too much. Today, people listen and trust their friends and their inner-selves than the standards they have. We all have standards, the only difference is that most women these days are learning to be more and more open-minded.

11 He Doesn't Want You To Harp On Your Long List Of Standards

Just imagine life if you will keep on thinking about the standards you set for your future significant other. Just imagine if you will keep on thinking about this long list of standards more often than you think of the idea of being in love. See what I mean? Your life would suck, girl… big-time. If you keep on expecting too much from a man, if you keep on wishing for a perfect man instead of a simple partner in life, you will end up too preoccupied. Heck, this list, this set of standards, it will eat you alive! Is that what you want? Or are you okay with a simple life where you and your partner will explore life and grow together? Because if you are, you might as well ditch the list of high standards and go for a simpler one.

10 Girls With Lower Standards Are A Lot More Fun To Date Anyways


Hey, just because you have crazy high standards doesn’t mean your dating game will be fun. In fact, these crazy standards most people set are the very reason their dating game is lame. There’s nothing wrong with dating jerks, you know. From time to time, we need these men to add fun and enjoyment to our lives, so we can have something to laugh about during our weekend date nights with our gal pals. Seriously though, typical standards will do just fine, girl. It will help you pick a man to date and everything else won’t be too intense. After all, nobody wants to date a super intense woman. Just take things easy, okay? Dating is fun and that’s how it’s supposed to be. Don’t let your high standards ruin that fun for you.

9 He Gets That A Girl With Low Standards Doesn't Mean She's Easy


Also, in case you’re forgetting, having standards is not a guide to get laid. Just because you have high standards doesn’t mean you will end up with a man who is good in bed or a man who is good in many other things in life AND good in bed. For most people, high standards are there to help them find perfect man (including perfect indulgence in bed) the only problem is, there’s really no such thing as perfection. So screw your high standards, they won’t help you get laid and most certainly, they won’t help you have a good life in general. If you keep them, you can expect yourself to be alone or stuck with a no-fun man all your life. Thanks to your ridiculously high standards. So just let it go, okay?

8 He Appreciates That It’s More About Being Open-Minded and Flexible

So long as you’re open-minded, you have higher chances of being with a good man. Dating is all about getting to know each other and figuring out of you two are compatible to be in a long-term, if not life-long relationship. It’s not about judging a man based on a few dates and based on the crazy standards you made. So please, for the love of all holy, learn how to be more open-minded. Learn how to be flexible. Because most men these days are already flexible and open-minded. They know girls are not all the same and they know there are adjustments to be made. You better be on the same kind of thinking if you don’t want to live a lonely life. Because if you think you’ll be okay on your own, trust us when we say you won’t. There will be times when you’ll think of the what if’s, and one of the what if’s you’ll think about is “what if you didn’t set such high standards…”

7 He Gets That Lowering Your Standards Doesn't Mean You’re Settling With Mediocre


One of the most common misconceptions about women lowering their daring standards is that they’re okay to settle with mediocre. Most people think that the moment you decide to lower your standards, you’re also making the decision that you’re okay with ordinary. That you’re so desperate to find a lover and to get into the dating scene that you’re willing to settle with less and less. WRONG. Totally wrong. Total crap. See, lowering your dating standards doesn’t mean you’re willing to settle with mediocre, especially while your friends are out there doing everything they can to chase the rich guys with the fancy cars and the hot beard and abs combo. It simply means you’re being more open-minded and more flexible. It means you’ve accepted the fact that high standards is a plain waste of time and effort.

6 For Guys, A Girl With Low Standards Isn't As Big Of A Deal As You'd Think

Really, it’s no big deal. Because regardless of your dating standards, if you’re out there, you will meet people. You will stumble upon strangers who seem okay, strangers who seem fishy, and those in between. So yeah, sticking to your high standards will just exhaust you, not to mention leave you single for a really long time (because, again and again, those high standards are ridiculous and unreal). So lowering it is just a small act. It’s no big deal. But the result of it? The result you get from doing it and actually sticking up with such decision? Now that’s big. Actually, it’s not just big, it is impactful. And isn’t that what we all want in life? Something impactful and grand and life-changing? Well, you better start with changing your standards.

5 He Feels That High Standards Are Ridiculous, Period


I know I’ve mentioned this quite a lot already in this article alone but, in case you haven’t wrapped your head around it, I’m going to say it again: high standards are ridiculous. They are going to drive you nuts, they’re going to drive you insane, and your pals will just leave you behind. They will all have this happy life with their partners, they’ll be dating left and right because they’re meeting a lot of great people (who don’t have to meet any ridiculous standards) and some of them might even be married already! While you, on the other hand, are still stuck with no one but yourself because you’re so obsessed with your high standards. You think it’s the key that will lead you to the man of your dreams, the knight with the stupid, shining armor…. Yeah right.

4 Frankly, There’s Rarely Few Men Who Meet Those Standards

If you think high standards will spare you from the pain this world can give, think again. Chances are, it will just cause you more pain because after so many month and years of believing in your ridiculous standards, you’ll probably find yourself still single and lonely. And nothing else can be more painful than that. You think you can thank your high standards when such time comes? So yeah, let’s face it, there are really few men who meet the absurd standards women set when it comes to dating. And most certainly, there are fewer men who will exert efforts to meet those standards… who will adjust and try their damn best. After all, these men know that you may not even be worth it in the first place. So why would they adjust to those standards?

3 Guys Know If You're Preoccupied With Your Standards You Won't Enjoy Relationships For What They Are


If there’s one reason we’re all born into this world, that is so we can enjoy this thing called life. Nobody cares how you enjoy it, really… you can climb the corporate ladder and be in the rat race, you can travel the world, you can unleash your creativity, and there are countless ways. But in between these big moments, there are also smaller ways to enjoy life, and one of the most common ways is to date. Socialize, meet other people, fall in love and let your heart be broken. That’s basically the point of being alive. But hey, you got your high standards so don’t expect to enjoy your life. Unless enjoyment for you means curating every single man you meet like they’re some vintage vase in a museum and you’re secretly waiting for them to crack.

2 Lowering Your Standards A Bit Is Also An Act Of Self-Love


It is? Well, duh?! By lowering your standards, you’re also allowing yourself to become vulnerable. You’re accepting the fact that you will meet someone who will hurt you, and you’re pampering yourself enough to be ready for the day the pain arrives. I’m not saying spend your life getting ready for the pain, but it’s part of it. Pain cannot be erased anyway. So when you choose to lower your standards, you’re choosing to love yourself more. You’re allowing yourself to experience life and to actually enjoy it. Now that is something not all women see. And sometimes, by the time they realize it, it’s all too late. They don’t have any spare time to date because being an adult and doing adult responsibilities are their top priority. So now, while you’re still young and you can still afford to fight your boss because you know you can get another job again pretty soon, make the most it.

1 And What He Doesn't Want You To Forget Is; Men Can Be Flexible Too, He Can Meet Your Standards


Have you ever asked yourself what’s the point of your high standards? Because in case you don’t know (or you forgot) men are growing. They evolve, they learn, they grow mature. So when you stick with your high standards and you date or build a relationship with an already matured man that took you years to find, that’s not a guarantee he won’t become a child. That’s not an assurance that he won’t turn into his immature self. See, standards in general are there to help us find a good partner. Instead of abusing its power and guidance, use it well. Understand that men, too, can grow mature. They can be someone better if you just give them a chance to be part of your life. Are you brave enough to do that? Or will you always be afraid?

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