15 Reasons Cristina Yang Is The Worst

If you’re a die hard fan of ABC’s hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, you know exactly who Dr. Cristina Yang is, and are probably still scratching your head in regards to her departure. Sure, we’ve all screamed at our TV screen and cursed the ground show creator Shonda Rhimes walked upon every time she snatched a beloved character away from audiences, but, in my opinion, Yang’s (played by Sandra Oh) departure was the absolute worst. In a sense, she was the soul of the show while Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) was the heart. Yang is her PERSON for crap’s sake! So when show runners separated the two, it was a mood killer. Despite all her brilliance and confidence, there were times when you just wanted to kick her in the shin a little. And then there were other times where you wanted to kick her A LOT. Here are 15 times that Cristina Yang makes a case for the worst character on Grey’s.

15 Did She Bother To Show Up To Derek's Funeral? NO

Okay, this is a big one. During an emotional season nine of the series, Rhimes threw audiences for a tearful loop by killing off Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), yes, that’s right – McDreamy himself. When Dempsey decided it was time to leave the show, Rhimes knew she just couldn’t separate the ultimate dream couple by way of marital divorce. Both Derek and Meredith would never willingly part ways. So what did she do that was horribly heinous? She killed Derek by hitting him with a truck that rendered him brain dead (rude). But you know what’s even worse? The fact that Meredith’s “person” didn’t even bother to fly back from Zurich where she is now working as a hot-shot cardio whatever. I’m sorry, but if my best friend/soul mate’s husband bit the dust, I’d be on the first plane back from wherever I was. That’s pretty low, Cristina.

14 All Those Dumb Fights With Meredith

Oh, don’t even get me started on all these damn fights. Maybe this is why Cristina didn’t take the time to comfort her bestie after Derek croaked? Either way, Cristina and Meredith’s fights were often notorious and would often start whenever Cristina had the gall to strut some sort of pseudo superiority over Meredith. Given, Cristina is SO MUCH SMARTER than everyone around her, but she really shouldn’t have flaunted it in her best friend’s face, which she would do on occasion. Remember the fight about Meredith “losing” her edge by deciding to have a family? It was clear that Cristina was judging her and when Mere called her out, she got huffy and they wouldn’t talk for a week or two. What sucked about this was that it effected everyone in the entire damn hospital, including the patients (hi, don’t think that would happen in the real world, thanks Shonda). YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SO PETTY, YANG, SHEESH. "Person", my a$$.

13 Her Treatment of George

While we’re on the topic of Cristina’s treatment of her best friend, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of her other “friendships” in her life. In the first few seasons of Grey’s it was wildly noted that Yang was never really fond of George O’Malley (T.R. Knight). She made it apparent by her nickname “Bambi” and her constant teasing of his sensitive nature. Because Cristina herself wasn’t all that warm and fuzzy, she picked on George constantly because he was. Hell, it’s like she was jealous of the fact that George was actually HUMAN, while she herself was more robot like. Even when then-boyfriend Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) became close to Dr. O’Malley, Cristina did everything in her power to make sure the friendship would tank. Cristina made George the butt of most of her jokes and would constantly belittle him in front of other people. When he ended up dying after being hit by a bus (thanks again, Rhimes *makes sarcastic face*), she really didn’t seem all that put out. The only time she really showed any sign that she cared for him was when his father died and she told him the story of how her own father died.

12 Her Treatment of Izzy


Cristina’s treatment of Izzie (Katherine Heigl) often mirrored her treatment of George, who happened to be Izzie’s best friend. There were some brief moments during the first season where you would think Cristina was on the verge of accepting Izzie as a close friend, but then she’d mock her behind her back like she was auditioning for a role in Mean Girls. When Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) nicknamed Izzie “Dr. Barbie”, Cristina thrived with the idea of abrogating Izzie just because of her looks. Cristina often looked down on Izzie because she took everything to heart and made it personal, even when it came to her patients, which Cristina frowned upon. Even though Yang stood up for Izzie when she cut Denny Duquette's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) LVAD wire, she was still a pretty rotten friend. Yet, Izzie trusted her enough to reveal that she was suffering from skin cancer first, so there’s that, I suppose.

11 Her Treatment of April

When she first arrived at Seattle Grace from Mercy West, not everyone was a fan of April Kepner (Sarah Drew). Of course they weren’t – she was a brown-nose, stuck-up little miss know-it-all who did everything she could to make life a living hell for the residents at Seattle Grace after the merger of the two hospitals. But as she started to grow on us and her co-workers, Cristina was still slightly hostile toward the young prude (yes, she would also make fun of the red head for being so innocent). She would mock her and do impressions of her in order to piss her off, but April always seemed to remain her usual perky self. She even convinced Cristina to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Yang only started respecting her when April ditched the paramedic she was supposed to marry at the alter and ran off into the sunset with Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams).

10 She's a Slob

You’d think that someone so put together intellectually would actually be organized in her personal life. But OH HELL NO Cristina was faaaarrrrrr from organized. We’re first introduced to Cristina’s rat nest of an apartment when she brings Burke over for the first time. The horrified look on his face is all we needed at that moment when he gazed over the sea of trash that was festering there. And yet, he STILL wanted her to move in with him. Given, this shouldn’t be a reason why she was the worst character on the show, but still, it’s noteworthy enough to point out. And when she moved in with Burke, why did she suddenly change her pigsty ways? People that messy don’t change that quickly. She would have left clothes everywhere, space on cleaning her dishes, leave plates of uneaten food all over the counter tops – the works. But that never seemed to happen when they were living together.

9 She's a Commitment-phobe Despite Always Being in a Relationship


I never really understood this. It seems like when Shonda Rhimes started out building this complex character, she was fiercely independent and didn’t need a man for anything. However, when the chemistry between Oh and Washington became apparent, she just ran with it. Cristina then became somewhat of a conundrum when it came to her love life. On one hand, she wanted to maintain her independence while continuing to nail Preston. When he wanted something more, she would step back. This turned into a pretty frequent pattern with ALL her boyfriends, including Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). I have really never seen Cristina NOT in a couple, come to think of it. She always had someone she was dating for whatever reason. And then the relationship would effect her work in some ways and she would vow never to let a relationship interfere with her work again… and then she’d turn right around and find another boyfriend. Okay, sure.

8 She Slept Her Way to the Top Despite Her Smarts

Like I said before, Cristina is, hands down, the most brilliant out of all the doctors around her. Everyone is so far out of her league in terms of genius, that it’s not even funny. So why, oh why, did she think it was necessary to sleep her way to the top? She even admitted it at some points that she would often zero in on her mentor figures, who were often brilliant like herself, and worm her way into their beds in order to advance her own career. This apparently was the case during her formative years when she was a student at Stanford. Yang ended up having a long affair with then-professor Colin Marlow when she was just a student. Marlow happened to be a cardiothoracic god who Cristina looked up to and ended up using to get her footing in her career. He ended up proposing to her several times, only to be turned down.

7 Hello, Conceited Much?

Okay, yeah, I’m guilty of referring to this character as “brilliant” or a “genius” but there are reasons why. However, I would never accuse this character of being modest, and that was sort of a major reason why some people were so put off by her. She was constantly telling everyone around her how clever she was behind the knife, even when she didn’t need to because her skills proved her worth a million times over. Yet, she did it anyway, even if people didn’t ask. Not only was she conceited about her brain, but also about her looks. She seemed to be fascinated by her own reflection and how she looked both in scrubs and out of them. Whenever someone commented her looks, she either ridiculed them for focusing on her beauty rather than her brains, or would simply say “I know”. Given, her confidence level was always awe inspiring to say the least.

6 Being a Witch During the Plane Crash

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Oh, THIS one was sorta screwed up. Yang, Meredith, Derek, Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), and Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) were all involved in a plane crash when their small plane crashed in the woods while on their way to Boise. Of course, everyone was badly injured sans Cristina, who only dislocated her shoulder. She screamed at Arizona to “SHUT UP!” after the latter was screaming hysterically from the pain she suffered in her legs during the crash (she would end up losing one of her legs), she rolled her eyes at Meredith as she cried for both her sister and husband, and then she got on Mark’s case AFTER he lost the love of his life (Lexie). Yes, they were all traumatized from the crash, but Cristina seemed to make things worse by being a real b*!ch. Sure, it was because she knew she had to be the leader of the pack in that case, but it only made her look pretty bad.

5 The Whole Kids Thing

While this didn’t make her technically “the worst”, the way she chose to get the point across was right up there at the top of the crappy things Yang has ever done. Okay, so you don’t want to have children. That’s great! More power to you! But sticking your nose up at people who already have children isn’t really the best way to keep friends, lady. She did this on more than one occasion when it came to Meredith turning into a mother. First when Mere adopted Zola (Cristina is her godmother) and then when she was pregnant with son Bailey. One of their biggest fights was when Cristina voiced that Meredith had changed since having children and that she wasn’t as strong in her profession as she once was. Cristina made it clear to every mate she had that she wasn’t looking to have children, but that still didn’t stop some of them from pressuring her to change her mind (cough, cough, OWEN, cough, cough). But still, there was no need to crucify those who did want kids.

4 Commonly Choosing Men Over Meredith

This jumps back to the whole pseudo independent thing: we get that you don’t need a man in your life (despite all your men), but if you’re gonna voice it so very often, you’ve got to back up your words with actions. During her fights with Meredith, Cristina would often choose whoever she was dating over the woman who was supposed to be her person. Like when she told Mere that Owen was her person (he wasn’t) when they were in the middle of a yelling match. Or when Cristina kept it a secret that she was dating Burke even though Meredith was pouring her heart out to her about her love for Derek. There were so many times when the supposed independent minded Cristina opted out for a pair of genitals over her bestie, but hey, who am I to judge? (I totally am).

3 The Whole Plane Crash Aftermath

Yes, I understand that the plane crash was a traumatic experience for everyone on board that plane, but Cristina’s actions afterward were a little appalling. When we saw Cristina after the crash, she was suddenly living and working Minnesota. We come to find out that Cristina went a little crazy after coming home from the crash, which was a given because they were there for four days and Cristina had to drink her own urine and even a little plane fuel to stay alive. But she took out her trauma on everyone else around her, including the new Seattle Grace interns (some of whom she physically assaulted). She couldn’t handle it so she ditched everyone including Meredith (who lost her sister in the crash, for Pete’s sake) and went to Minnesota. After her mentor there keeled over, she came back and expected everything to be exactly the same. UH, NO, YOU LEFT EVERYONE, SELFISH!

2 Not Telling Burke About the Baby She Was Carrying

Hey, speaking of kids, remember when the woman who didn’t want to have kids got knocked up? It’s called protection, Cristina – USE IT. Anyway, yes, Cristina became pregnant early on in the show when she was having her secret affair with Burke and ended up losing the baby after one of her Fallopian tubes burst. Given, she was going to have an abortion, but still, her not telling Burke of the baby when he was in the middle of dumping her seemed pretty odd. Cristina is NOT the type to attempt to keep a man using an unwanted child, so she just went about and did her own thing. I do think it was wrong of her to not tell Burke about the baby and he had to find out after she collapsed in his OR.


There are a lot of reasons why audience should hate on Cristina Yang, but the main reason why I’m miffed at her character is because OH HOLY CRAP, THE SHOW ISN’T THE SAME WITHOUT HER! I will forever hold a grudge against Sandra Oh for leaving the show. Hey, Cristina would have NEVER left Meredith alone in this entire mess of a country in the olden days. And she sure as hell would have come back once Derek died but noooooooo, she didn’t! I think most fans tend to focus on her faults rather than her virtues because we miss her so and are treating her departure as a breakup in a sense. I still hold onto hope that Oh will return to the role, if even for a brief stint, in order to save the drowning show, but I’m not holding my breath. Sigh.

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