15 Real Women Share Their Secret Eating Habits

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15 Real Women Share Their Secret Eating Habits

Who doesn’t love food? We need it to live. Some people even live for it! Food is one of life’s greatest joys – if not the greatest! Not only does it give our bodies the energy it needs to survive, but it also brings people together and makes us feel good. Besides intimacy and money, food is probably the greatest pleasure (and sometimes addiction) in existence. We’re willing to bet that you’re envisioning your favorite food as you’re reading this right now, or daydreaming about the leftovers waiting for you in the fridge at home that you can’t wait to devour. That’s fine, girl. We’re doing the same thing.

In today’s time, our current society’s obsession with fitness and nutrition has labeled certain foods as “guilty pleasures”, which is truly a code word for “this is bad for you and you are doing a bad thing by eating it”. We’ve entered a toxic culture where counting calories is deemed as a necessity rather than just making better choices and enjoying them wholeheartedly. Due to Hollywood’s rapidly changing beauty standards and our ever growing list of insecurities, we make the best effort to adhere to these crazy fad diets, viewing food as an enemy. With all of this happening, many women have adopted different eating habits that they feel must be kept secret to avoid feeling guilt, shame and being judged. Some are bad habits that are more common and pretty easy to reverse, while others are a bit more serious and could be signs of an underlying problem. Then there are a few that are just plain… weird. In this article, we’ll share with you 15 real women who share their secret eating habits.

15. Binging On The Leftovers

“I dig into the leftover dessert as though everybody at the party had told me not to touch it and I just can’t hold back any longer. Why? Still figuring that out.”

This woman sounds like she’s got a mean sweet tooth, just like many other people on the planet. Who can resist sugar? No one, that’s who! Sadly, the things that usually taste the best aren’t usually the best for our bodies, and consuming too much sugar can wreak havoc on our health.

Now, does that mean we have to throw away all of our boxes of cake mix and chocolate chip bags in the trash right this minute and avoid them for the rest of our lives? Heck no! However it’s a good idea to keep the “moderation and not deprivation” idea in mind. Sometimes that can be a tricky concept to grasp, and it sounds like that’s true for this woman. It sounds like she may have herself an addiction to these sweet treats and desserts she finds enjoyable that she ends up binging on the stuff after there’s a big party. Even the fact that she mentions she “just can’t hold back” may also imply that she’s avoiding the food for the duration of the event. Maybe it’s to avoid any scrutiny or guilt since people seem to be so curious about what a woman chooses to put on her plate. Here’s our advice: screw them and enjoy the cake, but please try not to go overboard when everybody leaves because that just means a serious belly ache for you later on.

14. The Cookie Monster

“I don’t tell anyone, but when I make chocolate chip cookies, I like to eat the batter. Since the batter is not a ‘cookie’ yet, I can’t tell how many I’ve had, so it feels like it doesn’t count. In actuality, it’s probably eight raw cookies. Then I need to try one fresh out of the oven and also another once it’s cooled to make sure that they are good! By then end, I’ve probably eaten about 10 cookies—but only count them as two.”

Mmm… Who can resist some delicious, hot freshly, baked straight-from-the-oven cookies? We’re salivating just thinking about it. But sometimes it’s the cookie dough that happens to be more savory than the finished result! Who doesn’t remember eating cookie dough straight out of the bowl as a kid and enjoying the sugary goodness along with the chocolate chips and candy bits embedded inside? Pure heaven!

This lady, in particular, really loves her some cookie dough to the point she’s eaten so much of the batter before she even puts them in the oven. Then she has to “taste” two in order to determine if they taste good? Girlfriend, you’ve eaten the batter like it was irresistible, so we’re sure the cookies wouldn’t come out any less desirable.

Seriously, though, if she loves the cookie dough so much, perhaps she could set some aside for herself to eat later so she doesn’t eat too much of it at once, and then enjoy a cookie when they’re ready to eat. Then she may not feel so inclined or guilty of eating half a bowl of cookie dough, or as she estimates “eight raw cookies”.

13. Just Odd Desserts

“I wouldn’t be able to find anything to satisfy my cravings, so I would have to get creative. I would eat bags of chocolate chips or spoonfuls of Cool Whip. Occasionally, I’d be so secretive about my odd food choices that I would hide in the bathroom or my bedroom and feast on these sugary foods late at night.”

The common theme here is that women love to pig out on the sweet stuff. We want sugar, all the time. And that’s totally normal, because we’re human and we naturally crave it. If it gets to a point where we feel like we need to hide from people in order to indulge is where we have a problem. It sounds like her sugar cravings are very frequent, and that’s usually because there’s something going on inside the body: hormonal changes or imbalances, vitamin deficiency, etc. It got so bad to a point that she felt the need to hide and eat food in secret so she wouldn’t be judged. It’s sad that we care so much about what other people think that we can’t even enjoy eating our food in appropriate places. Under no circumstances should you ever feel the need to eat in the bathroom, or hide in your bedroom for fear that someone will call you “weird” for eating cool whip out of the tub. Who’s never eaten cool whip out of a tub before? The only time it would be weird is if it was all you ate. Well, that wouldn’t be weird. That’d just be plain bad, because then your body won’t feel too happy running on just plain sugar now, would it?

12. Dumpster Diving For Dinner

“Once my cousin was staying with me and she left over a bunch of pad Thai that she threw out. I fished it out of the garbage can and ate it.”

While it’s certainly a first world thing to throw out perfectly good food simply because we no longer want it (which we really need to stop doing by the way), was it really a good idea to search through the trash can after it’s been disposed of, especially when you don’t have to? Probably not.

To regular people, that would be considered really gross. To people that are starving, it’s considered survival. We assume this woman isn’t starving, since it was her friend that needed to crash at HER place and not the other way around, so it concerns us as to why she felt compelled to eat, well, trash. Was she too afraid or ashamed to just ask her friend to save the food she no longer wanted for her? Better yet, couldn’t she just order herself some pad Thai instead of eating out of the garbage? Was she not concerned about getting sick? Was she just being cheap? So many questions…

11. Pantry Raid

“I used to always look forward to babysitting my nieces and nephews because I knew I could raid my sister’s refrigerator and cupboards. She keeps all the good ‘junk’ food that I never allowed myself to buy or eat, including ice cream, granola, chocolate, cereal, etc. Looking back, I feel really horrible because I spent more time eating than I did playing with the kids.”

Here’s a case of a woman that has severely deprived herself of the treats and things she usually enjoys, which, again, is never a good thing to do to yourself because you’ll end up binge eating the stuff later on. It sounds like she really deprived herself to an extreme level, because if she really dedicated more time eating than bonding with her nieces and nephews, maybe she should reconsider her diet choices.

And another thing that is pretty, well, rude, is that she was really just using her sister to eat up all of her sister’s “junk food”, which her sister bought with her own hard earned money simply, because she didn’t allow herself to enjoy at the comfort of her own home. The fact that she chooses to abstain herself from junk food isn’t her sister’s problem, and it’s not fair that she’s eating up everything in her pantry. She still has a family of her own to feed, and it isn’t right to eat up the groceries that you didn’t pay for. It sounds like she may have an issue with food deprivation and should speak to a nutritionist or dietitian about it. It’d be great for her to realize that she doesn’t have to deprive herself of the foods she likes, even if it isn’t totally healthy, and why eating on the “good stuff” she didn’t allow herself to eat on her own time shouldn’t have been more important than spending time with her family.

10. Candy Bandit

“Sometimes, when someone would buy a communal bag of candy at work, I’d eat the entire thing and then sneak out and buy a new one so no one would know it was me.”

Look, another sugar addict! This time she’s obsessed with candy. Now if she could steal and eat up an entire communal bag of candy at work, imagine how she acts when it comes time for Halloween!

Stealing is never OK, and we’re still surprised she never got caught, even with her “replace the old bag with a new one” trick. The question is, why did she feel so compelled to eat an entire bag of candy that wasn’t even hers to begin with? Would she deprive herself of it normally and then cave in from the temptation when someone else set it in front of her? Another question is if she had to go through the trouble of replacing it, why not just buy one for herself and take it home, hide it in her car, or her work desk? Why not just get her own bag of candy instead of stealing someone else’s? Was it really about the candy, or could it have been the thrill of taking something that didn’t belong to her

9. Secret Snacker

“I don’t want my husband to know that I’m eating cookies or candy bars because it’ll make me gain weight—even though he’s never said a word about my weight and proposed to me when I was at my heaviest.”

This woman’s husband sounds like a very good man and obviously doesn’t care much about her weight. So why does she believe he does? Why does his opinion about her indulging in foods she enjoys matter, or make her feel uncomfortable? He proposed to her when she was her heaviest, which implies she’s probably lost weight on her own. He’s never mentioned anything about her weight before, so why would he now? We’re coming to the realization that her eating habits really have nothing to do with her husband’s opinion; it’s all her.

If she’s concerned about gaining the weight back, all she has to do is make sure she doesn’t eat too many cookies or candy bars. Not throw them away completely or feel like she must hide away to eat them so no one sees. It looks like she has some soul searching to do. She also needs to recognize that the only person judging her is herself

8. The Fitness Guru

“I’m a fitness instructor, so I should know better, but sometimes I’ll bake a pan of brownies or eat loads of mini snicker’s and then hide the evidence from my boyfriend. I’d even hide the wrappers in the trash and clean the dishes so there was no trace.”

It’s understandable that she’d feel a bit more pressure to stick to a clean diet, but going to such extreme lengths to hide the fact that she eats and enjoy junk food, no matter who she is, isn’t healthy for anyone. In fact, it’d just make matters worse, because the implications of her job will only pressure her to look as picture perfect as possible. Then when she’s not putting on airs about how much salad she eats and working out two hours a day, she’ll end up binge eating in secret just so others won’t see her enjoy the foods regular humans enjoy.

She claims that “she should know better”, which seems to imply that she should know not to even touch the treats at all. As a fitness expert/instructor, she should know that a 100% clean, picture perfect diet is utterly unrealistic and completely goes against what a real healthy lifestyle is all about: taking care of your body but also allowing yourself to enjoy pleasures (like brownies and other sweets) simply because it makes us feel good, too. Hopefully she’ll learn that occasionally eating a brownie or two in front of people, like her boyfriend, will actually make her appear more relaxed, relatable, and, well, human.

7. The Hidden Stash

“I hide all of my candy from the kids so I don’t have to share.”

How rude! Let the kids have a little fun. Seriously, either she has some real leeches for children or she has a serious candy addiction. How much candy is there that she literally has to hide it away? Is she stashing away pounds of the stuff? Does she have them secretly delivered to her house?

All moms know what it’s like to have children: what belongs to them are not only theirs but also their kids, like food, time, personal space… but especially food. If they see mommy with candy, they’ve got to have some candy too, because it’s only fair, right? After all, moms do teach their kids that sharing is caring, and encourage them to share with their siblings, cousins, and friends. What made you think you were an exception, Mom?

This mother is either fed up with having to share all the time, or she eats more candy than her own kids and doesn’t want people to know because she may die of embarrassment. It’s cool to love candy, but do you really have to hide it all away?

6. Cupcake Thief

“On my daughter’s birthday party, I ate almost all the leftover cupcakes after cleaning up. I felt so guilty that I sneaked away and ran to the 24 hour grocery to pick up more to replace the ones I’d eaten. It still makes me feel gross thinking about it.”

We all can get a little carried away at parties sometimes. We put a little of this and a little of that on our plates, until it’s way too heavy to carry with one hand. We think, “Hey, it’s a party! Just enjoy yourself and have fun!” One of the easiest ways to do that is to pig out on all the good food and treats on display. Sadly, this mom got a tad bit too carried away by eating up all her daughter’s leftover cupcakes.

Now if it were her daughter that ate the rest of the cupcakes, she most likely would’ve been scolded her for being greedy and warned about getting sick with tummy aches. Oh, how the tables turn. Instead, it’s Mommy that has been the gluttonous one. What’s worse is she knew she was wrong because she had to go buy more so it wouldn’t look like any were missing. It makes us wonder if she is another person that yo-yo diets and ends up gorging on all the bad-for-you stuff while everyone’s away so that she won’t feel judged. Why not just indulge in the bad stuff just like everyone else, in proper portions, while still sticking to a healthy lifestyle? Because, yes, it’s totally possible to be healthy and still enjoy dessert. Going cold turkey and giving everything up for good only to eat a bunch of it in secret is only going to be harmful in the long run.

5. The Dieting Dancer

“Back when I was studying dance in college they always kept us on really strict diets. Well sometimes I would choose a day to totally binge on anything I wanted, like Dunkin Doughnuts or Burger King. I’d get like a dozen doughnuts and eat them all by myself or hide all of my fast food from my roommates and eat it in the park outside later. I knew I’d be mortified if anyone ever saw me eating like that, but I just couldn’t help myself.”

Just like the fitness guru, this dancer most likely felt the exact same pressure and fear of judgement because her job required being physically fit at all times and keeping up appearances. So there was more than likely no room in the equation, according to her, to have anyone see her eating anything that was considered bad. Dancers are supposed to have super clean diets and never even think about sinking their teeth into something like a doughnut or a burger, even every once in a while. They’re supposed to set an example that they have the “amazing dancer’s body” because they don’t eat junk food, ever. When in all honesty, that couldn’t be further from the truth. So many athletes (like Misty Copeland and Serena Williams and professionals in the fitness industry like Jillian Michaels) have all spoken out on enjoying foods you love in moderation while still be fit and active. They never once suggested that anyone never even look at another cookie or cupcake in their life ever again. It’s sad that this young woman succumbed to the idea that she can’t enjoy food she loves to eat in front of others simply so they won’t judge her. If anyone questioned, all she could have said was, “Sure I’m a dancer – a dancer that loves French fries!”

4. Obsessed with Pizza

“I work from home, and while my husband is away at work and the kids are at school, I order a large pizza all for myself everyday for lunch. Then I hide the boxes in the trashcan on the sidewalk instead of our house. It sounds horrible, but I just love pizza, and I don’t know how to give it up.”

Who the heck doesn’t love a good pizza? Pizza is a classic! It’s like eating all of your favorite foods at once: buttery bread, gooey cheese, savory meats, and fresh vegetables. Just heavenly. So while we don’t blame her for wanting pizza all the time, it’s safe to say that it’s time to take a step back when you start actually eating it all the time. It’s obvious that the woman has an addiction, and it likely has nothing to do with pizza itself. Her problem maybe more of a psychological urge and the constant need to give into that urge.

She says she doesn’t know how to give it up, which sort of implies that she thinks she shouldn’t be eating it at all, or that pizza is something she needs to give up forever. That may be due to diet culture and the pressure we get about staying away from these supposedly “bad for you” foods. Because certain food are considered taboo, they become even more desirable. Therefore we end up eating it more often than we should in secret. Instead of this woman thinking she has to give into her pizza cravings alone (and eating a whole bunch by herself), why doesn’t she just share with the family? Isn’t it more fun to enjoy the foods you love with people that’d enjoy it just as much with you? Plus, she wouldn’t be able to worry about eating way too much because she’s satisfied her craving without going overboard, since she has others to share with.

3. Holidays At My House

“I always, ALWAYS try to make sure my family celebrates the holidays at my house so I can binge on all the yummy leftovers when they leave. If someone else ends up hosting I get really bummed. Is that weird?”

Man, who in this world doesn’t look forward to the holidays? Everyone knows that the best part of the holiday season is all the good food you get to eat! There’s also the endless mountains of traditional favorites and new cuisine, which means a nearly endless buffet and plenty, and we mean PLENTY, of leftovers! Sometimes the leftovers are the best part. There’s something about certain foods that make them taste so much better the next day than they did before.

This woman admits to being in love with the leftovers and eating up the food after the big feast. We assume she’s making the majority of the dinner if she’s hosting the party, and it’s obvious that she enjoys having most of the leftovers since she’s the one that cooked. We’re not judging her for wanting to host for the holidays. After all, the holidays are fun, and who wouldn’t want some extra food for a few days? However, it’s a little concerning if she’s over eating the leftover good stuff because, well, that’s A LOT of food!

2.   The Only Reason To Look Forward To Meetings

“Usually after there’s a big meeting at work, there’s tons of leftovers in the break room. They aren’t the healthiest of foods, so I stuff as much as I can in my bag to eat in my car on the way home so no one sees. This happens about twice a week…”

Does anyone really look forward to office meetings? If you answered yes, we’re giving you the side eye because everyone knows how boring they are. The best part to look forward to is the snacks and refreshments, if there are any. Usually there’s some leftover doughnuts or tiny treats like truffles or mini cakes, and sometimes there’s a full on buffet of hors d’oeuvres, full course meals, and desserts! And there’s usually a lot of leftovers since they always encourage the caterers to provide more than enough.

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of some free food? That question leads us to ask why she feels ashamed of taking some of the extra food home with her. So what they if aren’t totally healthy? If you enjoy it, then that’s all that matters. Sadly women have become ashamed of eating different foods simply because they aren’t what’s considered “healthy”. Women shouldn’t be made to feel that they should always appear to be on a diet or eating really clean in front of everyone just so no one judges them… girl, if you want that chocolate cupcake, pick it up and savor every bite, even if everyone’s watching.

1. Addicted to Radishes

“I have a weird addiction to radishes. I can’t stop eating them. They have a taste that is so delicious and I can’t stop myself. It’s my crack.”

Of all the ladies on this list, this one has an addiction to the “healthiest” option: radishes. We wonder why she’s feeling so ashamed about having a favorite vegetable, or any kind of favorite food just like anyone else. However, she does say she can’t stop eating them. Does this mean it’s ALL she’s eating on a day-to-day basis? Does she think people would look at her weird if she just pulled out a whole radish and bit into it?

Maybe they would, but here’s the million dollar question: who cares?!? Let’s say it again: women have the right to eat whatever the heck they please without having to worry about other people judging them. That’s the common denominator in all of these confessions: they all care way too much about what other people think, will think, could think, or say. Look, it’s your body, and whatever food you decide to eat it is your business and only your business. The only important thing to keep in mind is that balance and moderation is key. As long as you feel good, your body feels good, and you enjoy yourself while eating any and every food you love, that is all that matters.

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