15 Real Stories Of People Who Fell In Love At Work

Despite the long list of dating apps and websites, there are a lot of people who have found love in the workplace. While you may not agree with the debatable concept of budding workplace relationships, they do happen and sometimes they even tear apart the current relationships and marriages of one or both parties.

So, you might not like your current job, but you might like someone in that way at work. That's perfectly understandable, as not many people expect to find love in the workplace anyway. Love is something that sort of just happens in an instant or over a certain period of time. You might find the perfect person for you when you're not even looking for love. That's just one of the many ways that life works in spontaneous ways.

Workplace romances do happen. The unexpected experience can be unpredictable and inevitable. Not all of these said romances share the same happy endings, but at least they were good and exciting while they lasted. There's nothing like two co-workers having an office romance with its twists and turns in more ways than one.

Let's take a look at 15 real confessions of people who fell in love at work.

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15 Two-Timing

Two timing happens all the time, but it gets even more interesting when it happens as a result of a workplace affair.

Take, for example, this workplace affair mentioned in this Whisper. The man was happily married to his wife, but he fell in love with a female co-worker at his work, who felt the same way, but she was also married. That's sure to be a complicated situation right there.

Hopefully, the workplace couple sorted out their emotions and worked things out between them. We hope that their marriages didn't have to end due to a workplace affair, but if they fell apart because of it, then it was clearly out of their control because if you truly loved someone, you'd want to stay with them in every way possible.

14 Revenge In A Relationship

There are some ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends who come up with plots in order to seek revenge on their exes. It doesn't matter what gender you identify yourself with, the fact that you're seeking revenge on an ex is petty, to say the least.

Just take a look at this Whisper. The woman hooked up with her ex-boyfriend's co-worker for revenge. She then fell in love with the said co-worker and later left him for one of his co-workers. That's a triple whammy right there.

It's already morally wrong to cheat on a partner with their co-worker, so why makes things worse by cheating on someone else's co-worker and then leaving the workplace affair for another workplace affair? It just doesn't make sense. All that's going to do is ruin your own reputation and possibly shift your boss' opinion of you in a negative direction. Don't make a fool out of yourself.

13 Is It Right?

Yeah, there are plenty of May-December relationships and marriages in Hollywood, but what about the age disparities in the typical workplaces?

In this Whisper, an 18-year-old female apprentice admitted that she fell in love with a 31-year-old co-worker at her work. She made it clear that he was her type of guy and simple, but it just didn't feel right to her.

Now, she has nothing to worry about since she's the legal age of consent, but she's likely nervous about what the older guy would think and how people would perceive her. In our opinion, she's going to be perceived as a gold digger, no matter what; but she has every right to feel conflicted on her feelings towards the guy because she probably doesn't want all her co-workers to know about this either.

12 Borderline Weird

Unfortunately, borderline harassment and personality clashes are very common in the workplace. While these may not be physically hurtful behaviors, a man or woman might have to cope with emotional wounds and scars left in their minds.

For example, the female victim mentioned in this Whisper. The male co-worker used to work with the said female at a popular phone company until he fell in love with her and asked her a question that he shouldn't have asked her. She probably got uncomfortable and left the job or the said male left the job to avoid further awkwardness with the female and the rest of their co-workers.

There are so many other ways for a guy to approach a cute girl without making her feel uncomfortable. The workplace is a more difficult environment to face such things.

11 Want It Both Ways

There are some people who want to have it both ways, like the man in this Whisper.

He's married with four kids. His female co-worker is also married with four kids. He loves his wife, but he doesn't want to file for divorce from her. Why's that? He wants both of these women and can't choose just one of them to spend the rest of his life with.

On the other hand, his co-worker is fine with divorcing her husband and figuring out who gets custody of their kids, but he doesn't know how to tell his wife about his workplace affair. The fact that he has kids makes it even more difficult as they likely think that all marriages are going to last forever. Hopefully, he'll straighten his mind out.

10 Damsel In Distress

In modern literature, a damsel in distress is defined as a persecuted maiden or a princess in jeopardy who needs a male lifesaver to rescue her from an evil villain.

There's a damsel in distress on Whisper too. This woman wrote that she's a newlywed, but miserable with her husband. They previously dated for eight and a half years before tying the knot this past January. She goes on to describe her marriage as a big mistake because she recently fell in love with an older co-worker, who makes her really happy.

Although we don't know the specifics of this love triangle, we know that the woman is a damsel in distress who is seeking help from another man. We hope that she'll figure things out when it comes to her romantic relationships.

9 Two-Faced

All of us have encountered two-faced people in our lives.

The man who wrote this Whisper is no different. He fell in love with a female co-worker and she acted like she had the same feelings towards him when she didn't have such feelings, so the pair's relationship was just a complete lie. He was so devastated that he felt like he had to quit his job so he wouldn't have to see her on a daily basis anymore.

He must've learned a life lesson because it's a fact that not everyone cares about him. Some folks will just pretend to like or love him when they're actually backstabbing him. At least he realized the double faces and did something about it instead of moping around, picking on his emotional wounds.

8 Awkward Age Gap?

Okay, this Whisper is a bit too descriptive, but we had to share it with you all anyways.

A 25-year-old man confessed on Whisper that he fell in love with one of his female co-workers. But not just any female co-worker; a younger girl who was 18 years old at the time. While there's nothing wrong with falling in love with a co-worker, there might be a problem with an older person dating a younger person. There's also a large stigma surrounding older folks who have crushes on younger folks.

The man shouldn't avoid the woman altogether. Instead, he should take the time to get to know her because she might be more than just good looking. He just needs to be careful with her. That's all we have to say about this situation.

7 Secret Wish

There's something addictive and seductive about affairs, but what about the dreaded topic: workplace affairs?

There was a woman who went a little too far while she was writing a Whisper. She not only admits that she fell in love with a male co-worker, she also has fantasies about him, but those fantasies aren't just about him.

You see, she wishes that her current husband would let her be an open relationship so that she could most probably date her coworker as well. That's quite a fantasy that would feature both the highs and the lows, but it might never happen, especially if her hubby is the jealous type of man.

6 The Heart Still Cares

More frequently than not, there are women with hearts. Those hearts still care about their ex-boyfriends. As a result, they still want to check up on their exes. But why do some women still care about their exes?

Sure, there are a lot of people who tell these women to move on and find someone better, but they still want to follow up with their exes. There are many reasons why a woman would conduct a follow-up. They range from confirming they're better than their exes' hookups to seeing if their exes had a sudden life change.

Like the woman who wrote this Whisper. She fell in love with a male co-worker two years ago, they had a brief fling and then stopped talking to each other. She's doing fine after the breakup but confessed that a part of her wants to see him just to make sure that he's okay. Anyway, isn't this a part of a nurturing instinct developed at work? She likely has a tendency to care about others in general.

5 Potential Cougar

There are some men who have a thing for older women and that's perfectly okay.

The young man who wrote this Whisper fell in love with one of his former co-workers. While it's unclear where the ex-couple worked, he was still crushing on an older woman who was a potential cougar. Some people may disagree with this entry and say that cougars are supposed to be at least 10 years older than their cubs, but the said woman is still a cougar in our eyes.

The only problem was that the woman was already married. We're not sure if her husband was aware of her workplace affair, but she was probably really nervous the entire time the affair took place. We don't blame her though. It's quite hard to keep an affair a secret.

4 Messy Situation

While some workplace relationships turn out to be the real deal, there are some other relationships between subordinates and/or bosses that turn out to be messy relationships.

For instance, the man who confessed a couple of in-depth details in his Whisper. He fell in love with a female co-worker, but it wasn't as simple as we thought. She eventually got pregnant with another man's child, which made things even messier than he would've imagined. He then proceeded to file for divorce from the woman and she later became his ex-wife.

This workplace affair turned relationship cost the man a lot of money and perhaps his job as he likely felt nervous after divorcing his then-wife and didn't want his fellow colleagues to find out about this monstrous disaster from what seemed to be a clear-cut affair with no strings attached. He definitely learned his lesson from this costly mistake.

3 Nothing But Lies

Most of us think that there's nothing wrong with telling a little white lie every now and then, but that could actually end up costing your relationship.

A male admitted through a Whisper that he fell in love with a female co-worker and she reciprocated mutual feelings towards him, but he later found out that she was plainly just using him as a replacement so she could ditch her shifts whenever she wanted to do so.

He must've felt extremely heartbroken after finding out that she wasn't actually in love with him and just used him to avoid working when she didn't want to work. His guard likely went up too. He simply wants to protect his heart after a bad breakup from a one-sided relationship that pretty much didn't matter at all.

2 Hit It And Quit It

There are some guys who hit it and quit it, but it doesn't just apply to low-class thugs who roam the streets. It also applies to working professionals who simply just want to get it on and then leave their female counterparts after they're done doing the deed.

The process is usually more simple for guys, who don't catch feelings as strongly as girls. The girl who wrote this Whisper confessed that she fell in love with a male co-worker after getting intimate with him; but he later turned around, got a new job and confirmed that his last day was the next day.

Obviously, she wasn't pleased with his recent news, but what can she do about this tangled situation? Unless if he feels she's the one, nothing good is going to happen.

1 Happily Ever After

No matter how bad some workplace affairs are, there will always be a couple of affirmative stories from men and women who have made their relationships work out in the long run.

In this positive Whisper, a woman revealed that she left her ex-fiance for a co-worker that she fell in love with at first sight. Unlike other said affairs, things actually went in the couple's favor as they're now married and have a baby together. She ended the confession with "Love is love." That's actually a good phrase for her to use because, at the end of the day, no one should judge another person's relationship, no matter how it started and what not.

Just let couples enjoy their lives together. Props to this jovial couple.

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