15 Real Stories From People Who Are Secretly In Love With Their BFFs

Love is complicated and finding someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with is truly something special, but what happens when you find someone you’re completely smitten with, but you can’t be with them?

Unrequited love is not something that you would wish upon anyone, but it seems to be even harder when the person who you have fallen for is your best friend. We’ve heard of being “stuck in the friend zone” so many times before, but what does it actually feel like to be hopelessly attracted to someone who wants nothing more than a platonic relationship?

If Whisper confessions have taught us anything, it’s that there is an added risk when you love your friend because you have to think really hard about whether or not you want to potentially destroy a friendship for a shot at love. From people who are desperate to try and make their best friend see how perfect they would be for each other, to those who have left it far too long and now they have to watch the love of their life marry another person. Below are 15 confessions from people who are secretly in love with their BFFs, and the gut-wrenching challenges that they face every day trying to hide it.

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15 He’s Still So In Love With Her

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Unrequited love must be one of the hardest things to deal with and unfortunately, the man behind this confession currently finds himself in this situation. But what’s worse than just a simple case of not having the person return your affections is when you actually have to attend their wedding and stand there and watch the woman of your dreams marry another guy — and she'll never know how he really feels about her.

What makes this confession different to most about people falling for their best friends is that this guy had his shot at love, and after three years he and his former girlfriend, who is now his bestie, determined that things just weren't working out for them. But despite it being an amicable split, he still can’t get over the loss.

14 The Sister Zone Really, Really Sucks

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When you know you could be so good with someone and everyone else sees it except them it must be incredibly frustrating. So many men complain about being friend-zoned, but if this confession proves anything it’s that the friend zone doesn’t just happen to one gender! The woman behind this confession is in pain because she secretly loves her best friend, but he just doesn’t see her as anything more than a sister — way to ruin a girl’s confidence!

The worst part is she’s convinced that if she got a shot at a romance with him that they would be great together, it’s just too bad she’s the only one who feels that way. And the fact that everyone else keeps telling her that they would make a great couple only makes this even harder because it’s like they are rubbing it in her face.

13 How Do You Make Your Feelings Known?

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There’s a problem with falling for your friend since they value your friendship and enjoy having you in their life, so, if you try to change that dynamic there is a chance that it could backfire horribly. You have to factor in that it's possible you'd be rejected and hurt when your friend denies you (if they don’t feel the same way) but you would also end up destroying that friendship because let’s face it, it would be awkward as heck afterward.

When you’re so in love with someone that you think about them all the time and you dream of a future, maybe it’s worth risking your friendship because there is a chance it could turn into something more. This is the dilemma the person behind this confession finds himself/herself in, and they’re really struggling with whether or not they should do anything about it.

12 He Loves Her But Can’t Have Her

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There’s nothing worse than being in love with someone you know you can never have a future with, and it seems that the person behind this confession knows that feeling all too well. He claims to be in love with his best friend, but he can’t have her.

The most intriguing part of this confession is the fact that he chose not to give any details about why it is that he can’t have her, which only makes us speculate and want to know the answer to about a hundred questions. Is she with another man? Has he already shared his feelings and she has rejected him? Or is she just not in the right place for a relationship right now and wouldn’t look upon his affections favorably? There's so much I’d like to ask him.

11 He’s Trying Too Hard To Not Be Creepy

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You have to have a whole lot of respect for someone who wants to protect their friend and not share their feelings for fear that it will creep her out, and this guy is really trying his best not to make his romantic feelings into a big weird reveal. There’s a problem with that too though, because by trying not to appear “creepy” he is distancing himself from the person he is meant to be best friends with, and this is probably going to end up hurting her because she has no idea why her BFF has suddenly started pulling out of her life.

This guy admits he feels as though he’s pushing his friend away, and there will come a point in this situation where she will need answers, which he either needs to give to her or work hard at trying to move on before he pushes her away for good.

10 They’re Thousands Of Miles Apart

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College is a fantastic place to grow not only academically but also socially and it opens us up to a world of new experiences. It also helps forge close bonds with people, who, if you’re lucky, you will stay friends with for life.

I haven’t been out of college for that long, but the friends I made during my college years I remain in contact with, especially one, who has become one of my best friends. The difference between my confession and the woman behind this confession is that I’m not in love with my bestie. I love her, sure, but I don’t have romantic feelings for her, so even though we are in different countries currently, my heart is not breaking. I guess that’s something to be happy about because it appears loving someone who is in a different city is excruciatingly painful.

9 She’s About To Explode From Keeping This Secret

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When you have a secret the first person you usually want to tell is your best friend, right? But what happens when that secret is about your friend because you’re hopelessly in love with them? According to the person behind this confession, it’s incredibly difficult to keep her feelings from her BFF, and she doesn’t know how long she will be able to go on without saying something.

This situation is hard to be in because it could destroy a friendship if her friend doesn’t feel the same way, and it could result in a lot of hurt and rejection. Then again, how do you keep a secret so big? And then there is, of course, the fact that things may go this woman’s way and her friend could feel the same way but she’s just too scared to say anything.

8 If Only He Had Told Her Sooner

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In the point I mentioned above, it’s a risk telling someone how you feel about them, especially if they are your best friend because then there is more at stake and so much more to lose. But, if this confession proves anything it’s that sometimes the person who you are declaring your feelings to actually feels the same way.

Turns out this woman would have dated her best friend if he had confessed his feelings to her a little earlier because now she’s in a relationship. You have to wonder why he took so long to admit his feelings, and it’s almost a bit selfish to do it when he knows that his friend is with someone else. But I suppose we don’t have more details and therefore cannot know his reasoning for waiting so long.

7 Are They Missing Out On An Opportunity?

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It’s hard to tell someone you love them, especially if you aren’t completely sure how they feel about you. It’s even worse if you are friends, apparently, and the woman behind this confession has revealed that she is at a crossroads because she’s not sure whether she wants to tell her best friend how she feels, or if she should keep quiet but then miss out on an opportunity.

According to her, she loves her best friend and she has a sneaky feeling he may feel the same way, but then again, there is a chance that he doesn’t. Which is why she’s taken to Whisper to ask a few random strangers what she should do; risk it and see how it works out? Or stay quiet about it and potentially miss out on a fantastic relationship?!

6 The Hardest Part Is Keeping It A Secret

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If there’s a common trend among all of these confessions it’s that keeping a secret involving your love for your best friend is very hard. Extremely hard, and for this person they have absolutely no one to share how they feel which also makes it quite lonely.

But there is something weird about this confession. T his person claims to "hate" themselves for falling in love with their best friend, and also for keeping it a secret for so many years. So, why don’t they just fess up and tell them and get it over with? Well, it seems as though this person is definitely not ready to tell their friend because they are not even willing to tell a single soul about how they feel.

5 He Wishes He Was Her Fiance Instead

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Sometimes you have to take a risk to get what you want because if you don’t, you could find yourself in a situation like this man, and really regret that you didn’t take action when you had the chance.

According to this guy, he is hopelessly in love with his best friend, but she is getting closer and closer to her wedding day and is in love with her fiance. This must be excruciatingly painful for him because he’s watching the love of his life with someone else. Could the outcome have been different if he told her the way he felt from the beginning? Maybe, but that’s an answer and an outcome he will never have, and the nicest thing about this is that he doesn’t mind as long as she's happy. Awww!

4 She Keeps Watching Him Make The Same Mistakes

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When you love someone and you see them making mistakes over and over again, it’s going to break your heart. Especially if you’re in love with that person and you think that you would treat them so much better than their current girlfriend, which is probably why the girl behind this confession is not only frustrated but also really upset that her best friend is unable to see how good they’d be together.

She admits to feeling as though they are meant to be, and she has a point because most really great and long lasting relationships are based on a strong foundation of friendship. But because he doesn’t know how she feels (or maybe he does but doesn’t feel the same way) the end result is this girl watching from the sidelines.

3 He Would Do Anything For Her - She Just Doesn’t See It

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The person behind this confession clearly needs to have a chat to the person above because they find themselves in very similar situations; they are both in love with their best friend, but they are also both experiencing the frustrations of their BFF not seeing how good they’d be together.

The difference between this confession and most of the others though, is this guy had the courage to tell his best friend the way that he feels, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way he had hoped. Still, he has been there for her through all her ups and downs and remained loyal and by her side, like a friend should do, but he hopes to get another shot at love.

I’m not sure he’s right in wanting more though, because if she’s already said no, then should that not be the final answer?!

2 Their Relationship Is Really Complicated

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Doing the right thing is not always the right thing, what I mean by this is that trying to be respectful of someone else's feelings and genuinely being a good person could actually result in you sacrificing your own happiness.

The woman behind this confession appears to be a good person because she's concerned with the feelings of her ex-boyfriend, but for this reason, she won't tell her best friend, who is also friends with her ex, that she's in love with him. She feels she can't be with him out of respect for his friendship with her former lover and she clearly doesn't want him to pick or choose one or the other,  but she could be missing out on a truly great romance just because she's scared to tread on someone else's toes!

1 He Has A GF But That Changes Nothing

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I get not wanting to tell your friend that you are in love with them because it can open a can of worms and you could be left regretting your decision, as well as potentially losing your friend. But at the same time, if you have loved someone for seven years then it’s probably time you make your feelings known, and if it doesn’t go your way then at least you know you’ve tried (and you're one step closer to moving on).

But this guy’s life is a lot more complicated because he loves his friend, who has no idea about his affections, but he also has a long-term girlfriend and it’s completely unfair to her that he is in love with someone else. She’s giving up years of her life to be with him, and they could potentially even get married in the future, but if she’s just a backup plan while he waits to see if his friend will ever fall for him, then that’s really not cool!

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