15 Real Reasons Why Jennifer Aniston Has Not Aged Since 1995

When it comes to 46-year-olds, Jennifer Aniston is one of the youngest (and hottest) looking ones around.

Becoming a household name on the hit show, Friends, Jennifer played the role of Rachel Green, the waitress turned self-sufficient fashion buyer who won viewers hearts with her hilarious wit, charm, and undeniable good looks.

Men wanted to be with her; women wanted to be her, with her slim physique, dreamboat of a husband Brad Pitt, and trendsetting hairstyles that were even dubbed as “the Rachel.”

Now, at 46, some things have changed, like her marriage to Brad Pitt which ended in 2005 or her long-standing engagement to fiancé Justin Theroux, while others—like her age-defying looks—have not.

Here, stop the aging process yourself with 15 reasons as to why everyone’s favourite girl-next-door, hasn’t aged.

15 Healthy diet


It’s no wonder that Men’s Health Magazine named her Sexiest Woman Alive in 2011. At 46, Jennifer is rocking her forties. Much of which, can be attributed to her healthy diet.

While on a May 21 Instagram takeover of the hair care brand, Living Proof, that she and her hairstylist, Chris McMillan, co-own, she posted photographs of a typical food day for her.

Her breakfast consisted of a slice of whole grain toast with an egg on top, tomato and avocado slices on the side. Lunch was what she dubbed “my perfect salad,” with bulgar, cucumbers, parsley, mint, red onion, garbanzo beans, feta cheese, and pistachios.

14 Morning routine


While speaking with Elle Magazine, Jennifer broke down the usual morning routine that starts her day (and looks) off right:

“I usually have warm water with lemon first thing in the morning if I can remember. Otherwise I'll have a cup of coffee, feed the dogs, then a shake, eggs and a little avocado and a little coconut oil on Ezekiel whole wheat toast. Then I usually read the paper and hit the gym. I have the Smart Water bottle that's 23 ounces. I make sure I get three or four in of those a day. It's such a habit for me now. So many people are water lazy; it's such an important thing.”

13 Daily workouts


In June, Jennifer revealed to Elle magazine that a hip flexor injury was keeping her from her beloved yoga. As the result, she switched up her workouts, dabbling in the Barre Method and 20-30 minutes of cardio.

Another cardio-favourite of hers includes getting a quick sweat in with a Spin bike. She is also adamant on listening to your body and gives herself as many rest days as she needs.

12 Her hair care regime

Whether she’s channeling Rachel Green or flaunting her own signature style, the girl is known for her envy-inducing hair.

To keep it luscious, she uses products from her hair care line, Living Proof. Some of her favourites include Night Cap or Blowout styling and finishing spray.

She also known for her hair coloring dry spells as a way to give her hair a break and keep it as healthy as possible.

11 Drinking lots of water


Jennifer doesn’t just drink water—she drinks Smart Water. As the spokesperson for the brand since 2007, Jennifer says she drinks three or four 23-ounce bottles per day. That may help explain why this star doesn't seem to age. Her skin seems to have maintained its glow and elasticity throughout the year.

10 Minimal Makeup

Photo via missceleb.com

As a natural beauty who can still look flawless sans makeup, her simple beauty regime reflects just that.

In an interview with InStyle, she revealed the six beauty products she can’t live without. She loves Chanel Le Blush Crème in Intonation, Chanel Le Vernis nail colour in Vamp, Bare Minerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation, to name a few.

9 Daily beauty routine

Jennifer’s go-to beauty look has been along the lines of an effortlessly gorgeous beach babe. She broke down her daily beauty routine in an interview with Forbes magazine.

“I wash my face with my Neutrogena Cleansing Bar, and then I usually use a toner, whatever toner of the month I’m using. And serum, depending on what serum I’m using at the time. And then I use my Aveeno Daily Radiance Moisturizer, which has SPF 15—I usually mix into that the Aveeno sunscreen 30. So I mix them together and put them on my face; psychologically, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m loading on layers and layers of cream.”

8 Practices yoga regularly

Photo via aimworkout.com

Jennifer has accredited yoga as the secret to her toned body. In an interview with Shape magazine, she said, “Oh gosh, I noticed dramatic changes in my body after I started doing yoga, but I also think you have to shake things up,” she says, “I have a Spin bike, an elliptical, and a treadmill, and I do cardio for at least 20 minutes a day. Even that short burst makes a difference.”

7 Doesn’t blow-dry hair


As co-owner of a hair-care company, she knows a thing or two about keeping hair healthy as can be.

She gave her low-key routine to online magazine, Byrdie. “When I’m not working, I let my hair air-dry, then finger dry around my hair line and let it go. It helps your hair stay healthier.”

6 Moisturizes daily


As the spokesperson for Aveeno, Jennifer is an expert on keeping skin looking its best. As part of her daily routine, she uses Aveeno’s body moisturizer after getting out of the shower. “I've been using Aveeno lotions for years, and they're really affordable," she has said. “And they work. If it works, don't fix what's not broken.”

5 Keeps skin looking young with sunscreen

Applying sunscreen on the daily is a habit Aniston picked up only a few years ago. The Cake actress revealed to People Style Watch that, to this day, one of her biggest regrets was not taking care of her skin better as a kid.

In an effort to make up for lost time, she gave herself a “sun-tanning intervention” a few years ago. Now, she uses Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 daily, along with an SPF-based face moisturizer.

4 Always takes makeup off before bed


Before hitting the sheets at night, the blonde-beauty doesn’t let laziness stand in the way of her before-bed routine.

Revealed to Self magazine, she says that she always washes her face with a mild-scented Aveeno cleanser and brushes her teeth.

3 Remaining stress-free with meditation


Aside from using exercise to nip stress in the butt, Jennifer also accredits her daily, positive outlook to meditation.

She does transcendental meditation everyday for twenty minutes after waking up, along with always finding ways to smile. This could include hanging with her beloved pets, spending time with her fiancé, or visiting some of her fellow A-list celeb friends.

2 Good genes


Aside from her numerous other age-defying secrets, a part of it may simply be due to her good genes.

Jen’s father is John Anthony Aniston, an actor best known for his role as Victor Kiriakis on the soap opera, Days of Our Lives. While her mother, Nancy Dow, was a stunning actress and model who split with Jen’s father when Jen was only nine.

With both of her parents being Greek, she spoke to Yahoo Beauty on how these genes are one of her best beauty secrets.

“My dad is 100% Greek; he turned 81 and he barely has a wrinkle. And neither does my grandmother, who was 95 when she died. But it’s also just water, drinking a lot of water, using really nice good products for your face. Don’t overproduct, that’s the other thing. Getting proper sleep is always important.”

1 Movie roles that don't require a huge appearance change

Photo via usweekly.com

As an actress, the star has gotten lucky in the fact that she rarely has to undergo a serious change in appearance. The only large and rare exception was her latest film, Cake, where she played the role of Claire Simmons, a woman in a chronic pain support group who develops a relationship with a widower after becoming fascinated with his wife’s suicide.

In order to prepare for the role, Aniston had to ignore some of her usual healthy habits, like not working out for two-and-a-half months and not wearing a lick of makeup while on set.

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