15 Real Men Confess Their Least Favorite Things Women Do In A Relationship

It's easy to think that you will never, ever understand the way that guys think and act. After all, you've been burned enough times in the past by boys who said one thing and did another... like when one day, your boyfriend said that he was totally in love with you, and the next day, he left you for another girl. Ouch. And you can't even get started on when the object of your affection texts you and you have no idea what he's trying to say.

It's also easy to think that you're never the problem in the relationship and that guys need to learn to communicate their feelings better (or just communicate better in general). But it goes both ways and there are a lot of things that women do that really drive men crazy (in a bad way). How did we find this out? We looked to our favorite online forum, Reddit, and discovered the things that girlfriends do that a lot of guys just can't even deal with. Read on to find out 15 confessions from real men about their least favorite things that women do in relationships! Do you do any of these things? Or have you done any of them in the past (and maybe now you'll stop)?

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15 "Posting EVERYTHING to social media. Can't we do stuff without trying to get 'likes' all the time?"

Raise your hand if you've done this. You totally have, right? That's cool. Everyone has. It's tempting to want to show off your cute, sweet, smart, amazing boyfriend, especially when you've just started dating. Those first few months are super exciting. There's nothing wrong with posting that stuff sometimes. The problem, of course, is when you do that 24/7.

And this guy definitely thinks that this is a problem. He posted this on Reddit and sounds pretty frustrated. It's easy to see how this would get annoying. There must be a lot of boyfriends out there who hate that their girlfriends do this. Of course, the truth is that guys can post a lot on social media too, so they're not in the clear here, either.

14 "My girlfriend thinks it's cute to be indecisive. She'll know what she wants to eat, but pretend for an hour that she doesn't because it's what girls are 'supposed to do' to be cute."

Ugh. You can totally see how this would be horrible, right? You probably have a lot of indecisive friends and there is literally nothing more annoying. It's even worse when you're starving and you just want to yell at the person to make up their mind already and stop holding everyone up.

You're probably smiling right now because if this is the worst thing that this guy's girlfriend does, he's pretty lucky. While it must suck to have to wait an hour to learn what his girlfriend wants for dinner, that's not as bad as what else could be going on in the relationship. Of course, he could always just tell her that he doesn't want to wait that long, but that might cause a fight, so... you can kind of see where he's coming from. This must get old and fast.

13 "Claim they're not like other girls."

This is so funny... but also so true. You've probably told at least one guy this in your life. It's hard not to. Honestly, no girl thinks that they're like other girls. Everyone wants to be unique and different and special. That's just the way that it is.

You don't want to seem like a stereotypical girlfriend -- you know, the type who's clingy and doesn't have a life of her own and never wants her boyfriend to have a life, either. So it's no wonder that you want to tell the guy that you've just started seeing that you're "not like other girls." You can see how guys would find this annoying, though, because you probably would too if you were in their shoes.

12 "Too many text messages at once. I dated a girl who would send 6-7 text messages before I even had a chance to respond."

Guilty... right?! You've definitely done this before, and you probably didn't even realize that it was super annoying for the guy that you were texting. Hey, you just wanted him to know a whole bunch of things and you couldn't wait. You weren't trying to annoy him. But now you know.

It's kind of funny because most guys tend to say that girls are the ones that love texting. They always want you to think that they're not going to want to sit there and text you all afternoon long... but if they've really fallen for you, they absolutely will contact you all the time. They just won't be able to help themselves. But it totally makes sense that a lot of guys feel like 6-7 text messages are too many to get at once. You get it.

11 "When she constantly wants to know what you are doing at every waking moment."

This is something that really seems to bug most men... and that most women probably don't see as a problem. You can see it from both sides, right? You totally understand that if you always asked your boyfriend what he was up to, he would see it as clingy and would want you to back off.

But you also figure that you love him and care about him and so you're interested in his daily life. That's what being in a relationship is like, isn't it? If you don't want to ask him what he's doing, why are you even dating him? If this is something that is a point of contention between you and your own BF, you guys might want to have a conversation about it. Maybe you can find a good compromise or some middle ground.

10 "She brings up things that happened in the past that are completely irrelevant to the current argument."

Unfortunately, sometimes you and your boyfriend are going to fight, and unfortunately, you're probably each going to view the argument totally differently. It might even feel like you're both talking about completely different things.

You might think that bringing something up from the past actually is relevant and would help your boyfriend understand where you're coming from... and yet to him, it's got nothing to do with the subject at hand. You can see why this guy posted this on Reddit and why this is something that bugs him about relationships. This probably bugs a whole lot of people. Figuring out how to communicate with each other and not fight all the time can be a tough, tricky thing, but it's totally integral to the success of your love story.

9 "Getting complacent and putting in significantly less effort into the relationship."

This could be said about both men and women, of course, but this guy posted this on Reddit about annoying things that he has seen girlfriends do, so let's focus on that.

Have you ever done this to the guy that you're in a relationship with? It's easy to think that you never would because you're so in love and so happy to be with this great new person. You can't believe your good luck and you also can't believe that you ever lived without them. But then... the comfort sets in. You've been dating for a while. You don't feel that same level of excitement that you did before, and suddenly you're like the most boring couple ever. Of course this bugs this guy. It would bug you, too, if a guy did this to you.

8 "Hiding the fact that they have real hobbies and passions."

This is, unfortunately, a thing that a lot of girls do. Maybe you've even done it.

It sucks that a lot of girls feel like they have to hide who they really are and that they can't share a certain side of themselves with their boyfriend. They don't want to be judged or made fun of. Of course, it's totally ridiculous. If you think that your boyfriend (or the guy that you want to be your boyfriend) is going to laugh at you if you say that you really love knitting or yoga, why is he even your boyfriend? You definitely don't want to be with someone like that. It's definitely time for girls to stop doing this and just start being honest. Things would go so much smoother.

7 "Get mad when you talk to any other girl ever."

Jealousy often rears its ugly head in even the strongest and best and most loving relationships. You've probably been jealous of a girl that your boyfriend is friendly with, even if you know that there's absolutely no chance of anything ever happening. It's honestly just human nature.

You don't want to get angry at your BF, though, just because he's talked to another girl or has some female friends. It might be your basic instinct, but that doesn't mean that mentioning the green-eyed monster inside of you is a good idea. It's not. You're just going to upset him and hurt him and drive him away. He's going to wonder why you don't trust him and it's going to ruin your relationship. That's probably what this guy, who posted this on Reddit, was thinking.

6 "The silent treatment. If something is wrong speak up so it can be sorted out."

Oh, the silent treatment. It totally makes sense that this guy mentioned this on Reddit because this has become a relationship cliche.

So many guys talk about how their girlfriends (or wives) give them the silent treatment all the time. They act like women never want to talk about what's bothering them but just expect them to magically know what's wrong. It's so annoying to hear this since it's such a stereotype. You definitely know that you should be able to talk to your boyfriend about anything, including what's wrong and what you're upset about. Hopefully you do just that instead of ignoring the problem since that will just make the issue get even bigger. And no one wants that. It's the worst thing that a couple can deal with.

5 "She tries to talk to me from another room and I have no idea what she's saying."

Let's be real here, this one is pretty hilarious. How can guys really get mad about this?! Oh, but they totally do. This guy got a whole bunch of replies when he mentioned this in a thread on Reddit. So many men said that their wives or girlfriends did the same thing. And, yes, they were really annoyed by it, too. Sigh.

If you've ever done this, which you probably have since it's a pretty normal and common thing to do, you weren't trying to be super annoying. You probably didn't even think that it was frustrating at all. You just wanted to tell your boyfriend something. No big deal, right? Well, apparently it's a very big deal because apparently, it's really annoying. Ugh. Sometimes you just don't understand guys...

4 "Tell their friends everything about you. Can go really well or be incredibly awkward depending on if you threw up in her bed one night..."

Okay, so hopefully you've never had a guy throw up in your bed. That's just about the most disgusting thing ever. This clearly happened to this guy, and that really sucks. He'll probably never get over that humiliation, right?!

You probably have told your best friends a lot about your boyfriend or your ex-boyfriends. It's pretty much just the way that it goes when you're female and you have friends. They want to know things about the cute new guy that you just met and you're so excited to tell them. Of course this would bug guys since they wouldn't want you to share any secrets or talk about anything too intimate, so hopefully you're not spilling everything. Because that's just not cool. Some things definitely need to be kept between you and your boyfriend.

3 "It's a cliche, but taking me shopping."

Yup. You knew this one was coming, didn't you?!

It's funny that some guys really do hate when their girlfriends take them shopping. It's such a cliche for sure and it's something that you might think only happens in romantic comedies. You know how those movies always have montages of girls trying on a million outfits and their boyfriends are sitting there, super bored? If you take your BF shopping and he hates it, at least now you know that he's really not lying and that he really does find this super annoying. Maybe you can just go shopping with your best friends instead. That sounds like a better idea... After all, what's more important: dragging him along or having a happy relationship? It's obvious, right?

2 "What's wrong? Nothing. Are you sure? Yeah. [LATER] I can't believe you didn't care about how I felt!"

This is another thing that is kind of a cliche at this point, but it turns out that it really does annoy a lot of men. You can for sure see how this would become a big relationship issue.

If you've ever done this, you weren't trying to be horrible. You were just trying to see if your boyfriend could tell that you were truly upset and hurt about something. Sometimes you feel like he really should know what's going on with you and you shouldn't have to make it super obvious. Of course, if you see things from a man's perspective, he's more likely to think that you expect him to be a mind reader and that it's super unfair. You can see things from his POV, right?

1 "Me: 'You look nice today.' Her: 'Do I not look nice other days??'"

This is super hilarious. You have absolutely thought this... because everyone does at some point. It's too tempting to answer a compliment with a question like this. It's just way too tempting.

Of course it's petty and annoying to say that this must mean that your boyfriend thinks that you look horrible the rest of the time. But, hey, sometimes you really might think that this is what he means... especially if he doesn't compliment you on a regular basis. You're bound to get kind of suspicious about the whole deal. You know that you're being frustrating AF but you just can't help it. At least now you know that this really annoys guys and that you should steer clear. Just accept the compliment. It's not so hard, right?!

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