15 Raw Pictures Of Tara Reid You Will Find Very Unsettling

Ever since her rise to fame in American Pie, Tara Reid has been a media sensation that is better known for being a train wreck than her acting skills. Despite her best attempts to have a successful acting career, which over the past couple of years is actually starting to work, Reid is still considered kind of a disaster. When the name Tara Reid comes up, one can’t help but think of all those crazy antics she pulled back in the day.

From her drunken party ways, to her scary plastic surgery, to Tara simply freaking out, she is always good for some interesting entertainment. Sadly her off screen antics continue to give her more of a name than her on screen talent. Her stint on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars last year is proof of that. Even though the 41-year old former starlet is taking on new roles to help revamp her image, there will always be those pictures out there that will remind everyone of her off train wreck ways. Here are 15 pictures of Tara Reid that you will find unsettling and she would likely want to forget.

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15 Pretty Young Thing

Time has not been on Tara’s side, as you can tell from this picture and it is not just because she about 20 years older. The once pretty young thing has now become a too skinny 41-year old who has had way too much bad plastic surgery. The difference between these two pictures is so unsettling because had Reid let her self age naturally or at the very least laid off the plastic surgery a little bit, then she might look as good now as she did when she was a pretty young thing. Although it is the same person in each picture, it certainly doesn’t even look like the same person. Yes everyone changes with age but Reid has changed drastically over the years. This then and now picture proves that.

14 Party Girl Time

Via Life & Style

This is a photo that should be used on Throwback Thursdays because it definitely a throwback to Tara Reid’s party girl days. In fact it could very well be a shot from the height of her girls gone wild ways. There is girl on girl grinding, there is people holding up Tara and her friend, another woman grabbing her butt apparently and the kicker the actress’ eyes are barely open. All of the makings of an unsettling photo that highlight how Reid used to be out of control with her partying. Honestly, one of the reasons it is so unsettling is because these are a dime a dozen from that time. She is not the first Hollywood starlet to have succumbed to Hollywood’s hard partying ways and she won’t be the last. The question to ask her today is, was it all worth it?

13 Scary Scary Scary

Via Pinterst

Tara Reid has a temper, she can’t keep her mouth shut and she will never back down from a fight. Those are all things that are known about the actress. So while this picture is unsettling because it makes her looking freaking scary, it is all part of just who she is. Take a second to look at the expression on her face in this photo. it is blank as if she has zoned out almost, freaky. It is not necessarily about Tara herself looking like a scary person, it is more about the vibe she gives off. There is something alarming about the expression on her face. Whether it was staged that way or it was a shot of her in some kind of crazed moment, it definitely gives off a super scary, creepy vibe.

12 One Too Many

Via Hollywood Gossip

Oh this is so Tara Reid, eyes barely open looking as though she could literally pass out at any time. Being too drunk or having one to many is definitely something that Reid is known for and despite her best efforts probably always be. From the early stages of her career, she was the girl that always looked like she had one too many and the paparazzi was always there to catch her in those moments. Even though it has been awhile since one of those infamous photos has been taken, the ones from back in the day will never go away. In fact sadly she will probably be better remember for her drunken ways then her acting skills. That is what happens when your bad girl ways take over your image.

11 It’s Only A Movie

Via Tara Reid Instagrm

Without knowing the true meaning behind this picture, it is really disturbing. A woman that is so battered and bruised is truly awful. So thinking that Tara Reid was beat up is really unsettling. However there is a silver lining to this picture, it is all for a movie. While the cuts and bruises are fake for the film, the impression it leaves is real and that it seems is exactly what the actress wanted. Reid promoted her upcoming film Worthless, which is about bullying, by posting this photo with the caption “This is what bullying looks like.” Very powerful message that not only makes a person think about the effects of bullying but also think more positively about Tara herself. It is a nice change from her crazy antics that the world has come to know oh so well.

10 Paying For Friends

Via Tumblr

Is the actress so hard up for friends that she is willing to pay a dog to be her new friend? Or is it that she was so wasted, check out the drunk look on her face, that she actually thought she was giving the money to one of her real human friends? Those are the questions that come from looking at this unsettling picture. She looks as though she is about ready to fall over and the dog is just in it for the money. Why in the world would she be feeding money to a dog? This is just baffling, because there really is no good explanation for what is happening in this picture. However, if you have a good theory please feel free to share it in the comments section.

9 The Wrath Of Tara

Via WeTV.com

There is literally nothing like the wrath of Tara Reid. Just ask anyone who was on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars with her. What is the wrath exactly? It is a combination of crazy, yelling, freaking out and you better watch your back. She has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind or telling it like it is. If things do not go her way, then the wrath will be unleashed and everyone beware. The end of the WETV reality show had her literally freaking out because the limo wasn’t there. Those are the kind of antics she is known for, so at least she is consistent. There is no question that in the case of Reid that her bark is definitely as big as her bite, so be very careful.

8 Letting It All Hang Out

It was most likely a wardrobe malfunction but on the red carpet the actress let her boob just hang out. She is clearly not shy about the fact that her breast is just out there for the world to see, just look at the happy smile on her face. Although this picture could have been taken before she realized her chest was flowing free. If that is the case though, one has to ask Tara how do you not know your tata has gone rogue and is flashing the world? It would seem that especially in that outfit it would be easy to tell if one of the girls had gotten out. Tara Reid has never been one to shy away from exposing her body whether it was intentional or not. She deserves props for that.

7 Are You Really Tara

Via etonline

Is that really you Tara Reid or is it an impostor? It is not an imposter but boy it does look like it could be. It might be the angle that the photo is taken or perhaps too much Photoshop, either way one has to do a double take to ensure they are looking at Reid. However after taking a closer look the smile, the hair and the eyes are a dead giveaway that it is the actress. Thank god right. The world does not need two Tara Reid’s that is for sure. The fact that this picture makes one wonder if there is more than one of Reid is truly alarming. Side note here this is one of the better pictures of Tara, could it be because people aren’t sure if it is actually her or not?

6 Times They Have Changed

Via Pinterest

Wow talk about how times have changed. The difference between these two pictures of the Hollywood actress is so unsettling. This is not just simply a case of one picture is 20-years younger than the other one, it is a case of what the heck happened. Again there is nothing wrong with aging. However based on these pictures one can’t help but wonder if Reid had just let herself age naturally would she look as good as she did back in the day? From the pretty girl next-door look, to the scary thin with too much work done is not a good look for the America Pie alum or for anyone for that matter. Just another reason to be very careful before going under the knife, it could make you look way worse.

5 Get Off Me

Via Celebitchy

What the heck is going on in this picture? Seriously not only does Reid look like she is three sheets to the wind but she clearly is annoyed at the woman who is planting a kiss on her. It looks could speak Tara would literally be saying “get off me lady.” Even the guy that appears to be photo bombing the picture has a look that is like “what in the world is happening with these chicks” Not only does the kiss appear to be very unwanted, the kiss looks kind of painful as well. It could very well be that the reason Tara Reid looks so uncomfortable is because she had too much to drink and that the kiss is perfectly fine. However if that is the case, it still does not make this photo any less unsettling.

4 Not So Flattering Side

Via Pinterest

Is this a case of plastic surgery gone wrong or does Tara Reid really look like this? It is easy to see with her front side picture that her stomach is from the plastic surgery; it just does not look natural. However her backside, which is so not flattering, is a toss up between bad plastic surgery, aging and bad photography. Lets be honest women have cellulite and lines on their butts, as well as the back of their legs. That is fine, it is all about aging but Reid’s picture doesn’t look like it is from aging. A better bet would be that it is either a bad photograph or bad plastic surgery. Either way this unsettling shot is definitely not the most flattering side of the actress, which is probably what the photographer was going for.

3 Santa’s Little Helper Really

Via Daily Mail

Tara Reid as Santa’s little helper, the thought of that alone is really disturbing but to see her in a costume of it is beyond unsettling. First of all, the bottom of her outfit barely covers her lady parts. If she sat down it is a safe bet that she would be expose her downstairs for the world to see. That could though be what Reid was going for in this picture. If that wasn’t enough her top looks like it can barely hold up her tatas. The whole outfit is unflattering. Plus, she is really just a slutty Santa’s little helper and who in the world wants to see that. It is super disturbing to associate anything slutty with Santa. Perhaps that is something the Sharknado actress should remember in the future.

2 Botched

Via Daily Mail

The stories of Tara Reid’s bad plastic surgery are really unsettling in themselves. However, seeing this picture of her botched stomach almost makes someone have a little sympathy for her. Yeah she has a super flat tummy that oh so many women want but it just doesn’t look normal. That is what is really unsettling about seeing the actress in a bikini. It is never nice to body shame anyone and the way she is sitting in the picture certainly doesn’t help but man there is just something really disturbing about this whole picture. Even though Reid has kind of a smile on her face, looking at it makes one feel uneasy. On a positive note this is a great picture for anti plastic surgery, so remember this picture if you ever think about having some work done.

1 Don’t’ Mess With Me

Via WeTV.com

In what appears to be a picture from Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars, Tara Reid is really pissed off and not afraid to show it. The crazy is totally coming out in this shot and it is so unsettling. The fact that Reid is mad is not what makes this picture so unsettling. It is that her hand is raised, making it look like she is going to slap someone silly and have absolutely no regrets about it. Reid has the whole do not mess with me vibe about her coming out in full force in this picture. One might say that this is classic Tara Reid flying off the handle, going after those that try to mess with her and giving a darn what anyone thinks about her at all.

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