15 Rare Photos Of Angelina Jolie And Her Forgotten Famous Exes

Angelina Jolie - the Queen of Hollywood - is a proud mama of six kids. However, Jolie’s life doesn’t revolve around cooking, cleaning, and knitting. Angelina is an adventurous person devoted to numerous humanitarian causes and social projects across the globe. At the same time, she is a wild child who’s not afraid to explore her sexuality and inner world.

Although people still talk about power couple Brangelina and their bitter divorce, let’s not forget that talented Jolie has a history of crazy relationships. From former husband Jonny Lee Miller - described as Britain’s Brad Pitt - to exotic actress Jenny Lynn Shimizu, charming Angelina has always had a rocky love life.

Here are 20 rare pictures of her forgotten famous exes. Will there be Mr. Jolie №4 soon?

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15 The Power Couple Brangelina


Despite their bitter custody battles, Brangelina will always be one of the most loved power couples across the world. Angelina and Brad fell in love in 2005 while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith, though Brad was still married to actress Jennifer Aniston. It seemed Brangelina and their six kids had it all… until Jolie filed for divorce in 2016.

14 Jolie Wrote Jonny Lee Miller's Name On Her Wedding T-Shirt In Her Own Blood


British actor Jonny Lee Miller, aka Sick Boy from Trainspotting, is handsome, talented, and successful. No doubt Angelina is still close to her first husband. The two met while filming Hackers and tied the knot in 1996. According to popsugar.co.uk, Angelina was only 20 years old and wore a white t-shirt with Jonny's name written on it in her own blood.

13 Jenny Shimizu: Switching Teams


Love knows no boundaries. Back in 1996, Angelina had a fling with actress Jenny Shimizu. According to popsugar.co.uk, Jolie fell in love with Shimizu instantly, "I probably would have married Jenny Shimizu if I hadn't married my husband. I fell in love with her the first second I saw her."

12 Ethan Hawke Admits Jolie's A Wonderful Kisser


Ethan Hawke, who chose the family nanny over his former partner Uma Thurman, met Jolie in 2003 while filming Taking Lives. According to yourtango.com, Angelina has long had a fascination with seducing guys with wives, so Brad wasn’t the first married man Jolie fell in love with. Hawke even said that Jolie was his best kiss.

11 Playing With Timothy Hutton


According to popsugar.co.uk, in 1997 Angelina started seeing actor Timothy Hutton while she was playing house with Johnny Lee Miller. In addition, rumor has it that in 1997, Jolie also had an affair with womanizer Mick Jagger after she appeared in the Rolling Stones' video for "Anybody Seen My Baby?".

10 Olivier Martinez: "There's So Much To Her"


Angelina Jolie was romantically linked with actor Olivier Martinez... who also starred in Taking Lives. Martinez - Kylie Minogue's ex-boyfriend - however, defended Jolie: "Angelina's much more than a ravishing beauty. She's an extraordinary woman who deserves to be loved for her humanitarian work and all she does for great causes."

9 Angelina Wanted To Wear A Vial Of Billy Bob Thornton's Blood Around Her Neck


We still can’t forget the marriage between Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, one of the wildest Jolie ex and 20 years her senior. The two fell in love in 1999 while filming Pushing Tin. Billy Bob left his fiancée, actress Laura Dern, and married Jolie in 2000. The two lovebirds became notorious for wearing necklaces with each other’s blood. According to popsugar.co.uk, Maddox’s adoption in 2002 led to a rift in their love.

8 Gone With Nicolas Cage


There’s no doubt that Jolie is one of the most attractive and talented people in Hollywood. Media Psychology Research Center Director Pamela Rutledge told nickiswift.com that Jolie is often perceived as a "naughty, sharp-jawed sex symbol who has the power to make men do bad things." Including Nicolas Cage. The two were spotted kissing in 2003.

7 Is Colin Farrell Just An Old Fling?


Alexander star Colin Farrell is one of the many actors who fell in love with wild Angelina but never got into a serious relationship. Simple because Jolie wanted to focus on raising Maddox! Although some sources claim that Jolie and Farrell are trying to rekindle their romance, according to gossipcop.com, there’s nothing to rekindle.

6 Angelina And Jared Leto: Three's A Crowd


Because of her provocative nature, Angelina Jolie was also rumored to have dated actor Jared Leto. Interestingly enough, Jared Leto was also in Alexander, which makes us believe that the filming of this epic masterpiece was a mixture of crazy feelings and hidden desires. No doubt 2003 was quite busy for Jolie!

5 A Brief Romance With Val Kilmer


Do you think that three's a crowd? While love triangles are quite popular, for some people three is simply not enough. According to popsugar.co.uk, beautiful Angelina Jolie was rumored to have enjoyed a brief romance with Val Kilmer… who also starred in Alexander. That’s why we all love Hollywood and its love affairs!

4 Crazy Times With Antonio Banderas


Angelina Jolie was also rumored to have hooked up with Original Sin co-star Antonio Banderas. According to ibtimes.com, the two started seeing each other in 2000 while Banderas was still married to actress Melanie Griffith. We should note that Griffith and Banderas divorced in 2015 after nine years of marriage.

3 What About Uncle James?


Angelina's brother, James, is one of the most significant people in Jolie’s life. The two, however, will always be remembered for their incest kiss in 2000. According to mirror.co.uk, due to their bumpy relationship with father Jon Voight and the tragic death of mother Marcheline Bertrand, James and Angelina grew way too close over the years.

2 Working Or Flirting With Johnny Depp?


Jolie was rumored to be dating heartthrob Johnny Depp as a revenge to former husband Brad Pitt. According to businesstimes.cn, the two stars grew closer after filming The Tourist in 2010; Jolie also wanted to help Depp after his dramatic divorce. Will Jolie and Depp manage to mend their broken hearts?

1 Just An Englishman In... Jolie's Life


As Angelina admitted she went through a lonely phase after Brad, some people believe she still wants him back, others say the hot actress is trying to rekindle some of her old flames. According to hollywoodlife.com, reports also claim Jolie is dating a British millionaire. The truth, however, is that Angelina is trying to settle and focus on her six kids.

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