15 Random Things Guys Are Embarrassed About

While no one wants to stereotype, especially when it comes to gender, you can't help but think that guys seem totally different from you and your fellow girls. This just comes up in your daily life, and it becomes even more obvious when you have a serious boyfriend. It's no secret that relationships are not always walks in the park. They can be anything ranging from totally difficult to completely confusing, and they can seriously test your sanity. Sometimes you get mad at your lovely BF not because he did anything wrong, not because he even deserves it, but because you're just noticing some gender differences. Of course, if he said something like that you would be kind of offended... but what if he was right? What if guys think about things differently simply because they are male? What if they get embarrassed about stuff and you just don't understand?

Here are 15 random things that guys are embarrassed about.

15 Being Sick

There's a term for when guys get sick and it's called "man sick." Let that sink in for a moment. Laugh if you want (you probably will because it's pretty hilarious). The thing is that when guys get sick, they are totally embarrassed. They can't believe that they would succumb to something so normal and so human. They lie on the couch and beg you to make them chicken soup, bring them ginger ale and tea, and oh yeah, keep them regularly supplied with tissues. It's like it's your full-time job to help them get through this cold which, you know, many would call the common cold... meaning that it happens pretty often and it's really no big deal. You may not understand why guys get so embarrassed when they get sick, whether they've got the flu or a cold or a stomach bug. But you're not a guy. So that's why you don't get it.

14 Crying

Sure, it's pretty obvious by now that most members of the male species are totally and completely humiliated when they cry. They just can't even with the tears. You don't understand why they feel this way because it's not like people cry 24/7 or anything. For the most part, your life is pretty good, right? Unless you're facing some terrible tragedy, you probably don't cry or sob on a regular basis. So it's kind of weird that guys are so freaked out by the very idea of them crying. But hey, that's why they're guys. This is just how so many of them feel. And it's just something random that they are totally embarrassed about. So the next time you catch your boyfriend crying, don't point it out. Don't draw attention to it. Show some compassion and understand that he really is humiliated by this and you don't need to make it worse.

13 Cleaning Their Place

For some weird reason, some guys don't love to clean their apartments. You might already know this if you're in a serious relationship... and you definitely already know this if you've ever peed in a guy's bathroom. OMG, right?! You wonder how it's even possible for a room to be this dirty. You just can't even. Sometimes you end up cleaning your BF's bathroom on a regular basis just because you're going to use it and you really can't deal with its normal state. You don't even tell him about this, you just let him think that his bathroom is magically clean. Hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Some guys are totally embarrassed by cleaning their apartment. They want to act like they never do it, and they probably won't clean in front of you. They just think this makes them seem super girly and feminine. Since when is cleaning girly?! You really don't get this, but this is what they think.

12 Eating Healthy

Apparently, guys are supposed to consume manly food and beverages like meat (steak in particular), potatoes, all forms of junk food, and beer. Lots of beer. No water, no kale, no breakfast smoothies. No healthy food of any kind. Of course, guys eat healthy food because some of them are even total health freaks. Maybe your BF even eats better than you do. But he's really embarrassed about it. The concept of eating healthy is something that a lot of guys get really embarrassed about. They don't want you to know that they eat salads for lunch or that they actually cook for themselves. They want you to think they only eat meat and potatoes. You don't get this... at all. You don't think any less of a guy if he admits to liking vegetables. But hey, you don't make the rules. You just live in the world, you don't have any control over this.

11 Being In Love

It's pretty random that some guys get really humiliated if other people (okay, if other guys) know that they're in love. This is so random because, really, love makes the world go round. Love is such a big part of being human and it's such an amazing thing. How could anyone possibly find it embarrassing!? And yet a lot of guys do... at least secretly. You might never know that your boyfriend is super embarrassed by the fact that he loves you, but hey, maybe now you've figured it out. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. After all, it doesn't take away the fact that he loves you, and it's not like you yourself embarrass him. It's just a weird thing that some guys have to deal with. They don't want their guy friends to tease them and act like they're too girly, and unfortunately, they think that being in love and being in a serious relationship is girly.

10 First Dates

Yup, guys get embarrassed by the very idea of a first date sometimes, and while you get nervous, this is a totally different thing. Some of them are insecure about meeting you for the first time. They want to make a good impression (more than that, they want to make an absolutely amazing impression) and they're just not sure that they can. It's a whole thing and it's something you might not even realize is even happening. If you've ever gone on a first date with a guy that seemed really insecure about himself and really, really nervous, then you know that this is true. Sometimes guys are embarrassed to tell people that they have a first date lined up. Again, they don't want to be teased, and they just don't want to think about the fact that they are single. This is not something that you really understand since your friends always know when you're about to go on a date.

9 Taking Time To Get Ready

Do you care how long your boyfriend takes to get ready, whether he's heading to the office in the morning or about to meet you at the movies for date night? No, of course not. You don't really need to have that information. Well, your boyfriend takes a long time to get ready. You might know this. Or you might have no idea. It depends. But did you know that he hates this fact about himself and that it really embarrasses him? It might seem like a random thing to get embarrassed about, but there you go. Now you know the truth. You would never make fun of him for wanting to look good because hey, that's super flattering. You want him to want to continue to make a good impression on you, even though you're already in a relationship. You also think this is cool because it means that he cares about his hygiene and that nothing gross is going on.

8 Asking You Out

You don't know why asking a girl out would be so humiliating. Okay, sure, there's the whole possibility of rejection thing. No one wants to be rejected, especially when they're crushing on someone and really want to hang out with them. So you kind of get it. But you know that asking people out is just part of life. If anyone wants to find love and have a real relationship, they kind of have to ask someone out. It's just the way that it works. You can't snap your fingers and have a boyfriend or girlfriend. But guys are really and truly embarrassed about asking you out when they have a crush on you. They sweat, they're nervous, they're insecure about the whole thing, and they're not sure what's going to happen next. Chances are, you're going to say yes, so they really don't have to be worried or embarrassed about this.

7 Liking Girly Things

From yoga to romantic comedies to pop music, there are a lot of things that most guys consider to be super girly and feminine. They do not think that they should love them. So, naturally, they get embarrassed about this stuff. These are random things to be embarrassed about though because you do not actually care what your boyfriend or any other guy under the sun likes. You really, really do not. He can love yoga, he can love romantic comedies, he can listen to every pop star out there. It is okay. It is not actually as humiliating as he thinks that it is because you do not spend your time thinking about what he likes and whether it is weird or girly or whatever else. You have better things to do with your time, thank you very much. So you think that guys should stop worrying so much about this.

6 Getting Excited About Something

Talk about random. Some guys are really embarrassed when they get excited about something. It could be a project at work. It could be something they finally learned how to cook. It could be an upcoming movie sequel or Netflix show. Whatever it is, you do not think it is all that strange that they are so psyched. You would basically expect them to get excited about something that they love. Makes sense, right? That is definitely what you do. You can't contain your excitement for a ton of things right now. You are excited about the coffee you are going to drink tomorrow morning. For the breakfast smoothie, you are going to make. For a certain upcoming Netflix revival of a fave mom/daughter show. You know the important things in life. So the next time your boyfriend gets embarrassed about being excited about something, you can tell him to chill out.

5 Making Phone Calls

There's just something about picking up the phone and calling someone that totally embarrasses most guys. Sometimes, they just won't even do it. That's why it's such a huge deal when the guy you just started dating (or even the person you've been dating since forever) actually phones you. It's like time stops and you want to ask him if he realizes what he just did and how amazing it is. If your BF loves phoning you, then congrats, you found the one male who is okay with using the phone. He is a rare breed and you should hang on to him. It's kind of funny how much most guys hate phoning people, whether it's their girlfriends or the girl they're crushing on even just setting up a doctor's or dentist's appointment. What's the big deal? Don't you just phone and talk to the person and then it's over with and you can forget about it? Does it really have to be this whole big thing?

4 Getting Organized

It may sound weird but think about it: does your boyfriend or the guy in your life, whether your brother or best friend, love to be organized? Probably not. Most guys not only hate getting organized, but they get embarrassed by it, too. If they have to set up a bunch of appointments, they will procrastinate until it is too late to call because, oops, the doctors' offices are all closed now. Guess they have to try again tomorrow... You do not understand this because you do not think there is anything humiliating about being organized. You absolutely love organizing your life and feeling like you are on top of everything that you have to do. Sure, you are a nerd... but you do not care. And you are not embarrassed about it in the least. But your boyfriend? Yeah, he hates this, and he is blushing just thinking about it.

3 Showing Emotions

There is just this thing that a lot of guys hate showing emotions. More than that, though, showing emotions is really embarrassing for them. They do not want you to see them anything less than 100 percent perfect... which is pretty weird when you think about it, since when you're dating someone, they definitely don't see you at your best all the time. And you don't even care about it since that's what it means to be in a relationship. You don't enter that kind of thing thinking that you will look completely calm and cool and collected all the time... but sometimes it seems like a lot of guys do. If you're wondering why your boyfriend is so uncomfortable with the very idea of showing emotions, then just know that you should never, ever take this personally. It's not about you. It's just a thing that some people do.

2 Being Serious

Yup, a lot of guys get really embarrassed when they have to have a serious talk. This could be a serious talk with you about the status of your relationship, where things are going, what your collective future is, etc. You definitely know this kind of talk and you've had it a lot of times with a lot of different guys. But your boyfriend is totally and completely embarrassed when you guys have to have a serious conversation. The reason why you guys argue when you try to have a super serious talk is because he doesn't understand why it's necessary to in the first place... and you don't get why he seems to blush and freak out every time you stop making jokes and start telling the truth. Yup, that's kind of a gender divide right there, and it's something that you just have to accept. If you're unsure why he worries so much about being serious, just remember that a lot of people rely on their humor to stop feeling so insecure.

1 Apologizing

If your boyfriend has messed up and you know that he needs to apologize, one of two things will happen: he will refuse to say that he's sorry (unlike The Biebs who is totally cool with it) or he will apologize but seem really uncomfortable the entire time. You might think that he's this uncomfortable because he's not really sorry and because he doesn't understand what he did wrong. But that's not why. The truth is that he's uncomfortable apologizing because it embarrasses him. It makes him feel like he's somehow less of a man, which is crazy because saying that you're sorry and owning up to your mistakes really doesn't make you a bad person. It says nothing but good things about you, actually, since it proves that you know enough to admit when you're wrong and want to become a better person. So if your boyfriend apologizes with a huge blush on his face, now you know why.

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