15 Quick And Easy Ways To Burn 100 Calories

You don't need a gym to workout, hell, you don't even need to workout to burn calories. Each day, you're burning more calories than you're even aware of through regular daily activities like cleaning, cooking, and even sleeping. However, we prefer burning our calories through singing, dancing, and shopping!

We've rounded up 15 quick and easy ways to burn 100 calories without heading to the gym and participating in a traditional workout!

15 Dance (20 minutes)

Who would have thought that dancing around your room with your best girlfriends is actually an effective and quick way to burn 100 extra calories. Dance your way to skinny in just 20 minutes. I don't know about you, but I'd rather spend 20 minutes dancing around and singing into a hair brush than spending any amount of time on a treadmill aka dreadmill. Dancing also provides muscle toning by targeting your legs and butt muscles!

14 Shop (38 minutes)

Ladies, I now give you full permission to shop until you drop (the pounds.) Just 38 minutes of shopping burns 100 calories. Walking around the mall provides a cardio aspect to your "workout" while carrying bags of goodies provides an amazing workout for your arms, back, and shoulders. Did you know that the average woman burns 48,000 each year calories while shopping?- that's almost a month's worth of calories. Next time your man gives you grief about your little shopping problem habit, tell him it's strictly for health purposes.

13 Clean (26 minutes)

While it's not quite as fun as the options above, it's definitely more practical seeing as how most people clean every day! Just 26 minutes of tidying, washing dishes, dusting, and doing other house work burns approximately 100 calories. I definitely won't complain as much the next time I'm cleaning knowing that I can reward myself with an extra glass of wine afterwards!

12 Shovel snow (15 minutes)

Burn off those holiday calories by heading outside to shovel some snow! Just 15 minutes of shoveling burns 100 calories and is a total body workout, toning all of your muscles, and accelerating your heart rate. Just be sure to lift with your legs, NOT with your back, to prevent injury and to achieve those amazing Carrie Underwood-esque legs!

11 Play darts (35 minutes)

Head down to your hubby's man-cave and play a game of darts with him! Not only will your man love you for wanting to participate in the things he likes to do, but you'll burn 100 extra calories in a quick 35 minute match! We can think of worse ways to burn calories.  Playing darts works on your throwing arm and helps to improve both your focus and your precision, which is beneficial in many other facets of life.

10 Take the stairs (11 minutes)

Taking the stairs is one of the easiest ways to burn calories and to tone up. Skip the escalators and elevators and take the stairs at work, school, or even at a mall (to burn even more calories while shopping.) Doing a little stair walking for just 11 minutes a day burns 100 calories and seriously tones your legs and booty. The best part about this tip is that there are stairs everywhere. You can even do a full-on stair workout during your lunch-break by throwing in some step taps, step-ups, step jumps, calf raises, and stair climbers to burn even more calories.

9 Mow the lawn (20 minutes)

A shovelling alternative for all of you warm-weather babes! Who knew that trimming your lawn can also trim your waistline? Mowing the lawn burns 100 calories in just 20 minutes and is a hugely effective form of cardio. Mowing the lawn is an amazing back workout and it also targets your biceps. You may also wish to add extra resistance by wearing a weighted vest or strapping on some ankle weights- this will burn more calories and will further tone those muscles.

8 Wash your car (20 minutes)

Take care of your car and your body all at once! There's a reason why Jessica Simpson in the 'These Boots Were Made for Walking" video looked so great- she had obviously washed a lot of cars. Washing your car for 20 minutes burns 100 calories while giving your arms an intense workout! I don't know about you, but I could spend HOURS cleaning my car, and now I have an even better excuse to do just that. You may also wish to throw in some squats, lunges, and leg lifts for an extra beneficial calorie-burning workout!

7 Carry a baby (24 minutes)

Mom's everywhere rejoice! While you may not have the time to sneak out to the gym, have confidence knowing that you have a built-in workout buddy right at home! Carry your baby (or steal a friend's baby) around the house for 25 minutes and burn 100 calories. Bring your little one out on a walk around the neighborhood to get some Vitamin D while you're quickly burning those calories and toning your arms simultaneously.

6 Jump rope (1o minutes)

Jumping rope is one of my all-time favorite exercises, as it brings me back to my youth and kicks my butt all at once. Jumping rope remains the most fun way to burn a ton of calories. There's nothing better than heading outside, putting on your favorite music and jumping rope. This exercise keeps you looking and feeling youthful through burning calories, toning your muscles and seriously exciting your inner 5-year-old. Jumping rope for 10 minutes burns 100 calories and tones both your arms and legs.

5 Iron your clothes (40 minutes)

40 minutes of ironing burns 100 calories! While 40 minutes may seem like a lot of ironing, we promise you it's not that treacherous! Do all of your ironing on a weekly basis instead of ironing a piece at a time before you head out. This will cut down on your getting ready time and it'll provide you with a great workout once a week!

4 Cook (40 minutes)

Cooking is a great way to burn calories. Preparing a meal for 40 minutes burns 100 calories allowing us to gorge on some (a lot of) bread- guilt free. Before your healthy home cooked meal is even ready you'll be on the right track to a healthier lifestyle!

3 Sing (50 minutes)

Karaoke night just got a whole lot more productive! Singing burns 100 calories in 50 minutes, which works out to be roughly 14 songs, and can easily be accomplished during a glam-sesh or a long drive with friends! Singing is not only great for your physical health, but for your mental wellness as well! Singing at the top of your lungs is an instant mood-booster- try it!

2 Give a massage (25 minutes)

Life is all about both giving and getting. Why not give your boo a massage for 25 minutes and get rid of 100 calories all at the same time? It's really a win-win because you massage someone else's muscles while toning your own!

1 Sleep (2 hours)

There's no secret as to why this tip is number 1! Here at The Talko- we always save the best for last. My absolute favorite way to burn calories is by getting some beauty sleep (literally.) A two hour nap burns 100 calories. The more sleep you get, the more calories you burn, which is one of the reasons why sleep is so important! The next time you're thinking about heading out to the gym, maybe just take a nap instead!

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