15 Questions You Wish You Can Ask Your Ex

The worst thing about breaking up with your boyfriend (besides the fact that you eat your weight in ice cream) is that this person suddenly disappears from your life. You're super used to talking to him all the time, texting when you're not together, and having him by your side in times good, bad and in between. You may even become a part of each other's families and you definitely know each other's friend groups. But now you have to get used to living life on your own and, well, it basically sucks. It doesn't matter who initiated the break-up -- this is your new world, your new reality, and you're just not sure when you're going to get used to it. If you could talk to your ex-boyfriend again, there are definitely a few things that you would love to ask him. Okay, there are more than a few things. Here are 15 questions you wish you could ask your ex.

15 "Are You Happy Now?"

The thing that you really, really want to ask the guy that you just broke up with (or who dumped you) is whether or not he's happy now. Even if you've moved on (or you at least think that you have moved on), you still want to know this. You want him to be totally and completely miserable, even if you're happy now. Especially if you're happy now. Hey, maybe it's not fair and maybe it makes you seem like a bad person, but you don't really care. This is pretty much a law of break-ups and it's just the way that it goes. You don't have a clue if your ex is happy now because even if you still have him on your social media accounts, you know that social media posts are often a total lie. So what if he's smiling in every selfie or vacation photo? He could secretly be miserable. And that's exactly what you want to know and what you're hoping for.

14 "Do You Have A New Girlfriend?"

You would love to know if your ex has moved on so much that he now has a new girlfriend. This is the question that you have saved up just in case you ever run into him at a party or mutual friend's event. If you've unfriended him on Facebook and stopped following him on Instagram and Twitter because, hey, you're trying your best to make a clean break and move on, then you really need the answer to this question. Even if you still have him on social media, you still might have no clue if he's dating someone new because a lot of guys don't feel the need to broadcast their new relationship all over. They don't think it's as super important to make things Facebook official, they don't post couple selfies and they don't call their new girlfriend their new girlfriend. So really, you could have no idea about what's going on. And yeah, even if you're trying your best to move on, you still need this information. You just do.

13 "Do You Love Her More?"

You really need to know if your ex is in love with his new girlfriend... and, most importantly, if he loves her more than he loved you. Or still loves you? You're not sure. You want him to still be pining for you and you would love to find this information out. You're torn about whether you want him to love his new girlfriend more than you. On the one hand, you would love to know that. You want to know that you made an impression on him and that he will always remember you. Otherwise, what was the point of even dating him? But on the other hand, you want him to love his new girlfriend more because, well, she's the one in his life now. You do really want him to be happy, no matter how much he hurt you and how bad things seem right now because you loved him once. You cared about him at one time in your life and you don't want to hate him now. That just feels wrong.

12 "Was I A Good Kisser?"

You figure that you're a pretty good kisser because you've kissed enough guys in your dating life, and you definitely had a lot of make-out sessions with your most recent ex-boyfriend. So you're a good kisser, right? Well, now that you've been broken up with (or you've dumped the guy), you're starting to feel a bit insecure. You're wondering if you really know how to kiss after all. What if it takes a few months before you get the chance to kiss someone else? What if it's even a year? Ugh. You hate break-ups. Yeah, you really, really wish you could ask your ex if you're a good kisser and if he could give you some positive reinforcement, you would be pretty happy about that. You know you will never get the chance to ask this question, but hey, a girl can dream. And you need to do some dreaming right about now.

11 "Was I Good In Bed?"

Even more than whether or not you were good at making out, you really want to know if you were good in bed. Hey, you're just being honest here, and you know that every other woman feels the same way as you. There's no way that you wouldn't want to know this, right? Sometimes you can definitely tell how you are in the bedroom, and other times, you're still left wondering. It gets even more complicated the longer that you date someone, so if you and your ex-boyfriend were together for a long time, you might really have no clue what you were like in the sack. Of course, this is one question that you really could never ask him, even if you did bump into him at the grocery store or at the movies or at a mutual friend's party. You would just have to smile and ask how it's going. You could never ask such an intimate and personal question. But here's to hoping, right?

10 "Is There A Chance For Us?"

You always have that one ex who you wonder about. You think about him every once in a while -- when you're zoning out and watching television when you're bored in a meeting when you're walking down the street on a Sunday morning grabbing coffee. You can't help it. He's that guy for you -- the one you always wonder about and the one you think there could possibly be a chance. So you would love to ask your ex if there is a chance for you two to ever get back together. There might be, right? After all, didn't you love each other once? Hey, maybe you still do. Stranger things have definitely happened. You know that you can't really ask your ex-boyfriend this kind of question because it would make you look really insecure and like you're super desperate. Even if that's how you're feeling right now, you still want to look really good in his eyes, so you would never go down this road with him. It's just something you're thinking about.

9 "Do You Think About Me?"

You would love to know if every once in a while, you cross your ex-boyfriend's mind. Maybe when he gets bored at work, or when he's on an awful first date (hey, you hope his first dates are awful, you're not above that), or when he's hanging out with his friends he starts wondering about you. A good memory comes to mind and he smiles, and sure, he might start thinking about something else ASAP because he doesn't want to dwell and live in the past. But you would just love to know if he thinks about you, even a little bit, even sometimes. It would just mean a lot to you. Because no matter how you feel about him now, no matter how bad the break-up was or how much you realize that things ended for a reason, you still want to know if he thinks about you. You would just feel a lot better if you had this information.

8 "Does Your Mom Ask About Me?"

Chances are, when you were dating your ex-boyfriend, you became pretty close to his mom. That's usually the way that it goes. Unless, of course, your ex's mom was super mean and refused to be nice to you since you were taking her son away from her. But hopefully, that didn't happen because that would be awful. If you got along with her, you probably miss her since it's hard to become close to someone's family member and then suddenly have to stop thinking about them and talking to them. It's a real shock to the system and it makes you realize how a break-up affects more than just the couple that will no longer be together. You would love to know if his mom asks about you and if she wonders how you're doing. You would also love to know if she wishes that you two would get back together, but hey, you won't ask that question. You know when you're crossing a line.

7 "Do You Know What You Did Wrong?"

You know that the break-up is over and done with and that people never really change... especially not guys. That's pretty much a law of the universe. You don't expect your ex-boyfriend to magically and suddenly reappear in your life, telling you that he was incredibly wrong, that he's going to be a new man from now on, and that he will treat you the way that he always should have treated you. Yeah, that's just not happening. Life isn't a movie. But you still wish you could ask your ex-boyfriend if he knows what he did wrong. You're not necessarily asking him to change or to consider getting back together with you. You just want to know if he knows what he did wrong. Sure, you get that maybe you did something wrong too and that you contributed to the end of your relationship in your own way. You would just love to know.

6 "Do You Know How To Text Now?"

Hey, you're sorry if this sounds kind of harsh but you really want your ex-boyfriend to own up to the fact that he kind of sucks at texting. A lot of people do, both genders included, so you're not being too picky or too rude. The funny thing about some guys and their texting habits is that they either text you 24/7 -- like every minute, so much that you can't believe they have this kind of free time. Or they don't text at all. It's like crickets. You can't believe the silence and you start wondering if this guy even likes you or if he was just pretending. It may be immature and it might not be any of your business -- and you know it's definitely a silly thing to worry about -- but you just feel this need to know if his texting has changed. Can he text normally yet? He would definitely never answer you if you got the chance to ask this, so you know it's pretty pie in the sky.

5 "Did You Make That Change Yet?"

Did he quit the job that he hates and complains about all the time? Did he switch industries like he always said that he would? Did he move out of his crappy apartment with the two roomies that he hates and that drive him crazy? Did he plan that European vacation that he's been dreaming of since forever? You would love to know if your ex-boyfriend has made the big changes in his life that he was always talking about when the two of you were still together. You're not sure if he did because it's a sad fact of life that a lot of people talk about what they hate about their lives and what they want to change, but they never, ever do it. They basically talk until they're blue in the face and then never do anything about it. You do hope that your ex has made the changes that he always wanted to because you did care about him on and he does deserve happiness and success.

4 "Did I Annoy You?"

You get that you're not perfect and that you do make mistakes on a regular basis like anyone else on this planet. You've got quirks and flaws and sometimes they make you pretty charming, and other times, they must really bother the guys that you go out with. You definitely don't want to be an annoying girlfriend or a stereotype of one, but you wonder if sometimes you tend to play that role without even realizing it. You wish you could ask your ex if you annoyed him sometimes. You know that he wouldn't even tell you the truth because if you ever did bump into each other and end up chatting, you would be crazy polite with each other and trying not to say anything real or serious. That's just how people act when they've broken up and are now trying to pretend that they never saw each other naked or shared anything.

3 "What's My Worst Trait?"

While you're on the subject of how annoying you can be sometimes, you want to know what your worst trait is. You know that you have something wrong with you because hey, everyone does. So you would love if he could be totally and completely honest with you about this. You know this is a total pipe dream and that this would never be possible. He would be super uncomfortable if you basically asked him to insult you and criticize you. But it's really just constructive criticism and you could use this information in your next relationship. Doesn't he want you to be happy? Doesn't he want you to find love again? You don't think it's such a crazy thing to ask. Of course, it totally is. You're just not always aware of how crazy you are, and sometimes that can be a good thing since that's what makes you the awesome person that you are.

2 "Was I A Good Girlfriend?"

Here's a question that you would absolutely love to hear the answer to. If you find out if you are a good girlfriend, then you would know if you have been a good girlfriend in the past. It would be like all of your ex-boyfriends would be telling you this. It's really something that you should know, don't you think? You're definitely going to be a girlfriend again and so, really, this is in your best interest. It would be cruel if your ex didn't answer this. You would totally reciprocate and let him know if he was a good boyfriend too. You would preface this question by telling him that he can be honest with you since you would be honest with him in return. You would basically be helping each other out since you would be saying that you want the two of you to be in happier relationships from now on. It would be helping out your future love life. What can be bad about that?

1 "Do You Miss Me?"

It doesn't matter if you miss your ex. Hey, maybe you don't. You just would love to know if he misses you. It's not that you want to do anything with this newfound information. You don't even want to get back together with him. You totally and completely understand that the two of you broke up for a reason (and a good one at that). You just would love to find out if he misses you. It's why you want to know if he thinks about you every once in a while and if his mom talks about you and if he would ever give you guys another chance. Sometimes you want to be a bit immature and unfair and know if someone misses you, even if you have no intention of ever dating them again. You're just a normal girl and this is just the way that your mind works. Hey, you never said you were perfect. Besides, you're never going to be able to ask your ex this question... or any of the other questions on this list. If you did, maybe he wouldn't even answer.

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