15 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Life A Lot Easier

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15 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Life A Lot Easier

Life is complicated AF. There’s always a lot going on online and IRL and there’s not enough time to deal with all of it. Not to mention the crazy people who want to be part of your life and the people who already are part of your life but aren’t doing a really great job. But we don’t want to discount those who are doing an awesome job being your friend, colleague, relative, boyfriend, etc. So why do we need psychological tricks that will make life easier? Well, simply because we’re amazing human beings. A lot of people have spent some serious time studying many things about human beings, like behavioral patterns, thinking skills, and more. They’ve developed various theories and some are actually useful. So when you think life is being borderline insane, these tricks will help you through. Here are 15 psychological tricks to help you become the girl boss that you know you can be!

15. Nod While Talking

When you nod often when you’re talking to someone and you nod at the right moments, chances are the people that you’re talking to will believe in whatever you’re saying. It sounds ridiculous, yes, but nodding is more than just nodding. It is an action that encourages people to be convinced of something. But don’t nod too much, of course. That is not going to convince anyone. That is just plain annoying. But the more you practice this trick the smoother it will be. The next time you want to convince your best friend to watch a movie you know she doesn’t want to, try using this nodding trick. Say convincing things and nod while you’re talking to her. Chances are, she will agree to watch the movie. She knows deep inside that she still doesn’t like it but because you two are friends and because your nodding skills are sending her a message that what you’re saying is true, she will say yes and consider watching the movie with you.

14. Ask A Question And Keep Eye Contact

Are you a bad conversationalist? If that’s the case then you are so not alone, girlfriend. There are a lot of people out there who hate talking to other people not because they have terrible attitudes but because they don’t know what to say. They’re awkward in any social situation and totally wish that they could hide in the corners of every room. Instead of hoping that the conversation will end soon, face the challenges in life and maintain eye contact. Ask one question and have a strong eye contact with the person you’re talking to. This will lead him to keep talking because he thinks you’re interested in him. Yes, eye contact is a proven signal that sends people the “I’m interested” message. And that is exactly what you want to send to someone so they won’t stop talking and you won’t be caught up in a seriously awkward silence.

13. Stay Calm When Someone Raises Their Voice


During fights, most people are tempted to raise their voice. And we can’t blame them, really. The idea is that people with the loudest voices are the winner. Well people, that’s not really the case. According to some research, remaining calm and at peace even when someone is yelling at you will make you look stronger. Staying calm is not always easy and the fact that this person sees you staying calm makes you look really good. Add to that the fact that the person who screams is often the first one to ask for forgiveness because they feel guilty about the screaming battle. Now that’s like hitting two birds with one stone. So the next time you get caught in a fight, stay calm, wait for it to subside and wait for the person to say sorry. And then pat yourself on the back for a job well done because you did the right thing.

12. Realize That Guys Who Use Your First Name Repeatedly Like You

There is a difference between “hey” and “hey [insert first name]” and we all know that. For some unknown reasons, people feel extra special when someone calls them by name. So the next time you have a crush on this guy, instead of just saying “hey”, call him by name. Believe it or not, he will get the message and he will start making the move because he knows you like him. And isn’t that what we all want? To find someone who is smart enough to understand these psychological tricks? Consequently, this is also a great way to find out if someone is interested in you. If he keeps calling you by your first name, know that he’s not trying to remember your name or remind himself of it. He’s trying to make you feel extra special by calling you by name and he totally likes you, so you should consider that as well.

11. Copy Your Friend’s Fave Word

And then we have a trick to annoy the people who are super annoying. Because we all have that kind of friend: the ones who don’t know what “shut up” means. The one who just won’t stop blabbering and who doesn’t get the message, even if you clearly want some peace or if you keep trying to change the conversation or get a word in edgewise. So instead of stressing yourself out, just start using the word that your friend uses all the time. She may not know that she uses this word on a super frequent basis but the more she notices you saying it a lot, the more annoyed she will be because she feels like it’s her word. It’s her signature. She owns that word and when you use it, she’s going to hate it. Chances are, she will stop talking so much and you will be super glad that you figured out a way to deal with her. Mission accomplished, right?.

10. Sit Close To Your Enemy


Don’t want the mean girl in your life to be mean? No problem. Just sit next to her and you should be fine. Behavioral studies revealed that when you stay close to your enemy, they are less likely to do or say something stupid. Remember the saying “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”? That, girlfriend, is exactly what you want to happen here. Apparently, when the person who hates you is close to you, it is really hard for her to say bad things about you. Just imagine yourself in a business meeting with your high school mortal enemy who, unfortunately, works at the same place as you. If you don’t want her to go crazy on you, sit down next to her and watch her feel the awkwardness. Not to mention her great effort in trying to be kind to you because that’s what her psyche is telling her to do.

9. Make People Carry Things

The next time you have to carry a ton of stuff around, for whatever reason, this trick will definitely come in handy. Instead of doing all the carrying yourself, become the friendliest person in the room and babble nonstop. We all know that babbling can do two things for us: make others love us because we are so charming and quirky, or make others leave because they’ve had enough of our talking. Of course, you want the first option to happen so you need to keep your babbling controlled. Pass the heavy boxes in your arms to the person that you’re talking to. This trick works really well when you’ve just moved into a new apartment or are in the process of moving out. Some people are not always super fond of helping others, but this is a great way to force them to help. It’s honestly easy peasy because they won’t say no. They will just accept what you are giving them. Smart, right?!

8. Tell People You Heard It From Your Dad

Oh yes, this trick is old but definitely works like magic. In case you didn’t notice, some people love to say that they learned something from their dad. This could be anything: dating advice, witty business moves, etc. If someone tells you this and you think they’re telling the truth, think again. This trick works well because we’re hardwired to believe in authorities and our dads tend to be that figure in our life. Dads are the smartest people around, or at least that’s what we think and we even think it without realizing it aka subconsciously. You will achieve some seriously great things if you use this trick on a regular basis. If you are also a hard worker, of course, then that’s even more true. We all need to be hard workers. If you want to convince someone really quickly, though, say that you learned this from your dad and you will get what you want.

7. Nod When He Uses His Fave Word

Remember when we mentioned that a guy who uses your first name often likes you? This is pretty similar. But instead of a first name, you can listen to what word the object of your affection uses regularly. Seriously, this works like a charm. Everyone uses the same kinds of words all the time when they are talking to people, whether they realize it or not. In order to make this trick word, you will have to acknowledge that this guy is using this word all the time. How can you do that? It’s actually super easy. All you have to do is nod whenever you hear him say this particular word. Yup. That’s it. Just nod. You can do that, of course, right? Chances are, this guy will use this word more and more often and then he will get the courage to tell you that he loves you and then everything will be awesome. Yup. That’s exactly what is going to happen.

6. Physically Exhaust People If You Want The Truth From Them

They say the truth will set you free… and we say that the truth is hard to find. There are just so many fake people and liars around. They just keep on multiplying. So if bold confrontation won’t give you the truth, try this trick to make your life a lot easier. Exhaust that person physically. Invite her to go for a run or hit the gym. Do anything that you can so she’ll be physically exhausted. Fight with her, even. And keep the line of communication open. Remember that you want her to tell you the truth so you need to take control of your emotions. If you have a strong feeling that the truth is going to be really bad, you need to be prepared for it. Keep the conversation smooth so she feels safe chatting with you and keep her physically active. Once she’s exhausted, chances are she will find it easier to be honest with you.

5. Paraphrase To Prove You’re A Good Listener

If you’re the kind of person who loves to meet other people, chances are you’ve met someone who just won’t stop talking and someone who thinks they’re the king of the world. Yes, we get it. We’ve met those kinds of people too. But you also don’t want to be rude, so when you’re stuck with them and all you want to do is leave, oftentimes you let yourself suffer the pain of listening to whatever they have to say and actually conversing. Girl, we have a better solution for you. So you won’t have to exert too much effort being the kind woman in the picture, you can just listen to this person and paraphrase whatever he’s saying. This will give him the impression that you’re a good listener. No need to fry your brain thinking of a good response, just paraphrase whatever he’s saying and you should be good.

4. Assume You’ve Met People So You Are Comfortable

Okay, this is more like tricking yourself than tricking others but it works. When you’re in a situation where you need to socialize and you know you’re not good at socializing, breathe deeply and tell yourself that you’ve met most of these people before. Maybe you saw them at a coffee shop or maybe they’re you’re new neighbor. Those thoughts don’t have to be true, of course, but if you keep thinking that you totally know these people, you will feel much less anxious and much more comfortable. It would allow you to become a little better at socializing and you won’t have to be the awkward butterfly in the room. Nobody wants to be the awkward butterfly in the room. Just trust yourself. Psychology is a complicated thing and if you question it, this trick won’t work. Just give it a try and keep practicing whenever you get the chance.

3. Mirror Someone To Make Them Like You

Being unlikable sucks. Maybe you’re not unlikable but sometimes, we need to deal with people who don’t like us or who don’t seem to like us. When that happens, the best thing to do is mirror those people. Yes, as in copy them. Instead of trying to impress them, simply mimic them: the way they talk, the gestures that they make, and the small things you can easily mimic and they could easily notice. This way, you’re letting them see themselves through you and if they love themselves, they will become comfortable with you and eventually, they will like you. Whether business-wise or social-wise, this trick works like a charm. Just believe in the power of psychological tricks. Besides, how hard can it be to mirror someone? If you know how to pay attention, you will get this trick in no time and you will ace it too!

2. Put Info Into Chunks So You Can Remember It

Ever wonder how some people can memorize their social security number, phone number, and many other things? That’s probably because they broke the information down into chunks. Memorizing is not easy, that’s for sure. Instead of trying to memorize your social security number all at once, break it down into chunks and divide the numbers into groups of threes or fours. Apparently, memorizing in chunks makes it easier to, well, memorize. If you keep doing this, you will find it a lot easier to memorize all sorts of information and simultaneously, your life will be a lot easier. No need to grab that pen to list down something because your brain has mastered the art of quickly memorizing in chunks. Just imagine how easy and stress-free life would be if you’ve mastered this trick. Now, all you gotta do is get started with this. Like any other psychological trick, you need to give yourself time.

1. If People Move Closer To You, They Want To Invite You In


When people huddle and converse like women trying to figure out the perfect party attire, it can be awkward to interrupt. But sometimes, you just have to. How do you know if you’re okay to join the conversation or if they hate you for approaching at the wrong time? Check out their feet. Seriously. When people are chatting and you came along, and they twisted only their torso towards you, this means they’re not very happy that you came along. Maybe they are annoyed that you interrupted them. But when they see you coming and they move their feet towards you, this means you are welcome to join in. Sounds crazy, right? Well, body language sure has a lot of secrets and knowing some of these secrets is the key not only to an easier life but also to success. After all, we just want to live a stress-free life!

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