15 Products To Never Send Your BF To Buy For You

Every now and then we need a little extra help with our daily lives. And sometimes when we can’t make it out to the store, we ask the ones around us to pick something up that we need. Seems completely innocent, but sometimes it’s anything but that. When we ask someone to pick something up for us, there’s a good chance they won’t get what we want, but usually, a gal pal or a female relative can find what we need and bring it to us without a problem. A man, however, isn’t always as lucky. Sure, there are plenty things we can ask our guy to get for us when we can’t get it ourselves: ice cream, RedBox, duct tape. But when we need something more suited to our feminine needs - lipstick in the perfect shade of crimson, hot oil treatment for ultra dry locks - they are pretty much clueless. And we can’t blame them. They don’t use all the stuff we do on a daily basis, so how can they know. So the next time you think about asking your guy to pick you something up, you might want to consider, especially if they are any of these 15 products.

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15 Makeup Of Any Kind

Ladies, your guy is as clueless to makeup as you are to your car’s engine - well, most of us anyway. There is no way your boyfriend is going to know what nail polish to get let alone which lip gloss. He hasn’t a clue and apparently neither do you for sending him out to find it. Sure, he’s a good guy for trying - big props for that - but come on. He will either come home with a purple lipstick rather than a red (many men are color blind you know) or he’ll just simply come home empty-handed altogether. Just imagine him standing there in rows and rows of cosmetics and wondering which one it is that you want. Now imagine that’s you standing aimlessly in the auto parts store. Awful, right? Yeah, we thought you’d get the picture.

14 Razors

Us ladies can be incredibly picky with our razors. And it makes sense really. There are so many out there these days that we can have our pick. Some of us need ones that are ideal for sensitive skin while others can use those cheap ones and never get a cut or bump. But how is your guy going to know any of that? Yes, he buys razors for himself, but that doesn’t mean he’s a pro when it comes to women’s razors. Think about it, would you want to go out and pick up his razors for him? With all those different kinds out there, how on earth would you know which one to get? See, what we are saying? He will be lost in that aisle, trying to find the right Venus or Bic that works perfectly with your skin. And if he comes home with any other brand or type, you’re left heading back to the store to exchange them. Probably better off going in on your own.

13 Shampoo Or Conditioner

Now, you would think this wouldn’t be a hard one, but guess what? It is. A lot of men buy their shampoo and conditioner without even giving it much thought. Some buy in bulk at Cosco so they never run out and others tend to buy both their shampoo and conditioner in one bottle. Yikes. That is not what you want him picking up for you and bringing to your place, right? And no even with the right instructions - “no shampoo and conditioner together!” - he will still probably come home with the wrong stuff. Let’s be honest, you know what you like and you know there are so many products out there to choose from. He might not be that in tuned with all that. Hell, if he were then we’d really be impressed, but chances are he’s not, so skip on having him fetch the hair products for you.

12 Hair Mask

And speaking of hair products, it’s never a good idea to send your guy looking for the hair mask you always use. When you mention it to him, chances are he will give you a look like you have three heads and ask you what the hell that even is. In his mind, he’s thinking of a giant rubber mask you wear on Halloween to scare the trick-or-treaters. Not the kind of liquid mask you find in a plastic envelope that goes onto your head and sits for five minutes before providing that sexy, silky hair you (and he) enjoys. Asking your man to grab you a hair mask is a major no-no, unless you really want to torture him. Even if he did actually find the hair mask in the hair isle, there’s no way he will get the right one. How in the world would he know the difference between coconut oil and argan oil?

11 Self-Tanner

Another beauty product that he is as clueless about as he is with lipstick. Self-tanner, what? He might not even know you use self-tanner. He may actually think you have gorgeous, golden skin all year round. Or hell, he might think you actually get some rays when you go out running - even when you use your 30+ sunscreen. He probably has no idea that you slather yourself in brown gunk and sit naked in your home for 30 minutes to ensure that it dries. There’s no way he would know that unless you told him, and really? Why would you do that? So by asking him to pick it up for you at the store when he grabs some snacks, it gives away your secret to your perfect, glowing skin. Not only that, but you are risking him buying something not even remotely the right thing: “No, the spray Coppertone sunscreen bottle is not the same as the spray Banana Boat bronzing tanner.”

10 Nail Polish Remover

While you can send your guy out to grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol, having him go buy a bottle of nail polish remover is not going to happen. He’ll be standing in the nail section for hours before he actually looks all the way down on the last shelf to find the removers. You know how you get when you shop the nail aisle. All those tiny bottles full of bright, bold colors makes your head spin. What do you think it would do to his? And then once he finds the remover, he has the headache of trying to figure out which one you want. Acetone or non-acetone? Strengthening or regular? It’s all too much for the poor guy. For a job like this, it’s best to go on your own. Plus, you’ll be able to scope out the new Essie colors that you know you’re dying to try.

9 Waxing Kit

Um, really? You’re really going to send your guy out to try and buy a waxing kit. Yeah, good luck with that. There’s no way that’s going to be a smooth trip. He won’t know what he’s looking at and who can blame him. There are so many different waxing options out there now, that it’s hard for us to make a decision, let alone your guy who has never waxed anything before - if he has, then you are in luck. But most guys are clueless when it comes to home waxing kits and he’ll most likely bring home the wrong thing. If you wanted a kit for your legs, he’ll probably bring something home for your bikini. And if you wanted something for your armpits, he’ll most likely come home with something for your brows. Don’t do this to him, and don’t do this to yourself.

8 Body Wash

Another easy product you think your man can pick up when he’s out and be done. Well, not so fast. Think about the body wash out there these days. You have foamy, extra foamy, silky, extra silky. How does one choose? You know how long it takes you to decide on the body wash you get, so just think how he will be standing before all those bottles. The poor guy won’t know what to do. And after all of his frustration trying to decide, you’ll be lucky if he comes home with a bottle at all. Because after an episode like that, you may just pick up a bar of Dial and tell you to use what he uses. And you’re left trying a bar soap that dries out your skin to the max. Not a good end result now, is it?

7 Exfoliant

Are you really looking to torture your guy? Sending him out to search for an exfoliant for you is ludicrous. He doesn’t even know what that is, let alone know which one to get you. And sure, you can tell him and you can write it down, even take a photo, but still there can be trouble. He first has to find the product in the store - that’s a challenge in itself - and then he has to try to find the one that matches up to your description. What if it’s not there and he gets you something he think looks around the same - “They were both in blue jars, babe.” Oh boy, you can see where this is headed. An argument and some super dry skin followed by a trek back to the store to return the item you don’t want, let alone know what it is.

6 Luffa

While many men know what a luffa is - most have seen them dangling from a woman’s shower - they don’t necessarily know where to find one in the store or know which one you want. You might tell him to grab you a luffa and he ends up bringing home something that resembles more of a sponge you use on dishes. Or if you’re looking for one of those exfoliating luffas that really target the dry skin, and he brings home just the average $1 kind, you’re not going to be very happy. And forget about asking him to bring home a luffa on a stick. The look you will get from your guy when you ask him this one will be confusion and well, sort of priceless. So if you really want to startle him - and have a laugh - go ahead, but if you actually want this product, you best get it yourself.

5 Any Feminine Hygiene Products

We can understand that you may have run out of tampons and need them asap, but to send your guy out to get them is like hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. He doesn’t know which box to bring home to you no matter what kind of instructions you give him : “Not the super ones, the regular ones” (insert your guy’s dumbfounded mug here). You’re bound to get the ones you don’t use or don’t want because your guy has no clue what the hell he is shopping for. And the same goes for any feminine hygiene product. Vagisil, feminine wipes, pads for overnight, all of those things are going to make him squirm and probably have him bringing home the wrong product, that is if he brings home anything at all. That is if he even comes home after all that and doesn’t grab a beer with the guys instead.

4 Teeth Bleaching System

Nowadays, there are many different at-home teeth whitening systems. And we couldn’t be happier. From the strips to the toothpaste, there is no reason not to have some pearly whites. And we’re sure you have the product you love to use that works the best on your teeth. Great! But having your man go into the store to buy it for you? Ehh, not such a great idea. He might have his own teeth whitening system he uses and if he can’t find yours, he might just bring back his own instead. He might be into the strips while you’re better off with the mouthwash, but since he couldn’t find it, you’re not getting what you want. Instead of having this happen to you and sending your guys to look aimlessly around the teeth section in the grocery store, just head out the door and do it alone. You’ll get what you want without any issues in between.

3 Jewelry Cleaner

While some men are great at giving jewelry - and if you have one of those guys, keep him - they don’t necessarily know much about it besides how much it costs and how much you’ll like it. Taking care of jewelry is not your guy’s forte, which is totally cool. However, this means sending him out to try to find a cleaner for your rings and things is probably not a great idea. He’s not going to know what you’re talking about when you bring up a jewelry cleaner, and one only knows what he will end up bringing home to you. But chances are high that it’s not the cleaner you were looking for. Unless your guy is a jeweler, stick to getting your cleaning solutions by yourself. And let your man - with the good taste - stick to buying you all the sparkles.

2 Face Cleanser

No, no, no. Don’t send your guy out to buy your facial cleanser for you. Don’t do it unless you want him to come home with either bar soap or facial cleanser he uses - if he uses any at all. Men are not that in tuned with stuff like this, and you really don’t need to try to get him that way. He’s a guy. He doesn’t care about facial cleanser and he has no idea where it is in the store. Even if he did find it - after several tries - he’s going to be so overwhelmed by all the options, he won’t know what one to choose. “Did she say the one for sensitive skin? The one for drying? Combo? What was that thing she said about anti-aging? What is that anyway?” No, no. There are too many questions there for you to actually get the product you want.

1 Moisturizer

Just like with facial cleanser, a man is clueless with moisturizer. “Why can’t you just use the same lotion you use on your body on your face?” Are you cringing yet? Good. Remember that next time you try to send your guy out looking for the right moisturizer for your face. No, he won’t come home with that pricey bottle of overnight cream for your fine lines. No, he won’t won’t home with the jar of creamy goodness you slather on before you head out the door every day. What he will come home with - if anything at all - is the wrong moisturizer that you don’t want. He might even come home with a lotion used for the body and not the face. Oh boy, now that’s a problem. “No, I can’t use this on my face, it’s for my legs!” But don’t get mad, he doesn’t know. Just do the dirty work for yourself.

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