15 Problems Girls With Big Booties Have To Deal With

Firstly, let’s start this off by thanking women like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj for making big booties trendy. I remember a time when having a little extra in jiggle in your wiggle was not the ideal body type. But thanks to ladies who flaunt what they got, it is now THE asset to have. Women are even photoshopping their pictures to make their butts look bigger! (And you thought boobs were the only things that were enlarged through photo editing.) But before you ladies head off into a strict routine of squats and lunges, you should know the issues that may arise due to having a little more junk in the trunk. It’s definitely worth it, but it’s always a good idea to be prepared for what may be coming your way after working so hard on that tush.

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15 Short Shorts


Shorts tend to be a major issue for girls with larger behinds. Yes, we fill them out nicely… but sometimes we fill them out a little too well if you know what I mean. It seems like even the shorts not classified as “short shorts” end up looking like boy short underwear on our behind. This is usually the scenario; try on shorts, magically they fit both the waist and the backside (more on this later), they look pretty modest in the front but wait a minute… Why does it feel a little cooler in here? Oh, that’s right. Because if I turn around I can see the bottom half of my cheeks are completely out for the world to see. And while some may be comfortable with that look, many are not.

14 Short Belt Lifespan

Because it’s often difficult to find pants and jeans that fit both the butt and waist properly, belts are a staple for girls who have yet to find their perfect brand/cut/fit. It’s a great solution – hold up your pants and get a cute accessory out of it at the same time. The problem? Apparently the job of holding up your pants daily can be a bit tasking on the belt. And it shows. Ripped belt loops and torn holes in the belt are just a couple of the pickles you may find yourself dealing with regularly.

13 Bikini Bottoms and Panties

Let’s try to get into this one without being too graphic. Sometimes when a cutie with a booty puts on bikini bottoms or those oh-so-cute Victoria's Secret undies… the booty takes over. You know how sometimes when walking, a tight skirt may continually ride up? This often happens to the ladies with a bigger booty… but with bathing suit bottoms and different cuts of underwear as well. It’s definitely a bit uncomfortable. And you can end up showing more than you intend to if you’re not careful.

12 Dresses

This issue goes back to the waist to booty ratio. Sometimes we want to get a sexy, yet classy dress fitted to our body. I mean if you have the trending look, you may as well show it off, right? But finding a dress that properly shows off your backside can be tricky, especially if you’re very pear shaped. Most of the time, the dress fits perfectly through the top, but then won’t even budge over the bottom half. So try on a larger size, right? Nope. Now the dress is baggy on the top and perfectly accentuating your booty. Sigh.

11 Wrong Size


This is one of those situations where it’s kind of flattering, but also kind of inconvenient. Many times when having a sales associate help you pull clothing, they’ll suggest items and even direct you to a different size for a better fit. But if you have that extreme waist/booty ratio we’ve been discussing, you’ll often find the sales associate starts pulling items that are a size or two too small for your bottom half. This also happens with friends and relatives when they are feeling generous enough to buy you a cute piece of clothing. It may be because you’re wearing a size small in tops so they assume there’s no way you’re beyond a size medium or large on the bottom. Or it may because they aren’t sure what size you are, and are afraid to offend. Either way, don’t take offense if you have to repeat your size a few times.

10 Bumper Booties


One of the reasons I encourage those not to take offense when someone underestimates the size of your back end is because, truthfully, even we underestimate the size of our butts now and then. It usually happens when we are trying to squeeze by someone and accidentally brush the booty against them (inappropriate!) or, again, trying to fit through a tight spot and knocking something over (embarrassing!) But unintentionally bumping objects and even people with your back hump sometimes happens and seems to just part of the deal.

9 Twerk


This one is certainly a bit degrading, even though many may not mean it to be. Now that twerking is a thing, people will see your big booty and 1. Expect you to know how to twerk 2. Expect you to twerk well and 3. Expect you to want to twerk. After all they’re thinking “You’ve got a nice butt! Why not?!” There are many, many creative responses you could come up with to answer that question. Many that I cannot write here. But the main thing is this- It’s your booty. Whether you worked hard for it or are naturally blessed, do what YOU want to do with it.

8 Waist to Booty Ratio

One of the biggest issues with clothing for us bottom curvy gals is the waist to booty measurement ratio. See in many cases, the measurement of the waist is many centimeters smaller than the measurement of the hips and butt. What does this mean? This means when a lady with a Kim K. booty goes to try on pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, what often happens is one of two things: Either the waist is too loose and the behind fits nicely, or the waist fits perfectly but it is way too tight on the back end (like if I bend over I will rip this article of clothing.) So you better believe when we find that miracle pair that fits perfectly everywhere… we may just end up buying the entire store inventory.

7 Low High Skirts


No. That’s not a typo. I know the trend was high low skirts. But when you’ve got a little more cushion in the back, you sometimes unintentionally create a low (low in the front) high (high in the back) skirt by simply…putting it on. Maybe we can make this the new high-low skirt? Yeah…probably not.

6 Sitting

Yep. Sitting can often be a problem. If you are wearing anything other than long pants, leggings, or a maxi skirt, there is always a chance of some booty spillage occurring. I mean, you can’t really help it. There’s a lot there that you’re squishing down. It’s got to go somewhere. And high top tables with backless barstools. Forget it. Someone is seeing some part of your butt that night.

5 Flowy And Baggy Are Not Your Friends

You know how everyone is trying the bohemian look? Most likely it won’t be the most flattering look for my fellow big booty ladies. The flowy top may help hide any stomach pouch. But it also hides your waist. Meaning, if you have a larger bottom, you may end up looking more like a box. Or just sloppy. The cute “boyfriend” style jeans also seem to make me look a bit more lazy than relaxed.

4 Mix And Match Is Your BFF


Bikini sets where the bottom and top come in a set? More affordable? Maybe. More convenient? Sure. But not for you. As we discussed before, most likely your tops and bottoms are not the same size. There actually may be a size or two in between your top and bottom size. It’s ok, though. That’s what mix and match bikini collections are for.

3 Slacks

Trying to look professional and put together in slacks or a business suit with slacks? Good luck, ladies. For some reason these staple business wear pieces seem to either make it look like you’re anything but a professional. This cut makes me look sloppy, that cut makes me look frumpy, and …What?! This cut makes it look like I’m trying to go out to the club, not run a business meeting? Ugh!

2 Unwanted Grabs

I suppose this happens to ladies of all shapes and sizes. So, I’m guessing this is something we all deal with at some point with some body part. But if you have a plump behind, you’ve most likely experienced the unwanted grab. And it’s not usually a lady feeling your junk. It’s a dude. Men, it is NOT ok to just reach out and touch. Thank you for appreciating the booty, but we look with our eyes; not our hands.

1 Running Shorts/Hot Pants/ Mini Skirts


All of these cute little bottoms? Not happening… Unless you are ok with part of your butt basking the cool breeze all day. It’s yet another case of “this first perfectly in front,” but not at all in the back. The running shorts and hot pants will look like underwear. The mini skirt will look like lingerie. At least you may be able to save some mullah on your bedroom wardrobe! If you dare wear a mini skirt out, just be mindful of your behind, or make sure your friends are on the lookout for any booty slips.

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